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Hi ? guys. THANKS alot for your comments. Guys I am sorry I can’t post my ff daily but on alternate days, please bear with this.

@LEAF 52

All reach at house.
Rudra to Karan: Bhaiya how was your day.
Karan normally: Fine.
Rudra: Bhaiya I mean how was your and Prinku’s day.
Karan coughs and understands that Rudra is in mood to tease him.
Karan: It was good.
Rudra sheepishly: Bhaiya how was your and Prinku’s day out together.
Karan: It was nice.

Rudra teasingly: Bhaiya decide whether your day was fine, good or nice.
Karan catching hold of Rudra’s ear: You are too much interested in knowing about my day.
Rudra: Bhaiya twisting my ear won’t change the truth.
Karan: Aacha bacchu.
He slightly slaps him and leaves him. Abeer circles his arm around Rudra and says
Abeer: Rudra, Karan’s day was boring, so he decided to go and meet Prinku bhabhi and then he took her with him only and after that he was so happy that he cleared his interview and got the job as well.
All hoot: Wooh! Congo Bhaiyu / Bhaiya…

Abeer: And now he considers Prinku bhabhi as his lady luck. Hmm right na my boy.
Abeer says pulling Karan’s cheeks who shoos his hand in irritation.
All laugh seeing Karan’s reactions.
Karan: Shut up guys.
Saying so he starts leaving, when Prinku comes out of the kitchen with water for everyone. Both share an eye lock. Prinku was wearing a normal suit, with chudda adorning her hand, mangalsutra around her neck and vermilion in the partition of her forehead. She was in a perfect wife look. He smiled looking at her while she felt shy. All the youngsters began to clear their throat. Karan leaves her way and goes patting his head and smiling shyly.
Rudra: Prinku tun toh bilkul laal tamatar ban gayi hai. (Prinku you have become red as a tomato.)
All laugh.

Abeer: So Bhabhi how was your day out.
Prinku shyly and awkwardly: Nice.
Saying so she left in a rush, while all started laughing seeing the two newly wed couple.
Prinku was running towards her room and as soon as she was out of sight she felt a hand holding her arm and she looked up and found Karan holding her hand.
Karan: Let’s go to balcony.
Prinku nodded in agreement.

Both were standing at the balcony looking at the sky and setting sun.
Karan: Priyanka.
Prinku: Hmm.
Karan: I am sorry.
Prinku: Why?
Karan: Like every girl you would have also dreamt of living happily in your husband’s house but I couldn’t provide you that. I am sorry.
He said all this without looking at her. Prinku smiled and holding his hand in her she said making him look at her
Prinku: Karan you know what, till date I have seen my brothers only together being each other’s support and standing for everyone, always my family was incomplete in one way or other. But today after so much happened none broke. Everyone is standing together trying to fight with the problem. You know even mom and dad are together, O Bhaiya and dad’s relation is also getting better. I never felt so complete before. In true sense we all have been completed today with each and everyone of us by our side. No one is ready to loose or give in and that to not for themselves but for each other. And some where or other the credit for all this goes to my husband and my brothers.

Karan sheepishly with raised eyebrows: My Husband.
Prinku: So aren’t you my husband.
Karan: Of course I am but it’s for the first time you are stating it.
Prinku turning around and trying her best to hide her emotions says
Prinku: So.. So what that’s truth na. We got married.
Karan smiles and turning her says: Thank you for understanding me.
Prinku: Mention always.
Karan: What?
Prinku: Yup! Mention always.
Karan mocking a salute: Okay madam ji.

Both chuckle at his this action.
After five minutes Abeer came there.
Abeer: Bhai aur Bhabhi please discontinue your romance right now and let’s go as Ma is calling you guys.
Karan: That is alright. But what happened to you.
Abeer confused: What? What happened to me?
Karan: Idiot I am asking about your new project.
Abeer Making face: What else. I am not going there ever now.
Karan: What did you end up doing?

