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Shivaay gets up and looks around just to find OmRu sleeping with him cuddling but not in his luxurious room rather on the floor but still both had their all time beautiful million dollar smile adorning their face. Shivaay smiled looking at two.
He then looked around the room and found the rest also sleeping peacefully.
He gets up and goes to get fresh.
After a while all leave for their respective work.
Shivaay had few interviews scheduled for the day, while Karan went to his new office, RuMaya and Prinku went to their college and Anika and IshKara went for job hunt.

Karan enters in his boss’s cabin and presents an idea for investment.
Boss: Leave all this Karan and look at this.
He passes a broacher to him.
Boss: We will be investing in this and for that you have to convince the higher authorities.
Karan: But sir this is illegal, the land which you want already belongs to the poor their.
Boss: So what is the big deal just get that land by hook or by crook.
Karan: Sir that land houses nearly one thousand poor, if we take it then where will they go.
Boss: Stop your lecture I am not interested in it. Just answer me will you do this or not.
Karan sternly: I am sorry sir but I won’t indulge in any illegal activity, I am not a criminal.
Boss: So you are calling me a criminal.
Karan: No sir I didn’t mean that.
Boss angrily: Just get lost. You are fired. Idiot fellow you will teach me.
Karan: Please sir, why don’t you check the idea I have given you that is much better than all this.
Boss: Oh really now you will teach me what to do and what not to? You are just useless. Get out from here and don’t waste my time. Moreover, no need to come here from tomorrow.
Karan leaves upset yet cursing his useless fat boss, who has no work rather than shouting. After presenting three ideas, that stupid boss never read any just threw his work like it was waste.
Karan was clearing his desk when he called peon and handed him his resignation letter.

Karan went out and called Abeer and Shivaay in a park.

Shivaay: What happened Karan Bhaiya.
Karan: I am fired.
Abeer: What? How?
Karan who had all the anger filled inside finally bursts out.
Karan throwing a file: Because of that mota taklu (fat bald man). Mujha lagta hai jaab ussna aapna Baal katwaiya saath mai aakal bhi kaat gayi uski. Ek number ka gadha hai woh. Mai jitni maarzi mehnaat kun na kar lun magaar ussa kuch samajh nahi aayega. Kunki chamcha Giri karna Sa fursaat kahan hai uss mota ko. Baitha baitha baas khana dhusna aata hai. Fail toh Vo aisa raha hai jaisa khet uska baap ka hon. Aakal do kodi ki nahi hai uss mota saand mai. Jaab dekho chapad chapad Karta rehta hai. Dimaag ki lassi kar di hai ussna. Aur baith ta toh aisa hai Vo kursi oar jaisa pradhaan mantri ho hindustaan ka. Akal par toh patthar pada huai hain mahashai ka. Bhagwaan Jana kaisa pohaanch Gaya Vo yahan paar. Gadhaa, bewakoof, idiot, stupid, mad……
(Because of that mota taklu (fat bald man). I think when he got his hair cut he lost his intelligence as well. He is useless a complete donkey. How much ever may I work hard nothing will go in the head of this fat fellow. He can just follow others. He just knows how to eat and get fat. He eats so much as if the entire field belongs to his father. He doesn’t own even a bit of intelligence fool. All the time he goes on chatting nonstop. Moreover, he sits on the chair as if he is The Prime Minister. His brain is entirely useless. God know how did he became the C.E.O. Of the company. Idiot, stupid, moron…. )
Karan grits his teeth in anger.
Abeer and Shivaay look at each other shocked, this was the first time that Karan had got angry on someone.
Karan: Now what are you two looking at me. Did you get any job.
Shivaay: Well I am unemployed.
Abeer: And whatever I get isn’t worth.
Karan: All this is stupidity. We are just wasting our time and talent. We all are worth more than this.
A boy who was passing by stooped on hearing what Karan spoke and said
Boy: Many are talented here, but there is no value of anything. That’s the reason people either go to abroad or adjust their life according to whatever they get.
Shivaay: What do you mean?
Boy: I just mean that, everyone is eger to get employment but no one wants to provide employment. Try becoming employment provider if you think that you have talent, rather than wasting your time in being angry and shouting at someone who can not even hear you.
Saying so the boy left, leaving three of them perplexed.

