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All are assembled their as priest has to come for fixing Karan and Prinku’s marriage.
Dadi, Pinky, Shakti, Tejvi and Abhigya are talking seriously when all the youngsters come there.
Dadi: I have to talk something important.
Shivaay: Ji dadi.
Dadi: Karan and Priyanka’s marriage will not be happening alone.
All get shocked.
Shivaay: But dadi what’s the problem now. Everyone wants them to get married.
Anika: Yes dadi even this bagaad billa has agreed.
Shivaay glares at her but she returns him a whatever look.
Om: Ji Dadi what’s the matter.
Rudra: Did any other villain came in their love story now.
Shivaay: Hye I wasn’t a villain.
Rudra: That’s not the point Bhaiya.
Dadi: Will you all shut your mouths and let me speak.
All nod.
Dadi continues: I said Karan and Priyanka’s marriage will not be happening alone, I didn’t mean that they aren’t marrying.
Rudra: Oh aacha then you are going to make that announcement.
Dadi nods in yes and OmRu share a hi-fi.
All give them a confused look.
Rudra sings: Ghoodi chadgaya barkhudaar.
(The man has climbed the horse.)
Om laughs.

Shivaay: What nonsense Rudra.
Anika: Oh Mr. No sense, why are you saying nonsense to him.
Shivaay: Anika please, can’t you stop jumping over me every now and then.
Anika: Billu ji I didn’t jump over you, all who are present here are my eye witness.
Shivaay: Stop calling me billu.
Anika in irritation: Okay, billi.
Shivaay: Billi, do I look like billi to you.
Anika: Are you mad if I say billu then you say don’t say that and if I say billi then you say that do I look like a billi. Are you okay.
Shivaay irked by her says: You are mad Anika.
Anika: Saying as if you are really normal.
Shivaay: Whatever I am, I am much better than you.
Anika: So in a way you agree that you are mad.
Shivaay: Yes then you are a bigger mad than me.
All the spectators were moving their heads in pendulum way from one to another.
Om: Dadi are you sure you want to do this.
Dadi smiles: I am doubly sure now.
OmRu nod in okay.
Ishu: But what about.
Pragya: First stop these two wild cats before they eat each other alive.

Rudra puts a piece of chocolate in her mouth hearing her shout so loud, sudden change in Soumya’s voice makes everyone look at them.
Rudra: Can’t you say that normally Sumo, what was the need to shout.
Soumya eating her chocolate says
Soums: Thanks for the chocolate, but Mr. Peanut sized brain you could have also said that directly.
Rudra: Oh really sumo. Do you understand something normally.
Soums: Oh saying as if you are Isaac Newton.
Rudra: No I am Rudy the great.
Soums: Oh really Mr. So called great and senseless idiot, if you are that great only than tell me what’s the square of pi.
Rudra gulping: Is this any maths class going on.
Soums: No but still, you are great na then answer. Come on speak up, where did your greatness go now. Did it fly away.
Rudra: Sumo my greatness can only fly as for you you can’t even run properly.
Soums: Saying as if you are Milkha Singh.
Rudra: Look Sumo don’t confuse me decide it first weather I am Isaac Newton or Milkha Singh.
Soums: You are nothing out of two you are just a……..a……..a useless burger.
Rudra: Oh God Sumo you can’t leave food even for a second na.
Abhi: Ek kahaani khataam hui toh duja kissa shuru Hua.
(One tail ended and another story has begun.)
Ishu: Pheww guys someone stop these idiots otherwise they will drive me crazy.
Om teasingly: You are already crazy dear.
Ishu glares @ him and says
Ishu: Oh really Mr. Zulfi Singh.
Om: Yes dear.
Ishu: Then what are you a dumb head.
Om: Hye you are insulting me.
Ishu: As if you were praising me.
Om: I was just kidding.
Ishu: Then consider my words also as joke Mr. Artist.
Karan totally irritated by now speaks up finally silencing all of the.
Karan: If you guys didn’t stop here then I am leaving.
All together: NO.
Abeer: Fine stop shouting all of you.
Soums: But big B what about square of pi.
Abeer giving her I will kill you expression and says
Abeer: Sumo you know what you are like the old pendulum watch, it always needed a key to move ahead. You stick to one thing like that’s the last thing.
Rudra giggles at her and in return he earns a glare from her.
Karan to stop all this says
Karan: 9.869604401089359. Is that okay.
All give him a shocked expression.
Karan: Now you say dadi what’s the matter.
Dadi: We all want that along with Karan and Prinku, Shivaay and Anika also tie a knot.
All look on shocked. While Abeer was ready to kill Shivaay any moment. Anika’s face hung open and her eyes popped out of the socket, while Shivaay’s eyes had become four time’s wider than it’s original size and within a second his business mind began to find ways to run away from this situation but basically he wasn’t able to think anything moreover his heart was the one to retaliate his brain.
Anika: What the wuck?
Shivaay: Oh beta Ki.
All look at them and they too stare at each other.
Anika: I marrying this bagaad billa, this can’t happen in next ten lives also.
Shivaay: And if I marry this Panika then my life will become a daily disaster. Who will handle her?
Anika: Oh Mr. Tadibaaz You are talking about me have you ever seen yourself. I can’t manage this Business deal. If I will wake up in morning he will say Anika you are twenty five seconds late you know how harmful it can be time is money and wasting time means the less of money generated. Within this much time I would have cracked ten deals. And he will make my life a deal.
She ends up doing Shivaay’s signature step and all open their mouths wide and place their hands on their mouth.
Shivaay irked by her says: And what about you. If I will ask you to wake me up, you will pour water on me or throw me off my bed.
Anika: WOW I never thought about this but idea is not bad.
Shivaay: And her never ending pranks. I am her favourite prey for them and I can’t handle them life long.
Anika: And who can handle you. Mr. Angry bird. Your anger is always at it’s peak. You don’t think before saying.
Shivaay: Oh really then what about you, your anger is no less and I guess if you remember you have slapped me once.
Anika: Well you deserved that.
Shivaay: Fine it’s useless to talk to you.
Anika: Saying as if it’s really useful to talk to you, as you are speaking on some sought of social issue and this will lead to well being of society.
Shivaay: Panikaaa…..
Anika: Don’t you dear spoil my name.
Shivaay: Then what about you, you always keep making biryani of my name.
Anika: You know you are impossible billu ji.
Shivaay: See again you are calling me Billu, I have my name and it is too good so you should call me by that.
Anika: Stop beating your own drum.
Shivaay: I am not beating any drumb.
Anika gives him ‘Are you a crack’ look.
Anika: You keep calling Rudy as duffer but trust me you are no less, you are two steps ahead then him.
Shivaay to dadi: See dadi this is the way she talks, she can’t even respect her husband to be.
Anika: As if you are showing too much respect to your wife to be.
All chuckle at them.
Rudra: Aabhi toh humna bas inki shaadi Ki baat Ki hai aur yeh dono toh uska after effects bhi batana laga.
(We just have talked about their marriage and these two have started to tell about it’s after effects also.)
He laughs and OmRu share a hi-fi.
Karan: But it’s final na that you both are marrying.
Ishu in teasing tone: Of course bhaiyu after all wife to be.
Soums to teasingly: And husband to be…
Shivaay and Anika together.
Anika: Shaadi wo bhi iss daid photiya Sa.
(Marriage and that to with this two and a half inch man.)
Shivaay: Shaadi Vo bhi iss pagaal ghoodi Sa.
(Marriage and that to with this mad horse.)
They look at each other angrily and finally say together
ShivIka: Kabhi nahi.
(No never.)
Both turn in different directions and walk away stamping their feet.

