She is not only my wife but also my life (Epi 5)

All r in great shock.
Su:What r u telling?
Sw(with teary eyes):Ragini! Let’s stop this drama. I am unable to bear it more.
Sa:What do u mean by drama?

At once Swara drags Sanskar to his room in upstairs. He also goes with her in a confused state.
Su:What is happening here?
R:Sorry maa & papa this confusion is due to my play. Tears r flowing from her eyes.
Su & Sh:Ur play?
On other side,
Sw:Yes this is our play. Tears r flowing from her eyes. Sanskar is showing sad and shock reaction due to Swara sorry his Swara’s tears.
She starts to beat him with a pillow and does it continuously asking and saying followings.
U idiot. R u really mad? R u unable to realize my love for u yet?(Sanskar is in great shock and extreme happy. He becomes statue and gains her hits) Yes. I LOVE U SO MUCH. U R MY SOUL. Do u know my fool lover? Telling this she drops that pillow and seizures his t-shirt by both hands. “Do u know? I thought that u would propose me first and I waited for that golden time. In those last 5 years valentines day I waited with hopes and dreams. But u broke them. So, this year I shared all things with Ragini. I told her that I wished u should propose me first and I should tell my love before ur proposal simply and first. So, she and I planned this love drama and acted it. I am a fool too. I didn’t think about ur sacrificing mind. Do u hav a thought that u r a great sacrificing lover. Mind this I will not leave u simply. If I marry u will be the bride groom. U r mine. (She rests her head on his chest over her hands in which his t-shirt is held). I LOVE U ONLY. I LOVE U ONLY. She tells in two or three breaths and half of the time u took to read the above. Sanskar. His state is ….. I am unable to describe it. Hope u’ll get it. His heart is in a high speed race when he heard that I LOVE U and all her utterances. He is the happiest person now in the world because his Swara is only for him. He tries to hug her. Sa:SWARA, I TOO LOVE U. U R MY LIFE SWARA. Suddenly Swara pushes him and throws the pillow and and goes. A letter comes and falls down near her feet. Sa( in mind): Oh shit! That is my suicide note. If she reads it I will be killed by her then. Oh God!! Save me.

Other side
Ragini tells everything to her parents.
Su: What have u done? Is this a play for u both? U will get punishment for this. Do not talk to me from now.
Su:This is final. She goes from there with teary eyes.
Ragini cries.
Sh: Princess she is right. I think I should punish u. Her decision is mine too. U hav broken my hope Princess.
At upstairs
Swara does not watch that paper and turns to him and says “U fool. R u a lawyer? I faked that name from ur name because I did not want to tell a real name as I love u to that level. U…”. She goes down with tears and clenched fists. Sa(in mind): Really u r a fool. Ty God u saved me. How that name? He thinks for some time. Oh! Cut my first letter S and exchange the places of a and n and read it reversely. Yes Raksan. That suicide note….
He takes it and tears it. He put it in dustbin as pieces.
Swara comes down and gets shock. Because Ragini is on the floor unconsiously. She runs towards her and tries to wake up her. She shouts “Ragini”. All assemble there. All r in shock. Sanskar lifts her and goes to her room. Shekhar calls doctor.

After half an hour,
A lady doctor comes out of the room and says: She is fine now. She will get up after sometime. She fell unconsiously due to extreme and sudden stress. So do not allow her to get stress. Then, she will be normal. Give these medicines to her. She gives them to Sumi and goes.
Sw: Sorry uncle and aunty. I asked her. So she did this. I know that we r wrong. As an elder I should have rejected this. But I didn’t do that. I am sorry. Forgive us. She tries to toush the feet of Sumi and Shekhar. But, both stop her. Sumi hugs her.
Su: No need to sorry.
Sh: We should say sorry because we brought u playfully.
Sw: Have u apologized us?
Su and Sh: Yes. Forget that. Sumi breakes the hug. Camera stops in the face of unconsious Ragini.

Precap: A rowdy’s entry. Raglak meeting.

I am really sorry friends. Plz forgive me. I was full busy with my studies. Sorry for same precap. I know that I did not handle the situation and emotions correctly. Because I am so weak in writing. Ty for ur answets. Plz comment me. Then I can know ur views. Otherwise I will stop writing. Again ty all for ur answers and support.

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