Madd maya mein lutta re kabeera ho
Madd maya mein luta re kabeera
Kanch ko samjha kanchan heera
Jhar gaye sapne paati paati
Aankh khule to sab dhan maati
Aankh khule to sab dhan maati

Tej and Abhi reach a lawyer’s chamber.
Lawyer (L): How can I help you two.
Abhi: Actually we want to file a fraud case. Our entire property has been confiscated because somebody did fraud with us.
L: Who?
Tej: Aradhya Mallik.
L: Oh ya I know her. Ok I will take your case. First have something and then we will discuss everything.
Abhi: No we are fine.
Tej: Can we first discuss the case.
L: Aare ya sure.
They discuss details about the case.
L: Fine your work will be done. But it may take some time. You know about the court proceedings and all.
Tej: Ya ya that’s alright but how much.
L: How much ever you want.
Abhi: What?
L: Yes, if you want we can end the case in a day or maybe it take one year as well.
Tej: But how can you do that.
L: Are Tej sahab I am not going to do anything. Money will do everything.
Come here Arun.
Lawyer calls his assistant.
Arun: Ji sir.
L: Tell them the rates.
Arun: Yes sir.
Murder case from 5 lakhs to 50 crore.
Robbery case from 1 lakh to 2 crore.
L: Aare not everything just tell them about fraud case.
Arun: Yes sir.
For fraud case from 2 lakhs to 10 crore.
Tej: What?
Arun: Yes sir.
If bank is included then 40 lakhs and if not then 30 lakhs only. If you want to end the case in one hearing then 2 crore only. By chance if case has many complications then 20 lakhs extra. So sir which package will you like to choose.
Both Abhi and Tej look at each other astonished.
Tej: Umm. Actually we can’t afford that much.
L: What? Then what are you doing here waiting my time. Get out.
Both of them leave.

Sapne hain laal jawan har tole
Sapne hain laal jawan har tole
Heere manik moti hi raule
Mehal dumehle, ghode, hathi
Aankh khule to sab dhan maati
Aankh khule to sab dhan maati

RuMaya and Prinku reach there. All of them are going to their house when they hear few ladies gossiping about them
L1: Look how shameless this boy is his brothers are trying so hard but he is just a burden on them.
L2: And to increase that burden only he came after fighting today.
L3: Ya look at the wounds on his face and hand.
Three of them heard all this but Saumya ignoring all of them held Rudra’s hand and dragged him in and asked Prinku to come.

Pinky: O my Mata what happened to you Rudra?
Rudra: Nothing choti mom.
Pinky: Stop it Rudra and tell me what happened.
But Rudra doesn’t reply.
Pinky: Saumya, Prinku both of you tell me what happened?
Both of them stood silently.
Dadi: Aare will anyone speak or not.
Jhanvi: Rudra, Saumya, Prinku; Pinky is asking something.
Prinku: Vo… Vo…
The rest enter the house.
Shivaay: What happened?
All looking at Rudra get worried seeing him.
Shivaay shouts as no one replied to him.
All get startled.
Dadi: Shaant ho ja billu. (Relax billu.)
Pragya: Rudra everyone is asking something. And Saumya why are you standing like a dumb.
Saumya: Vo… Mom actually. Rudra got hurt as he fought with someone.
Karan: Why did he fight?
Rudra: Nothing just like that some boys said something about our declining condition that’s it.
He says trying to avoid eye contact, almost all of them had an idea that he was lying but as he didn’t want to share so no body forced him.
Shivaay: Rudra come I will bandage your wound.
Rudra: Nahi Bhaiya. I am fine.
Saying so he leaves the place thinking about something.

