O Gujariya 14th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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O Gujariya 14th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Suman cries and tells why Vaibhavi phone is switch off.Vaibhavi run tells if her mother understand the problem..Mr Rao calls ..tells that she is been selected as she approved for background check at home.and was suggested by MR jaiswal..Mr Rao tells Vaibhavi to stay in good books of Mr Jaiswal..as they are the trustees.Mr Rao tells that today”s day is for enjoyment from tommrw difficulty starts..Vaibhavi tells okey and goes…At home Suman is worried…walks here and there..Vaibhavi comes..Suman asks what happend Vaibhavi tells to relax as she is alright…Suman scolds her tells she is crazy..tells that everytime she is scared..if someone recogniz them..Sumann tells Jabalpur took away everything from them..Vaibhavi apologises..tells that Suman should trust her..Vaibhavi tells not to worry as she will handle everything..Suman tells in mind that Vaibhavi talks same like his dad..thinks whether to tell about his father or not. Vaibhavi tells she is hungry.Suman goes to bring something from the kitchen
In the next scene Natasha tells she is feeling Everthing While Kabir comes carrying all her stuff…All things Natasha orders to pick up…Kabir does all her work..At background song goes on “She is a Small town Girl”…..In the canteen Natasha is sitting Kabir removes hair from Natasha”s Face..Both look at each other…Natasha tells okey the dare is completed..Kabir tells her next dare is to Come along with him to Panchgani…Natasha thinks and tells okey..but tells that all the expenses would be of Kabir..Kabir tells he arranged the money..Natasha tells done and goes away..
.Vaibhavi is trying to open Umbrella but it not opening.Shaurya comes and tells Vaibhavi that even umbrella is showing her Attitude.Shairya tells he will help..Vaibhavi tells okey.but its not funny tells that his sense of humour is not good and goes away…Vaibhavi washes her face in washroom Ada comes and gives Vaibhavi Garnier pure neem face telling it well nourishes and clear her skin…A girl tells is it really remove pimples….Ada says yes…The girl tells she will buy immediately…
In next scene Shaurya is desing in laptop A boy comes and tells that the cover of Magazine is ready..Shaurya tells good…
.Samar comes and tells he wrote something.for the annual function..Shaurya asks what and read it and appreciates..Shaurya asks he know what going between Natasha and kabir..Samar says he is not detective…just a roommate…Dont know anything..Shaurya tells after what happened with Neha….tells taht Kabir should be careful tells that it has not happened first..Being big brother he is responsible for what happened..Samar tells for him Kabir is just a true and geniue friend and goes away…Natasha goes and ask girls if they are carrying pad…girls gets shocked and tells no and goes away..Vaibhavi comes and gives ..Natasha tells thanks..Vaibhavi tellss it nothing new she just helped because it was in her bag.In next scene..Shaurya is sitting and drinking tea at stall..Vaibhavi comes and says sorry as she is late..tells not to give typical.looks of boyfriend..Shaurya tells if girls came early they look despo and if boys discpline..Vaibhavi replies very funny..Shaurya asks how Mr Rao classes are going onn..Tells that Mr Rao.looks very strict but he is very kind…Vaibhavi says she wanted to asks something..Shaurya says yes…Vaibhavi asks how many members are there in his family…Shaurya tells her mom who loves him unconditionally and dad who is Ips officer..and a spoiled brother..Vaibhavi tells what is problem with kabir…Shaurya tells freedom..means spoiling girls life..tells that kabir do mistakes and he have to resolve…Vaibhavi rememeber past when Shaurya was asking about abortion in the hospital with a girl.process..Vaibhavi tells in clinic Shaurya was helping Kabir…Vaibhavi tells he cann do whatever he want…Shaurya tells its not good cheating every girl..tell that now is Natasha..Vaibhavi tells that Natasha is not innocent..she is fair player and sharp…tells both Kabir and Natasha match each other..Shaurya tells if Vaibhavi doesnt like Natasha…Vaibhavi tells not enemy but not friend also…Shaurya tells Vaibahvi to do be good with Natasha father as it may be helpful..Vaibhavi tells she never so friendship for power or work…Shaurya tells if he need any help would Vaibhavi her.mVaibhavi tells yes “A friend in need is a friend indeed”…..Shaurya tels today sugar is more in tea…as Vaibhavi is sooo sweet..Vaibhavi smile and drinks tea…
NAtasha walks..Ada comes..Natasha asks where did she gone away from canteen..Ada tells is she still remembered that..Natasha tells yes and she is now on cloud nine ..very happy..Ada asks what any if guy proposed her..Natasha tells say….Natasha tells Ada she is going Panchgani along with Kabir…Ada tells she will never lie in house…On another hand Samar tells Kabir that he did not said Kabir but his lie would disclose..as Natasha”s and Ada”s parents are friendly…just a diff of phone call…everyone will know..Natasha tells Ada it is like a Dare for her…Ada tells this plan is unique..Ada asks if she feeling unique or jealous?Ada says what Natasha apologises…Natasha tells that Vaibhavi is a good person and she everytime she helps her..She will take Vaibhavi”s name at home..Ada asks without knowing Vaibhavi..Natasha says yes…Ada asks if Vaibhavi comes in trouble…Natasha says its not her problem..Natasha smiles…

Preacp:VAibhavi,,suman and Shaurya are doing lunch in a restaurant..Suman gets shocked by seeing Mr j=Jaiswal(NAtasha”s father)

Update Credit to: Ansari

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