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Before starting the ff let me explain the plan for those who didn’t understand it.
The entire family after coming from the court case spends a family time but at night Meher comes to them with proof against Kuber, Samarth and Khorana, the proof states that Khorana misguided everyone for winning in elections and Samarth is alive but underground all of them get shocked seeing it and decide to bring the true face of the evil people out for that firstly RuMaya who have gone for their trip to Rajgarh coincidently see an old building which Ishu recognises as workstation of a scientist named Dr. Sharma as she finds something odd and different about the place so she asks RuMaya to investigate who do as asked and they get some photographs and videos for the family from which it gets clear that Samarth is living there in disguise of Dr. Sharma. During this time other couples who were keeping an eye on Khorana and his office find about his other illegal activities and collect all the information with proofs against him. After that they decide to expose Khorana in his own campaign which will be conducted by Priyanka who had earned the job as Khorana’s secretary and Ishaana meanwhile starts working as a reporter in a leading news channel.

I hope so now it’s clear if still there are any doubts you all are most welcome to clear them.
So let’s begin with the story ahead.

@LEAF 69…


Khorana’s car stops due to puncturing of tires. Because of that he gets out but to his misfortune his maximum guards have gone leaving him behind with his few guards that are soon knocked down by ShivOmRu, Karan and Abeer who then blindfold Khorana and Kuber and tie their hands and close their mouth dragging them to a building and opening their hands throw them on ground and leave from there.


Both get up and open themselves as soon as they open their eyes the screens in front of them flashes all the photographs of their misdeed that includes all illegal activities, Khorana hitting his wife and daughter, picture of his factory where people are kept against their wish and other proofs against them being corrupt.


While he is speaking Abhi leaves a scared Samarth who goes directly to Khorana and begs him.

Samarth: Dad save me save me from Ishaana she will kill me save me please.

Kuber: What happened to you Samarth and what are you doing here?
Samarth shivering and fumbling: Th… That…. Ish… Isha… Ishaana…. Sh… Sh…. She…. W…. Wil… Will… K… K… Kil… Kill m…me. Sss….ssss…save…m…me. Shhh… She… Has… Already…tried….burn… Burning me… Ssshhhh… She will… K…kk…kill me.

With the help of photographs collected by RuMaya Ishaana found that the man in the house seemed more younger then the actual scientist as she had met him in person and Samarth lives their in disguise of the scientists. With further more investigation by ShivOmRu, AniIshSoums, Abeer, Karan and Prinku they get some loop holes and two weeks before the campaign Ishaana gets permission to go to meet Samarth/scientists for taking an interview Shivaay and Karan accompany her.

Karan: Ishaana we don’t have to kill him just scare him to death so that he could make Khorana spill the beans.
Ishu nods.
Shivaay: Let’s go guys.

Ishaana: Good afternoon Mr. Sharma we are here to take your interview.
Samarth as Mr. Sharma with evilness filled voice: Yes I got to know about that Miss. Ishaana I don’t mind so shall we start.
Ishaan with same confidence: Sure sir. So my first question is how long it has been since you started your research?
S: Some 12 years I have been working on my project.
Ishu: Good to know that sir. So what special are you in search of.
S: Well I am searching on different chemicals and their uses the uses that help to secure our environment.
Ishu: Your main chemical for search.
S: Liquid Nitrogen.

Ishu: Any main use of liquid nitrogen that you can tell us.
S being nervous as for knowing and telling about chemicals isn’t his job: Ya it is good for humans. It is quite helpful for keeping mankind in good health.
Ishu, Karan and Shivaay smirk looking at each other.
Ishu: So how is it helpful for humans I mean which organ’s working does it improve.
S searching for apt words: Umm… Heart ya heart.
Ishu: Oh heart. That’s great so how can one take liquid nitrogen.

