It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 3 ( color of change love and revenge ) chapter 31

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Swara smirking – ohh i would like to see how will you stopped me . ” Let’s game begin ,but this time with more fun and more thrills “challenging tone of her made Aadarsh smirk as he said -” why not lets say its not revenge its love !”

And he left while she breathe hard.

Scene shift of Luckhnow airport.

Swara walked inside the airport with her bodyguards .finally stopped and wait for Christian.

She tried to call Christian but it was unreachable. As she order to guards to go back,she can carry on from here.

Announcement of Flight was.going on again and again but their was no sign of Christian. Swara who was busy calling him felt someone behind as she turned their was few Officers.
Swara curtly -Yes any problem officer.
Tone of her made officer taken aback.
Senior officer -Ma’am we are sorry for disturbance but we have to checked your bags and interrogate you.
Swara eyes turned cold with anger -Do I have to give permission to you officer to tell me for which reason you are here to interrogate Me.Sammie M.
Senior officer gulped in fear but said -Ma’am its normal procedure if you please co-operate.
Swara saw that their is no Christian calls or text.
Swara sternly said -Ten minutes not more than that Officer if YOU wanted your job to be safe.

She goes with them towards waiting room.
After two hours..

Sanskar walked inside Swara room only to find empty.
He murmur-So she gone without even telling me.

“Sanskar She have already board flight two hours before.” Laksh said moving inside.
Sanskar – Fine.
But SANSKAR was anything but fine.

Laksh -Don’t love Her this much that you can’t breathe Sanskar.
Sanskar who was totally lost ,snapped out and then he felt his breathing is hard.
Sanskar -I know but its too late,the angel have already cast her spell.
Laksh smile sadly -Then broke it because you need to breathe for those angel parts ,your kids.
They both look at the picture of Swara hanging on wall smiling and laughing.
And they know Angel spell is too strong to broke without her,her Prince and knight will suffer.
Scene shift of HIGHWAY
Khushi walked slowly carrying her bag and totally sweating. Its been hours she is looking for any lift .when suddenly a car stopped in front of her.
Khushi look up to find ANURADHA MALIK coming out with her arrogance and proud.
Khushi confusingly ,,
Anuradha smile at this confuse women as she said – Where are you going Khushi Gupta?
Khushi who remembered yesterday’s Swara broken down and this women dreed was not at all understand how to behave with this women.
Anuradha Malik order calmly- Sit inside the Car Khushi because you are not going anywhere.
Khushi – Mrs Malik i respect you but this is not meant i am your servant that i will do as you wanted.
And She started going.
“Either you sit inside the car or I will make sure your Dear Brother Samrat couldn’t able to breathe anymore.
This made KHUSHI GUPTA to stopped at the dead track.

Arjun packed his bags to return back to Mumbai when he saw Misha coming inside his room with tears and worry look.and next he was stopped all his work.

Arjun – Misha are you ok?
Misha hugged him -Arjun sir …pari..i can’t find her..she is missing..
Arjun look at her shockingly-WHAT!!
Misha nodded – please sir do something .
Aarohi who too came their to tell Arjun about Khushi stopped seeing him hugging Misha and consoling her ,making her eyes turnef moist as she wall away.

When Arjun came downstairs he saw all the bodyguards ,police officers,servants  all were having pale and afraid faces. And then he spotted Sanskar Maheshwari whose all existence were screaming burning rage.

Laksh were giving call again and again ,Samrat is barking order ,Aarohi is sitting with Raina aunty consoling her whilr Omkar uncle is with Aadarsh talking with commisior.

Four kids were sitting on sofa having tears and supporting each other.

Arjun finally ask out loud- Is anyone informed Swara about this ?

Sanskar angrily said -Her phone is off and thier is no message from.

Laksh – Aarohi took Raina aunty inside and kids too.

Arjun who was now aware of Aarohi said -Where is Your sister Khushi?

Aarohi snapped in anger – She is missing too SIR.

And went inside with Raina Malik leaving shock Arjun.

Arjun though “what happened to her ?”

