It’s not revenge it’s love swasan (a way love to revenge) ‘”Drugs ‘”Episode 39

To be continued….

I know that I was hurting Laksh but many times I have tried to love him trust him or wish to be with him but nothing happened all this feeling only develop for Sanskar ……Arjun was ignoring me….. Laksh was disturbed because of me as I can’t accept our relationship heartdly….and Sanskar he was in New York as Laksh said…. I don’t know what to do so I thought contact Dad because I felt alone I was broken completely because Sanskar for once he didn’t turn to look me or to know about me by Laksh I always asked Laksh about him but Sanskar never asked about me according to Laksh he was so happy in his life that in his life never Misha exist…. Then I decided to move on so I gone to Goa for some relaxation and I lied Laksh that I have gone to Delhi…. In Goa it was any Club grand party well I have gone thier…. There was so crowded everybody was dancing on floor with glass of vatka… Bear bottles…and drugs yaa there was drugged dealing was also going on….. And I saw one girl who was taking drugs and bear… Dancing on floor…. In the middle of the floor…

When I go close to her I didn’t recognize her first then I remember she was Ragini once Mom showed her photo I don’t believe that my sister Ragini was in that condition then I hardly managed to take her out from that place I remember that how she was abusing Aadarsh and Aarohi on that time I don’t know them but Ragini continuously scolding them then I have taken her to the hotel room she was screaming for drugs I don’t know but my eyes were full of tears and anger that how dare them that they give drugs to my sister I was always alone after my elder sister left then I never know the feeling of sister but after looking at Ragini and her pain I felt that I became sister….that night I feel the pain of Ragini her screaming for drugs and betrayal of Aadarsh and Aarohi and that was the reason she taken drugs next morning she wake up but she was in drunken state I don’t get it that after sleeping how she can in drunken state I taken her to doctor they told me that she had taken high tonic of drugs that she will not get in sense for next five days she will be in in unconscious state but doctor given me some medicines and then I taken back to Ragini to hotel I was so afraid for Ragini because doctor also said that if Ragini takes any drugs again then she can be dead and she will scream for drugs and tried to run because she will not be in her sense and after coming back to senses she will not remember anything doctor also said me that she was taking drugs from last two months…. So she used to take drugs and can’t handle herself without drugs so I have to take care of Ragini… I remember that how Ragini started shouting and run to go outside from room just screamed for drugs many times she used to scratch me from her nails.. Pushed me or hurt me from flower vase in that three days not even a single second were without hurting me by her but I was happy because my Ragini was coming back slowly slowly yaa in this three days she however controlled herself…

But she didn’t get conscious that was fourth day… I have only gone out to reception for some work when I came back Ragini was not there I have find her in all around hotel but she was not there I was scared if something happens to her scared that I can’t lose my sister again then by asking many people and showing her photo I get to know that she have gone to Club when I reached thier I was shocked by seeing Sanskar holding broken bear bottle and one man was lie in front of him and Ragini was lie behind the sanskar holding gun there was mask theme type party so everyone have weared mask only Sanskar was not wearing any mask then I saw some people holding Ragini and taking her somewhere and sanskar was fighting with some goons then I ran behind that mans who was taking ragini anywhere finally they reached to one deserted place they throw her to the ground and was about to stabbed her but I hold that knife my hand was bleeding but then two mans hold me from behind I pushed one and cuts one man hand with my teeth and throw one stone on third person but just then that one man stabbed me from behind I was blank I was screaming in pain but then my eyes started closing my eyes only I had seen Ragini innocent face and that man was going to him to kill her….. I was begging him… To leave her if he wanted he can stabbed me…..

but he was not listening he was close to Ragini he cuts her nerves of wrist and they three of them goes from there to leave us and talking on phone saying that girl is finished who knows that whom have send her to kill that Bill …..I don’t know what to do from my stomach it was bleeding continues but only I was seeing Ragini bleeding wrist which was more painful to me inspite of mine pain… I hardly stand and take my scarf and ties on my waist tightly where bleeding then I go near Ragini and tried to stand her but I fall because of my pain then I remember my Dad words never lose hope……then however….. I again stand…. (background song Soch toh pare)

Mai Pyar ton Vadh
Tainu Pyar Karan
Tainu Sajda Sohne Lakh Vaar Karan
Je Din Nu Tun Dehde Raat Maahi
Ve Mai Raat Samajh Aitbaar Karan

Then I again started taking Ragini I folded her hands around my shoulders from back….