S cursing Ishaana under his breath and managing to smile: Orally.
Shivaay pointing at a container: Is this liquid nitrogen.
Samarth /Mr. Sharma nods.
Shivaay: Why don’t you show it to us practically. Please drink this for us so that our viewers can acknowledged the practical use more.
Samarth gulps.
Ishu: WHAT HAPPENED SAMARTH KHORANA (Samarth looks at her shocked with his breath becoming uneven.) OH YOU SEEM TO BE SHOCKED.
Karan: No Ishu that seems to be an understatement he seems baffled or more.
S: I am not Samarth.

Shivaay: Oh really so you are Dr. Sharma. So let me tell you Dr. Sharma liquid nitrogen is the most coldest liquid with -196 degree Celsius temperature so cold that it can freeze a man when it’s drunk and can burn a human if it touches the skin.
Ishu: You burnt me and made it look like an accident. Right. But your plans had many loop holes.
Karan: But ours won’t.
Ishu: I will tell you your future Samarth tomorrow morning newspaper’s headline.

Samarth being afraid sweats profusely: No… No… No… Look don’t do this I accept I am SAMARTH KHORANA.
Saying so he walks to the window trying his best to distract the trio.
Samarth shouts looking outside: GUARDS.
Karan pulls him: No use Samarth your guards are gone. Now it’s just you and us.
Shivaay: And let the game begin.
Saying this he hands over the container of liquid nitrogen to Ishaana.
Shivaay: Karan call the ambulance how will he go to hospital as it’s really far from here.
All the while Samarth tries his best to get out of the room, he knocks the door but it is looked, he shouts for help but nobody hears it as it is an isolated area, he begs them and tries to call someone but no help comes.

Ishaana: Shout Samarth shout as much as you can.

She says opening the container and walking towards him, while he moves back towards the dead end of the wall.

Ishu: Shout Samarth I want to hear your shouts. Shout so loudly that my own shouts that are in my head mix with your shouts and all that is left is your pleading shouts. Shout as I want your voice to absorb my mother’s shouts that are still in my head, cry, cry even louder so that my sisters tears seem less in front of you, become helpless so helpless that my brothers helplessness seems less in front of it. Plead to me plead so much that my father’s pleads seem small in front of it. That day you killed an innocent, sweet, childish Ishu in me and what was left is in front of you ISHAANA SINGHANIA who spares none. That day I died but today I will get peace.

With each word she pours the liquid nitrogen over his body while Shivaay and Karan record his reaction and Ishu’s back only.
Finally after pouring the liquid on his body she throws the container says a single word.

Ishaana: Swaaha.

Ishu, Shivaay and Karan leave from there while Samarth becomes unconscious with his face being palest and dry tears still visible.

As soon as they reach outside Ishaana falls on her knees and cries her lungs out while both Shivaay and Karan hug her but today they don’t stop her. These tears will only reduce her pain and they let her sob as much as she wants. Sitting their for hours she let’s her pain out in form of her tears. Karan who knew this was coming had stopped Om from accompanying them as this would break him alot. But after crying Ishaana feels much much better and relaxed. Yes today was the day when she got half of her peace back that wasn’t revenge that made her happy, revenge was something she had never wanted but the terrible pain of seeing her culprit laughing over her helplessness and creating his beautiful life over her burnt body was something not at all acceptable. This wasn’t the celebration of her victory but of her peace. According to her, her pain was less in front of her family’s pain and she was never ready to leave the person who had given her family a life of hell.



Samarth: Dad do whatever she wants otherwise she will not leave us. Yes I burnt her and tried raping her I am ready to accept it but don’t kill me please.
Khorana slaps Samarth: Have you lost it because of you I will loose my seat in elections.
Samarth: Dad she won’t leave us alive.
Kuber: Shut up. We haven’t worked so hard just to loose to these useless people.
Khorana: So much money has already been spent and we have brought so much liquor to give to people for free before elections, people have been bribed to make us win the elections. And above that the money has been spent on so many riots as well I have sympathy of people and now you want me to back off. You are an idiot. Don’t forget if I can threaten my wife to death I can even kill you for winning these elections. I won’t be sorry for killing you I have killed many I won’t mind adding you to the list too. This power is mine and nobody can stop me this time.

As soon as Khorana blurts the truth out he hears some people clapping.