Sanskar angrily shouted at police officers – By hook or crook find my daughter PARI MAHESHWARI ,and she should be FINE.otherwise you all regret your whole life.

After getting instruction all are gone leaving only family members.

Laksh -where is Arnav bhai?
Omkar Malik – don’t know Laksh ,even maa is too not here.

This made Sanskar,Arjun,Samrat ,Aadarsh and Laksh alert.

Arjun – We have to track down.Arnav and Mrs Malik cellphone now.

Samrat made call to officer while Sanskar was now fully afraid for his small pari.

Laksh who didn’t find any message from Christian about their arrival to NYC was now totally confused.

Arjun finally realized and said -Ragini is too not here ?

Laksh look at him in horrified .

Sanskar who was giving instruction to his old gangster friends saw ANURADHA MALIK coming inside and that to be ALONE.

Omkar Malik walk to her and said angrily-Where were you Maa !!??

Anuradha Malik smirk as she said – taking care of unfinished business Omkar.

And Now their was not any doubt who is behind this mishap.

Sanskar hissed in anger -Where is my pari ??

Anuradha Malik said in determined tone -Alive and if you still wanted her to be alive then be ready for your grand marriage .

Shocked and only Shocked was written on all the faces of people in Palace.

Raina Malik said in anger -Are you out of your mind Maa ??what the hell are you saying!!!! What’s wrong with ???

Anuradha Malik walk inside and on sofa with smirk – I am in my sense Raina daughter in law . And yes my great grand daughter Pari is with me and if you wanted her to be safe then do Sanskar what you are told.

Sanskar was totally frozen on the spot.

Aarohi was the one who made her voice strong -I thinks you are not in your sense Mrs Anuradha Malik ,Sanskar is your granddaughter husband whom you are blackmailing to marry by kidnapping your own granddaughter child ,are you not have any humanity left.

Anuradha Malik laugh loudly while all are still shocked .

Omkar Malik – Maa What is wrong ??I know you are not like this ,and you can’t hurt our Swara part,then what is this Maa,?

Anuradha Malik chuckle evilly as she said -Being foolish all your life is the thing you have done Omkar ,my son !or should i say my step son.

Pale and colorless Omkar Malik stood in the centre of Palace staring wide eye towards Anuradha Malik.

All are now totally shocked and confused.

Omkar whisper in totally disbelief -Maa..

Anuradha Malik laugh evilly as she mock – You have forgotten Omkar but I am not that You are son of My husband and your first wife Manyata Malik and I am your father Second wife ,and you also don’t have forgotten that years ago you killed my son Dushyant Malik .I have taken wowed that I will destroyed your everything and I did.

Omkar Malik is now standing with sweat and disbelief state.He who forgotten about everything that How his mother died in accident when he was eight year and his father Chandra Shekha Malik married to his Mother younger sister Anuradha Malik who always treated him like son until his step brother Dushyant Born and he gotten Happiness as his younger brother, but in just one blink all happiness gone when his one mistake ,his one wrong driving killed hs brother, it was accident and he thought his newMother forgiven him but… he realized what his one mistake did.

Aadarsh who silently took out his gun and was about to point on Anuradha Malik was stopped by harsh kicked.


Misha stood thier with evil look taking hold of Aadarsh Gun while he was on ground .

Misha spoke evilly -Don’t be smarty Aadarsh !

Sanskar look at her shocked-Misha you are too with this women!

And next all were surrounded by guards with guns .

Anuradha Malik -Well you all are just my pawn.My real target is Omkar .

Samrat signal Aarohi to call the police but before that Misha who saw it broken Aarohi phone and slapped her hard.

Arjun shouted -Aarohi!

Samrat worriedly-Aarohi are you ok?

Aarohi nodded but her elbow hit on ground making her flinch .

Misha grasping Aarohi hair said – I Said don’t be smarty !

Sanskar – What the hell ! Stop alll this right now !

Anuradha Malik evilly said -Tsk tsk Sanskar you are unnecessary came in all this .But now By you i will destroyed everything of I am doing all these years.

