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Hi ? Guys. Today before starting with the ff I just want to tell you guys that both Anika and Shivaay are equal in status and none is richer than the other.
Guys your ever increasing comments are such a treat ? to me
To all my commenters, silent readers who have commented and to all the silent readers as well. ??????????.
**{{Hirday you asked me weather Karan and Rudra have any connection, well yes they do have a few episodes back Karan came to pick up Soums at college ? and Rudra began to envy him since then as Karan called Soums as princess ?. I hope so this is satisfactory or you can read about it in detail in episode 15.}}


Shivaay is being restless as it is 10 and Anika never gets late and in his tension he is moving here and there near the mansions gate. Dadi, OmRu who are watching this scene say in collaboration
Dadi, OmRu: Yeh kya Ho raha hai?????
(What is this happening?????)
Rudra: Yeh Mai kya dekh raha Hon O. (what am I seeing Om.)
Om: Wahi Jo samna Ho raha hai.
(That only what is happening in front of you.)
Rudra: Pata hai O mujhe kaisi feeling aa rahi hai.
(Do you know O how am I feeling.)
Om nods in no.
Rudra: Bhaiya’s condition is like.
“Tera intzaar Mai, tera pyaar Mai,”
Waah waah
Dadi and Om give him a what? Look.
Rudra: Are pura toh karna do sher
“Tera intzaar Mai, tera pyaar Mai,
Tera intzaar Mai, tera pyaar Mai,
Aisa gira Mai Ki chowkidar ban Gaya,
Ab toh kahuna Ki tumko pyaar hai,
Haan mujhse pyaar hai.”
Dadi shakes her head in disbelief.
Dadi: Shivaay puttar aitha aa.
(Shivaay come here.)
Shivaay goes to Dadi .
Shivaay: Ji Dadi.
Dadi: Toh utha khada Ho ka keda weather telecast di wait karda paiya hai.
(What are you doing standing there, are you waiting for any weather telecast.)
Shivaay tries to cover up: No dadi I wasn’t waiting for anything.
Dadi: Then what were you doing there.
Shivaay: Nothing. Vo actually I have to make an important call ?, I will leave.
He goes from there doing his signature step.
Leaving the rest chuckling at him.

So as per planned the entire Singhaniya family ? goes to temple, followed by an orphanage and then they have dinner ? with cutting of cake ? & light chit chat and then Abhi & Pragya retire to bed while all the youngsters go to party ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ???

Anika had informed dadi that she won’t be able to come today but Dadi didn’t tell that to Shivaay because she wanted to see how much affected he was.

@BIRTHDAY BASH…………………………….
Karan, Abeer, Anika, Ishu and Soums get ready in nice clothes and get assembled on the fourth floor “THE GAMING ZONE” the place was entirely set for party.
The zone is beautifully decorated with Soums pics. On one wall there are pics of all the siblings along with Abeer. While other wall is decorated with her pics of all the birthdays she had celebrated till date and another wall has all her pics with Abhi and Pragya.
Soums becomes a bit emotional and seeing her all the girls even become teary eyed and hug her. So in order to lighten the moment Abeer and Karan begin..

Abeer: Without being emotional and giving any long speech I would like to begin. So here we go…………………..

{{Guys this is a Punjabi song ? by Honey Singh and I am giving the translation as well but I am too bad at translating songs so please bear with me.}}
Karan sings and offers his hand to Soums for accompanying him she happily does that but then gets angry ? hearing what they are singing ?::
Manne suna hai tu twenty plus ho gayi
Chadhti jawaani teri bebas ho gayi (x2)
(I have heard that you have turned to be 20+,and
You have grown up beautifully )

Abeer gets Ani and Ishu on the dance ? floor and both dance ? along with him:
Gat gat veeti jaaye
(you keep on going every where.)
Kisi ke bhi haath na aaye
(but you don’t get caught by anyone.)
Bas tu toh yehi chaahe
(you want this only.)
Chhede na koi vekhi jaaye
(that no one teases you but they should keep staring at you.)

