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Hello everyone I am back with the last part of “”MAHA MASH UP””




Ragini: My love ❤ story is too boring as my beloved husband didn’t propose to me rather I proposed him.
All together: WWWWHHHHAAAATTTT??????
Ragini: Yes.
Soums: So how did you propose to him.
Ragini: We both were good friends and this idiot was a big nerd.
Laksh: Oh hello! I wasn’t a nerd.

Ragini: Shut up! You idiot let me speak.

With this Laksh puts his index finger on his lips and rest giggle at him.
Ragini continues: It was the last day of our college and I was hell irritated by him because he was not able to express his feelings although I knew that he loved me . So finally I decided that I will propose to this idiot on my own. Then I called him near the top of the hills and over their….

FB begins:-************************
Ragini calls Laksh on the hill top and when he comes their,
Ragini goes to him and says
Ragini: You idiot, it is the last day of our college ? today, do you know that.
Laksh: Yes , I know ? that Ragu.
He says smiling ?.
Ragini takes a deep breath and continues

Ragini: Don’t you think you should say something now as after this may be we never meet again.
She tried her luck , that may be he tells what she wants to hear, but Laksh is Laksh impossible.
Laksh: Yes I got to say something to you.
Ragini happily : Yupp say.
Laksh: Ragu you have to return my management book.
Ragini now hell angry ?: Seriously Laksh are you so dumb from childhood or you are just acting to be one in front of me.
You fool a girl has called you at such a beautiful place and what are you telling her that you want your that blo*dy book on management back, you idiot, you duffer, you fool, you are useless creature.
Saying this she takes a small stone from ground and hits towards him but he bends down to save himself and says
Laksh: Ragu have you gone mad ?. Kya kar rahi hai yaar lag jaiya gi.
(What are you doing, I will get hurt.)
Ragini doesn’t stops and continues saying
Ragini: You stupid are you blind can’t you see that I love ❤ you and you can’t even propose to me.
Laksh got shocked hearing her and stood there motionless and when Ragini realised it, she stopped throwing stones at him and came close to him and kneelt down on her knees and said
Ragini: So Mr. Lakshay Maheshwari will you marry me and be with me for now and forever being only and only mine. Today I Ragini Bose whole heartedly agree that I love ❤ you Mr. Maheshwari, will you marry me.
Saying this she forwards a ring ? towards him.
Hearing to her confession Laksh becomes emotional and he too bends down in front of her and takes out a ring ? from his pocket and says
Laksh: Ragu you know I bought this ring ? after our very first meeting but I could never gain strength to propose to you. But today I Laksh Maheshwari agree that I love ❤ you and I am ready to be with you for my entire life, please Marry me Ragu.
Ragini gets emotional and hugs him Laksh too reciprocates and then both exchange rings ? .
FB ENDS***************************

Ani Ishu Soums Rudy : Awww sooo cute.
Every one else smiles.
Om: Ok who’s next.
Shivaay: Madhu and RK their love ❤ story is a big secret.
Madhu: Ok . So you all know we were good friends in college ? and after the college ? ended there was hardly any connection left but one day we meet and RK called me on an official date, even I agreed but he didn’t remember till the last moment that it was my birthday ? as well on that day but then I don’t know ? from where he got to know about my birthday ? just 10 minutes before our date so he got me a paper weight as a birthday gift ?.
All girls together: Seriously a paper weight.
RK: So what could I have done , if would have been late for the date, she would have eaten me raw and if had not got any thing then she would have surely killed me.
Shivaay: Bechaara (Poor Innocent ? man)
He says that in a full to dramatic way.

RK too makes a sad ? face.
Ragini getting too excited ? and impatient say : Then what happened, what did you do with your innocent ? husband.( She says last two words sarcastically.)
Madhu: I bet with him on that day , that one day he will give me a diamond ? ring ? as big as the paper weight and I made him do that even.
She says that showing her ring ? finger that had the ring ?.
Madhu: Ok now Shona you go.
All friends pass a wicked smile ? towards them.
Swara: Ok I will ? say our story began very soon as in the fresher’s party ? only he came forward with his bio data.
Ani Ish Soums Om Ru together: Bio data?
Swara: Yes Bio data.

FB BEGINS *************************
Sanskar, Shivaay, RK and Viren are standing together and just then Swara , Madhu and Jivika enter the party ? and three of them were looking flawless in their dresses.
Sanskar: Guys see that girl ? in red dress ? , the cute back bencher of our class.
Viren: It’s useless beta.
Sanskar: Kun? (Why?)
RK: Kunki profit or loss se aaga toh bhaad nahi sakta aur wo itna Mai Patna nahi wali.
(Because u can’t move ahead then profit and loss and that won’t be enough to impress her dude.)
Sanskar: Oh really, you idiots I can do anything .
Shivaay: What’s the use of saying, show it to us by doing something. Ok go and propose to her.
Sanskar: Ok.

