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As next morning the watchman opens the door finds Vaibhavi…people clicks photograph..People comment on Vaibhavi tells she found this place to do romance Vaibhavi cries and runs away…Vaibhavi is quiet …….Natasha is worried scolds kabir and Samar Vaibhavi comes and cries…Natasha carries her…In the college Everyone discuss about Vaibhavi Baliram listens…Vaibhavi cries…After sometime Vaibhavi says Natsha it was difficult to answer the people…as they were commenting..Natasha tells how cruel students are….As Vaibhavi stand up for students for canteen..and won medals..Kabir apologises Vaibhavi…as Vaibhavi said him to come along but he refused…Vaibhavi tells its not his fault she having some work thats why she went..tells that it was veer”s fault that he utilised the situation…..
Vaibhavi tells that its over now…she will feel Veer also humiliated…tells that if Veer is CM’s Son it doesnt mean he can do anything…Vaibhavi recieves phone..principal calls him in office…Vaibhavi tells Natasha that she will tell all truth to principal…if it is important she will protest…And should not known to her mother…Natasha tells dont worry she will keep in mind that…Samar tells he will also come along with her…Vaibhavi tells no as it is fight alone..Vaibhavi goes..Veer tells principal that Vaibhavi locked in the room…he tried to open He also locked in…tells nothing happend between them…Principal tells Vaibhavi not to be afraid…Natasha calls Bali…Bali tells Vaibhavi is still at office…kabir recieved a message….tells on facebook people are uploading Veer and Vaibhavi pics…and commenting Pehle pyaar and thappad…and another comment thappad room mein and pyaar washroom mein..Natsha tell people dont have any work…Kabir says Social networking site is for communication not for socialising someone personal life….Natasha tells why people”s thinking is so conservative…even today they think that If a girl and a boy is inside locked in a room they will think nuisance..
Vaibavi tells principal that Veer is right,,,she was locked inside the room…Principal says okey and leaves both of them,,,As Vaibhavi comes out Veer calls Vaibhavi…Tells that he was upset and hate Vaibhavi before but now is impressed by her….Vaibhavi is quiet….Veer asks why is she quiet…Vaibhavi tells because it is a sighn of storm…And Vaibhavi goes…Veer says he is really impressed..Vaibhavi calls Suman and tells that situations have arised she have to take big steps…Suman tells Vaibhavi if she think it is right then she can take decisions…Vaibhavi tells dont worry she will not feel Suman ashamed…
CM tells that that he is confused what to believe in this matter.. His secretrey says not to worry…as he will balance the situation…Cm tells he is worried because who will handle Veer…
Natasha tells Vaibhavi why she lied to principal…Vaibhavi tells somehow from his father”s help he will survived…Vaibhavi tells she want their help…tells that Veer is soo proud of his power..she will break that…Vaibhavi tells Natasha to arrange a press conference…Natasha tells ok as there are many contacts of his father..Vaibhavi tells Natasha also to take out all biography of Veer..Natasha agrees…Vaibhavi keeps the phone…On another side Veer is calmly sitting on jeep..His friend tells that the matter of Vaibhavi is over…Till that Veer recieves a message..Veer tells that “Phoolan devi” ie Vaibhavi is organising a pressconference…….Vaibhavi tells in the press confernce that she have done right by slapping Veer…..Thats why Veer took revenge till that Veer comes.along with that girl.who was in the clip in the party…The girl tells that Veer is innocent and did’nt done anything…tells that Vaibhavi misunderstood and slapped..the epsiode ends…

No precap

Update Credit to: Ansari

  1. This is ye jawani hi.where is o gujariya

  2. thankz for the update ,,,,REally very intresting epsiode….Vaibhavi and Veer

  3. thnkz for the update…..niz show

  4. It is a Supper Awesome show Loved Veer very much
    Thanks for the update

  5. Veer…..

  6. these o gujariya writters are mad first they replaces snehal and now they took apporab[shautrya] and added shareen they are mad or what im really confused

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