O Gujariya 18th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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O Gujariya 18th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Veer comes and sits in canteen where Vaibhavi…kabir and Natasha are watching the video clip..Veer suddenly stands up and goes front of Vaibhavi orders coffee…takes the coffe and goes…while Vaibhavi thinks who leaked the clip…Natasha tells dont worry as she is with Vaibhavi…In the class…Natasha and kabir holds their hand…Natsha calls Vaibhavi tells that Veer is seeing her…Natasha tells dont worry she is with her…As the class ends Natasha tells that Veer looks psychotypes…tells Vaibhavi one of them will always with them..Vaibhavi tells its okey…Vaibhavi goes to library..Natasha tells she is scared for Vaibhavi while Kabir says she jhaansi ki raani dont worry…As Vaibhavi goes….Veer follows her…Vaibhavi tells that about the incident happend with dad only first officer can give…Vaibhavi goes to one of the sir and tells that she have to write Magazine on recent devolopments of Ambunation factory..So she want some information..Sir asks what she want…Vaibhavi tells she want some 15-20 years back all files…He tells that Vaibhavi should take Mr Rao permission..Vaibhavi says she took….He tells to come in evening…As Vaibhavi goes…sees Veer outside sitting on bench..Veer says when atmosphere is quiet then think that storm is coming..Vaibhavi picks up the phone ….The sir tells that material is ready…Vaibhavi goes..listens some voice and stops..
.Vaibhavi sees Veer and his going for lunch…Veer sees Vaibhavi through the mirror of his jeep…and goes….Natasha taps Vaibhavi and asks why she was not picking up the phone as they were worried…Vaibhavi tells she was making some notes..Samar tells to come along with them..Vaibhavi says Mr Rao gave her some-work…Natasha says they will wait for Vaibhavi..Vaibhavi says no as kabir is hungry and says that she have seen just now Veer going somewhere…Vaibhavi tells she is not small kid..can take care of herself..Natasha agrees and goes…Vaibhavi takes all the material and search the files one by one till night….Veer comes to the college..Vaibhavi tells all files are present but 2000 are missing…Vaibhavi tells how could she prove her dad innocent..Veer comes into the classroom…Vaibhavi shouts and tells to stay away from her…Veer says not to think much as “Hum tum ek kamre mein band hain”(you and me locked in a room)..Veer shows the key…Veer tells not to worry..as he will not to touch her but spent the whole night and the room is locked..College students will think wrong..Veer tells that Vaibhavi exposed him infront of whole world..now he will defame her infront of college..Vaibhavi tells she will stop him…As Vaibhavi moves back..Veer comes ahead..Vaibhavi throws the box on Veer…Runs out of the classroom…As bench comes in between Vaobhavi falls. Vaibhavi shouts leave her…Vaibhavi throws pot on Veer..Veer falls and forgets his Car keys..Vaibhavi runs and hides in the classroom near the bench…Veer comes in the classroom..Vaibhavi somehow escapes from back…Vaibhavi takes the keys and sits in the Car…Veer shouts…and tells to open the door of car…Veer tells to come out as he will not do anything…Veer sits on the car…Vaibhavi tries to start the car but fails…Veer beats the car in anger…Veer shouts and breaks the glass of his car..Vaibhavi cries…and shouts goes into backseat of car and shouts to leave her….Veer holds Vaibhavi hands and takes her into the washroom…and closes the door…Vaibhavi tells she didnt leaked the video and dont have any rivalry against him…Veer tells he will leave Vaibhavi in the morning…Veer comes close to Vaibhavi..Vaibhavi cries and shouts.. to stay away..

No precap

Update Credit to: Ansari

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