Karan, Abeer, Ani and Ishu rounding around Soums sing ? and dance ? pointing at her:.
Baby baby baby.. oh
Baby baby baby.. oh
Baby baby baby.. oh
Baby ka hai birthday bash
Daddy daddy daddy.. daddy!
Daddy daddy daddy.. daddy!
Daddy se chup ke.. woah
Goa jaake karti aish
(She goes to Goa to party, without her dad’s permission.)

Abeer sings alone while the rest dance ? along with Soums:
LV ka bag main toh tere liye laaya
Par tu taa kehndi mainu pasand ni aaya (x2)
(I brought LV’s bag for you, but you said that you didn’t like it.)

Karan sings and dances along:.
Mujhko tha yaaron ne roka
(friends had stopped me.)
Kehte thhe khayega dhoka
(they told that I will be betrayed.)
Main na chhodun aisa mauka
(but I didn’t want to leave this chance.)
No Ball pe maarun chauka
(I will definitely hit a four on the no ball.)

All together singing ? and dancing ? like crazy.:
Baby baby baby.. oh
Baby baby baby.. oh
Baby baby baby.. oh
Baby ka hai Birthday Bash
Daddy daddy daddy.. daddy!
Daddy daddy daddy.. daddy!
Daddy se chup ke.. woah
Goa jaake karti aish

Abeer sings the rap rounding around the girls one by one and giving them questioning look:
(To Anika)
Oh baby oh baby ek baat toh bataa
Tere baare mein suni hai ek afwaah
Happy Birthday saal me tu char baar manati hai
(hye dear tell me one thing,
I have heard rumours about you,
You celebrate your birthday ? four times in a year.)

(To Ishu)
Apna ek na kharche
Kharcha londo ka karwati hai
(you don’t spend anything on your own,
Rather you make the boys pay.)
LV seLV Gucci Vucci kya kya tu mangwati hai
(you demand for all kind of high class brands.)

(to Soums)
Naa jaane iss dil se kyon tu khele
Tera happy bday hai, jo chaahe tu le le
(I don’t get why do you play with innocent hearts,
It’s your happy birthday ? so you can ask for whatever you want.)

Baby baby baby.. oh
Baby baby baby.. oh
Baby baby baby.. oh
Baby ka hai Bday Bash

Naa jaane iss dil se kyon tu khele
Tera happy bday hai, jo chaahe tu le le
(I don’t get why do you play with innocent hearts,
It’s your happy birthday ? so you can ask for whatever you want.)

Ghar ko bhi girvi rakhwa doon
(I can even mortgage my house my house.)
Sports car tujhko dilwa doon
(I can buy you a sports car ? as well.)
London Paris tujhe ghuma doon
(I can make you travel London and Paris as well.)
Chartered plane mein sair kara doon
(I can buy you a chartered plane as well.)

By now Karan who had got off the dance ? floor brings a cake with him and all of them together throw the cake ? on Soums face and she gets shocked, while rest continues singing ?.
Baby baby baby.. oh
Baby baby baby.. oh
Baby baby baby.. oh
Baby ka hai Bday Bash
Daddy daddy daddy.. daddy!
Daddy daddy daddy.. daddy!
Daddy se chup ke.. woah
Goa jaake karti aish (x2)
Soums chases all of them and throws rest of the cake towards them , Abeer gets hit by cake and he takes some part to throw on Soums back but it ends up at Anika’s face.
Anika: You Bandar how dear you!
Abeer: Arre I was trying to hit this moti but you came in between.
Anika: Oh really wait I will ? tell you who came in-between and to of whom.
Saying this she takes some cake ? and throws it towards Abeer who bends and it hits Karan. Anika makes an oops face.
Karan: Princess ? what did I do?
Ani: Sorry wo Bhaiyu it fell on you by mistake.
Meanwhile Ishu throws some cake at both Ani and Karan.
Ishu: Hows this guys?
Ani and Karan together: Wait you idiot.
Saying this they begin to chase her who has started running by now, meanwhile Abeer chuckles but…….
Cake hits him exactly on his face.
Now it was Soums who had hit him.
All begin to run ? behind each other and finally ended up applying cake on each other.
They end their day by partying hard together.

