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So here goes the next part.

@LEAF 50

A few men squad enters in the Oberoi mansion.
Shivaay: So you all are here.
M1: Yes, sir. I hope so you guys are ready to leave.
They nod and all move towards entrance or exit.
Man put a lock on the mansion gate and seals it and does the same with Singhaniya mansion as well.
All were about to leave after getting their luggage checked when a Lamborghini stops in their way and Sameer and Aradhya get out of the car. Aradhya is in proper flaunting business women look, while Sameer is dressed in a perfect casuals.
Aradhya: So how was it guys?

All glare her with anger but Karan speaks up calmly going near her with perfect attitude.
Karan: Good going Miss. X.
Aradhya frowns at the mention of X as it was she who use to irritate Karan with this name.
Karan smirks at her reaction and crossing his hands across his chest says with utter pride.
Karan: So what are you here for to witness your loose.
Aradhya with anger brimming up yet sarcastically: Yes, I can see that how much I have lost, THE OBEROI’S AND THE SINGHANIYA’S are walking on road while I am here in the luxurious car. Isn’t it.

Karan sarcastically smiling at her: Yup! Dearie you lost as you couldn’t get what you wanted. OUR DESTRUCTION.
Aradhya totally distraught by now with high pitch squeals: I have destroyed you Mr. Singhaniya look around.

Karan: No. Unfortunately you couldn’t today we don’t have anything but each other, we aren’t upset, we are happy that at least we have each other.
Aradhya: Oh really you have so much trust on your strength right. One year, in one year Indian government will be selling off your property. You have time of one year do whatever you can. It’s an open challenge. You know I don’t like hide and seek.
She said smirking and he passed a smile making her frown.

All leave from their.

Saumya: Guys where are we going to stay.
Shivaay: I have rented a house.
Saumya: WOW that’s good.

Owner to Shivaay: Sorry sir we haven’t given you any house.
Shivaay: What nonsense I have paid you for six months.
He says showing the papers on which he had made an agreement with the owner.
Owner: No sir ji I can’t give this house to anyone.
Shivaay shouts at him and gets hysteric but the rest stop him.

All of them had contacted their friends and relatives for help but result was always the same. What all they got were excuses and zero result.
Elders were sitting on a bench while all youngsters were fed up of trying.
Shivaay: How can they do like this? When ever they needed us we have helped them now when we need them they all have backed off.
Abeer: Relax dude what else can we expect from anyone. They all are too mean.
All nod in agreement.
Anika: It’s going to be night within few minutes what will we do?

A person comes from behind and says: Sir ji you can stay at my place. It’s a small house but you guys will be comfortable.
All look at that person and get shocked.
Shivaay: Khanna.

Khanna: Ji sir ji.
Shivaay: Khanna we have nothing left to give you.
Khanna: Aare sir ji I don’t want anything. I have always considered you as my brother. You have always helped me in time of need and always took care of me. Please sir ji you guys come with me.

Shivaay was simply confused.
Pragya: But Khanna ji where do you stay.
Khanna: Ma’am in a chawl.
Shivaay’s eye’s become wide but he tries controlling himself.
Anika: Aare Khanna ji you are really very sweet.
Khanna smiles while Shivaay’s jaw touches the ground and he murmurs: She never complimented me.
Rudra whispers: Do some good work then she will definitely compliment you.
Shivaay hits his head: Shut up! Rudra.
Shivaay to everyone: But how will we all stay in a chawl.

All glare him.
Anika: Iss Shri Shri 108 baggad billa maharaj ka kuch nahi ho sakta. Ghaar haath sa gaya magaar tadi aabhi bhi maharajaon jaisi dikha raha hain.
(Oh God nothing can happen of this wild cat, we have lost our house but still he is showing attitude like a king.)
Shivaay: Anika please I meant how will we all adjust in a small house.
Jhanvi: We have no other place to stay. You should be thankful that Khanna came here yo help us.
Ishu: Khanna ji in which chawl do you stay.
Khanna: Ramnagar chawl.

Ishu: Hmm.
Something hits Ishu’s head and she shouts in excitement.
Ishu: I got it.
Abeer: Now which tube light got switched on of your head.
Ishu: Aare dadi ma said na we will have to manage the way we did in the first month.
Karan: Yes we all remember that. What are you up with.
Ishu: Aare Ramnagar chawl is the same where we stayed for the first month.
Anika: So.

Ishu: So we can stay there.
Saumya: So.
Ishu: Sethi uncle can help us. Maybe he can give up our previous house.
AniSoums: Ya. Dude you are right.
Khanna: Aare I will talk to Sethi uncle he is my uncle only. You guys will be comfortable there and if you need anything then you can ask me.
All smile at him.

Shivaay: Why are you doing so Khanna? When you know I don’t have anything to give to you. Moreover, you are jobless today and that too because of me.
Khanna: Aare sir ji job I will get job but I won’t get a family like this. You have always considered me your own and helped me sir ji. You are just like an elder brother for me.
Shivaay smiles at him and gently pats his shoulder.
Om: Ok guys now what are we waiting for let’s go.

