Nothing is immortal except my love for you…. Chapter 23 *Last chapter*

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“haa sanskar!”… swara said as she choked with happiness and then, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” she shouted suddenly with excitement hugging him more tightly laughing with tears. he smiled hearing her laughing and caressed her hairs softly. And suddenly she broke the hug with her widened eyes, “but sanskar! I still didn’t complete college!” her voice sounded so innocent that made him chuckle. “you are talking as if we are going to marry today!” and her eyes suddenly lowered with heat rising up to her cheeks hearing him, “we will marry after you complete your college!” swara smiled hearing him and suddenly she said, “arey, yes! How can you be romantic? You are always strict!” she kept her hands on her waist keeping a pout face and then he pulled her by waist, “so you want to marry today?” her lips curved and she immediately hugged him and closed her eyes feeling so happy, seeing her dream coming true! “come, let’s go!” he said excitedly taking her inside the home..

Swara was surprised seeing the home clean. There was no one here for many years, she turned around and saw the whole mansion continuing to smile! She looked towards sanskar, she was so much overwhelmed, she wanted to hug him! So tightly and tell him how much happy he had made her by bringing her to her old yet beautiful home! and before she could do anything, he dragged her to a table and made her sit on a chair near it. As sanskar took the thick cloth that was covering the table, she gasped seeing two boxes that looked like gifts! He took a box and opened it showing to her. She smiled seeing the ‘SS’ that was held by a beautiful golden heart pendent. “I actually got this idea when I saw your mehendi!” he said making her wear it as she moved her hair. He wrapped his hands around her and bended to her level touching his ear with her cheeks making her smile more. He held her palms and said seeing her dark mehendi in which the highlight was ‘SS’, “anyways, this mehendi will fade na? that’s why I thought to give you a pendent like this!” she held his hands and gestured him to sit near her as he was still standing, he smiled and dragged a chair and sat near her. “don’t worry sanskar!” he looked at her hearing her. “I will keep the same mehendi design even for our marriage!” she said and he smiled at her. “do you know where your mehendi function is going to be held?” she grew curious at his question as his lips curved more. “here!” he said as she blinked her eyes. He took the other tiny glittering box and opened it showing her beautiful diamond ring. “is this nice? I decided that this will be your engagement ring! I didn’t chose for me because I thought you can chose for me, like I chosed for you!” he said and stood up from the chair again going behind her and hugged her from back bending to her level. “how about setting up the mandap there?” he asked pointing his index finger to the centre of the hall. “or why don’t we keep our marriage in the lawn? It is quite big na?” he asked. She closed her eyes as tears rolled down her cheeks, she held his hands that was wrapped around her. Even, she has dreamt about their marriage! And seeing him dreaming the same.. at his every gestures in which he prove that he loves her! She turned to him as he frowned seeing her tears, “why do you always cry?” he said wiping her tears as she held his hands, “hug me na, sanskar!” she whispered softly opening her arms, he smiled and hugged her tightly lifting her in the air, she smiled not feeling the floor beneath her, she wrapped her hands around his neck. “can I ask you something?” she asked joining her forehead with him. “anything!” he said and closed his eyes, she too closed her eyes and smiled as they both felt their closeness, “keep loving me like this! It feels so good!” she whispered barely smiling more, not just good! It was an indescribable and an extreme happiness. “I will always love you!” she heard him and smiled more making her hold tight around his neck. She remained still not opening her eyes feeling him close to her, but she suddenly laughed aloud as he twirled her. Taking her forehead from his, she put back her head looking up as she continued to laugh seeing him twirling her more fast, she do heard him laughing too. And after a lot of twirls, he finally stopped putting her down carefully admiring her as she laughed heartily. She breathed heavily and sat on the sofa nearby with a thud. She stopped laughing, but her lips was still curved. He sat near her and wrapped his hand around her shoulder, she readily went in his embrace still breathing heavily. “what shall we do now?” he asked. She took her head from his embrace and looked at him as she whispered, “let’s go to lawn and check whether it is good for our marriage!” she laughed getting up from the sofa and ran to the lawn. Sanskar smiled seeing her, he too stood up from the sofa and walked behind her to the lawn…