Janvi: Well done Khorana great job.
Khorana: What are you doing here?
Janvi: Not only me everyone is here.
The lights are switched on and entire O & S family is seen along with Mrs. Khorana, Madhvi and Meher.

Abeer sarcastically: WOW dad I am so proud of you.
Kubeer trying to defend himself: Abeer listen all this is a trap.

Mrs. Khorana: Samarth I had not expected this from you. Your dad never respected me even then also I was proud of my kids but you. You are just a disgrace.
Khorana: Shut up. What do you all think you can make me loose this easily no I will get you all arrested.
Anika claps her hand to get his attention and he looks at her and she points to a T.V. Screen where the news of release of election date is airing.

Anika: You are over Khorana. The election date is out now you can’t order anyone.
Saumya: Did you consider us fools to wait for so long there was definitely a reason behind it and that reason is this.
Ishu: With the release of election date your death date is also out.
Khorana laughs evilly: What do you think you can convince people with those videos no. I will prove them wrong. People are fool in India they are too gullible.
Shivaay: No need to take so much pain.
Prinku dramatically: Yes sir you need not to worry about that I have done all the arrangements.
Karan: Btw does this place reminds you of anything.

Khorana and Kubeer look around all confused and one by one lights get on the place is the same stadium where few hours back Khorana’s campaign was going on people were sitting in the stadium and cameras were on for the live telecast this shocks Khorana and Kuber.

Prinku: How’s the arrangement sir?
Khorana looks at her angrily and then looks at Meher and goes to her and holds her neck.
Khorana: How dear you cheat me. I will kill you.
Before anybody could stop him Mrs. Khorana holds his hand and pushes him.

Mrs. Khorana shouts: DON’T YOU DEAR TOUCH MY DAUGHTER TILL DATE I WAS SILENT BUT NOW YOU HAVE FORCED ME. IF YOU DEAR TOUCH MY DAUGHTER I WILL WRITE YOUR END HERE ONLY. It’s my mistake that I have to see this day if I had spoken against you on the day when you first rose your hand against me today I wouldn’t be forced to see this day.

She walks to Samarth and slaps him repeatedly Abeer and Om hold her back.

Mrs. Khorana: No Abeer don’t stop me this is all happening because of me if I had slapped him in his childhood when he first did something wrong then maybe today I wouldn’t have seen this day.

She cries while Abeer consoles her on other hand for the first time Samarth really feels guilty for his acts as his mother is also ashamed of him. For the first time he feels disgrace on himself.

Khorana to Om: Men like you are a taboo go and hide in Ishaana’s palu (hide in Ishaana’s stole).

Om looks at him his ever so calm and composed eyes were red with anger and hatred. He has been silent all the while but his silence was meaningful not useless and today Khorana’s words broke his patience.
Om doesn’t shout but his voice is impactful and stern.

Om: Ek ladki ke palu me tun bhi chupa tha, MA ; thi toh kya hua; thi toh ek auraat hi. (Referring to a child.) Ek aurat ke palu se kabhi tun bhi bandha tha BIWI thi toh kya; thi toh aurat hi. (Referring to the time when a man gets married.) Ek ladki ke Saar par tune bhi palu dala tha toh kya hua Vo Teri BETI thi; thi toh aurat hi. (Referring to the time when a he got his daughter married.).
Uss aurat ko bandha mardon ne hi hai. Toh kya hua ki mai bas uss palu ko pakad ke chal pada sharmindagi nahi hai mujhe GARV hai. Warna tera jaise log toh us palu ko hi jala detain hain jis ne tujhe har Waqt thama tha.
Sach kahun toh tum jaise aadmiyon ke liye mujhe bohaat bura lagta hai, tumhe haar dafa apni mardangi ka saboot Jo dena padta hai.

