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Hi ? guys! THANK YOU ? FOR YOUR SUPPORT……………….

@LEAF 19

(SORRY GUYS But Pls guys don’t kill me for this.??????)


Shiv Om Ru in KITCHEN.
Rudra: Bhaiya aap Kisi ka wait kar raha Ho kya.
(Bhaiya are you waiting for someone.)
Shivaay being in traces says
Shivaay: Nahi Mai bhala Anika ka wait kun karna laga.
(No why will I wait for Anika.)
Om: When did we mention Anika’s name.
Shivaay trying ? to cover up
Shivaay: Om pls pass milk.
Om does as he said.
Rudra: May be Anika di is busy with her friend.
Om: Which friend.
He gives a teasing smile ?.
Rudra: Waahi Jo uss din unka saath club Mai aya tha.
(The one who was accompanying her in the club that day.)
Shivaay was a bit annoyed.
Om adding petrol ⛽ to fire ?
Om: That Abeer Malhotra, he looked so good with Anika, means a perfect couple ?, he even sang so well on that day.
Rudra seeing Shivaay says: Yes O, they looked so good together.
Shivaay: Guys will you please end this topic.
Om: Kun mirchi lag rahi hai.
(Why, are you feeling jealous?)
Shivaay: Come on.
Rudra from back sings and dancing ? in a very funny way:
“Fire ? brigade mangwa da tooh,
Andhadhun hai aarma,
Oh balma, oh balma…….”
Om begins to laugh loudly while Shivaay gives him a deadly glare.
Shivaay: Kuch sikha issa Om.
(Teach him something Om.)
Om: Tu sikha tooh raha hai.
(You are teaching him already.)
Saying this OmRu share a hi-fi and laugh at Shivaay.
Shivaay: Yeh Anika bhi na.
Om sings : Phirsa naam liya.
(You took her name again.)
Shivaay: Please Om.
Rudra: Bhaiya why don’t you accept that you love Anika didi.
Shivaay spontaneously (even more spontaneously than reaction of Sodium in water.???? pata hai pj tha)
Shivaay: Are you mad ? Rudra, chalta phirta disaster hai Vo ladki. Jab Sa meri life Mai aayi hai kabhi mujhe gira deti hai, toh kabhi mujh par gir jati hai; aur paani phenkna toh uski favourite hobby hai.
Insaan nahi hai Vo earthquake hai, tsunami hai, hurricane hai. Jab se meri life Mai aayi hai Shivaay Singh Oberoi se Japan Singh Oberoi baan Gaya hoon.
(TRANSLATION: Are you mad ? Rudra, that girl is a walking ? disaster. Since she has entered my life, either she makes me fall or she herself falls on me and throwing water is her favourite hobby. She isn’t a human but an earthquake, a tsunami, a hurricane. Since the time she has entered my life I have become Japan Singh Oberoi from Shivaay Singh Oberoi.)

{{suddenly he realises that he gave a new name to himself which was supposed to be Anika’s hobby and he stops speaking while OmRu look at him keenly as for the very first time The great SSO was complaining like a five years old .}}
After few seconds Shivaay continues
Shivaay: And all the time she keeps on playing those foolish pranks on me.
And finally he stops when Rudra from back just in order to give extra touch says
“Fool ishq, fool ishq,
Tera mera,
Fool ishq, fool ishq,
Zyaada thooda.
Fool ishq, fool ishq,
Tera mera……………”
Shivaay: SHUT UP RUDRA!!!!!
Om laughs at Rudra’s song, while Shivaay gives ‘iska kuch nahi Ho sakta’ (Nothing can happen of him.) look to Rudra.
Om: That’s the point Shivaay she does so much with you and you let her do that and the world knows that no one in the entire world can force THE GREAT SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI to do anything against his will.
Shivaay: Pls Om can we change the topic.
Rudra: Ok Bhaiya , but pls don’t add more water to your dish.
Shivaay glares at him angrily while Om giggles.