Laksh shouted angrily- if you wanted to even be alive for a second tell us where is Pari !

Anuradha Malik -Ok i can tell you all after all she is my step son granddaughter ,but for that Sanskar need to marry and die!Giving all his wealth and the place of SWARA MALIK to another women.If you wanted Pari.ALIVE.

Sanskar look at her shockingly as his eyes met with Arjun ,Laksh,Samrat .they all.look helpless as him.

Aadarsh said outloud -Is their any blo*dy proof that our  Pari is with you.!!

Anuradha Malik signed towards Misha who insert pendrive in laptop and open the video.

All gasped in horror seeing PARI crying hysterically while as her whole small body roped on chair.while two Mask mens were scaring her by knife or blade.
And video was off.

Misha spoke chuckling-I think Mrs Malik they should cut her one finger or..

“NO!” The horror and fear was written all over Sanskar while all shouted.

Sanskar immediately said -I am ready !I beg you please written my daughter safely.

Anuradha Malik clapped -Aww look Misha what a father he is!More then lover his fatherhood is powerful who can give the place of Swara to anyone. You did a great choice Sanskar.

Sanskar closed his eyes painfully as the images Pari was all coming infront of him.and then he knew he have to do this for his daughter.

Anuradha Malik order to Misha -Call all the Media and made the announcement of THE GREAT BACHELOR ROCKSTAR SANDKAR MAHESHWARI MARRIAGE WITH KHUSHI GUPTA.

“What the f**k” It was Aarohi and Samrat who were looking at her in shocked and disbelief again.

Arjun whisper to Laksh and Sanskar -Anuradha Malik have play a big revenge game .But we need to get hold of her as soon as possible this old women is full of venom who can finished everything.

Samrat shouted -Where is Khushi??what you did with my sister you blo*dy old women !!!

Anuradha Malik -Well she is bride so i have sent her to get ready after all this is modern generation, bride need to get best treatment. And when the bride is taking place of SWARA MALIK .

Samrat was now who was laughing -My sister can never do this and beside once Swara got the hold of this news ,next you will regret your each breathe.

Misha said evilly – for that SWARA MALIK have to see news but she is more busy to get new man in her life ,once whore is always whore,am i right Laksh Malik?

Laksh stared at them disbelief .Sanskar and Arjun look at him confusingly.

Misha said mockingly-Christian is our man and soon SWARA MALIK will be at the same place.soon.

Anuradha Malik ordered guards to take them inside one room and locked.
Finally they all were locked in Swara room.Arjun sat beside Aarohi applying oinment on her cheek,while Omkar Malik sat silently in regret and shock but Raina Malik was their with him.Samrat was standing beside Sanskar whose eyes was filled with tears and fear to again losing his family. Laksh and Aadarsh were with 3S and Ria who were crying continuously.

Arjun said dangerously to Laksh -If because of your any nonsense Swara is again in danger i will kill you for sure after killing this both f**king women’s.

Laksh close his eyes in regret but then he gasp in shocked .as the realization dawn on him.

Samrat whisper -What you did now ?

Laksh – My Aarav is with that blo*dy Christian, I made deal if Christian make Swara come out of her grief i will give my son to him.

All shouted -WHAT!

Omkar Malik said with disbelief-Sujata was right you all can go to any extent for Swara.I ashame on you Laksh.

Aarohi – Now is not the time to blame each other ,we have to do something before anything happened to pari and Aarav.

Samrat – What about Khushi ?and this insane old women can do anything !

Arjun smile devilishly – You really think Khushi is going to marry Sanskar .

Sanskar and Laksh share knowing look.

Sanlak said together- Why are you looking like Devil !?You have plan !right.

This made 3S ,Ria too involved in elder discussion and stopped teary.

Aarohi confusingly ask – What’s this Devil look ?

Aadarsh and Samrat along with kids and Elders too look confused.

Arjun smirk devilishly – Nothing Lets arranged Sanskar grand wedding.


KIDDNAPPING of our cute Pari !!!!
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