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After all the mess cleaning work, finally it was the time for all the Oberoi brothers to rule the kitchen, but now the complications were going to be many so let’s see what are the brothers going to do, when they are shifted from their lavish, fully furnished, more then well developed kitchen, to a kitchen which is almost equal to the size of a small store room, having least amount of equipments and almost nil necessary things that they would have imagined would be present in a kitchen.

The brothers enter.
Rudra: Bhaiya where is the apron.
Shivaay begins to search but he gets nothing rather he is shocked to see that whatever things he needs for cooking aren’t present there.
Jhanvi comes there and says: No apron and all.
She picks few things and keep it on the shelf.
Jhanvi: Here you go take these potatoes (aloo) , beans, peas (mattar), ghobhi, gajar (carrot) dhaniya (coriander), masala (spices), salt, pepper, oil, pulses (dal), flour (Atta). You have to make mixed veg and one dal, with rotis.
Three of the Oberoi brothers open their mouth in shock.
Shivaay: Bhada mom what about the rest of the things.
Jhanvi: Like.
Shivaay looks at OmRu and then says
Shivaay: Like oregano, chilli flakes,,,,,,,,,,,,,.
Jhanvi: Stop it stop it you are not going to make any continental food, you just have to make normal Indian food and that too with available material only.
Shivaay: That too in oil.
Jhanvi correcting him: Sarson ka tail.
Jhanvi: Come on get on with your work.
Shivaay: Bada mom at least send some one to help us.
Jhanvi: Okay.
Jhanvi sends rest of the younger clan for their help which includes AniIshSoums and Karan.
Shivaay: Karan Bhaiya where is Abeer and Prinku.
Karan: Your sister has to complete an assignment while that Bandar is busy with papa talking about something so they all have sent me.
Om: Awww so sad Bhaiya.
Karan: Stop it Om, I am fed up of all the teasing since morning.
All nod in ok.

Ishu takes a carrot and sits on the shelf and begins eating it.
Om: Hye you rabbit you are here to help us not to eat gajar (carrot).
Karan: Let her eat carrot only if she will help then forget the thing that we will ever be able to cook anything.
Rudra: But how will we cook.
All look at Shivaay, who is standing with a hand palming his cheek and another hand supporting his first one, he is all lost in thoughts.
Anika pushes him.
Shivaay: What?
Anika: What the hell are you thinking now? When all of us are in such a big trouble.
Shivaay: No nothing.
He said with a tone that is really uncertain of him, which made everyone doubtful but they let the topic and thought to concentrate on cooking.
Rudra with puppy face: I had thought that after such a long time we will have our O BRO moment but look now we don’t even know how o cook.
ShivKara smiled at him.
Om pulling Rudra’s cheek says:
Zindagi na gum diya hain toh kya hua…
All in chorus: NOOOOOOOO.
Om getting aback: Okay relax guys.
Karan: If we won’t start cooking then for sure ma, mom and choti mom will kill us. Let’s start guys.
Rudra: One second.
All: Now what?
Rudra: We never cook without music and masti, so lets have some music first.
Saying this he plays the music on his mobile.


Yeh zindagi milke bitayenge, hal-e-dil ga ke sunayenge

ShivKara place a vessel on the stove. Karan takes all the vegetables and Rudra hands him a plate and knife.
hum to sath rang hai, ye jahan rangin banayenge

All if them start cutting vegetables by sitting in a circle. The plate is decorated with all the colours of vegetables and girls fantasize seeing it and smile like fools.
zindagi milke bitayenge, hal-e-dil ga ke sunayenge

Shivaay takes the plate of vegetables and with help of Om and Karan starts cooking.

hum to sath rang hai, ye jahan rangin banayenge

All of them are shown cooking in the kitchen as perfect seven.
sargham humse bane, nagame humse jawan, jhume aasman

Ishu starts lip sing the song, while others too join in.
hum hi to sath ajube hai, humse hai jahan
sargham humse bane, jag me humse

