Not so Love – a decision that went worst: Prologue


A man speaks up.

I’m Rajeev. I don’t know why I am telling you this but you should hear this. You are the correct person who can understand this. This is a story about a family. Every life is a story and every person is a character. And the human mind has different shades. What if different shades if one mind come as different person, yes this story is about that. It’s about a hard life like yours.

Life is not about winning or losing, it’s about leading.
It’s about committing and correcting mistakes.
It’s about leaping and learning.
It’s about odd and even.
It’s about you.

Don’t think much. You will understand this when the story gets over. Remember one thing. Being good is the safest role to play. Be good and do good.

I am also a part of this story but not a bigger part.

so the bigger part is Ankit. He is the same as you and me. Good looking, loving and happy, normal man.

Rithik, who told perfect doesn’t exist? He is perfect. Like a part of our brain wants us to be right? Perfect. Rich, responsible, handsome and disciplined.

Tara, everyone dreams to be a saviour. She is one. oh, wait! What if she is not? I don’t know. only you can tell that. You are the listener right.

At last suhana, she is us. A girl who dreams and try to achieve that. We all have motives and what extent you would go to attain that? Beyond extent? Come on this is survival of the fittest and people can go beyond any extent. Yes, it is bad. Suhana is bad and its okay cause everyone is bad. Either always or of a sudden.

So let’s not waste more time is the description and quickly, let me tell you the horrific tragedy of one bad decision.

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