Anika in anger and frustration: What date has been fixed?
Karan: Why do you care?
Anika innocently: Please tell na bhaiyu.
Abeer: After two months. And I am proud of you that you said no to that idiot.
Anika gets happy while the rest give him a Disbelieving ‘ look.
Abeer: What?
Karan: What are you saying man?
Abeer: Just that, that idiot doesn’t deserves her. She is a gem and he is a stone.
Anika gets surprised seeing Abeer praise her and says
Anika: WOW khajoor, you are praising me.
Abeer: Of course chudail, but remember it’s in comparison with that idiot.

VOICE FROM DOOR: I have a name and you both brother and sister need to learn that.
Abeer giving him a whatever look says
Abeer: Oh really now you will tell me that how I have to speak.
Shivaay: If required then yes.
Abeer: Well that’s great come let’s begin with the classes.
Karan who had guessed about the coming event spoke.
Karan: Calm down both of you.
Abeer: Are we temperature that we will come down.
Karan: A bad one Abeer.
Shivaay what happened?
Shivaay: Nothing I had to talk something with Abhi uncle personally.
Abhi: Ya come.
Both leave only after Abeer and Shivaay had exchanged a deadly glare.
Shivaay leaves after talking with Abhi.

Ishu was checking her laptop when a notification popped up. She opened it and within a second her eyes became wide.
Anika enters her room.
Anika: Ishu where is my charger.
Anika: Ishuuuu….
Anika in irritated tone: ISHUUUUU…..
Ishu: Ji di.
Anika: Where the hell are you lost?
Ishu jumps over her and Anika gets dis balanced.
Anika: Ishu have you gone nuts.
Ishu: Yupp!!!
Anika: What happened now??
Ishu jumps in joy and runs out of the room. Anika follows her.
Anika: What happened to this HDFC? Idiot girl.
Ishu finds Soums on her way and happily giggling she hugs her tightly and moves her in joy. Next she finds Abeer and begins to sing and dance along with him.
Abeer: What happened bhootni.
Ishu just laughs back and runs towards the hall.
Abeer, Anika and Soumya: What the hell is she doing?
Abeer, Anika and Soumya: No idea.
They look at each other and nod there heads and follow that recently turned mad specimen.
Ishu reaches hall followed by three highly confused fellows who are giving her weird looks.
On reaching hall Ishu pulls both Abhigya into a hug suddenly jerking them.
Abhi: What happened to you princess.
Abeer: Your princess has turned mad.
Ishu: Shut up Bandar. Papa guess what?
Abhi: What?
Ishu disappointedly: Bhaiyu you guess.
Karan: No idea.
Ishu with lots of hope: Ma you.
Pragya nods in no.
Ishu: You all are useless. Remember I was making a documentary.
All nod in yes.
Ishu continues: It has been short listed for Cannes Documentary Festival.
Now Anika and Soums pull her into hug.
Anika kissing her all over her face: Congo Congo.
Soums to kisses her and says: Congo di.
Ishu goes to Abhigya who hug her and bless her.
Karan: So for how long are you going.
Ishu hugging him says: One month.
Abeer is the first one to react: OOOONNNEEE MONTH.
Ishu hugs him and says: Yupp!!
Anika: Isn’t that too long.
Karan: No worries guys she will be back soon.
Soums: When are you leaving di.
Ishu sadly: Day after tomorrow.
Abeer to cheer her up says: Tha means youngsters night out.
Karan: Obvio.
Pragya: Okay I will the packing.
Ishu thinks something and then excuses herself and goes to Oberoi estate.

