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Hi ? guys! Finally I am back with 40th Part of “O BRO’S V/S S SISOO’S”. I know I made you guys wait a lot but now here it ends. I will be posting continuously for the entire week at least and then I am not sure as only my pre boards have ended I have lot more to do. And THANK YOU SOOOOOO much for all the love and well wishes guys. It means alot.

Link to the previous episode:

@LEAF 41

Abeer and Karan were hostel mates but weren’t in good terms in the beginning.
Abeer enters the room and throws his bag on side and sits on his bed. Karan notices his bad mood although they don’t talk much yet he couldn’t see his lively idiot upset so he goes to him.
Karan: What happened Mr. Bindass?
Abeer looks at him and says
Abeer: What’s your problem do your work and don’t interfere.
Karan understood that he wants to share something with someone but he has no one to do so, so he spoke.
Karan: Nothing what’s going to be with me. I just wanted to know that how come an all time saduu (arrogant) has become an all time rondu (who keeps crying.)
Abeer didn’t want to say anything as he was already frustrated and Karan was irritating him more. So he gets up to leave. But Karan didn’t back off.
Karan: What happened Mr. Chatterbox today you have become mute.
Abeer loses his cool and throws a pillow towards Karan.
Abeer shouts: Shut up I am not saying anything that doesn’t mean you will keep on blabbering.
Karan: Ok relax gadha dhari bheem (Angry man) what’s up bro.
Abeer: None of your business.
Karan understands that he is a hard nut to crack so he directly asks
Karan: By the way you can share your problem with me.
Abeer: Why are you my father?
Karan: No no never I am just your best enemy.
Abeer: Ha ha ha very funny.
Karan chuckles at his antics.
Karan: Yup I am your best enemy and your favourite target, that’s why one day before Maths exam you took out my maths register, on my selection day you punctured my bike, took out my assignment when Mrs. Ample was to collect it, destroyed my hardware, sent an illogical letter to Mr. Brown stating that I am in love with him and…..
He gets cut off by Abeer.

Abeer: And I was the one who added chilli in your coffee, I was the one who told Rachael that you have spoilt her relationship with Peter, I was the one who gave a fake love letter to every single girl of the college on your name, I was the one to stole Mr. Princi’s black diary and put your name on it, I was the one to bring Mrs. Oliver to college when Mr. Oliver was busy flirting with Sammy and told Mrs. Oliver that both have an afair and then told Mr. Oliver that you brought Mrs. Oliver to college and the list goes on and on and on……
Karan keeps nodding all the while in a big ‘YES’.
Abeer: If you knew everything then why didn’t you ever confront me.
Karan: Because I didn’t have any proof and moreover I was the one who made Rachel to do break up with you (He earns a glare from Abeer for that)………… But what ever happened with Rachael wasn’t good.
Saying this he looks at Abeer and both look at each other for a while with a serious face and then burst into fits of laughter.
Abeer: That idiot Peter deserved it.
Both again laughed and share a hi-five.

After a while, Abeer seriously.
Abeer: Father. My father is my life’s biggest problem.
Karan: Why? What did he do?
Abeer in frustration said: He wants me to join his office and leave music, which is impossible for me but he never understands that. He always keeps blaming me and what not.
Karan listens to him and then picks up his jacket and takes his bikes keys and helmet.
Karan: Come on.
He pulls Abeer along with him.
Abeer: What? Wait, where are you taking me?
Karan looks at him and says
Karan: I am kidnapping you idiot.
Abeer: What nonsense?
Karan glares at him and like an innocent kid Abeer shuts his mouth. Karan chuckles at his behaviour.
Karan takes him on a long drive and both keep talking on random things and eat noodles from road side and have fun on road.
Abeer begins to sing on road itself and Karan accompanies him.
Both laugh aloud at their stupidity.
By the time they reach hostel back Abeer was out of his frustration and was smiling.