Anika reaches Oberoi’s estate very carefully as both Oberoi’s estate and Singhaniya mansion are opposite to each other.
She was walking ? through the corridor when a hand held her arm and pulled her behind the door and covered her mouth by his hands. Anika gets damn shocked and scarred.
But after split seconds she relaxes down seeing the person in front of her, well that’s because he is none other than Shivaay.
Shivaay in same position begins with his interrogation.
Shivaay: Where were you yesterday.
Anika: No reply.
Shivaay: I said answer me damn it.
Anika: No reply.
Shivaay: Have you gone mad ? or have you turned deaf and dumb both in one day.
Anika: No reply.
Anika: No reply.
Anika: No reply.
Shivaay: Aaaaaahhhhhh.
What the wuck. How dear you Anika?
He says seeing his hand.

Anika: Maina jaan puch kar nahi kiya galti Sa Ho Gaya.
(I didn’t do it knowingly, it happened by mistake.)
Shivaay: Oh really you bite my hand by mistake.
Anika begins to explain.
Anika: Vo kya hai na aap mujhse itna Sara swaal kar raha tha aur aapka haath Mara moh ka aaga tha aur Mai bolna Ki kooshish kar rahi thi toh aapka haath bite Ho Gaya galti Sa.
(Vo actually when you were asking so many questions and I was trying to answer you but in that process I my mistake bite your hand.)
Shivaay: Oh really!!
Anika innocently: Yupp!!
Shivaay angrily : Why didn’t you come tomorrow and wasn’t it your responsibility to inform me about that. When will you stop acting so irresponsible Anika.
Anika says in anger: Mai irresponsible nahi Ho. Maina Dadi ko Bata Diya tha.
(I am not irresponsible and I had already informed Dadi.)
Shivaay: I have employed you not dadi so you should have told me.
Anika: Ooooo kya han aapna nahi Dadi ji na mujhe as event organiser appoint kiya hai.
(Oooooo what do you mean Mr.. Not you but dadi ji has appointed me as event organiser.)
Shivaay: Whatever. You may leave now.
Anika leaves from there my pointing her index finger to her head and rotating it in order to show that she thinks that he has lost it. But suddenly she remembers something and turns to Shivaay.
Anika: Pinky aunty pooch raha tha Ki aap shaadi Ki date kab final kar ke baatoga billu ji.
( Pinky aunty was asking when will you finalise marriage date billu ji.)

Shivaay gets irritated hearing Billu ji again
Shivaay: Stop calling me that.
Anika: What?????
Acting totally blank.
Shivaay: That name.
Anika teasing him: Which name.
Shivaay hesitantly: B.. Bb.. Billu.
Anika: Are ab Mai aapko billu nahi bulanongi toh kya paadosi ko bulanongi. Ab mera naam Anika hai tooh log mujhe hi Anika bulayanga na kis aur ko toh nahi.
And she does logic wala sign.
( Come on if i won’t call u billu ji then I will call neighbours by this name. Now my name is Anika , people will call me only Anika ,not to someone else.)
And she does logic wala sign.
Shivaay: Shut up!!!!! Just Shut up!!!!! You PANIKA.
Anika: Aap nai mujhe kya bulaiya.
(What did you call me.)
Shivaay proudly says: PANIKA.
Anika sees a glass of water at the side table and repeats her question.
Anika: Aap nai mujhe kya bulaiya billu ji.
Shivaay mischievously repeats : PANI……..
There goes a glass of water on his face.
Anika: Suits you right.
Saying this she leaves from there leaving a fuming Shivaay back.
Shivaay cleaning his face : What the wuck.