Ishu enters and looks around but doesn’t find Om anywhere, she asks a servant who informs her that he will be coming in a while.
Ishu goes to the balcony and leaning on the railing, she looks outside.
After ten minutes Om enters and gets overwhelmed seeing Ishu there.
He goes to balcony and sees her lost in thoughts.
Om waves in front of her and she comes back to senses.
Om: What happened Ishi.
Ishu smiles at him.
Ishu: Om my documentary got selected for Cannes Festival.
Om happily: WOW that’s a great news congratulations.
Ishu: Thanks.
Om: What happened?
Ishu: I will be going there for one month.
Smile on Om’s face withers off but he composes himself and says
Om: That’s good.
Ishu smiles plainly at him and then again stares outside, on getting no response Om also begins to see outside and after a while Ishu says
Ishu: Are you seeing that rose Om.
Om nods.
Ishu: They have thorns also.
Om: Yupp!
Ishu: If those thorns weren’t present than those roses wouldn’t have survived even for a day. Both are meant for each other the world may hate thorns but if you ask roses than they will only tell you how much are they in love with those thorns. Thorns protect them from every danger possible. The most beautiful thing has the most worst companion as it’s life partner but still both love each other as they only know what they mean to each other.
Om looks at her and then says
Om: What’s the matter Ishu?
Ishu: Om I thought alot and want to tell you this.
Om: Okay say.
Namkin si baat hai, har nayi si baat me
teri khushboo chal rahi, hai jo mere saath me
halka halka rang beete kal ka
gehra gehra kal ho jaayega, ho jaayega
Ishu: I love you Om. The way those thorns complete the roses you complete me, the way thorns protect roses you protected me. Om I know that you aren’t ready yet as recently you have come out of Riddhima’s betrayal and now all of a sudden I said this to you. But don’t worry there is no hurry you take your time.
aadha ishq, aadha hai, aadha ho jaayega
kadmo se meelo ka waada ho jaayega
aadha ishq, aadha hai, aadha ho jaayega
kadmo se meelo ka waada ho jaayega
Om: How much time will you give me, how long can you wait Ishu?
Ishu: I will wait till you don’t answer me. I will wait till eternity.
Om looks into Ishu’s deep chocolaty brown orbs, they were so transparent. Om could clearly see what she meant in her eyes. Om just kept looking, finally Ishu spoke breaking the silence.
Ishu: I just wanted to say this before I leave Omi, rest is upto you and anyways if not lovers we will always be friends.
She smiled at him widely, that sweet, pious and pure smile said a lot to Om that magnetic smile made him to smile.
Ishu on getting answer to her questions begins to move back.
beshumaar raate, behisaab baate
paas aate aate gum ho jaati hai
bekhudi me dhal ke, bekali me jal ke
sau hazaare yaade nam ho jaati hai
pheeka pheeka pal beete kal ka
mehka mehka kal ho jaayega, ho jaayega
aadha ishq, aadha hai, aadha ho jaayega
kadmo se meelo ka waada ho jaayega
aadha ishq, aadha hai, aadha ho jaayega
kadmon se meelo ka waada ho jaayega
aadha ishq aadha ishq aadha ishq

intezaar sa hai, imtehaan sa hai
itmenaan sa hai, kya hai naa jaane
itra rahi hai, itna hui hai
intaha hui hai kaise na jaane
chhalka chhalka pal beete kal ka
thehra thehra kal ho jaayega, ho jaayega
aadha ishq, aadha hai, aadha ho jaayega
kadmo se meelo ka waada ho jaayega
aadha ishq, aadha hai, aadha ho jaayega
kadmo se meelo ka waada ho jaayega, aadha ishq
Ishu leaves while looking at Om both had a smile on their faces, Om was feeling something different as if his shoulders were weighed down some huge weight was removed from them, he felt free of burden. He smiled wholeheartedly. Both kept looking at each other till the distance and barriers pulled away their eye lock…



Well that’s all guys do tell me how was the first proposal of the F.F……

Stay happy
Keep smiling
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