Abeer: Thanks bro.
Karan gives him a confused look, while Abeer hugs him.
Karan: Stop it sissy.
Abeer glares at him and slaps him lightly on face and says
Abeer: Shut up. Bhai wala hug tha behn wali feeling laina Ki zaroorat nahi hai.
(It was a brotherly hug no need to take sisterly felling.)
Karan giggles and hugs him back, both lie down on bed and sleep over takes them while both were talking.

Abeer is seen standing at the terrace with a smile remembering their friendship, every single thing was fresh in his memories but then the smile fades off as he remembers what doctor told a while ago.

Doctor come out of OT Abhi goes to him and the rest hear him staying at their positions only.
Doctor: Mr. Singhaniya your son is in critical condition as the bullet hit him below his collar bone it got stuck in his artery and that caused blockage. We are trying our best but our efforts will be meaningful only if he gains conscious in next 24 hours. Otherwise he may suffer from cardiac arrest. All is in hands of God now.
Doctor leaves increasing their worry.
Abhi asks all to leave but first all of them resist but some how he makes them agree.
Abhi and Tej stay back while they send the rest.
All go to Oberoi’s estate and Jhanvi makes Pragya take some rest as her health was worsening every passing second.
Three of the girls went to Priyanka’s room and were sitting dull on her bed. Priyanka was in no good condition too.

Abeer is standing on the terrace of Oberoi’s estate.
Anika comes and keeps her head on his shoulder and wraps her both arms across his one arm. Abeer sees her and removing her hand hugs her.
Abeer: Don’t worry Ani, Karan will be alright.
Anika nods and tears make a way through her eyes.
Anika: Pinky promise.
Abeer composing himself says: Pinky promise.
Anika: Bhai you can cry.
Abeer: What the hell. I will pull that idiot’s ears once he gets up.
Anika: Let it be you can only say but it’s not your cup of tea.
Abeer: Oh really, wait for sometime I will show you as well.
Anika still hugging him: How can you be so sure.
Abeer: Telepathy.
Anika freeing herself from hug and raising her eyebrow says
Anika: Oh really.
Abeer Nods. Anika smiles through her tears.
Abeer wipes her tears off and says
Abeer: Mumbai is suffering from water shortage and here you are creating flood.
Anika: Please bhai stop it.
Abeer gives a painful smile and says
Abeer: Ani when Karan got shot na even then he had a smile on his face, if he is ready to fight then why are we backing off and who are we to back off, he has always been a great support and now he needs our support. Okay so stop crying and let’s wait because I am sure he will be fine.
Anika nods.
Both stand there for sometime.

Ishu is sitting on the bed expressionless when she notices Priyanka’s album kept at the side table, she picks it up and out of curiosity opens it.

First few pages were filled with Prinku’s pics with Oberoi family. Ishu uninterestingly kept flipping those pages like a magazine but after some pages she stopped at a page nothing was written there but a picture was pasted and it was of Karan and Prinku, Ishu smiled seeing it (It was a picture taken on Singhaniya’s puja day) and on it’s adjacent page were the words written in bold “FIRST PICTURE WITH MY HANDSOME HUNK….” Ishu smiled reading those words.
She flipped to next page another pic was pasted of Karan with AniIshSoums “HE AS A LOVELY BROTHER….” Ishu’s face had the broadest smile.

Next page had a complete family picture of both the families together from the same occasion with quote written ” AN IDEAL MAN…”.
The next page had a pic of both of them which Rudy had clicked on the day when Oberoi’s had gone to Singhaniya’s house to talk about Karan and Prinku’s relation the page followed the quote ” MY PRINCE CHARMING…..”.
The next pic is of Karan which Prinku took when they all had gone for shopping and he was being teased by AniIshSoums, the words that followed were “CUTIE PIE….”.
The next page had a pic which was clicked on their roka day and the words that followed were ” ALL LOVE STORIES AREN’T MEANT TO BE FULFILLED. NEVER THOUGHT THAT MINE ONE WILL ALSO MEET THE SAME FATE…..”. Ishu’s smile turned into a sad one.
She again turned their was another pic of both together and it was taken after Rudra’s incident when all were to indulged in finding the culprit and words that followed were ” MY LOVE STORY STILL HAS SOME HOPE…..”.
Prinku comes and sits beside Ishu both look at the album and Prinku gets teary eyed. Ishu hugs her tightly and Prinku too.
Ishu: Don’t worry bhai will be alright.
Prinku nods. Soums joins the two.

