O Gujariya 13th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Shaurya forwards hand but Vaibhavi goes.. shaurya tells thankgod atleast she gave some positive sign….At night Vaibhavi thinks about Shaurya..Suman comes and tells what she is doin in kitchen…asks how is Shaurya..Vaibhavi tells he is okey…Suman tells good topic she has started..Vaibhavi tells Natasha also teased her..Suman tells thats good atleast Natasha is talking to her…Suman tells one thin gal comes to her shop belong to same college..Suggests Vaibhavi to do friendship..Vaibhavi tells she have come to College to study not friendship…and especially she doesnt like thin…Vaibhavi asks who is her father”s friend…When his father was in difficult times did they help him..Suman thinks pleasing to a Man to help Annirudh..But the man refuses tells as already court gave punishment…Another time Suman calls but the friend cuts the call…All people knocks the door and breaks the wall…Suman tells not to go in past…think about her future and studies….In next scene kabir reads SAmar”s diary…Samar comes and asks what about the rent..Kabir tells his pocket money is already over..and his brother is not giving…Samar tell to avoid the expenses and asks about Natasha..Kabir tells there is nothing between them…only chemistry…Kabir tells if junaid came to know about Ada…Kabir tells it is clear from the poem.. that Samar is in love with Ada..Samar tells to think whatever he want and goes…Samar comes out of house and tells that He only cares about Ada…Ada during sleep think about Samar..Ada tells what is this why she is tensed…Samar tells now he cannot move back…Ada tells anyhow she have to safe her and Junaid Relationship…Samar goes to kabir nd tells he was right..That he is in love with Ada..Kabir gets happy and tell to propse Ada…and sleep..
NEXT morning Vaibhavi is sitting in canteen Shaurya comes and sits…Shaurya suggests her to smile…vaibhavi tells now he wil give lecture on Smile and beauty tips…Shaurya tells he is just kidding about smile…Shaurya tells he is such try to put colour in her boring lifem…Vaibhavi tells she have not seen such joblss president like him..Shaurya tells when he met Vaibhavi forget all things..Shaurya and Vaibhavi look at each other…boys sitting comment on shaurya and Vaibhavi call them “Love birds” Vaibhavi gets angry Shaurya tells to relax…as they can go outside..Shaurya asks Vaibhavi to give a manual of rules and regulations…Vaibhavi smiles…Shaurya tells finally she smiled…and both goes..
On the other hand Natasha comes out of car wearing yellow Saree with a different hairstyle..The whole college gets shocked…Boys fall seeing Nats…Natasha asks a boy where is kabir He replies noo Aunty and goes away…Natasha is shocked….Kabir sees Natasha and claps…Kabir tells its fine anyone can wear sari..tells the dark secret of boys..That boy may ne very Naughty but they want Pure Indian girl(Bhartiya Naari)..to doo cooking…Washing..cleaning…Natasha asks the keys of his house…Kabir gives..Natasha takes and tell will meet at night…
ADA comes at Suman”s shop tells tht she came to take her Ammi (Najma”s ) clothes as she is going back…Suman tells to wait and brings a green dress and shows her…Ada cries…On other side Vaibhavi is sitting a Girl tells that Mr Rao is taking interview…Vaibhavi goes for Interview …Mr Rao tells he has a doubt…Mr Rao asks after her father death where did she leave…Vaibhavi tells delhi..He asks apart from getting his Father”s pension what her mother do…Vaibhavi tells sshe works in Dress material shop…Mr Rao tells he wanted to meet her…MR Rao tells he is giving a chance Vaibhavi can backout from the Ambunation he will not do background check…Suman explain Ada that relationship is a good thing..it has many responsibilities..Ada tells her phuppi tells to everytime good with her Inlaws..Suman tells her phuppi is right…Both is equally responsible in relationship..Ada tells how…Suman suggests to talk on phone…message…videochat…or to gift him…Ada thinks…Suman asks if she like Junaid or not…Ada tells let it be she want the clothes otherwise Ammi would be annoyed…Suman tells to think before telling anythng…Ada takes clothes and goes…Vaibhavi calls SUman and tells to come out of shop Suman Asks what happened Vainhavi cuts the phone..

Precap:Suman calls Vaibhavi but her phone is switchoff,,Suman gets worried..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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