After a while he was standing in the balcony, when Prinku came to him. She kept her hand on his shoulder and he turned to look at her.
Prinku’s eyes were filled with tears, she hugged him crying.
Prinku: Why did you lie to everyone outside Rudra Bhaiya.
Rudra caring her back: Relax Prinku, the point is you are safe and nothing wrong happened with you. That matters the most and nothing else. All of them are already very tensed. What will we get by giving them more tension.
Prinku nodded her head in agreement still hugging him.
ShivRu, Karan and Abeer come there.
Shivaay sternly: Rudra what happened with Prinku.
Rudra and Prinku get shocked seeing all of them.
Saumya from back comes with Anika and Ishu.
Saumya: I will tell you Bhaiya.
Rudra trying to stop her: Saumya.
Saumya shows him her hand and asks him to be silent.
Saumya: Bhaiyu, Bro, Bhaiya aur bada Baal wala Bhaiya. Will you all answer me something.
Four of them nod in positive.
Saumya spoke in a broken voice: What is the bigger sin, being a girl or being poor?
All look astonishingly at her.
Anika: What do you mean Saumya?
Saumya: I don’t mean anything di, I am just asking one simple question. What is a bigger sin, being a girl or being poor?

None spoke.

Saumya: You know when we were on the way to home, few ladies were blabbering about Rudra being irresponsible and acting as a burden on his brothers and family. But nobody once asked him that why did he fight. Everybody just judged him. What was his fault. Helping his sister, protecting her from those idiotic people. If he wouldn’t have done that then all would have blabbered that what sort of brother is he who couldn’t protect his sister. I mean without any reason why are people so interested in being judgemental. When we went to police station to complaint against molestation. That police officer didn’t file our F.I.R. Moreover, he began his pravachan (lecture) on how should girls conduct themselves.
If she is a girl then is it necessary that through out her life she has to face eve teasing or molestation and sometimes worst even.
That’s why I am just asking what’s worse being a girl or being poor or both.
She said with eyes filled with rage and tears of helplessness.

Khul gayi jehi din
Karam gathariya haan
HO khul gayi jehi din karam gathariya
Dhoo dhoo bar gayi sapan nagariya
Koyla hoi gayi saari chaandi
Aankh khule to sab dhan maati
Aankh khule to sab dhan maati

Nothing much just a question

Keep smiling
Stay happy
For now signing off

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  1. Dhar

    Awesome episode shivika , loved it very very much. ??

  2. Ohhh shivika dear…I’m literally in tears….how do you write these kinds of stuff….you are an amazing writer…just WOW!!! nd as always song selection was awesome it perfectly matched their current situation…nd karan’s outburst was really funny nd he totally proved that he is annika’s brother itself… loved it a lot!!! Do update soon…

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Are Bhavna dear don’t cry I know this is a touchy topic but I hate tears and THANKUUUUUUUUUU ?☺?☺ bhagwaan jana tuna itna episodes kaisa pada but thankuuuuuuuu sooooooo much I am really privilaged dear ☺.
      Bye ☺ Take care ?
      and keep smiling but aab mujha Karan par taras aa raha hai bichara ko kitna tests dena pad raha hain yeh prove karna ka liya ki vo Anika ka bhai hai ????

  3. Nithu

    emotional yaar………..


  5. SamSun

    This was a very heart touching one yashu di. Loved it, completely loved it.

    For me being a girl can never be a bane, it has always been a boon. Eve teasing, molestation etc etc. are of course a part and parcel of every girls life in today’s world but that does not mean we keep quite or simply accept it. The worst is neither being a girl nor being poor, the worst is the thinking. It does not matter if the girl is wearing a crop top or cocktail dress or a sari or chudidaar or is in a burkha, she is teased. On the other hand poverty is another issue. No matter how much love and affection u get from your family if u don’t have money u cannot be respected is the thinking of people. Being a girl is said to be unfortunate, being poor is said to be unfortunate, but it is just said it actually is not unfortunate, it is very fortunate. I am a girl and I am proud to be and so are others, I am not a millionaire or something like that and I am happy I am not one because i have my family. But this is not what people see. People see that a girl is molested, people see person does not have money. People see what we don’t have, they never see what we have and that is worse.
    Of course many might not agree with me but this my pov. Worst is people seeing what we don’t have and not seeing what we have.

    Yashu di, u have always been one of my favorite authors and will continue to be. Todays update was heart touching and thank u for bringing this up in such a beautiful way.

