It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 3 ( color of change love and revenge ) chapter 32

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Anuradha Malik who was resting on chair with a evil grin and very much powerful feeling taking her revenge open her eyes when Misha Raichand walk in.

Misha smirk evilly – everything is undercontrol Mrs Malik ,our guards have confirmed that Arnav is now located and very soonwill be in our clutch and Swara is with Christian ,Ragini is bounded with Pari and Aarav.

Anuradha Malik laugh – Finally its time to celebrate and take our next move Misha, here Sanskar will once marry with that Khushi and their Swara Malik will broke down completely then we will finished her with that so called family of her.

Misha nodded then giving her Mobile said – MOM is pretty much wanted to know all the plans and wanted to talk to you.

Anuradha Malik took the Mobile .

On phone…

Misha ‘s mom – Everything is according to plan right .

Anuradha Malik – yes and very soon my revenge would be successful and your promise.Are you coming back to india?

Misha Mom chuckle evilly -Ofcource I need to meet everyone and give thier life biggest shocked and broken revelations which will make them to cry their heart out hahaha.I will be their tonight .

Call ended.

Anuradha Malik – Misha make sure security should be tight and is that girl Khushi is ready ?

Misha – yeah ,And She is locked in next room of where all are locked.

Khushi look at herself in mirror again and again. A BRIDE ,she never in her wild dreams thought about her marriage would be like this with someone else not with that Man for whom her heart beat every moment. Arnav.

“Where is he? Is he alright ?that old b*t*h didn’t do anything with him or ..?No,no nothing can happened to him ,and if he knew about all this why didn’t he came to free me ?Is he so oblivious that Khushi you can’t say something or feel like that! He is nothing to you and here you are saving your brother and sister! And if that Arnav Singh Raizada can go to any extent to save his Sister ,then you can do it too by marrying his Sister ‘husband…after all he said you are cheap,gold digger, and mistake of his life!” Mumbling Khushi Gupta don’t even felt when she sat on bed and cried bitterly, her whole existence is screaming and crying for that only Man,Her Arnavji,Her laadgovernor,her love.
Sobbing she felt someone standing her as she turned she was about to scream but Sanskar was fast enough to shut her mouth with his palm.
Sanskar whisper -sshh,Khushi don’t scream otherwise all the plan will go in wail.
Khushi relaxed and remove his hand whisper back- Just get the hell out of here !How dare you trapped my brother and sister!for getting marry with me !
Sanskar cut her off angrily-shutup will you!!!! My daughter Pari is kidnapped by them,her life is in danger and because that blo*dy old women and frowd Misha i have to agree to marry with you !Do you understand.
Khushi eyes widened in shocked- No ! Pari ! How could she do this with her own granddaughter child!this insane women!!!
“Its is a bigstory and just informed you that this is all biggest revengeful plan!” Sanskar said her and started looking around and then find mobile which he so needed.
Khushi -What are you doing?
” going according to plan!”Sanskar told her and tried to call but what he saw made him frustrating the hell ,mobile signals are blocked which he know Misha would have done cleverly as he hissed in anger”shit that b*t*h stopped the signal of mobile ,that Misha is mastermind on hacking or blocking everything!! ”
Khushi signed before her mind went on idea as she smirk -you are forgetting that I am too mastermind and in five minutes her hack system will be over!
“I would have known these Gupta sister is borned to made our way easy” said Arjun jumping in from window ,where earlier Sanskar came in.
Khushi frown – Whay do you mean?
Sanskar chuckling dryly – Aarohi too given idea by telling you both room contain many hidden electronic equipments.
Khushi look embarrased – oh!
Arjun smirking- don’t worry we will discussed about this “hidden tools” after this mishap.Now common bring out your lappy and start with work Khooshi!
Sanskar saw Khushi worried face then said – don’t worry your brother is alright, which i surely not wanted.
Khushi ignored his usual threatening and start her work.
Arjun peep out the window as he said -Do it fast !
Sanskar who was impatiently standing beside Khushi who was getting back in her journalist mode saw some papers as he pick it up his eyes widen seeing the plain lie.He walk up to Arjun and hold out those paper.
Arjun frown -What?
Sanskar said sternly-I never know I was jealous with you in school.which these mails are telling.
And then realization dawn on Arjun that Sanskar is talking about those fake mails which he planned for khushi ones.
Arjun smile slightly and shrugged off.
Sanskar sternly said- We will talk about this too and very much soon.

“Done!!” They both heard Khushi sequel! And then they both share smirk.

He stood their staring at his mother grave ,he never came back here after his sister declared dead.but now he is here third time.Once when He and Swara collided here and now again. His emotions are taking roll on him.He knew his sister hate him to death.yesterday whatever she said to him is still ringing like hell and its hurting dammit.

Arnav Singh Raizada knew that he have given his biggest treasure to his sister by giving her power to destroyed him and he don’t regret.Stil he don’t care if again he get the situation like ten years before,he will choose his Swara above his mother and her life.

But only he knew one truth beside his father and grandmother that this grave of SUJATA OMKAR MALIK only buried of her cloths and jewelry .not HER DEAD BODY which NEVER FOUND.