(You also once hided yourself in a girl’s stole so what if she was your MOTHER; still she was a women. (Referring to a child.) Once even you got tied to a women’s stole so what if she was your WIFE; still she was a women. (Referring to the time when a man gets married.) At a time even you kept a stole on a girl’s head so what if she was your DAUGHTER still she was a girl.(Referring to the time when a he got his daughter married.)
These women have been tied by men only. So what if I have held that stole and moved along I am not ashamed otherwise people like you burn the same stole that has protected and held you through your thick and thin. Trust me I feel really bad for men like you as you have to give test and prove your manhood.)

Shivaay: Jo haath ek ladki ki izaat nahi kar sakte Vo haath kisi kabil nahi hota. Aur rahi baat palu mai chupne ki toh har bacche ke liye Vo palu swarg hai Puri duniya Sa Baccha ti hai usko uski ma. Ek nahi kahin roop hote hain aurat ke. Palu me chupa le toh MA, kalayi par rakhi baand de toh BEHN, Zindagi ki saari tension dur kar de toh PATNI aur agar tumhare dukh ko bhi Khushi me Badal de toh BETI.

(The hands that can’t protect a girl aren’t capable of anything. And as far as it’s concerned about hiding in stole then that stole is heaven for every child. Not one but there are many roles of a women. If she hides you to protect you in her stole then she is MOTHER, if she ties rakhi on your wrist then she is your SISTER, if takes away your tension then she is your WIFE and if she makes you smile when you are sad the she is your DAUGHTER.)

Abeer: But unfortunately you didn’t care for any. A girl’s silence isn’t her weakness. She is patient because she respects you don’t test her patience because with silence even anger grows in her and if that anger comes out then it will burn you.

Karan: HANDS THAT ROCK THE CRADLE CAN RULE THE WORLD. A women isn’t weak she is just too patient. She tries her best to change you for good but if you cross all your limits then don’t blame her because if you don’t mind turning into a monster then she is the goddess if she has the ability to give birth to you, if she can tolerate your nonsense then she can even write your end. She has strength to both make you and destroy you.

Rudra: This ego and will for money and power is just temporary a women’s faith and love is permanent. She isn’t a thing to play with or a use and throw material. She deserves equal respect. And a man who fails to stand for a women fails in his entire life. Maybe a girl won’t be your friend, sister, daughter, mother or wife but still she is a girl no matter what she does, how much ever she is arrogant or sweet but she always has a pious heart. No one has a right to either insult her or touch her without her permission NO ONE MEANS NO ONE.

Shakti: Today you have not only insulted every women but with them you have also insulted the man who brought you in the world. Everybody knows your father the tremendous respect he shows to women. You have bowed his head today. He would be ashamed of you.

Abhi: You planned against my daughter thinking that she will accept defeat but let me tell you today I am proud that I have THREE DAUGHTERS my strength are my daughters they are the reason I am standing here with my head high. But unfortunately you can’t feel the same as you yourself have destroyed your happiness. God gave you a daughter as a blessing but you called it a curse. I pity your fate you have lost the most precious possession of your life. Now even if you get the power to rule the entire world it won’t be enough as you have lost the most precious thing your daughter. You will be punished not behind the bars but in your own house when your house’s walls will sing the song of your loneliness when you will miss those smiles of your daughter, when you won’t have a wife to look after you.

Tej: It’s very easy Khorana to use a women. Trust me I know this as I have cheated on my wife but there was never peace in my life. It’s not about hating or winning over a girl. Even by using a women you can’t win her because she isn’t a trophy. The biggest win is when you respect her, when you protect her.

All the women look at their respective partners along with their sons, brothers and dads they go and stand behind them with pride filled in their eyes.

Dadi: Ramayana mai likha hai ahankaari ko uski maut nahi uska ahankaar hi marta hai.
(It’s written in Ramayana (Hindu mythological book) the end of an egoistic man isn’t his death but his ego.)

Ishaana addressing the shouting public: Ye Zindagi mai aap teenon ko tohfe ke taur par deti hun aur iss pure samaj ko mera Salam hai kya khub natak karte hain ye Saab. #proud to be Indian the most trending hashtag of every Independence and Republic day. Right? 365 days me se do din aisi desh bhagti jagti hai ki koi jawaab nahi. Magar baki ke 363 days Hindustan ke nuks nikalne me nikal jate hain.