Abeer confessing: I just broke few things.
Karan angrily: You broke things. Are you in your senses Abeer or you have lost everything.
Abeer going to Prinku: See na Bhabhi, your husband is shouting at me.
Karan sternly: ABEER…
Prinku: Aare I think so we should go as Ma is calling.
Karan: Priyanka tum bhi. (Priyanka even you.)
Abeer: Of course she is in my team.
Saying so he shows his tongue to Karan, who starts chasing him all around the house.
Both are running while chasing each other and reach living room.

Abeer hides behind Pragya: Ma, see this monster he will kill me.
Pragya: What happened Karan?
Karan: Ma don’t ask.
Pragya: Ok I won’t.

Saying so she sits on sofa, while Karan makes ‘Iss ghaar mai Kisi ka Kuch nahi ho sakta’ face and hits Abeer with a pillow.
Abeer throws it back but as Karan dives at time the pillow hits Shivaay. All give shocked expression but Shivaay hits the pillow back and it hits Rudra this time who throws it on Shivaay but it ends up hitting Ishu, who picks two pillows in both of her hands and throws towards Rudra. Like this all the youngsters get indulged in pillow fight.
Pragya gets angry at them and shouts
Pragya: Stop it.

All look at her and pass “Today we are dead” look.
Pragya: This is too much.
Janvi and Pinky also joins them.
Pinky: Oh my Mata what have you all done to this room. Do you all know with how much difficulty we have cleaned the house and now again you all have messed this.
Jhanvi: Now this is too much you guys will be punished for this childishness.
All look at her horrified.
Ishu: Aare aunty please we are sorry.
Pragya: No sorrier and no puppy faces. All of you will be punished.
All nod keeping their heads down.
Jhanvi: Today ShivOmRu three of you will cook food and AniIshSoums three of you will serve and arrange the food.
Pragya: Karan and Prinku both of you will clean the utensils afterwards.
Abeer chuckles.

Pragya holds his ears.
Abeer: Aah ma.
Pragya: And you Mr. You will clean and place all the utensils at their place once they are cleaned.
Abeer nods.
Jhanvi: Before that all of you will clean the living room and other places as well.
Pragya: And Abeer you will come with us to help us.
Abeer: But.
Pinky: No if’s and no but’s. Ok’s.

All nod.
Pragya: Now what are you all waiting for start cleaning.
All nod.
Pinky: And we are going to temple till we come back we want everything done.
All nod.
They leave. All look at each other. Karan hits Abeer’s head and says
Karan: Idiot it’s all because of you.
Abeer: What did I do?
Karan: You were the one to run and come here.
Abeer: So who asked you to chase and you only threw pillow on me.
All: Will you to stop it. We have lots of work to do.
Pragya from outside: ABEER.

Karan: Now go you idiot.
Shivaay and Anika get the living room, Karan and Prinku go to the balcony, Ishu and Om go to one room while Rudra and Saumya take another room.

Shivaay looks at Anika as she comes with a broom and duster in her hands.

Aati hain wo aise chalke jaise jannat mein rehti hain

Anika looks at him and smile.
In another room Rudra looking at Saumya and the work he has to do make faces:

Dekhti hain sabko aaise jaise sabko woh sehti hain

Saumya hits him as he is making faces.
Om looks at Ishu who is getting irritated as well as angry:

Par gusse mein jab aaye aur ankhein woh dikhlaye

Ishu looks at him with a cute pouty face.
At balcony Karan and Prinku are arguing related to something and Prinku smiles while arguing and then makes a serious face and the next line goes as

Ladte ladte galti se muskaaye

Shivaay holding Anika’s hand and rotating her:
My dil goes mmmmmm…

Rudra throwing a pillow at Saumya:
My dil goes mmmmmm…

Om helping Ishu:
My dil goes mmmmmm…

Karan pacifying Prinku:
My dil goes mmmmmm…
Ishu looks at Om with puppy eyes, while Om smiles back and she starts talking to him.

Karti hu jab usse baatein lagta hain sone wala hain
Saumya while cleaning looks at Rudra and finds him sleeping she pours water on him and as soon as he gets up he makes a cry baby face:

Soke jab jabbhi woh jaage lagta hain rone wala hain
Prinku was relaxing on a chair for a while as Karan had gone to get tea for them, he comes and very sweetly asks her to drink.