Arnav walk out from their ,and came near his SUV,opening its backseat he look at the man who was lying unconscious with blood over his face and his hands ,legs are tied.
Arnav took out the water bottle and spill it over hat Man face making himto open his eyes.
ASR smirk at this man helpless state ,he said with danger glint in his eyes – Tell me whp.hired you Christian to go behind MINE SWARA.
Christian who was choking and breathing hard totally feeling like burned ,he stammer -i..i am………and tonight… Everything.. Is…going …to..finished!!.. Your sl*t sister*slapped ,a hard slapped was on Christian and ASR was seething in his rage* ahh…i am…not..going … But…just..…swa..swara…will…be…finished.., if…you..wanted………I…Christian.. RAICHAND…will…just..laugh…at..the…destruction… Of….you…MALIK’S…. And…most…important… that…OMKAR Malik….ha..ha..ha.

And ASR have enough of his mocking giving most strong punch on Christian face he made him again unconscious.He have gone all background check on this guy when yesterday he heard him talking with Swara ,as he got to this guy is faking his identity as Psychologist and making promised to his Sister that she can come out of her pain, His Anger was no bond!!!and today he made sure before he got hold of his sister he will make this man life miserable for even eyeing HIS SWARA.But now he knew there is something big going on ,which he don’t even have idea but what ??But his ASR instinct is kicking his guts telling him from the time he landed LUCKNOW that their is something which is still unfinished and now he know what !

whose he don’t but with whom he know.

“SOMEONE IS WANTING TO DESTROYED MALIK FAMILY. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY MY FATHER OMKAR MALIK.”word’s easily slipped out of Arnav mouth .What’s going on ! He need to get control of everything and mostly he have to get Swara safe where is she dammit!!??he need to reach palace first as soon as possible but before he could move his head smashed by something hard and then he saw blackness but he heard a shocking familiar voice” go to sleep son!”


Ragini open her eye feeling most earth shattering pain in her head.
“What the f**k !!!” Ragini stood from bed her hands were cuffed and she was in store room of outhouse, she knew this place by back of her mind afterall this was the same place where her mother got in accident ,her head was blow by loosing glass window this whole room was once was totally made of glass a beautiful glass room and the same place where her mom was chasing playfully behind Swara trying to catch her made to eat kheer, and where accidentally she gotten hit by glass and with lots of doctor or anything she can’t survived, somewhere this was the root where RAGINI GADODIA HATE SWARA MALIK.After that she never dare to come in this room then why she is here from all the places and that too tied up!!
She still don’t understand how from her room in palace she gotten here!!
Who can do this with her?She heard footsteps coming and looking up she got shocked of her life !!!!

“Meera!! You are alive”

Pari sobbed loudly and continuously .As she started blabbering- Hottie,Rockstar please save me!! Hottie where are you they don’t even give me snacks or even stomach is making sound please rockstar come fast ! I promise i will never tease or even create problem to hottie and Rickstar!;please i am scared these bad uncle have slapped me many timesy cheek is too much paining. Someone please call hottie ,,,rockstar will be worried for me!;Suraj bhai will not leave anyone and Sanju bro will defiantly crying like me but Sameer bro will scratch these bad uncle’s faces.Ria di will kick them like in movies.they should know my family will not leave them!!!”
“Don’t worry Dad and ASR will find us !” Pari look behind where one boy of Sameer and Sanji bro age sat with relax lool even frowning but very serious ,from when she is here and shouting or blabbering he was totally silent like her hottie.

Pari sadly ask – they will kill us?
” if you become brave like your hottie then we can be out from here”said ARAV SINGH RAIZADA with serious note.

Pari gasp – haww I am brave like hottie ok !!and….how do you know my hottie is brave and strong!!”

Arav smirk a cute little Malik’s trademark smirk as he said arrogantly- Your hottie is my Swara bua means aunty that defiantly i know her and know you too my cute little sister ,Dad i mean your Lucky mamu would have told me about you all and here i introduced myself A.S.R means ARAV SINGH RAIZADA.
Pari look away saying – you are rude and arrogant boy ,you can’t be my sweet Lucky mamu son !!
Arav glare at her angrily – Shutup and you too don’t look like cute but a spoil brat understood!!
Pari -YOU !!!
Arav -YOU!!!

“Shut up you both kids otherwise we will not hesitate to kill you both!!” Came voice of one guard from outside making Pari and Arav scare but then Arav composed himself as he look at Pari who was so scare he stood and walk to her and hug her mumbling-We will be safe trust me ,Dad or anyone will find us soon pari.
Pari nodded and felt protected.

Arav who saw a small window open got an idea to scape.
One hour later…

Swara look outside feeling frustrated .after all the events she was here sitting in her car driving towards Palace.her phone ringed.She irritatingly took the call seeing the caller “Miss Aarohi Gupta”

On phone

Swara barked – What Miss Gupta !!

On the other side Sanskar,Arjun and Khushi look at each other with knowing look.

Sanskar spoke with grave serious voice – comeback to LUCKNOW from wherever you gone now ,Pari is been kidnapped, Anuradha Malik and Misha Raichand have did it.We all are housearrest.Contact to police and they are preparing for my marriage with Khushi in exchange of Pari,Arav is too with them .And Christian is their man.

Swara applied brake with jerk as she looked at the person infront of her car her face is written with shocked.

Sanskar,Arjun and Khushi don’t know what happened to Swara.

Swara then composing herself said coldly- I will see.

And call ended…

Kidnapped Pari …..

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