Mera Bharat Mahan, Vande matram kehte kehte na Jane kitne hi Hindustani shaheed ho Gaye. Magar hume kya har kahani sirf chaar din ki toh hoti hai. Chaar din India Gate ke samne morche laga kar baith jate hain itni shaan se. Uske baad sab khatam. Kisi bhi rape victim, acid attack victim, domestic violence victim ya survivor ke sabse bhade culprit Vo criminals nahi hote. Aagar inn hatsaon se koi ladki baach bhi jaye na toh ye society uss ki katil ban jati hai. Usse ghut ghut ke Marne par majboor kar deti hai. Not the rapist but the society kills a girl.
Aur har chiz ka the best solution blame the society. Will somebody blo*dy tell me ye society banti kis se hai. We hum log banate hai isse. blo*dy people like us make this damn society. Kis kis ko saza dun har Vo aankh meri gunhe gaar hai jisne mujhe accuse kiya hai, har Vo zubaan se nafrat he mujhe jisne mera parivaar ke baare me anaab shanaab bola hai.

70 saal ki Independence me 70 second ke liye bhi independent feel nahi kar pati hun mai.
Hum Saab ko yeh zindagi ho ye mubaraak ho, kun ki mera bolne se kisi ko fark nahi padega do minute sun kar hum sab aapne aapne kaam mai busy ho jayenga. Fir se sab ek history ban jayega. Koi insaaf nahi, koi baat nahi mujhe chahiye bhi nahi kunki hum sab ki saza humari yeh Zindagi hai, iss ghutan me jena humari saza hai kunki hum me se kisi me himaat nahi hai ke hum sahi raha par chalain aur agar koi chalta hai toh usse bhi hum harne par majboor kar deta hain.

(I give this life to three of you as a gift and I salute this society they are such a wonderful actors. On Independence or Republic day the most trending hashtag is #proud to be Indian. Out of 365 day for two day only we have that love for our nation that is incredible but the remaining 363 days are wasted in finding loops in our country.

Mera Bharat Mahan (My nation is best), Vande matram saying this uncountable no. of people gave life for our nation. But what it has to do with us every story is for four days. For four days we sit near India Gate with full pride to show our remorse and after that everything ends. For any rape victim, acid attach victim, domestic violence victim or survivor the biggest criminals are aren’t the one who had committed the crime but this society. If a girl survives these attacks then the society kills her everyday with their baseless humiliations.

And the best solution for everything is to blame the society. Will somebody blo*dy tell me how this society is formed. We people make it. blo*dy people like us make this damn society. Whom all should I punish, every single eye is my culprit who has seen me in a wrong way, I hate that every tongue who has rebuked my family.

Even after 70 years of Independence I don’t feel independent for even 70 seconds.
I congratulate you all for this life because even after my speaking so much nothing is going to affect you all because after listening all this you will forget this and again get busy with your daily work. There won’t be any justice no problem I don’t even need one because now our lives is only our biggest punishment to suffer every day juggling with this life is our punishment. That is because we don’t have guts to walk on right path and if somebody does we force them to get back.

For now signing off

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    Some may think why this girl writes like this but I would say more than the funny side of you I respect this one….you would one day turn as a eye opener for many ….who knows may be reading this many would have opened their eyes to see the dirtiness that is illuminating out country.
    With all these questions anger frustration let’s face this independence day with a gentle smile which shows our confidence and thirst to get answers from this country.

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    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Hi Nithu di thanks for sharing your view and as child I also have always dreamt of changing our nation one day I hope so one day things will change for good. About nirbhaya incident, di it was one of worst but things continue to be worse even after that those people don’t even have right to die they should be punished so severly that it sets a message for every man and they should not even dear touch a girl.
      Secondly di you can write as much as you want I don’t mind reading it you have all the right to share your views with me.
      Thank you for being the best support since part one. I know many readers of this ff have stopped reading but you are the one of few who has always been with me through out the journey from starting till end THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH.?

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