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Hi ? everyone. THANK YOU for all your comments and THANK YOU for making me reach 51 episodes please keep supporting like always.

@LEAF 51

Anika comes to a park as Shivaay had called her.
Anika keeps hand on Shivaay’s shoulder. Shivaay looks at her and passes a faint smile. She goes and sits by his side.
Shivaay: How did your meeting go?
Anika sighs: Flop. How did your interview go?
Shivaay: You know what happened?
Anika nods in no.

Shivaay was sitting for interview with other candidates, it had been quite a while and his number hadn’t come yet. This frustrated him more as another hour passed by and already all the candidates were free. Still gaining his composure he went to the receptionist.
Shivaay: Excuse me.
R: Yes sir.
Shivaay: I have been waiting for about two hours and all the candidates have left. When will I be called for interview.
R: Sir please sit I will ask my seniors.
Shivaay nods.
After about another half an hour he is called in.
Interviewer: Come sit Shivaay.

Shivaay gets shocked seeing the interviewer and understands why he was made to wait. Still trying to keep himself calm he sat on the seat after wishing him.
I: So what will you take MR. SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI.
The man said with peculiar sarcasm.
Shivaay: I am here for an interview.
I: Oh calm down dear. We can conduct interview at any time.
Shivaay calmly: Can we please conduct it now.
I: Ya sure. So MR. OBEROI (every time he stretches on Shivaay’s name to put great emphasis over it.)
Why are you here?
Shivaay: For an interview.
I: But what’s the need after all you are THE SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI. You can do anything right. You can buy this company as well then why do you need a job.
Shivaay fisting his hands and passing a forced smile says: Actually I am in need of a job.

Shivaay looks on shocked.
Shivaay: What?
I: I said GET OUT.
He shouts.
Shivaay standing up and in full anger: You idiot fellow, you don’t know whom you have messed with.
Saying so he moves.
I: Oh really. Who the hell are you? A road side trash. You are nothing else now.
Shivaay gets highly angry and in order to calm himself down he takes a glass from the side table and throws water on the interviewer.
Shivaay: To hell with you idiot.
Anika bursts out laughing hearing the last incident.
Shivaay: Please Anika.
Anika silencing herself: Ok ok, sorry. But I am really upset billu ji.
Shivaay: Now why so?
Anika: I missed the golden chance of seeing you becoming PANIKA.
Saying so she again starts laughing. Shivaay doesn’t stops her but adores her laughter.
Shivaay: At least after such a bakwas day something good happened.
Anika questioning: What?
Shivaay: You laughed.
Both share a sweet eye lock.
Anika breaks it and says: Btw who was that person.
Shivaay: Come let’s walk to home I will tell you on way.
Anika nods and both start moving towards house.

RuMaya were free by now and were moving towards the exit.
Boy1: Hye! Buddy come let’s party.
The boy said laughing at Rudra.
B2: Aare wait how will he come.
B3: In patched clothes.
He laughs saying so and all of them share a hi-fi. While Rudra gets angry and was about to go to them but Saumya dragged him towards the gate.
Rudra shouts: Why did you get me here Saumya, I will teach a lesson to those fools.
Saumya: Ya and then they will punch you in return you will hit them. What do you want to show by doing all this Rudra. Do you want to become a piece of joke for all.
Rudra nods in no, with his head down by hearing her lash at him.
Rudra innocently: But.
Saumya: But what Rudra? Our family is in problem not their, our family needs our support not their. Moreover we are here to study not to create any mess Rudra. Please for god’s sake don’t do anything that increases Bhaiya’s problem. Shivaay Bhaiya won’t say a word to you but please use your senses Rudra. Grow up man.
Saumya spats back at him being irritated of his stupid childishness.
Rudra silently nods and starts walking.
Saumya: Now where the hell are you going.
Rudra in sad tone: House.
Saumya: And what about Prinku Bhabhi.
Rudra: Karan Bhaiya took picked her up earlier as she got free soon.
Saumya: Fine. Move now.
He nods and starts walkin.