Sanskar goes towards the girls but gets scared ? and come back.
Sanskar: Guys are u sure that I should go alone.
RK: Nahi (Sanskar feels a bit relaxed.) Let’s call her brothers and dad.
Sanskar: What brothers (his throat becomes dry) and dad?
Viren: Nahi tu ja raha hai ya Mai jaaon.
(Are you going or shall I go.)
Sanskar: No I am going.
As he moves a bit forward
Shivaay shouts from back
Shivaay: Good evening ? Sir.
Sanskar gets scared ? and sees back and finds them laughing ? at him he gives them an impossible look and goes towards the girls.
Sanskar to Swara: Excuse me Miss.
Swara: Yes.
Sanskar in a haste speaks
Sanskar:: Hello I am Sanskar Maheshwari.
I am 19 years old, my blood group is O+ve, my height is 6’4″ , I have passed my +2 with 98% marks from Kolkata High School ?,I can speak English, Hindi and French, I am here to complete my Management , my dad is CEO of the Karma Groups of Industry and I will be the future heir of that company and we are classmates.
Swara being confused ? asked him
Swara: So.
Sanskar fumbles and says
Sanskar: S…S..So…Soo
Swara gives him a questioning look

Swara: So what Mr.
Sanskar gathering all his courage says
Sanskar: Will you be my girlfriend.
Madhu and Jivika were giggling throughout.
Swara: Ohh!!
Sanskar: What happened?
Swara: Nahi kuch nahi , thodi der ka liya toh aisa laga Ki tum mujhse Raashan card banvana aiya Ho.
(No nothing but for a while I felt that you have come here to get your Raashan card made.)
Sanskar felt really embarrassed by this but after gaining some courage he began to leave from there, but Swara called him
Swara: Hey Mr. Maheshwari .
Sanskar turns to look at her and she continued

Swara: You are cute Mr. Maheshwari, (she goes near him) boyfriend girlfriend ka toh pata nahi paar dost zaroor ban sakta hai.
(I don’t know ? about boyfriend or girlfriend but we can definitely be friends.)
She says this forwarding her hand and by passing her million dollars smile ?.
Sanskar accepts the offer and then he makes her meet his friends and she makes him meet her friends and since then all of them were the best friends of the college ?.
FB ENDS***************************
Ishu: WOW ? , so cute Sanskar.
Rest all giggle at her statement.
Sanskar: Ishaana pls don’t call me cute.
Ishu: Why?
Swara: Because I have that copyright © only.
Saying this she pulls Sanskar’s cheeks and he makes an annoyed face.
Ani Ishu Soums : How cute.
Om smiles seeing Ishu.

After a while all of them retire to bed.
All the friends of Shivaay leave and now only OBEROI ? family and Ani Ishu and Soums are left their.
Dadi to Anika: Puttar thank you ? so much Ki tum teeno nai mil kar Saara kam itna aacha Sa kiya Vo bhi itna kam time Mai.
(Thank you ? dear that all three of you did the entire work so beautiful and at such a short notice.)
Anika: Koi baat nahi dadi ji.

(It’s ok Dadi ji.)
Dadi: Ok puttar I am giving you one day’s leave, you come again day after tomorrow and then we will start the preparations for billu’s weeding.
Anika : Teehk hai dadi. ( Ok Dadi)
Ani Ishu Soums bid bye to everyone and move towards the exit. Shivaay is standing near the staircase andhe us moving ahead while talking on his phone ?.
Anika looks back and gets hell shocked and runs towards Shivaay and pushes him back and…



Two loud sounds are herd……………….

A man calls the mysterious lady.
Man: Ma’am they will reach by twelve in morning.
Lady cuts the call.
PA: Ma’am Miss. Svetlana is here.
Lady signals her PA by her fingers and asks her to send Svetlana in.
After five minutes Svetlana enters the room and
Svetlana : How can I help you.

Lady throws few bundles of notes on her face and says something which is muted and then she smirks.
{{No worry guys that lady threw new currency notes only on Svetlana so pls don’t do any black money ? case}}

Entry of the two boys.
A bit of fun………………

What happened and to whom??????????
A/N: Well this is to all my readers, you guys had voted for the role of Karan Singhaniya and Arjun Bijlani was the winner as many of you had put forward various other names as well , so I got them together over here in the mash up as I have done my part so, now all of you have to tell me which love ❤ story you guys liked the most , plssssssssssssssss do tell me through your comments plsssss.

Thank you ?
Lot’s of love ❤ and good wishes.
Keep smiling ?
Stay tuned
& For now
Signing off

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      If you want me to be happy ?



      Post your ff

      ? ?


      Vo bhi jaldi


      Thank you ? sweetie
      And as I had told you earlier swasan special was for you my bunny ?.
      Keep smiling ?
      Stay happy ? always.
      Love ❤ you loads

      1. Shivika22kapoor

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      Hey Samm you don’t know how difficult it has become to arrange this new currency dear but if you see today epi when Tia offers money ? to Anika that is also new currency ? ? ? ? ? ???????.
      Our SSO was quite fast in arranging new notes of ₹2000 very fast , isn’t it.
      Anyways jokes apart
      Thank you ? so much dear, your support means alot.

      1. Samm

        i know about it! i spent three days on Rs 120 only! 😀 😀 anyways, gotta appreciate your attention to details dear! 😛

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      “”WELCOME PUVI””

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    Dii.. I really love you a lot..
    Swasan’s lovestory was so cute and funny..
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    You will forgive me naa…

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      Ok well I had replied but it got posted above so, pls read it In Akshaya’s reply section as I can’t get angry ? on you again and again.

      1. Manasvi

        Sorry dii i will try to post but i m really busy… And bunny what a sweet name!! Love u..

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