Abhi is inside the ICU while Karan is still unconscious.
Abhishek is lost in deep thoughts.

Tej was sitting and thinking something. He remembers when Shivaay trusted him when Aradhya was wrongly accusing him. The way both ShivOm didn’t heard a word against him. Some where even now he had hope that his son will, one day or other come back to him. He was too happy with the fact that Om didn’t hate him so much.

To be continued………

That it for now. As my exams ended today only so I couldn’t post a longer part and I will post second part of this tomorrow.
Bye till then catch you all soon.

Link to my new S.S.’s first look, you guys can have a look and tell me how is it:
I will post W.A.D. SHOT 1 and SARPHIRE SHOT 3 tomorrow.

Keep smiling
Stay happy
For now signing off
Shivika ?……..

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  1. I just cant stop crying it was so heart touching u know wht u r the best

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Hye ? Dear please don’t cry. Don’t do this sweetheart please.
      Just smile it’s just a ff not real life. No crying ? please.
      Now just smile and that tooooooooo a big wala please no tears.
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      Thank you ? dear and I will post next soon and you may get it by tomorrow morning ?.
      Till then keep smiling ? and take care ?

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      Thank you ? dear and I will post next part tonight itself ?.

  4. Shivika

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    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Sorry dude but please no crying dear. Yaaaaaar please don’t cry anything is acceptable but not this.
      I love you too dear ????❤❤?
      and Thank you for so much appreciation and do read my new S.S. ?. This is called self promotional event ????

      1. Shivika

        Haha….u r really sweet.?????…would surely read it……

  5. Anah

    oh god after sooo long i really miss u sweety……and the episode too emotional,karan such a nice character….galactically out standing one best of luck for u results

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Thank you so much di. Even I missed you alot. And glad that you liked Karan ?

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      Sorry dear for making you wait but I was also helpless and thank you for loving it ?

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      Even i missed you sooooooooooooooo much Cinderella. And calm down dear don’t dance too much.
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    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Even I am really glad to see you after a long. Really missed you di and pinky promise I won’t delay now but I still have boards ???????
      but till when I am here I will post regularly paka and do read my new S.S. and tell me how is it?

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      Thank you dear and I will post the next most probably by today night ☺?

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      Well thank you so much Sara for recommendation I will surely try reading it and take my lessons on romance ????. But I don’t think so that it would help me much as I feel michmichi with lots of romance ??????????? well that’s me. ??.
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    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Thank you Jaya for a welcome,it really feels great to be back. Plus all the love you guys give drags me here every time. And you will have to wait a bit more but please no tears you can laugh as loud as possible I would love that more. And I don’t want any one of you to cry but next part to will be emotional as this will be continued but you won’t cry you got to promise me that dear.
      keep smiling always and stay happy ?☺?☺?????

  15. Jaya

    First of all…very warm welcome back dear 🙂 ! All the bests for your upcoming exams!! I can’t explain…how eagerly i was waiting for this ff. You have returned with bang. You Really touched heart through lines. Tears were about to shed but i’ve preserved them for upcoming epi… To make ‘khusi k aansu’ becuz i know everything will be fine among singhania’s and oberoi’s, prinku and karan 🙂

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    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Thank you dear and I am glad that you liked the part. ?☺☺and thanks for your well wishes☺?

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    1. Shivika22kapoor

      And no need to say thanks dear it’s my work moreover my selfish motive as well as I find solace while writing it helps me alot and I am glad that you didn’t cry and never cry as well as your smile is more meaningful to me.
      so keep smiling ? and stay happy always dear.
      Enjoy your day. Rock it completely dear ????❤❤

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    I’m an live example to this theory….??
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    par tum nahi samzogi toh aur koun samjhega….

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