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      I don’t know what to say but yes even I am proud to be a girl and more then that I am proud that I am not on the other side of the fense where people think that doing wrong is their birth right and they take pride in that fact.
      And about rest I will answer in next part dear ?.
      Thank you so much ?☺?☺?☺?☺?☺?
      Bye ? Take care ?☺

    2. B_isha

      Proud of my sister’s n now more proud to be a part of u guys n ur amazing friendship …..

      1. SamSun


  6. Awesome update dear ?. Post soon ?…

  7. Sanskriti120

    You know I’m really happy by reading today’s update, seriously I feel the question saumya asked was heart touching. You are such a talented writers. ????. And karan??. He proved that anika ka bhai hain woh. Update soon, ??

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Thank you sooooooo much dear.
      Btw the profile pic is it you. The style is really cool and that one eye is really beautiful ?.
      Bye ☺ Take care dear ☺☺?☺?

      1. Sanskriti120

        Blush!!blush!!blush!!!!.?????. Yaa the devil in my propic is me??. Thank you for the compliment

  8. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome dear…. You are doing well dear…..

  9. Vivikhta

    Well shivika di……This was beautiful…just beautiful…I love the fact how u incorporate morals and beautiful ideals and ideas into your work along with strands of laugh out loud comedy…..I totally loved Karan ‘ s outburst…It was hilarious…saw a glimpse of Anika there….and next , the rest of the part was absolutely touching…The questions u raised is so important..and here I must say I agree with Samsung. .am a girl myself..and I agree that the worst part of society is the thinking…and nd even worse is when we allow ourselves to surrender to that thinking…and nd nd even if we don’t surrender, we r tagged as rebellious , unconventional , egoistic and loose character ed. …We r defined by the things we r, not by the things we r not…
    She doesn’t wear…
    she doesn’t have…
    she doesn’t want….
    she doesn’t speak…
    Why is this doesn’t so important?
    She or even he, for that matter, should b defined by the things she/he is and does..
    In all situations, a girl is blamed only…but instead of always repeating these lines..We have to stand up to the society…its okay to b unconventional..its okay to wear something which shows a little skin….its okay to talk to anyone…as long as your character and intentions r right…
    As for poverty..
    Even if u live in a palace and I in a thatched hut…We both call it home..
    Even if u eat continental dishes and I eat a plain roti…We both satisfy our hunger
    Even if u sleep on a king size bed and I on the floor , we both sleep peacefully…
    It’s the feelings and happiness that matters..as u said..life is beautiful only till we want it to b…
    And I also know that how much ever we say all this..money is important..but even if it is…its not so important that people who don’t have it r disrespected and mocked upon.
    Money is made for Hu, as. ..humans r not made for money..
    Loads of love to u di!
    PS sorry for my incredibly long comment!

    1. B_isha

      Hi dear well don’t be sorry at all I know shivika very well she used to enjoy such big comments and whereas Samsun concerned n ur pov yeah we all have many questions but no one is there to answer nor change the mindsets ….. and I am seriously super proud at my powerhouse n Khushi for raising such important issues

      1. SamSun

        ?? thank u vishu di. I don’t know if I have done something to be proud of but I just know that speak out when u have the chance. That is what many here are doing right?.

    2. Shivika22kapoor

      Vivikhta dear I am really glad that you shared your opinion with me and I loved your P.O.V. and I am proud that you have such amazing thoughts dear. One thing you know the people who have lots of money are never satisfied as the always have wish for more. The only person on earth who is satisfied is the one who feels content with whatever he or she has that maybe a poor, a rich or a middle class person. Our dreams have no limits as we always want more that’s why one should be content with what one has rather then seeing what is less in him or her. But for society money means more than anything but still there are people who respect others irrespectuve of the fact that how much is the bank balance of the other. Hats off to you for your thoughts and for being genuine.
      P.S.: I love long ccomments it makes me feel that my thoughts reach people and you are always welcomed to share your P.O.V. with me.
      And Isha di is right that I will never mind long comments ☺?.
      thank you sooooooo mucb for reading and more then that for sharing your views. I reslect your point dear.
      BYE ?☺ TAKE CARE ?☺

  10. Khushilovesroumya

    The best part for me is when they were talk on about what is more bad being a girl or being a poor.It just bought tears in my eyes.