There is some sought of hustle and bustle all around the house ? and all are talking in slow whispers.
When Karan gets a call.
Person on call: We are here open the door.
Karan: Ok.
He opens the door and allows the people on the door to enter.
Ani Ishu get super excited ? seeing the people on the door and rush to them and hug them tightly and the people reciprocate the hug even more tightly. Followed by Karan and Abeer hugging both of them.
The screen zooms on their faces and they are reviled to be Abhishek Singhaniya and Pragya Singhaniya.
Abhi: Is everything ready Karan.
Karan: Yes papa.
Ani Ishu give confused ? look to them.
Ani: What are you both talking about.
Abeer: Surprise ?.
Abhi: What is my third princess ? doing.
Abeer: As always sleeping.
Ani Ishu glare at him and he silences himself.
While Pragya and Karan giggle.
Ani: Mumma Papa every thing is ready so let’s go.
All nod and go to room.
Pragya goes and sits beside a sleeping Soums while Abhi occupies the place opposite both of them. All the youngsters are standing near the bed.
Pragya caring Soums hair says
Pragya: Good morning ? baacha.
Soums who is sleeping hears her, but as she is in deep sleep ? she just nods her head in irritation.
Pragya again very sweetly and with lots of love says
Pragya: Get up baacha it’s morning.
Soums didn’t reply but just kept her head on Pragya’s lap and again slept but in few minutes itself something strikes her sleepy ? head and then she gets up in shock although she isn’t fully awake but she is trying ? to maintain herself so that she doesn’t drifts back to sleep ?.
Soums looks here and there and sees Abhi and Pragya besides her and becomes a bit emotional and hugs Pragya tightly. Abhi caring Soums hair say
It’s then when Soums realised that it’s her birthday today.
Soums hugs Abhi and Pragya together and thanks them and as soon as she leaves the hug Ani & Ishu jump over her and with plenty of kisses wish her HAPPY BIRTHDAY ?.
Then Soums gets up from bed and then Karan engulfs her in a bone crushing hug and wishes her by kissing on her forehead. Then Abeer hugs her and wishes her.
By the way mumma papa when did you come.
Abhi: Just now.
Abeer: Special Surprise ? for you.
Soums smiles at them.
Abeer: Ok now come.
Soums: Where.
Abeer: Stay silent and come.
They all take her out and then Karan drives the car.
After about 30minutes they all reach exactly near the Oberoi estate.
Ani: What are we doing here.
Abhi: Just wait a while princess ?.
They all get out of the car.
All the three sisters are staring at Oberoi’s estate while rest move towards the house opposite to it.
It’s a beautiful and really a very big mansion, all the starting area is covered by beautiful garden with long trees and beautiful flowers ?.
Pragya and Abhi get teary eyed. Karan notices them and consoles them, while Abeer sees his three devils looking at Oberoi’s estate.
Abeer: What happened to you devils.
Anika fumbles a bit and then says
Ani: What are we doing here?
Abeer: We are here to shift to your house.
Ani Ishu and Soums shout: WHAT?
Abeer: Relax devils, but you are in the wrong direction, your house ? is that way.
He says pointing at the mansion behind them.
Ani Ishu and Soums sigh in relaxation.
Ani: Ok lets go.
Pragya: Cone on girls.
They all enter the house.

