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Hi ? guys as few of my readers haven’t read the previous episodes or have missed a few of them. So to know what all has happened till date in the “O BRO’S V/S S SISOO’S ” series read the glimpse of the fiction.

O BRO’S V/S S SISOO’S is story based on serial Ishqbaaz.
The story revolves around two families. One is the Oberoi family and the other is the Singhaniya family. Oberoi family includes Dadi as the head of the Oberoi family, Tej & Jhanvi as the elder son and daughter-in-law of the family, Shakti & Pinky are the second son and daughter -in-law of the family. Tej & Jhanvi have three kids namely Omkara Singh Oberoi, Rudra Singh Oberoi and Priyanka Singh Oberoi. Shakti & Pinky have only one son Shivaay Singh Oberoi who is eldest son of the family.
The Singhaniya’s include Abhishek Singhaniya, his wife Pragya Singhaniya, elder son Karan Singhaniya and three daughters namely Anika Singhaniya, Ishaana Singhaniya and Soumya Singhaniya. Singhaniya’s reside in London for past 18 years and they are returning to India to settle down.
The S SISOO’S as per their adventure plan come to India a month before the Singhaniya family had to come.
The S SISOO’S reached India as per the plan. As per their rule book they decide to follow some rules and these include:
1.) They won’t reveal their identity to anyone.
2.) They will work and do everything with their own earnings.
3.) They will avoid parties and cook their food on their own.
With these rules and few more they begin their journey.
Just on the next day of their trip to India they meet the O BRO’S separately. The circumstances are such that all the O BRO’S misunderstand the girls. So their first meet involves alot of taadi and takkar resulting in a drift between them.
S SISOO’S find an accommodation for themselves in a small place.
Anika is appointed by dadi as the event manager of the Oberoi’s. She has to organize the Oberoi industries 30 years anniversary and Shivaay’s roka. On this occasion Shivaay’s childhood and college friends come to wish him and these friends include SWASAN AND RAGLAK (from the show SWARAGINI.), followed by VIRIKA (VIREN and JIVIKA from EHMMBH.). The party is joined by O BRO’S cousin Malika and her husband Arnav Singh Raizada(Shivaay’s prominent business rival.), they all share their love ❤ stories after the party ? comes to an end.
During all this time Anika doesn’t leave any stone unturned to irritate Shivaay, she is all the times up with some kind of prank. While Ishaana and Om become good friends after solving the issues between them.
Next day when all the guests leave, the Oberoi family and S SISOO’S are only left in the hall the S SISOO’S bid bye to all of them but before leaving Anika turns when she sees the chandelier is about to fall and Shivaay is under it, she shouts his name but he doesn’t pays a heed to her and then she runs to him and both fall down when they finally hear two sounds, the first one is of the bullet shot, while the other is of the chandelier falling down. All understand that it was an attack on Shivaay and assume that the bullet was shot only to kill him.
Later the Oberoi’s leave and Shivaay drops the S SISOO’S and Prinku to the airport.
At airport Prinku with her friend is being eve teased by some goons when two boys beat them black and blue. The boys are reviled to be Karan Singhaniya and Abeer Malhotra, Abeer is Karan’s best friend.
Karan scolds Prinku to get scared ?.
Karan and Abeer surprise their sisters actually they scare them by their surprise arrival.

After few days dadi asks Anika and Shivaay to go somewhere. While they are going Shivaay realises that the breaks of his cars are failed. Somehow he is able to save both the car that was following them all the while doesn’t goes unnoticed by Shivaay. While walking through the deserted area they talk to each other and become friends. Shivaay forbids Anika to reveal the accident to the family.
On the other hand Rudra does forced friendship with Soumya.
Omkara gets to know that his father got his signature’s on the property papers with Riddhima’s help, this leads to breaking of Om’s relation with Riddhima. Just in order to cheer up Om’s mood Ishu decides to throw a breakup party ? where she introduces all the O BRO’S to Abeer. After the party Anika makes Shivaay reveal about his crush while Shivaay cracks a deal with her that he will reveal his crush only if she reveals her. Anika agrees. Om and Ishu have some light talks.
One fine day in college Karan comes to pick Soums, where he meets Prinku for the second time and then goes to pick Soums, seeing Karan with Soums Rudra becomes jealous of him.

The story takes a leap of two weeks and Singhaniya’s arrive to India on Soums birthday and all of them part hard on her birthday ?.
Singhaniya’s host a puja at their place, where for the very first time the Oberoi family comes to know that AniIshuSoums are Singhaniya’s. The O BRO’S get shocked knowing the truth and became angry ? with their respective girls. S SISOO’S try alot to convince the brothers by talking to them and then by singing ? a song ? for them and finally a heart confession was the thing that worked out.
Next day on during breakfast dadi reveals Singhaniya’s to be their neighbours-cum- relatives. During their discussion Anika and Shivaay learn that they were each others first crush both are beyond shock learning this new fact. While the rest couples have a fight as all the O BRO’S revealed the childhood nick names of the S SISOO’S.
The very next day dadi takes Prinku’s marriage proposal for Karan. All agree to it happily with bit of emotional time with each other.
Rudra is scared of Karan as he unknowingly confronted him about his and Soums relation and warned him to stay away from Soums and viewed himself as Soums boyfriend.
But after knowing the truth he keeps on going far away from Karan but finally Karan pacifies him and they begin to share a good bond.

Some O BRO’S and S SISOO’S moments with Karan grace the beautiful relation shared by the siblings.

All this while the unknown lady who seems to be the villain is revealed to be Miss. Aradhya Malik. She instigates Shivaay against the Singhaniya’s and puts him in a dilemma.

At the day of roka Shivaay reveals to all that Karan is adopted son of Abhi and Pragya (Abhigya). This brakes Karan down and Shivaay earns a tight slap from Anika for badmouthing about Karan and their relation. Karan becomes vulnerable but the three sisters somehow console their sweet brother and they share the some emotional moments with each other.
The Oberoi family is highly upset due the recent happenings and all question Shivaay on his decision. Dadi reveals that she knew Karan’s truth long back. Dadi reprimands Shivaay for his act and forces him to apologize and gives her verdict that Prinku will get married ? only to Karan.
Next day Karan decides to talk to Priyanka so he goes to Oberoi’s estate, where Shivaay unwillingly is made to apologize to Karan but Karan denies it stating that Shivaay was right at his place. Karan talks to Prinku in front of the family as per Shivaay’s wish. He asks Priyanka to forget him and move on in her life, when Priyanka questions him that would he be able to forget her and move on. Karan having no answer leaves the place.

Soumya is hell angry ? at Shivaay and talks to Rudra rudely, that hurts him.

While Ishaana senses guilt In Om’s eyes ? and asks him not to be apologetic for someone else act, but this doesn’t reduces his guilt rather his guilt is aggregates further. After a silent walk ? and Ishaana’s relaxing words Om feels a bit relaxed.

{{Karan Singhaniya = Arjun Bijlani.
Abeer Malhotra = Pearl V Puri}}

This is the story in brief till EPISODE 28.




Stay happy
Keep smiling ?
For now signing off
Shivika ?………..

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    Nyc …… Till now ur FF is fantastic…. Waiting for next episode……

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    So when I was going through this I got to know I remembered evry part.didn’t forget any moment??

  5. Manasvi

    Thanks a lot dii..
    An amazing story is going on..
    Your each n evry part was amazing..
    I m in love with your story..
    Love u..

  6. Wow..an amazing story …now I am going to read it…thanks for this summary..so sorry that I missed your ff..

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      It’s completely okay di and Thanks for liking the track ???

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