Main tere Layi Duniya Nu chhadeya
Tere Layi Door Apne Karre
Ve Main Tenu Kina Chaandiyaan
Eh Gal Teri Soch ton Parre
Main Sahan Bin Saar Haan Sakdi
Tere Bina Pal Vi Naa sarre
Ve Main Tainu Kinna Chhandiyaan
Eh Gal Teri Soch ton Parre…!

Then we reached near road…. I started asking for lift… But no one was there to help us then I begged one taxi driver to take us but he was greedy I gave my diamond locket to him which was gifted by my elder sister it was precious but not more than Ragini ……

Akhiyan ch har Vele Tera Mukh ve
Takk Tainu Tuttde ne Saare Dukh Ve
Deed Teri Da.. Aahe Nazara
Naa Pyas Lagge teh naa Lagge Bhukh Ve…(x2)

He takes us to hospital at hospital door I shouted for doctor holding Ragini then some nurses and doctors came there and take Ragini…. Very fastly I fallen unconscious….

Tere Bina aau na Supne
Supne Vi Jhidhak ke Main Dhare
Ve Main Tainu Kinna Chhandiyaan
Eh Gal Teri Soch ton Parre…!
Ve Tere Rahan Meriya Naa
Manzilan nu Jaan Tu Vi Darre
Ve Main Tainu Kinna Chhandiyaan
Eh Gal Teri Soch ton Parre…!

In my mind only that memories was revolving which I spent with Ragini… Then my eyes opened and one nurse was there who was pushing me on bed but I shouted for doctor continously….

Zindagi de Ditte Tainu Saare Hakk Ve
Gairaan Val Takya na Akh Chak Ve
Kach Utte Vi Nach Javangi
Waffa Meri Teh Naa Kari Shak Ve…(x2)

Doctors came I have asked about Ragini but in my heart I was afraid if anything happens to Ragini then I will died I also don’t know that in these four how unconditional love have came in me for my sister which I can’t give to my elder sister…. I was staring at doctors then they said Ragini is out of danger but unconscious because of that drugs which they have given her once again.. But then they started scolding me because according to doctors my health was more worse than Ragini…. But I made them that they allowed me to see her…. I saw Ragini sleeping peacefully I was so happy because in all these days I have only seen her in pain but that day she was sleeping peacefully….
Ik tainu Paaun De Karke
Ginti naa Kinne Zakham Jare
Ve Main Tainu Kinna Chhandiyaan
Eh Gal Teri Soch ton Parre…!
Tere Layi Jo Jazbaat Jaani
Sone Chandiyan ton Vi Khare
Ve Main Tainu Kinna Chhandiyaan
Eh Gal Teri Soch ton Parre…!

Then I asked doctor when she will be back but doctor was silent I was afraid because I was observing something critical which they were hiding from me I again asked doctor then doctor tell me that she will be back to normal after two days she gets conscious but she will not remember her any moment in Goa…. From when she started taking drugs… My eyes full of tears that my sister Ragini didn’t remember how we met but then I thought it would be right for her then I thought to one thing to send her from Goa so I contact Dad first Dad shouted on me then after some time he cool down I told him about Ragini but not full truth I only told him that Ragini met with an accident and she is in Goa after listening Goa Dad got hyper I don’t get it but he continously saying to leave that place right now….. I don’t know but I have done what Dad said first Dad tell me that Ragini was in New York before some months so I take Ragini to New York in her unconscious state then I talked with New Year city hospital to what to say after getting Ragini conscious… They agreed and same thing I have said to goa doctors to not to say anything about Ragini and me……then I gone to Australia to Dad place all were happy Mom asked me about bandages I lied that it was accident but my Dad understand and after some time he takes to me in his office then asked me all things ……