All nod and pick up their luggage.
Rudra leaning on Shivaay: Bhaiya I can’t hold this luggage anymore my hands are gone.
Om: RU consider it to be your gym exercise.
Rudra: Very funny O if I have to do such exercise daily na then trust me my muscles will become half.
Shivaay: Relax Rudra nothing will happen to your muscles.
Rudra sweating and making faces moves with everyone.

They reach and as decided they ask help from Mr. Sethi, who happily agrees to give them house on rent.

Ishu: Perfect now we can stay here.
Shivaay: What perfect Ishu? We are total 15 people and there are only two rooms. How will we adjust?
Ishu: Right Bhaiya but there are only two category of people.
Rudra: What do you mean di?

He asks voicing everyone’s confusion.
Karan keeping the luggage says
Karan: She mean male and female only two category of people.
Ishu nods.
Ishu: All men can stay in one room and girls in another.
Shivaay feels like his head will burst open.
Om: Not a bad idea. We all can adjust sleeping on floor.
Tej: WHAT?
Jhanvi: Relax Tej.

Rudra: And this house is so dirty as well.
Pragya gives him a rag cloth and says: Come on start dusting everyone.
All look amused. Dadi sits to keep a check while youngsters begin to clean the house. Tej, Shakti and Abhi to be saved from “SWAACH GHAR ABHYAAN” leave making excuse of getting groceries. Youngsters frown, while the women nod in disbelief. Some take broom, while others start dusting the house.

After two hours of cleaning all fall on the sofa being highly tired.
Pragya: What happened? Lots of work is left.
Rudra huffing: No no I can’t do more work. Think about me I am a chottu Sa nanha Sa pyaara sa Baccha.
Saumya: If you are so small then shall we swing you in our arms.
Rudra: Shut up Sumo wrestler.

Saumya frowns.
All: Shut up guys don’t start fighting.
Pragya: Fine we will do rest of work tomorrow right now you all take bath, till then I will cook.
Jhanvi and Pinky accompany her.

All sit on the floor, with plates in front of them.
Rudra: Please mom get the food quickly I am dying of hunger.
Om: Stop it duffer.
Rudra: O you will not understand I am working since morning. Sometime walking, while at other time holding luggage and sometime cleaning the house. Now the rats in my stomach are playing tennis.
All smile at his childishness, while Om ruffles his hair.
Jhanvi, Pinky and Pragya get the food and start serving to all.
Dadi: Ek fayda toh Hua yahan aana ka.

(We had an advantage of coming here.)
Rudra: Kya dadi? (What dadi?)
Dadi: Oberoi khandaan ki bahun na kitchen ki shakaal toh dekh li.
(At least the daughter-in-law’s of Oberoi family entered the kitchen.)
All start laughing.
Pinky: Aare mummy ji it’s nothing like that’s.
All smile.

Pragya: All of you start eating come on I will serve.
Om: Mom, choti mom and aunty you three also sit I will serve.
All look astonishingly at him.
Jhanvi: What happened Om?
Om: Mom, three of you are working since morning and when we all were resting you three were cooking, you all didn’t even relax for a second. Now you sit I will serve.
All smile at him. He gets up to serve and AniIshSoums also get up.

Om: What happened to three of you?
Anika feeling a bit awkward: It doesn’t looks nice that only you will serve. We will also help you.
Three of them nod feeling a bit embarrassed.
Abhi chuckles: It’s ok we all know how much manners you have.
Three of the girls look at each other nod and say: Fine then.
Three of them sit back.

Om looks at them with open mouth.
ShivRu, Abeer and Karan chuckle seeing his expressions.
Abeer: Sit Om, no need of formality, we all can serve ourselves.
Saying so he passes the bowl.
And our bichaara Om sits back.

All assemble in the living room.
Shivaay: Rudra, Saumya and Prinku three of you get ready for your college.
Three of them nod and leave to get ready.
Tej: So what all have you planned now.
He asks looking at the youngsters.
Karan: I am going for an interview. Let’s see what happens.
Anika: I had one order regarding event management so I will be going there.
Shivaay: I am also planning to go for an interview.
Ishu: I have an appointment with a company regarding documentary film’s so I will be going there.
Om: I am going to gallery.

Abeer: I have a meeting with a producer, he wanted to launch me. Yesterday I called him back.
Karan: You had said no to him earlier.
Abeer looking here and there nods in positive.
Karan nods his head in disbelief.
Abhi: That’s great. Tej, Shakti and I are going to meet a lawyer.
Pragya: Jhanvi, Pinky and I are planning to get few things from market and set the house.
Dadi: That’s good. I am going to temple.
Shivaay: Ok then I will drop you to temple dadi.
She nods.
Karan: Ok let’s go for work.
Prinku who came out with RuMaya says

Prinku: We are also ready.
Karan: Ok come I will drop you all.
They nod and leave.



I know there wasn’t much in today’s epi. But this one was important for the upcoming story.
Once again THANKS TO EVERYONE for there never ending support.

Keep smiling
Stay happy
For now signing off

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