Swara smiled walking on the soil with her bare foot, she always used to walk with bare foot on the sand like this in childhood and her mother used to scold her when her dad comes for her rescue! She stopped walking remembering her dad, tears brimmed in her eyes blurring her vision from seeing a tree, she went near it. The tree had a swing attached to its branch, in which she used to play with her dad and sanskar. “I got my love papa!” she whispered smiling with tears wiping away the dust from the swing. She wiped her tears with her another hand as she saw sanskar coming. She looked down and saw a rock, she smiled getting an idea..
Sanskar saw swara taking a rock from the ground and was hitting it on the bark of the tree. Getting confused by her behavior, he went her, “swara?” she looked at him and smiled saying, “sanskar! leave me alone, I will call you once it is done!” she again turned and started to hit the tree. He rolled his eyes and went near the swing, he saw it clean, he can clearly see hand marks on its dust. He looked at swara, what if he made her sad by bringing her here? He, shekhar uncle and swara have many times played on this swing. He knew how much she cries whenever she remembered her papa! What if she had cried? His face turned serious, his memories going back to the time maheshwaris and gadodias used to spent a happy time with each other in this mansion. Holding the swing with his one hand, he was lost in his thoughts not knowing the passage of time as swara suddenly shouted his name, “sanskar!” he looked at her hearing her almost startled by her loud voice, she moved away showing him the bark of the tree, “nice na?” he was surprised seeing it, a smile appeared on his face seeing ‘SS’ crafted on the tree with a heart surrounding those letters. Just like her pendent! He went near the tree and touched it, it made him so happy! Swara went and sat on the swing, she was not moving it, but was just sitting looking at sanskar who was admiring what she had just done. Sanskar turned to her and went near her cupping her face, “it is so beautiful!” she smiled hearing him as he joined his forehead with her, “did I make you sad?” swara moved away from his face hearing him, “sanskar?” he again cupped her face, “are you missing uncle?” he asked whispering, his voice choking.. “swara!”.. she held his hands on her face slightly wiping her tears, “I have no more worries sanskar! you have promised to give me reasons to smile!” he smiled hearing her, his tears that were about to flow out got dries seeing her glowing and smiling face! Does she even know, that she is the reason for him to smile? “I have you with me now! I am so happy!” her hands reached his face caressing his cheeks lovingly as she whispered, “I love you sanskar!” she was so much overwhelmed with all his gifts.

The cold air blowing more fast with the sun setting welcoming the night, the sky changing to reddish color. Both of his thumbs wiping her happy tears, his remaining fingers were behind her hair dugged in her hair. The swing moved lightly with the air, he leaned and moved his face closer to her. Her palm was still cupping his face, her fingers moved on his face shivering as he moved more closer to her, she stared at him as his face was so much closer to her. Her throat dried up, she closed her eyes when she felt his lips on hers. He gently kissed her tightening the caress on her face, his eyelids automatically blocking his vision as he kissed her lovingly, every breeze that touched them whispered their immortal love, he broke the kiss after sometime leaving her breathless. He looked at her, his hands still cupping her face, her eyes still closed, her lips were curved as she breathed heavily. “swara!” he whispered, she stood up from the swing and hugged him. he smiled and hugged her back, he suddenly twirled, she smiled as they danced lightly with no music. “I am remembering our first dance in the birthday party of Mica!” swara said as he twirled her for the last time perfectly and then hugged her from back, they continued to move dancing lightly as he whispered, “even I am remembering that!” he turned her towards him as they danced again. He saw her still blushing, “you have already kissed me, then why are you blushing?” she stopped moving but he continued to move holding her making her also dance. He has just talked about that? She lowered her head, he made her look at him, “do you what did I say that day?” he stopped moving, his eyes were moist making her confused and when her hands reached his eyes to wipe them, he held her hands and asked, “do you remember swara?” she released her hands from his grip and wiped his tears, “why are you crying sanskar? I do remember whatever happened that day! Tell me, about what you are talking!” he hugged her and said, “I told about my love to you that day!” she widened her eyes and broke the hug, “what? No! you didn’t!” he held her shoulders and said, “I said it! Maybe you don’t remember!” she frowned hearing him. “or maybe you didn’t hear me!” he said thinking because as far as he remembered, he said his love in a slow whisper and that time she was hugging him and was sleeping on his chest. “so you love me from that time?” she asked in a whisper as he came out of his thoughts. “you could have told me in the go down!” she whispered, her voice going more low as her eyes got moist. He immediately cupped her face, “maybe I love you from so many years! It took so much time for me to realize!” he said wiping her tears as he too gets teary. “I am sorry!” he whispered. “sanskar! why are you asking sorry?” she asked trying to wipe his tears. “it was you who was just now accusing me for not telling my love to you!” she frowned and said, “it was you who started that!” he held her shoulders and shouted, “it was you who was blushing! So, I remembered that!” she shouted back, “it was you who kissed me!” “arey!..” sanskar realized there was no more reason to fight, they both looked at each other and laughed. “you no need to be sorry sanskar!” she said as she held his hands, “it is late! Let’s go home!” sanskar interwined his fingers with her and said, “let’s walk for sometime na?” she nodded to him and said, “don’t ask sorry again!” he looked at her hearing her. She rested her head on his shoulder and said, “please!” she held his arm with both her hands continuing to walk. “swara!” he said. Swara sighed and said smiling, “sanskar! leave that now!” she took her head from his shoulder and said, “you should not ask! That’s all!” he smiled hearing her order and nodded to her. and then they both walked around the lawn hand in hand talking nothing but just smiling feeling so happy!…