It’s a big mansion with four floors, huge garden covering it from all sides, a big pool inside the mansion on the roof and even in the garden.
The inside of mansion has a beautiful interiors, the entire home decor is simply a treat to the eyes, it’s beautiful furnished with a number of antiques all around. The top of the hall has a chandelier hanging which is unique in it’s own way. The stairs from the first floor end up having three different ways leading to the hall, two of them at side of the main hall while the other is at the back. The main hall has a big portrait of Singhaniya family ?, where all the four kids are small.(it’s of the time before they left to London.)
The big mansion has rooms on ground floor, first floor and second floor, while the fourth floor is a game ? zone having all the indoor game like table tennis ?, chess and many others. It also has a big tea ? room beautifully decorated. The underground has a huge multiplex. The backyard has a badminton court and a basketball ? court. The entire house seems to be more like a maize due to all the complicated ways.
The girls are taken to their room which is on the first floor Anika’s room is in centre followed by Ishaana’s room at left and Soums room at right.
Rooms of all the girls are almost same accept the colour of the room, with a huge portrait of each one of them in the middle wall of their respective rooms that is exactly behind their king sized bed.
The wardrobe occupies an entire wall just opposite to their bed. The huge wardrobe has four sections, first one has all the formal wear western outfits, the second one section has all casual wear’s, the third section contains all her suits while the last one contains all lehngas and sarees which she rarely wears on any occasion. The wardrobe even has a drawers, the first one containing around 50 watches of all high profile brands , the other drawer has earrings, bracelets and all accessories, the next one contains all the costly jewellery. The last drawer which is at the lower end of the wardrobe contains all sorts of footwear’s. One wall is beautifully decorated with many family ? pictures and many pictures are of her friends as well.{{ guys do tell me how you find their room’s as this is my dream room.??? }}

After having a glimpse of the mansion the entire Singhaniya family ? ( it includes Abeer as well.) is relaxing siting in the hall.
Abeer: So Soums how is your birthday gift ?.
Soums: Oh hello this is not my birthday present ? I want gifts from all of you and that too with penalty.
Abeer: Gift ? kam tha Jo penalty bhi dani hai. Oh madam kis Khushi Mai aapko penalty chahiya .
(Was gift ? less that you want penalty as well. By the way why do you want penalty.)
Soums: Kunki aap logona mairi neend kharab kar di.
(Because you guys spoilt my sleep ?.)
Abeer: Ohhh toh tujhe is baat ka liya penalty chahiya toh ek kaam Karta hai tujhe na Kumbhkaran ka bed gift ? kar deta hai.
(Ohhhhh because of this reason you want penalty dear, then I think that I should gift ? you with Kumbhkaran’s bed.)
Soums she replies sarcastically: Haahaaa Haahaaa very funny ? the most bakwaas joke ka award milna chahiya tumhe Mr. Joker.
(Haahaaa Haahaaa very funny ?, it was the worst joke I ever heard and it should be given the price of worlds worst joke , Mr. Joker)
Before Abeer could speak, Pragya interrupts
Pragya: Fine guys it’s enough for today.
Abhi: So what do you want for your birthday ? princess ?.
Abeer: Ask anything accept for food producing units.
Soums gives him deadly glare, while rest giggle.
Karan: Shut up! Abeer let her say.
Ani: Bhaiyu who did all the arrangements here.
Abhi: Who else accept your brothers.
All sisters in unison: Awwww so sweet of you Bhaiyu.
Abeer glares three of them while they hug Karan. As it was he who accompanied Karan in all the arrangements moreover Abhi clearly mentioned”BROTHERS”.
Ani Ishu Soums knowingly did this just to tease Abeer and see his reaction. When an annoyed Abeer turned his face away just to show his fake anger.
Three of the jumped on him and hugged him tightly and together said.
Ani Ishu Soums: Thankuuuuuuuu bhai.
Abeer reciprocates the hug with a slight smile ?.
Abeer: Hye don’t be so emotional devils.
Soums hugs him and says
Soums: How much ever you may tease me and how much angry ? we may be on you it doesn’t matter because we love ❤ you alot big B.
Abeer hugs her back and says
Abeer: I know that moti.
Soums gets angry ? hearing the word and breaks the hug.
Soums: Nothing can happen of yours.
Abeer: Klll no I am hopeless.
All together: We know that.
Abhi: So what have you guys planned for the day.
Karan: Same what we always do.
Ani: Going to temple in morning.
Ishu: Then to orphanage.
Soums: Then dinner ? together.
Abeer: Last but not the least youngsters party ?.
Pragya: Guys at least bring some change, don’t you all get bored doing same thing every time.
Youngsters: No never.

Shivaay confronts Anika…………….
Karan and Rudra’s face off…………..

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With lot’s of good wishes and love ❤
Signing off

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