I tell him everything what happens in Goa then Dad showed me some photos and started asking met who have stabbed me….. I started seeing that photo in one photo I saw Bill who was in club lied….. And in another it was Sanskar I was shocked then I saw that man photo who have stabbed me and cuts Ragini wrist… I tell Dad…. Then Dad said that man will not live more than 24hours I was shockingly seeing Dad…. Then I asked Dad that what you do Dad??? I want to know…. I saw Dad eyes which was in guilt I never saw Dad in guilt but that day because of me my Dad was in guilt then Dad told me about his illegal work and legal bussiness and how he became Robin Williams for underworld then he told me about his partner Shawner and his brother Bill who was killed by Sanskar that how Shawner was dealing of drugs in many countries especially in India after knowing about drugs dealings and providing guns for terrorist he breaks the partnership with Shawner and Dad tell me that Shawner was behind me because he have seen me…. I was in hell shocked that my Dad was don…. And sanskar was gangster then Dad makes me drink water and said that he can’t backout from this underworld but he will not a scratch happened to me from that moment then he said that he was going to kill that person who had try to kill me I stopped Dad and said that I want to see him here…. (in anger tone)

Dad was looking at me with shocked expression because that expression was first step to became Swara Malik but then Dad agreed and after next day that man was infront of me Dad tell me to slap me…. Or beat him…. Where Mom and dadii was looking all this questionly ….then I go near Dad and take revolver from his hand…. And shoot that man exactly between on his head…. And shoot all bullets in his whole body then I throw that gun on his face… And started going from there my whole family was in shocked and shattered because they didn’t accept this from me….then after some time Dad came to my room and asked about me and said to spend some holiday…. Somewhere… But I stopped Dad and said from whom that man was working…..but Dad was not saying anything.. Then I repeatedly asked questions lastly Dad told me that it was Aslam Khan man who was exports women from India and also involve drugs……I asked him where is he…. But he didn’t tell me but I was stubborn finally I get all details of Aslam Khan that he was in Mumbai and handling all his business from there I ran from Australia to India taking some money and revolver……I came back to Mumbai then directly I go to hostel and I looked at my room there was more than hundreds letters of Sanskar I can’t believe on my eyes but that was true Sanskar have written all the letters I started reading the letters…… In all written only his love confessions was……and he said that very soon he will come to India to confess his love in front of world….. I was happy but then I decided I would punish Aslam Khan than I will tell all truth to Sanskar…..but it was destiny which changes everything which changes my life…. I open my voicemails ….and there was lots of mails of Laksh, Arjun and Sanskar…..

Voicemail :::::::
Sanskar – listen Misha (Swara) are you alright please I want to listen your voice I don’t know why I am feeling restless please call…. You are not sending reply of letters please Misha please call me…..

Laksh – hey Misha when will you be back I know that you are not ready for our relationship so I have decided that we will do break up OK but please don’t angry on me because atleast I will get my friend back…… Please call me…

Arjun – hey you Misha (Swara) I am sorry I was involved in my exams so I have ignored you but now I will give time to you my friend please call me…..

I don’t know that from last few months what I wanted I get it but that time I don’t want all this because that time my priorities was Aslam Khan…. I open my laptop and started searching for some of clubs where drugs dealings last time seems…. Then that day I started searching for Aslam Khan or any of his goons…. Then six days passed I was going to college but my mind was only in to find out Aslam Khan but in all these Laksh and arjun was becoming hurdles however Arjun was busy in exams but Laksh he was with me all the time ………then day comes which changes everything I get call that Aslam Khan will do drugs dealings in one club I get that address I was about to go when Laksh came from window like always with bunch of flowers I don’t know what to do but unwillingly I sit with him he was asking about Delhi and my days and college but I was only giving my fake smile but really he caught me and started asking me about what happens…. Any serious why I am sweating and….. Etc…..but time was less so by acting I sent him back he goes then I collide my friend who started telling me about some fake mms which was made by Arjun’s freind and Arjun but I know Arjun can’t involve in all this and I also know that no mms is made they are only played prank but I have to taught them lessons but afterwards……

Then I taken permission from my hostel manager and came out…. It alone street….. I taken taxi and tell that address of club where i have to reach….. In all the ways I was only thinking about dad’s words that don’t involve in all these because if you involve then you can’t comeback and assured that he will kill that Aslam Khan…. But I only wanted to kill that bastard who wanted to kill Ragini and me…. And doing drugs dealings under name of my Dad….I don’t know but I can’t handle if someone plays with my dad’s name…just then I get call of Sanskar i pick it up……(this conversation between sanskar and Misha (Swara) I will tell you later) after that I reached that club ………

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