Karan is waiting for Soums to come, when Rudra sees him and goes to him directly.
Rudra with full attitude: Hye Mr. Who are you? And what are you doing here?
Karan gets a bit shocked by the way he is talking but maintaining his calm he says.
Karan: Actually I came to pick
Rudra cuts him.
Rudra: Don’t you even dear come near sumo.
Karan: What?
Rudra: I mean Soumya.
Karan with attitude: Why? Who are you to stop ✋ me.
Rudra: None of your business Mr. Just stay away from Soumya otherwise it won’t be good for you .
Karan: And may I know who you are to her.
Rudra: Her boyfriend.
Karan gets surprised by his answer but decides to play it cool.
Karan: Oh so you like her.
Rudra: Yes any problem.
Karan: No. (asks mischievously) By the way does she likes you.
Rudra being in traces replies: No (but then he realized what he said so he quickly changes his words.) Of course why won’t she love a handsome and dashing hunk like me. See I have such an amazing body and big biceps any girl in the world can fall for me.
Karan: Ohh ok bro. So she loves you but she didn’t mention about you ever.
Rudra: Why will she tell you. Who are you to her.
Karan chuckles in his mind and says: Ahh just a friend.
Rudra: Look friend or whatever but stay away from her otherwise.
Karan nods understanding what he meant.
Rudra warning ⚠ him for the very last time says in dangerous tone.
Rudra: Don’t forget what I said and if next time I see you near her than I will ? show you what I am.
Saying this he leaves and Karan bursts out laughing ? at him.
Soums comes to him and seeing him laugh so badly asks
Soums: Bhaiyu what happened.
Karan: Nothing. Just met your crazy fan following.
Soums gets confused ? and asks
Soums: Fan following……
Karan narrates the entire incident to her.
Soums gets shocked + irritated hearing this and makes faces. Some where or other she had a doubt on Rudra but she ignores it. After a while they leave from there.

Oberoi’s in Singhaniya mansion.
The much awaited face off……….

Kya hoga jaab aamna saamna honga
O BRO’S and S SISOO’S.???????.

Sorry guys I couldn’t reply to your comment in person yesterday so here we go:
THANK YOU : Beautiful (Anjaly), san, Shivika, dini, anah, nansshivika di, Akshaya, Jayshree, Inu, Sat, Jazz, Priyanka 22

Hirday, Shalini , Shrusvir and Sofiya S. THANK YOU ? so much for commenting dear I am glad to know that I have so many silent admirer’s as well and pls try commenting when ever possible if you can’t comment regularly ? ? ?.

SURBHI DI: Agar alfaazon mai itni taakt hooti Ki wo huma mar sakta toh huma aapka alfaaz hazaar baar mar chuka hota magar aab toh yeh hamara jina Ki wajha baan chuka hai.
“qissa ham likheinge dil-e-bekaraar ka khat mein sajaake phuul ham pyaar ka lafzon mein likh denge apna yeh haal-e-dil
dekheinge kya javaab aata hai phir yaar ka ”
Mai waari jaawan tohaada toh soniyon. Tusi taah dil jitan wich mahir hoo.

Neeti: Dear come let’s party ? hard together on your first comment. THANK YOU ? so much dear. Aur jitna waqt se Abhigya Ki story Kumkum bhagya Mai drag Ho rahi hai na mujhe lagta hai ab yeh role hi suit Kara Ga unah.???????
And THANK YOU ? SOOOOOO MUCH for commenting dear & that to very first time and moreover directly on my ff and pls keep commenting.? ?❤

Fama: Thanks dear I am glad that I was able to make you laugh.????

Shama di: THANK YOU SO MUCH & LOVE ❤ YOU TOO DI and more than anything you are an amazing person.❤❤

Samm: Sorry for taking your takiya kalaam dear.??????? lol.

That’s it for today and guys don’t forget to drop your comments.
With lots of love ❤ and well wishes.
For now
Signing off

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      Aur mujhse baat hi karni hai toh private message box Mai message kar de comments ka baahana dhoondhna Ki kya zaroorat hai behna. Jab man kara baat karliya karna. Ok so no Thank you ? to you as per your wish ????

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