O Gujariya 15th August 2014 Written Episode Update

O Gujariya 15th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Vaibhavi comes sees Tv is On Suman sitting Sad thinking…Vaibhavi tells she is her daughter..she cannot handle. Romance…Suman sees Veera tell she missed one scene..Vaibhavi tells till when they will hide..one day they have to come out…Suman says she dont want to go…Vaibhavi tell no she dont want any excuse..tells that today she will take him outside somewhere…
Natasha”s mom tell Natasha that her phone calls are nowdays verymuch..how many bills may be charged tells that all comforts provided to her thats why she is spoiled..Natasha replies..till now she dint ask why she is asking becoming sherlock holmes…Mr jaiswal comes…Natasha tells his father that his anger her mom is taking out on her…Mr jaiswal tells Natasha to talk to her mother properly tells from today onwards she will not go outside home without permission
On otherside..Vaibhavi and Suman comes to a restaurant..Vaibhavi tells she has seen the restaurant online…Suman tells yes she know…as she used to come with Annirud daily…as it is their fav place Suman gets worried if anyone recognized theem…Vaibhavi tells Suman not to worry as thiss place away from city..Suman seees Menu tells that she dont want to eat as it is very much costly..Vaibhavi tells to stop seein prices…Suman gets up and goes Vaibhavi stops. Her…..Someone taps Vaibhavi its shaurya tells that he came to take lunch for her parents wats not following her…Suman tells to introduce…Shaurya introduces himself..Suman says she know as Vaibhavi used to talk about him…Shaurya tells the food is veey good of restaurant..Somehow Vaibhavi convince Suman..Suman…Vaibhavi and Shaurya sit…Suman see…MR JAISWAL and Ada”s father and gets shocked..Suman drinks water…thinks about past that she called Jaiswaal during bad times…Shaurya asks what she will take in dinner…Suman gets up and tells she wanted to go home….Suman thinks Ada”s father denying to help Annirudh…Suman falls faint…Shaurya and Vaibhavi asks what happened.. ..Vaibhavi tells Shaurya to take Suman at home…Shaurya takes..Ada”s father sees Vaibhavi ask how she is here…Vaibhavi tels she came to do dinner…He ask with whom she came…He gets a call…Vaibhavi somehow manages to go…
Nextday Natasha tells sorry to his father..Mr jaiswal tells ok but she is not allowed to go outside..Natasha tells she have to do project at Vaibhavi”s house…Natasha hugs his father..says sorry to her mother and goes…Natasha and Kabir sittting in car and going to Panchgani…Natasha tells she cannot believe..and both enjoy the drive..Kabir and Natasha reaches the hotel…Manager welcome kabir once more..Kabir taks the key…Manager tells because of these ppl temperature is high..kabir listens tells if his temperature became high…the hotel will be cool..kabir and Natasha goes..
SAMAR comes to Shaurya…shaurya tells that his poem will be published..Samar thanks him..Samar tells that Kabir gone along with Natasha to panchgani…Shaurya gets worried and tells why he dint said before..Samar tells because he thought that Kabir and Natasha liked each other..Shaurya tells if anythng happened samar will be responsible..and goes…Natasha sees the room and tells that it was her childhood dream to lie her parents and come…Kabir tells there is one special thing if hotel that no network is availble..Ada calls Natasha but phone shiws switch off..Kabir sits on bed…He take out beer Natasha says she is feeling awkward…as doing first time..Natasha challeneges Kabir to drink beer..Kabir drinks….Natasha drinks the whole bottle…Kabir gets shocked…Shaurya walks is worried calls Kabir but his phone shows out of reachable..Vaibhavi tells what happened…Shaurya tells that kabir went to night along with Natasha if something happened …Mr jaiswal will never leave him…Vaibhavi tells relax as she will help him…
On othetside Natasha finishes apl beer and gets drunk tells that she never lied for anyone..for only kabir she lied..Kabir asks she didnt did anythng with her ex boyfried…Natasha tells he was not her husband….she will do all after marriage…Natasha tells she will do what her heart tells..Kabir tells he dont want to listen lecture…Kabir drinks alcohol..turns and see Natasha without top…and gets shocked..slips his glasses…Ada comes to Natasha”s house…Mr jaiswal opens the door….Ada asks where is Natasha…Mr jaiswal tells Ada that she to Vaibhavi”s house to do some project…Ada gets shoked..Mr jaiswal asks Ada to tell the Truth…Ada is quiet.

Precap:Ada tell Mr jaiswal Natasha said that they are going to Art”s studio…Mr JAiswal says NAtasha lied she is going to Nursing home…He tells that he will go and check VAibhavi”s home

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