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Thank you soooo much but please don’t cry dear ?☺.
      bye ? take care ☺?☺

  11. B_isha

    First of all , what should I say now I am kind of haunting for words ….. seriously dear you wrote the truth and a hats off to it because sabke bus ki baat nahi hoti woh kar jaana Joh tumne kar diya…..

    I am thankful to your inspiration who inspired to such a level that now ur readership is inspired by you ….

    Story nahi thi yeh yeh kuch logo ki zindagi thi ……
    Thanks for posting the link in grp Khushi

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Thankuuuuu di apka itna kehna mera liya kitna maina rakhta hai sirf ma hi janti hun.
      And yes yeh bohaat login ki life hai and unfortunately haar ladki ki destiny.
      Thankuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ?☺☺?
      Bye ? Take care ?☺

      1. B_isha

        Per powerhouse destiny humare haatho me hoti hai agar thodi himmat aur shedat se ki gayi koshish Usme mila di jaaye toh ujadi hui kismat bhi savar jaaye aur shayad Kisi din unn na samjh logo ka Nazariya bhi badal jaaye

  12. Speechless…..few days before I commented on WAD saying that humour is your area….you are the queen of that genre but you proved me wrong dear you are one versatile writer….thanks a lot to the one who inspired you….this much sensitive matter touched with boldness hats off to you dear….our society has evolved such that the question has become hypothetical….that is one thing to be really ashamed off…I know talking abt that won’t change anything but somewhere someone who reads this will seriously ponder upon this question…one will multiply to 2 and 4 and goes on and that’s were an opportunity for change occurs….I am so proud to get friends like you lov you sweetheart….

    Khushi thank you for sharing the link in the grp???

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Thanks alot Princess you don’t know what this means to mean, if people even ponder on this and try to bring change life will be so better and my motive would be fulfiled. Well in having a friend like me you are wrong I am more fortunate in that case to have you all by my side ?☺☺?☺.
      Bye ?☺ Take care ? dear ??

    2. B_isha

      Well shona I am also sailing in the same boat I totally agree with everyone’s comment here ….well I would rather suggest powerhouse to submit her articles in wattpad too in competition more ppl should be inspired by her n her inspiration surbhi

  13. Amore

    well done shivu… u are really going good to better… you have potrayed their situation so wll…
    I was literally rolling on the bed hearing Karan’s outburst… Abeer is really a true family. .
    Tej has finally moved to see what is the name of struggle…
    Rudy is getting mature… I am really happy with the chappy… post soon

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Pehla batao aap yahan kaisa pohaanch haar dusra din jhatka daina zaroori hain kya. Par jo change aapna notice kiya I love you for that, koi aur word nahi hai uss chiz ko express karna ko.
      Thankuuuuuuuuuu soooooooo much.
      Bye ☺ Take care ?☺?☺☺??????
      And I am glad that you got over those idiots never pay heed to any such person as I really love the way you comment di it encourages me a lot and tells me that my thoughts have reached out to my readers you are really a darling di ????

      1. Amore

        Wo toh mai hu… hehehe I was never into theb.. bas lagaa tha k kahin sachme maine tujhe hurt toh nahi kia isiliye pucha… aur jab u dont mind… toh farq v nahi padta…
        Aur beta jii aise jhatke milte rahenge… and u too Take care apna nai rey… story line ka 😉 … its going better and better hehehehe

  14. Awesome…… last part was a little bit emotional…. U r really a wonderful writer dear…. Luv it to d core…..

  15. Hi shivika

  16. Mrunal

    finally i got this idiot comment box…
    thank god….

    u know this is something so realistic…
    i mean this is the real face of our society… and u r portraying it so well… u always prove ur nickname… rockstar who is rocking each update with her writing skills… I’m just loving the way this ff is developing… life is not a fairy tale… it’ll have ups and downs and at that time ur relations becomes ur strength & reason of ur living…
    so basically I’m in love with this current track…
    just amazing… fabulous…. fantastic…

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