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Prinku: Thank you all of you for your cooperation and now it’s time for showing you all the great works of Mr. Dawendra Lal Khorana. Many are aware of his philanthropic nature. You all know how generous and just he is. His bend towards justice is commendable. So here we present a video made by his followers to showcase his greatness.

Khorana smiles and looks at her and she gives him a cunning smile accompanied by a smirk and from her mouth whispers “BOOM” and does the same gesture from her hands. This shocks Khorana and Kuber.

Rudra: Saumya it’s time change the CD and play it.
Saumya: Yes.
Saumya plays the CD.





Pragya: Who is here so late?
Tej: Wait I will check.
He goes and opens the door.
Tej: Rajni ji aap yahan Vo bhi iss Waqt.
(Rajni ji you here and that too at this time?)
Rajni: Maaf karna bhai Saab par baat hi kuch aise thi. Yeh ladki aapka ghar dhundh rahi thi.
(Sorry brother but the matter was really important that’s why I had to come here. This girl was finding your house.)
Tej looking at the girl: Meher?
Meher: Uncle I want to talk to all of you please allow me in.
Tej nods.
Rajni: Bhai Saab mai chalti hun mera kaam ho Gaya.
(Brother I will leave my work has been done.)
Tej being in trances nods. The vulnerability and paleness of Meher moved Tej to great extent.

Abeer from inside: Uncle who is there?

Tej: Come Meher.
Meher nods and Tej escorts her to balcony where rest were sitting and chilling.

Abeer sees Meher and stands up being angry: What the hell are you doing here? Aren’t you over with your baseless accusations and badmouthing. Just get out of this place. Out.
Tej comes between Abeer and Meher.
Tej: Abeer this is no way to talk to a girl.
Abeer: Uncle she needs to learn ways to talk first.
Tej: Stop it Abeer she is here for a reason just stop yourself.
Abeer hearing stern and angry words of Tej backs off, anger still visible in his eyes.
Pragya: Anika take Meher and get her changed she is all drenched because of rain.

Anika nods and does as asked.


Abhi: Meher what happened that brought you here this late.
Meher controlling her tears: I am sorry Ishaana.
Ishu: It’s okay Meher whatever you said was as a sister and in the heat of moment you need not to say sorry.
Meher breaks down crying vulnerable shocking every single person in the room: No it’s not alright. I am your culprit. Please forgive me.
While crying she falls on the floor covering her face trying to hide herself from all the questioning eyes.
Pragya hugs Meher and consoles her.
Janvi: Relax Meher, you aren’t at fault stop blaming yourself dear all this was destined.
Meher: No nothing was destined. The destiny was planned.
Abeer: What? What do you mean?
Meher nods and forwards a handicap that she has been carrying.
Abeer takes it and attaches it to laptop and plays the video.


In the library Khorana, Kuber and Samarth were sitting in deep thoughts. All of a sudden Khorana roars.
Khorana: You are mad Samarth why the hell did you do that when you know there are only few months for elections you could have controlled yourself. How dear you?
Samarth: What the hell dad those people warned me, they challenged THE SAMARTH KHORANA. No one dear say a word in front of me and you are asking why did I do that.
Khorana: Shut up Samarth I have no problem if you rape those girls, throw acid on them or even kill them I don’t care do whatever you want but the time was wrong. Elections are on our head and if this news goes out in public we will be ruined and this time I want C.M’s seat at any cost. Do you get that. This news shouldn’t be out.
Kuber: I know those people they won’t let this go so easily. Akhir raasi jali hai Baal nahi Gaya unka.
Samarth: Relax uncle even if they will say something we will call it as opposition stunt.
Khorana: You have gone mad it’s not that easy our reputation will be at stake.

At that time Samarth gets a call and after hearing it he puts the phone back.

Kuber: Whose call was it?
Samarth without even a trance of sadness: Nothing my friends were coming from Mumbai-Pune highway and they met with an accident, on spot death that’s all.
Khorana: Hmm…
Kuber after thinking for a while: That’s great.
Khorana: What do you mean?
Kuber: Before Ishaana’s news of being burnt and raped comes out in media we will announce that Samarth died in that car accident. For sometime Samarth can be underground and after that once Khorana ji becomes minister we will sort the matter.
Samarth: Come on uncle why to do so much of drama, every day so many girls get burnt and raped who the hell cares. Media will make a hype for 3 to 4 days and then everything will be back to normal. Just chill.
Khorana: You are right Kuber.
Samarth: Dad!!! I am not going to stay underground.
Khorana: Shut up just do as I say. There is place in Rajgarh over there an old scientists Sharma lives he is a useless fellow you go and take his place we will throw him away.
And Kuber you arrange a dead body of Samarth’s height and weight and cover up this matter.
Samarth: But dad.
Khorana: Do as I say no more words. I will ask my bodyguard to take you to Rajgarh stay there till I don’t ask you to come here I will tighten the security there.
Samarth nods reluctantly cursing his father.

Khorana: What the hell is all this is a big lie. Just a public stunt to defame me. These
While the public begins to get violent and throws shoes and whatever they get towards Khorana.
Prinku: What did you think Khorana we will blast you. Sadly no. Death is an easy job now live that’s your punishment.
Khorana: What do you think by bringing this truth out you will be able to destroy me you have no proof accept this CD which I will prove fake in seconds. Guards come on let’s leave.