Ishu enters in full anger.
Om: What happened Ishi.
Ishu doesn’t answers but speaks in anger: Stupid, Idiot, fool, moron, gadha,,,,,,,
Om gets shocked hearing such words from her mouth.
Om: Why are you so angry and on whom?
Ishu looks at him and speaks in anger
Ishu: That Behl, idiot he said that I don’t have creativity, I am not capable of working with his company. I am useless. Can you believe it.
Om gave a surprised look unable to think what to say.
Ishu looks around and sees that Om is packing his stuff and ask
Ishu: What are you doing Omi.
Om: Nothing much just packing my stuff.
Ishu: Why so?
Om: It’s time to exit.
Ishu in disbelief: What do you mean?
Om sighs: All my projects have been cancelled. You know what Ishi.
Ishu nods.
Om: I feel like all my capability got ruined just in a day. And I feel that whatever I was till date that was due to my surname not my capability.
Ishu understood that he was broken.
Ishu keeps her hand on his shoulder: It’s ok Omi.
Om looks at her and she hugs him to console him.
Ishu: Everything will be alright. Don’t think such things. Just be positive and trust yourself dear.
Om nods and hugs her back.
After a while.
Om: Let’s go home.
Ishu nods and keeps her hand on his extended hand.
Both leave.

Anika: So tell na who was that man.
Shivaay scratching his hair: An old victim of my anger. He was an X employee but mistake was his.
He said justifying himself.
Anika chuckles: Ya ya.
Shivaay: What ya ya?
Anika: Leave it.
Shivaay: Fine.
Shivaay sees Anika looking at a road side pani Puri stall.
Shivaay: Anika you want to have pani Puri.
She looks at him: Aare no.
Shivaay smiles at her and holding her hand takes her to the pani Puri stall.
Anika: Aare what are you doing Shivaay.
Shivaay: Shhh. Your boyfriend can afford a pani Puri for you.
Anika with raised eyebrows and teasingly: BOYFRIEND???
Shivaay: So, am I not your boyfriend.
Anika: Of course you are.
Both smile and eat sharing one plate of pani Puri.

Saumya was walking with Rudra and was thinking that she spoke too much.
Saumya to Rudra: Rudra I am sorry.
Rudra: No answer.
Saumya: Aare baba please I shouted uselessly on you. I just got too much angry.
Rudra being miffed: And I hurt.
Saumya holding her ears: Sorry baba.
Rudra: No answer.
Saumya: Please baba.
Rudra: No answer.
Saumya sees candy floos being sold and gets one for Rudra.
Saumya bending on her knees and with innocent and cute puppy face, presenting him the candy floss says
Saumya: Sorry.
Rudra chuckles holding the candy floss and says: We need to save money and you are wasting it.
Saumya: Aare this much works.
Rudra: You girls na. Are always like this only, what you do is right and what boys do is wrong.
Saumya: Vo toh hai. (That’s true.)
Rudra: By the way only I have a right to make those cute puppy eyes.
Saumya frowns and hits his shoulder playfully.
Rudra laughs at her. Both share and eat the candy floss together.

Om offers: Ishi one cup coffee.
Ishu: Mr. Artist I have only fifty rupees and you toh as usual wouldn’t have carried your wallet.
Om smiles at her: It’s ok we will do with one cup. If you don’t mind.
Ishu: Why will I mind drinking a cup of coffee with you.
Om clears: Sharing a cup of coffee.
He says raising his eyebrows.
Ishu: So Mr. You think I would mind doing so with you then you are wrong come let’s have maybe our last coffee from your gallery’s canteen.
Both smiled a bit painful and a bit happily.
Om: Definitely.
Both drink a cup of coffee by sharing with each other.


Keep smiling
Stay happy
For now signing off

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      Hi ? Vivikhta firstly I am really sorry for such a delayed reply secondly thank you ? soooooooo much dear your comment means alot to me. And of course I will love to be your friend dear. Thanks for being such an amazing support and a sweet commenter. ?

    2. Shivika22kapoor

      Thank you ? so much dear ?

    I guess they still have a beautiful life and always will have one as they are together and have faith in each other.
    You truly teach me a way of living a life perfectly balanced between ethics and fun right from where S sisoo’s arrival in India , their truth confession to O bros , their fun filled party and fight with Abeer’s heroic entry and shocking kali maa avatar of S sisoo’s , their kidnapping problem of not being tied up, enjoying family functions and wedding , to the recent one of restarting their already established lives. All seems so smooth as if nothing can trouble them ever. Needless to say I know you would keep the bonding alive.
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  14. Wow Shivika……. I hve no word 2 express it….. d way u show couples bonding was Awesome……. U r really a beautiful & g8 writer…. Luv u dear……. Waiting 4 nxt post ASAP………….

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