O Gujariya 10th July 2014 Written Episode Update

O Gujariya 10th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shaurya comes and stops Vaibhavi asks why she is doing all this Vaibhavi replies because she wanted to see the college in Competition Shaurya tells the crowd to leave and Scolds Natasha..Ada says that she didnt forced her Vaibhavi accepted on her own..Vaibhavi continuous to eat but Natasha stops her..Ada scolds Natasha Shaurya challenges Ada to drink alcohol Ada says enough and leaves..Shaurya says Vaibhavi to cool down..Seeing Vaibhavi boldness Everyone claps at her…Natasha and Ada drinks coldrink in the same class..Natasha says that Dharnadevi(vaibhavi) have completed their task till that Vaibhavi Comes and says them Now its their turn to fullfill the promise..Natasha says that they will never come in her way if she takes the Fir back..Vaibhavi says that she would have taken the FIR back If they could have not shown her Pride..Vaibhavi drinks Natasha”s and Ada”s colddrink and leave..Ada says how dare Vaibhavi blackmailed “ADA Siddiqui” ..Natasha says let it be…Vaibhavi goes from the party Baliram comes and tells that just now party has started how can she leave..Vaibhavi says it getting late Baliram tells he will drop her home…Shaurya comes and tells Baliram that his party will miss..Baliram goes..Shaurya walks along with Vaibhavi and asks she whether planned from home to eat non-Veg at party.or was forced..she Says she is Vegitarion..Shaurya says thankgod he stopped at the correct time..Vaibhavi says she know shaura cannot see something Wrong is going on..Shaurya asks she knew that he will come and stop..Vaibhavi says no..Both look at each other with love..Vaibhavi says goodnyt and leaves..Vaibhavi comes homes slowly and asks mom she is awake till now..Mother says that they are leaving the place As already she has lost her father..Vaibhavi says to stop worrying as it was college party..And says that she only said to go to college and make new frnds..Vaibhavi hugs her mother and asks what is in dinner as she is very hungry…

As sun rises in the morning Vaibhavi prays to god that Scholarship is very imp…It is the only the way she can reach to her father”s culprits..Vaibhavi asks her mother blessings..Mother gives her “bessen ke laddu”..In college Natasha disconnects her mom”s calls and tells that nobody called her whole night Ada comes and says last night she slept and clean the house with junaid”s mother..Natasha says she is daughter in law or servent..Natasha says that after kissing kabir she feeled special..Ada says that she is not intrested in her love story..and to think about Vaibhavi..Natasha smiles and says she got a plan..Vaibhavi teaches everyone dance..Baliram enters Vaibhavi asks poem is ready or not..Baliram tells the poem..”kya gazab si khwaish jagi hain mann mein” and forgets..Vaibhavi Scolds him and says no other option is left..Later Vaibhavi apologises Baliram and says to give his best as first round is Poem..Baliram says he cannot give his best as his language is not good..Vaibhavi encourages him..Natasha sees and became happy says that they dont have to do anythng..As the competition starts Samar is the host Calls Baliram..Baliram Comes on stage and keeps quiet..Vaibhavi encourages Baliram says “kya Gazab se qwaaish jagi hain mann mein,,,,,,,,,,,” students comment by saying his poem is boring Vaibhavi encourages him..And Natasha also encorages him Baliram continues his poem and completes Succesfully..Ada scolds Natasha..Samar comes and says Shayari ” kabhi kabhi mere dil me……..” seeing Ada

..Everyone appreciates..Samar announce the result and the winner is Baliram..Vaibhavi is happy.

PRECAP: Vaibhavi says Natasha to forget all what happened and start from beginning and both shake hands..while Ada sees…

Update Credit to: Ansari

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