With the help of guards he leaves the place safely.

Ishu: See I told you he was there at that time.
Meher: Yes he is alive but underground I also don’t know his exact location.
Abhi: Thank you for bringing this video to us Meher.
Meher nods.
Janvi: But if Khorana gets to know he won’t leave Meher.
Meher: Don’t worry about me.
Pragya: Janvi is right we need to safeguard you from Khorana.
Pinky: O my Mata but how will that happen.
Anika: Meher you go out of the country for some study reason or any reason.
Meher nods in no: No this won’t happen dad won’t send me in our house girls aren’t allowed to stay alone in different places above that he is getting me married soon so let it be.
Pragya: Marriage!!!
Saumya: Ya that can happen if Abeer bhaiya marries Meher di then she will be safe and that Khorana won’t be able to do anything.
Shivaay: Well that’s a valid thing.
Ishu: No guys we can’t force them into marriage. It’s not a joke.
All nod.
Abeer: It’s okay I will marry Meher if she will be safe this way.
He covers up his concern with his attitude.
Meher: No that’s not required.
Abeer: Is it always important to argue with me Meher at least for once abide by what I say and this is for your protection only I have no self benifits.
Meher tearing up a bit: That’s why I am saying no. I will leave now.
Abeer: Fine I will drop you.
Meher: No thanks.
Abhi: Abeer go and drop Meher, it’s really late Meher you should take Abeer along.
Meher: It’s okay uncle he need not take pain for me.
Abeer without listening to her holds her wrist and drags her out leaving everyone smiling at his antics.
Karan: Ye ladka toh pyaar me Gaya.
(This boy is gone in love.)
Prinku: But his ego is stopping him.
Anika: Right Bhabhi. These boys airplane size ego with them.
She says glaring Shivaay who gives her “what did I do look”.

Abeer: Okay I will leave and take care.
Meher nods and walks in.

Khorana sees Meher entering the house and gets angry.
Khorana: Where had you gone Meher?
Meher fumbles: Vo… Vo… I was just walking around.
Khorana slaps her: How dear you lie to me.
Meher’s eyes tear up and her cheek becomes red.
Mrs. Khorana holding Khorana’s hand: What are you doing ji. Leave her.
Khorana: Ask your daughter where was she?
Mrs. Khorana politely to Meher: Meher where were you?
Meher: Mumma I had gone to meet Abeer.
Khorana holds her neck while Mrs. Khorana tries stopping him but in the process Khorana hits her and she falls.
Meher almost chokes due to his hold and he leaves her.
Khorana to Mrs. Khorana: Ask this girl to stay away from them otherwise I will dig her alive.
Mrs. Khorana nods being scared while Meher sits on the floor holding her neck crying her lungs out. Mrs. Khorana holds Meher and hugs her.
Mrs. Khorana: Meher are you okay.
Meher nods and cries.
Mrs. Khorana: Baccha leave him.
Meher: Mumma Samarth is alive.
Mrs. Khorana: What?
Meher nods: Ya mumma he is alive dad has asked him to be underground so that he doesn’t gets blamed for what happened to Ishaana.
Mrs. Khorana cupping Meher’s face: Don’t tell this to anybody.
Meher: Why mumma if we don’t say anything today we will always be torched and I can’t live in this hell anymore mumma.
Mrs. Khorana: You know it right that if your dad gets to know about this he can kill us even.
Meher: Yes mumma I know it and it’s better to die rather then living such life. Please mumma support me in this I beg you.
Mrs. Khorana: It has been 27 years I have been taking all the brutality of this man but only for my children but this is too much. I am with you Meher what he can do he will kill us only. It’s okay rather then dying every day it’s better to die once and for all.
Meher nods. Both hug each other and next day Mrs. Khorana tells everything to Madhvi who further informs this to O & S family at that time Abeer decides to marry Meher and be with her in Malhotra mansion and for that he convinces his father.

Abeer: Don’t remember the past Meher.
Meher: It’s okay Abeer now it doesn’t makes any difference.
Abeer cares her hand while the rest come to them.

Karan: So PLAN B.

All of them smile and nod.

Shivaay: Aradhya went but gave us the best teaching of life isn’t it.
All nod.
Om sarcastically: Well we should thank Aradhya if she meets us ever again all this wouldn’t have been possible without her.
Karan: Guys stop parsing my X so much my wife will feel jealous.
Prinku hits him playfully: Jealous my foot.
Karan chuckles.
Rudra: So how was the picture shown by me you all should thank me after all indirectly or directly I am the one to give you guys the lead.
Ishu: That reminds me where is the lead.
Saumya: At his place and dad is with him.
Anika: So it’s time for the big bang.
Abeer: Bang bang.
Rudra: That was a film right.
Om hits him on head: Shut up duffer.
Anika: But will public leave him.
Shivaay: As for the video yes maybe, but after self confession I don’t think so.
Om: He will confess if not him then Samarth will it’s high time now we need to end this story.
Karan: He has lots to pay for.
Anika: Btw I forgot to tell Rahul informed me that all the workers are ready to give a testimony against him.
Saumya: Plus we have this (she shows a chip) his entire kundali.


I hope so the plan and happenings till now are clear to everyone if not then put it down in the comments section I will reply to your confusions and if you want me to tell the plan in detail then also do inform me.
So this is the third last episode guys please do comment.

Take care
For now signing off

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