“I don’t understand what all are doing here! I am not even having the key!” swara said frustrated as they already went to her home and saw it locked and now they have came here to maheshwari mansion looking for her family! She was hell tired and badly wanted to sleep! “swara! That’s fine! Come now!” he said dragging her inside while she walked with him irritated..
Ragini smiled seeing swara and sanskar coming together. Swara walked to her with a frown face, “didi! You could have given me the key na?” sharmishta stood up from the sofa and said, “how would we know that you would come so late?” uttara and ragini chuckled seeing the fight. Swara went near her and sat on the sofa lazily, “please give me the key maa! I want to sleep!” swara said closing her eyes half, “as if you are awake now!” swara frowned hearing shomi. Sujata came out of the kitchen and saw swara and went near her and sat on the sofa beside her, “swara beta! Will you explain me what happened this morning?” swara blinked her eyes while sanskar controlled his laugh. Shomi, uttara and ram gets confused as they don’t know anything. Ragini closed her mouth with her hand controlling her laugh. “if you want, shall I make you both marry soon!” shomi widened her eyes, “SUJATA!” she said. “even ragini is not married!” sharmishta said. Sujata almost got up to talk to sharmishta when swara hugged her shoulders, “aunty! Come with me!” she said dragging her from there not allowing her to talk. Sanskar and ragini laughed aloud while others stood there confused..
Sujata and swara came out of the room, when they both were coming near sanskar, swara whispered, “aunty! I still don’t get how did you doubted me?” sujata also whispered, “sorry beta! I actually doubted sanskar, not you!” sanskar widened his eyes hearing her. Swara’s family was there for sometime, but sanskar was unable to ask her how did she convince his mom?!..

11.00 PM
Swara rubbed her eyes seeing the lights on. She switched off the light, she remember! “chote! Please switch off! I know, it is you!” she said lazily but frowned seeing the lights still on. She cursed the poor uttara who was not even present there. She opened her eyes fully and then sat on the bed to switch off her light. “swara!” she widened her eyes hearing the voice. She turned and saw sanskar, she said excitedly, “sanskar! you, here!” he came and sat near her. “what did you tell to mom?” she frowned hearing him. “I thought you came to meet me!” she said with a pout, sanskar smiled and said, “swara! Tell now, what you told?” she sighed and said, “I just said her that I was so sleepy and slept there!” “that’s it?” sanskar asked and she nodded to him. “you don’t know swara! How much she imagined today morning!” she chuckled hearing him and said, “ok! Go now!” sanskar became confused hearing her serious voice, “why?” he asked. She again laid on the bed and said, “you came to ask only this na? go now and switch off the lights!” she closed her eyes saying this. And then he realized, “you are angry with me that I came only to ask this!” he whispered and heard her saying nothing. He got up from the bed..
There was no noise, swara opened her eyes and saw the room dark. Sanskar went? She sat on the bed, he knew she was angry, still he went? She pouted and heard a noise, she switched on the light and saw sanskar coming. She smiled seeing him as he came and sat near her. “where did you go?” swara asked. “you were angry that I didn’t come here for meeting you na? that’s why I went home and came back again, and this time I came only to meet you!” she laughed hearing him and hugged him and said, “it is me who always comes to your home at early morning! But now, you have came at late night to my home!” sanskar broke the hug and said, “it is my fault! It is Romeo who always comes to meet Juliet! I actually did wrong!” she smiled seeing his pout. “you are not Romeo! You are sanskar! all love stories are not same!” she cupped his face and continued, “we have our own love story sanskar! and I can’t tell how much I love you!” she said and hugged him tightly so much overwhelmed, he smiled and hugged her back tightly. “you mean so much to me!” he whispered. “it is just more pure and immortal than love! I don’t know whether that is enough to describe our relation!” she nodded with tears hearing him and then wiped her tears. “accha sanskar! you go now, otherwise you have to convince my mother tomorrow!” swara said and they both laughed. “I will be here, swara! Anyways you will get up at 4.00 na? wake me up, I will go that time!” he said and laid on the bed and closed his eyes, she sighed with a smiled and hugged him and closed her eyes. “I love our love story!” she heard his whisper and smiled without opening her eyes. She hugged him more tightly and felt his hand getting wrapped around her, he took the blanket with other hand and covered them, she smiled feeling his sweet security. She welcomed the peaceful sleep with a hope to see new sunrise, another day that is going to be filled with their moments… filled with their love!..
It rained heavily, but still the bark of the tree that was crafted with ‘SS’ was not getting erased.. maybe indicating that nothing is enough to describe their love for each other! Their immortal love!…

Precap: ~Love, Laughter, Happily ever after!~

A/N- i made so many corrections again and again, but don’t know why i was not satisfied. i am sorry if this was boring..
you all mean so so so so so so soooooooo much to me!!!
i have so much to say which i have stored for the epilogue!!
hope you all liked this chapter!
Thank you all. Thanks to all the silent readers too.
Love you all!..

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