Par chupke se woh aaye mere neend se mujhe jagaye

Both share an eye lock.
Shivaay goes to hold Anika in his arms but falls down as he gets dis balanced, while Anika starts laughing.

Lee baahon mein aur khud hi gir jaaye
My dil goes mmmmmm…
My dil goes mmmmmm…
My dil goes mmmmmm…
My dil goes mmmmmm…
At RuMaya side both are fighting as Saumya pored water on him and he was sleeping. So both were fighting with each other.

Haan woh na na karti hai
Haan bada akadti hai

At IshKara side, Om asks Ishu to concentrate on cleaning rather than chatting. But she was adamant.

Haan thodi si ziddi hai
Haan akal se piddi hai

At ShivIka side, Shivaay asks Anika to sweep the floor first but she didn’t agree and rather started cleaning the table. And both start arguing with each other.

Jate hain sab baayen daayen woh jaati hai
Tedhi in baaton se mujhko satati hai

In balcony
Prinku: By the way Karan why were you late. You said you will pick me up at eleven but you made me wait till eleven thirty.
Karan: Actually… Actually…
Prinku gets irritated: Let it be. From now own you will make excuses only.
Karan looks at her shocked but then in convincing tone asks
Karan: Still you will always wait for me na.
Prinku smiles shyly and looks at other direction while sipping her tea.

Har waqt se pehle aanaa sunn na na koi bahana
Par dakhna mera rasta rooz anaa

My dil goes mmmmmm…
My dil goes mmmmmm…
My dil goes mmmmmm…
My dil goes mmmmmm…

Rudra being irritated from Saumya holds headphones and starts watching a movie on phone, Saumya gets highly irritated but then gets shocked as he started crying, when she peeped in his phone she saw him crying while watching DDLJ, she pats her head.

Haan picture mein rota hai

Then Saumya remembers him sleeping a while ago with open mouth and she starts smiling.

Haan khulle muh sota hai

At IshKara side Om being irritated from Ishu starts cleaning room without paying any heed to her blabbering, this angers Ishu so she throws a small block at him and he winces dramatically.

Haan zara nalayak hai
Haan pitne ke layak hai

At ShivIka side Shivaay was irritated as he was trying to correct the curtains and for that he stood on a sofa, but rather than getting them on proper place he entangled the curtains around himself and Anika started laughing seeing him, while he gives irritated expressions to her.

Jaane kya kehta hai jaane kya karta hai
Sofe pe chadhta hai pardo se ladta hai

In balcony Karan was cleaning things but rather ended up messing things more.

Jab karne lage safaai samjho ke shaamat aayi
Phir thak ke jab leta hain angdaai

My dil goes mmmmmm…
My dil goes mmmmmm…
My dil goes mmmmmm…
My dil goes mmmmmm…

Saumya removes Rudra’s headphones and he stares her angrily but then she gives him a handkerchief and asks to clear his tears, he smiles at her, while she ruffles his hair.

Haan thodi alag si hai
Haan thodi galat si hai

Anika helps Shivaay to get out of the entangled curtains, while being unable to control her laughter, he stares her angrily but that lead her to laugh more. He nodded his head in disbelief.

Haan thoda alag sa hai
Haan thoda galat sa hai

Om looks disbelievingly at Ishu as she threw block on him, while she makes a pout.
Om: You are impossible.
Ishu laughs at that.

Aaisi bhi hogi woh aaisa na socha tha

Haa Aaisa hi hoga woh aaisa hi socha tha

In balcony Prinku helps Karan with cleaning while looking at him at intervals and starts smiling but when Karan catches her looking at him, she starts looking at alter direction felling nervous, while Karan simply smiles at her.

Kyu lagta hai yeh apna
Yeh sach hain ya hain sapna
Dar lagta hain kahi ho na jaaye jhuu

My dil goes mmmmmm…
My dil goes mmmmmm…
My dil goes mmmmmm…
My dil goes mmmmmm…
My dil goes mmmmmm…
My dil goes mmmmmm…
My dil goes mmmmmm…

No idea ??…

Keep smiling
Stay happy
For now signing off

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