O Gujariya 1st August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Vaibhavi comes in ID party of ADA.. NAjma welcomes her..Najma taunts Ada that all her guest came now..
Vaibhavi give gift to Ada…And says Eid mubarak..Samar comes and tells Ada to hug Vaibhavi..Both hug..shaurya..and kabir comes..Vaibhavi says that she have to go now..Samar stops him saying to eat some sweets and go..Samar tells Ada to give some attention to Vaibhavi as she forgot her all fights and came..Samar tells than what is the diff between her and Ada..Ada tells she have to behave good with Najma because she have to spent whole life with her..Have to manage all her likes and dislikes…Have to become her daughter inlaw..Samar tells ok..and taunts to become a good daughter-in-law and goes..its raining .

On anotherside Natasha goes outside the party stands feels the rain Kabir comes following her..Natasha asks hows her challenge for re-union of Shaurya and kabir..natasha tells what feelings he have for her..is he forget the place Kabir tells noo how can he forget the place as they meet here first time..with special friend and after kissed her..NAtasha tells to forget about the past..both kabir and Natasha close thier eyes about to kiss..Natasha tells kabir open her eyes but Kabir disappear…Natasha tells kabir ignored her..she will never leave him..Back to the party Vaibhavi is sitting alone..she sees Ada”s and Natasha”s father talkinng to each other VAibhavi gets up fast and goes bumps into Shaurya..He tells that was not expecting her here..Vaibhavi tells she too…Shaurya stares Vaibhavi..Shaurya tells that he had come to help her in mr Rao”s class..Vaibhavi says yes she has seen him,,Shaurya is shocked tells that he have not seen her…Ada”s and Natasha”s father come and says EID MUBARAK to VAibhavi..She says thankyou..Natasha”s dad ask how are the classes are going…Vaibhavi thanks him as he had helped getting admission in Mr Rao”s classes..
.Ada”S dad ask Vaibhavi what job her mother do…Vaibhavi tells she works in clothes shop..Natasha”s dad tell VAibhavi to call her mother now in the party as her wife also get company..They both force her..Tell that they will send the driver so that he will bring her..Vaibhavi gestures Shaurya to do something..Shaurya tells Natashaa”s father that he will co-ordinate everything..antasha”s father tell okey..Shaurya tells Vaibhavi that he will make some execuse that driver is missing or something else…Vaibhavi tells if they scold drive Shaurya tells he will handle..Ada comes and tells Vaibhavi that she has Search her Everywhere….Ada tells that she will give her something to eat..Ada says sorry ..VAibhavi gets happy…Adaa tells to forget all the things what happend as EID is the best ocassion…Ada forward her hand to be friends..NAtasha comes and says wow as ADA is serving personally..kabir and Samar comes..NAtasha tells Eid party is gooing very boring..Samar tells okey lets start Shayari compedition..Shaurya tells seeing Vaibhavi that some people are always ready for competition…Vaibhavi smiles..KAbir tells he is remembering some good shayari…Samar tells girls in a team and boys on a team…As Competition starts GIRLS VS bOYS Both girls (vaibhavi..Natasha..Ada..) are sittin in a Row and opposite boys(KAbir,,samar and Shaurya ) are sitting..Samar tells “Dosti hai zyaada KAmm woh samajhati hain ,,kabhi dil ko samjhi,,hain thodi pagal”
Natasha tells “KASH WOH BAAT SAMAJPAATAY KHWAASHIYEN HAIN USKE BIN ADHURI,,DIL MILE HAIN TO ISS KADAAR..KI CHUP HAIN HUM,,KHUSFAHMIYA HAIN HAIN ZAARORI” everyone cheers and claps sayin “wah,,Wah” Kabir replies her by saying “AJNABI KEHKE MUJSE AANKH CHURAANE WALI ..YE HAIN WOH LADKI MUJE AANKH LAADANAY WAALI..HUM BALAYY HI CHUP RAHAY MOHABBAT HAINN YAAHI HAIN BAATA baatane waaali”” Everyone claps and cheers..after that Shaurya tells ” Kya kaho main tumse kya hain ishq…ish mashook hain..Ishq dilruba..hain..Ishq Baala ki woh taaqat kaahi banda kaahi khuda hain Ishq ISS tarah kyun parshena rahte hoo,,tumne bhi kiya hain ishq..”‘ Natasha tells ishq is Rubbish..Everyone force Vaibhavi to tell something shayaari…Vaibhavi says “mohabbat karne waala shaks kuch nahi kehta ki dariya shor karta par samandar kuch nahi kehta..Mohabbat ek dhoka hain aisa bhram jo kuch nhi kehta jo ek baar kehta woh pastaata…” Listening this Shaurya gets upset and goes…Kabir tries to go but samar stops him and tells Vaibhavi should go…Natasha tells Vaibhavii that she spolied the atmosphere and Shaurya”s mood as he is talking about love and all and how she talked rubbish,,Natasha calls her irritating says Vaibhavi to apologise…Kabir tells Bhai have said very good Shayari Natasha taunts kabir atleast he has guts to say..kabir is quiet..Vaibhavi follows Shaurya stops him and asks why did he came here Shaurya tells she know really or is she acting…Shaurya asks whats their relationship…Vaibhavi tells they are friendship,,but he doesn”st care as she said him sorry but he didnt replied..Shaurya asks whether she has fever as he never heard Vaibhavi saying sorry..Vaibhavi tells she said at the backstage..Shaurya tells she has mistaken she has said MR rao…Vaibhavi tells staying in Mr Rao goodbooks is question of death or live for her,,Shaurya tells Mr Rao has said him that Vaibhavi have good Potential ..and she is getting distracted by him,,Vaibhavi tells what non-sense it is nothing like that..Shaurya says he has called her but her mom picked..she can check the Call list also..VAibhavi tells ok..Vaibhavi tells lets friends both shake their hands…Shaurya tells he will drop her Vaibhavi denies but Shaurya forces her..Vaibhavi is worried as her identity may disclose…

Precap:VAibhavi tells no friend,,no relative Can distract her from her target..

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