Rudra raises his collar at the word “sath ajube” while ShivKara kiss him on his cheeks.
jawan, jheme aasman
are hum hi to sath ajube hai, humse hai jahan

Seeing the O BRO’S the S SISOO’S go and hug Karan who kisses their forehead lovingly.

hey zindagi milke bitayenge, hale dil ga ke sunayenge
hum to sath rang hai, ye jahan rangin banayenge

All of the join the hands and circle around the kitchen, by holding each others shoulder laughing on their stupid antics and ajeeb dance.
khushiya batenge hum
har gham mil ke sahe fir kyu aansu bahe
are banke sahara ek duje ka yuhi chalte rahe

All get back to cooking, while Anika starts cutting onion as it was necessary for dal/ pulses, due to that she gets teary eyed. Shivaay sees this and clearing her tears in an extra melodramatic way sings the above lines. Anika hits him on his stomach.
khusiya batenge hum
har gham mil ke sahe fir kyu aansu bahe
banke sahara ek duje ka yuhi chalte rahe

OmRu step in to be at the side of Anika and start scolding Shivaay, for irritating her, while IshuSoums get on Shivaay’s side and Karan enjoys the scene while eating peas.
hey zindagi milke bitayenge, hale dil ga ke sunayenge

After a while Karan stops them and asks to concentrate on cooking.
hum to sath rang hai, ye jahan rangin banayenge
hey zindagi milke bitayenge, hale dil ga ke sunayenge
hum to sath rang hai, ye jahan rangin

All of them together arrange the food and call everyone for dinner.
Everyone settles down on the table and start relishing the food.

Karan and Prinku are cleaning the utensils, when Karan thinks something and smiles mischievously.
Karan: Ummm… Priyanka.
Prinku: Ji.
Karan: There is something on your face.
Prinku raises her hand and starts cleaning her face.
Prinku: Fine.
Karan: No it’s there on your left cheek.
Prinku starts cleaning her left cheek.
Karan giggles seeing her.
Prinku: What?
Karan: No… No… Nothing.
Prinku then looks at a clean plate which was kept at a side and gets shocked seeing her face smeared with soap, she understands Karan’s trick and deciding something smiles mischievously to herself.
Prinku: Karan kindly pass that jug of water.
She says pointing at a jug.
Karan passes it to her.
Prinku: Karan.
Karan looks at her and asks
Karan: What?
Prinku: Do you think I am a fool.
Karan giggling: No.
Prinku: Really.
Saying so she empties a jug full of water on Karan.
Karan: What was this?
Prinku cleaning her hands and exiting the kitchen says
Prinku: Happy utensil cleaning.
She smiles at him, while he realises that he has to clean everything on his own now. Making a sad face he begins with his work.

Shivaay is standing staring at the sky.
Anika comes there and stands by his side staring at him and the sky alternatively.
Anika: What happened Shivaay?
Shivaay looks at her: Nothing.
Anika: Come on something is there. This unknown silence is something out of character.
Shivaay sighs: Till few days back we had everything, still something seemed to me missing, incomplete. I always believed that money can buy anything. I will get all the happiness only if I have money but…
Anika: Go on Shivaay.
Shivaay: But now it doesn’t seems to be same. What has changed? The house, the kitchen, instead of car now we use our legs or public vehicle, that’s all still all of us are together. Nothing much seems to have changed. Nothing much.
Anika smiled at him and holding his arm rested her head on his shoulder, he smiled looking at her.
Shivaay: Just the level of your romance seems to have increased.
He said winking at her and she punched him hard, making him squeal in pain.
Both hugged each other and stood their playing their stare game with the moon and stars.

Life thy name challenges.

Sorry sorry for boring and delayed chapter actually I wrote this in a bit hurry but I think so I messed the chapter badly. Sorry for this but next one I will try to make it much better.
And THANK YOU ? to all the readers and commenters and especially to my dear silent readers who broke their silence in past few chapters sorry I was a bit busy so couldn’t reply to any comment but thanks alot for all of them.

Stay happy
Keep smiling
For now signing off

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