its not revenge its love swasan season 3 (change color of revenge and love) chapter 43

Sunrays hit her face making her frown ,as she murmering curses open her blue yes to get surprised by that its actually late from her usual waking hours.she look around to find her bed empty and her room too.where he have gone?last night they were slept with each other and she dont know when she gone into peaceful slumber.its really surprising her that his warmth can make her sleep this peacefulness.she smile at her own thoughts and was about to move when she found a paper near her palm ,its written read me !like seriously what she is !5years old.she unfolded a paper and then what read made her froze.

A letter by him.


I am sorry,i am really sorry desert rose.i never said it but its hurts to see pity for me in your eyes.yes pity ! You were confessing your feeling for Arjun yesterday but their was a stopper for you and that stopper was were more thinking that i will be broken then feeling relief by confession .when i saw you finally screaming your feelings for someone i was happy but more hurt that it was not me.i always wanted your happiness and i have even tried to let you close to Arjun years before when i got the wind of your love or say crush for him but you didnt show any happiness at it .i have realized you were not in state of mind to even think of living so being in love is too far.i have did all the things so that you can get hope in your life.and coming to india was one of the things.and now when i finally saw some hope in you i cant let it die .i am leaving desert rose,i know i promise you last night but i have realized that you dont need me now but your own self .you cant runaway rose the people around you is your own whether what they did in past.but you need to realize it was your madness.i am not saying what you did was worthless but your one move ruined everything in you for which i can never forgive you .Now i am leaving for good not for lifetime.I too need some time alone just like you needed all these years.and dont worry we will meet soon according to your break time”3 years ” long time but we both will pass it soon jaan.and whenever you need me i am just call away.and i love you desert rose .-your romeo Sanskar .

She kept the letter away .and silently walk away to balcony needing for some fresh air.

The letter kept their on bed itself with drench of her tears.

Arnav finally sat on bench ,breathing heavily.a jog is all he needed after every revelation.he have lost count of the mishaps happened ten years before.

A father of his who himself digged his grave by letting three womens in his life to stay.

A mother of his who for all life was thirsty of revenge even by using her own childrens to let hurt her husband.

A step mother of his who was all ready to destroy her love and her husband by getting manipulated by her elder sister.

A grandmother of his who was not ready to accept the accident of her own blood and let herself burn in name of revenge.

A Uncle of his who wanted his sister to be out of their sons life just because she know the reality of his(uncle) illegiminate son and hidden the preganant wife of his another son.

WOW …what elders he have got !

If he would have been Arnav Malik then these people would have gotten died by now.

But he is ASR …Arnav Singh Raizada who do all his work on name of money and profit .And killing is not giving any profit to him.

And for what he came back he have finally gotten.

Sheeshmahal  palace

But what more he got he cant able to thank that god.

His sister.he was all broken that Arnav bhai in him just because his sister death and when he got her back his weakness is back and he dont care.yesterday show down made him speechless .

Swara was the one who signed the deal with Durgaprasad.And then trapped in blo*dy broteral house for 18months.after coming out she gave away her own eyes and let herself blind.after all this how come she find Sanskar ?

He need to know what his sister did all these years.

But the madness he have witness yesterday in his sister ,how on the earth she fell for that Arjun when her every gesture show how much she is alike Sanskar .if they are opposite in their behaviour then their stubborness is equal.

Arnav look up in sky and smile .he now understand what love mean or may be.

He have to get his love back.
He have to get his Khushi Kumari Gupta back.

And then he run this time for his life.

Laksh sat in Ragini room waiting for her to come out of bathroom .and when she did his breathe knockout.

Looking like seductress she stood in her barthrobe and wet long hairs falling on her face.her s*xy legs is all taking away his sanity.

Ragini – Now tell me what you wanted to talk ?

Laksh came back to sense only by her sweet voice which is filled with irritation.

Laksh composing his all wild thoughts he said – Marry me !

Ragini look at him stunned .What this man is ? Last time it was too same and now.

Ragini angrily – Why?

Laksh grabbed her wrist and make her lips so much close to his as he whisper- blo*dy ten years and i am still not even married to Mira ,having a tag of single father of Arav and you have to ask why ! What you think Ragini Gadodia of me whenever you want you will come back to my life and then runnaway if you are forgetting then last time i just blackmailed you for marriage but this time i would love to kidnap you darling.So shut up and agree for the marriage their is no blo*dy way i am going to slip you away from me and too this time.

Ragini jaw dropped at his marriage proposal !like seriously.

But before she could retort him back he finally did what he wanted .he kissed her with all his love ,hunger and anger.and She who was in shocked just moan back not having in her to stop herself and she too bite his lower lips and let her self explore him.

Well she can too understand this impatient lover .

breaking the kiss ,they both breathe heavily .

Laksh whisper-is that yes?
Ragini grabbing his collar came again close to his lips and whisper back – do you need to know.
Laksh smirk -seductress.

And then what stopping them.they both know they have never anyone else other then each other and past one month shown them time is not much to waste for ego or arrogance and mostly for revenge.

Sujata Malik heard knock and look at door to see Swara standing their in her bussiness outfit.her daughter is changed and became more beautiful and mature.

Swara saw the pack bags .

Swara – you are going.
Sujata Malik – yes .dont you think letting me free you did injustice for yourself.What i did years before you still …
Swara interrupted- No stop their Mrs Raichand or whatever you are.i let you free because you didnt harm other humans infact saved many girls and womens from broteral house with Christian .It was just me so why i will punish you when i dont give damm to you.And most inportantly what you are doing is good work.So just go and do what you left .

Sujata look at her shocked.

Sujata – i thought you never know about my whereabouts then how you come to know what really i am doing.

Swara coldly said – i have my own ways and i didnt tracked you down because you just harmed not abyone else .

Sujata Malik – What i did ,it can never be forgiven nor i have any say in it ! You can give whatever punishment you wanted to me Swara because i ashamed the relationship of mother and children.

Swara shook her and said emotionless – Stop with this speech because i dont give f**k about it and about my mother she died ten years .i have accepted because not only mother but her daughter too died.And.about giving you punishment you are not important for me not anymore.but do one thing when you will die ,inform me .

Gazing at her last time Swara walk out leaving Sujata Malik shocked seeing Swara Malik this ruthless and arrogance.she cant believe she was ever her sweet and innocent daughter.

Swara walking lostly bumped into someone and immediatly take two step back .seeing Christian.

Christian – did i still culprit for you ?

Swara smile slightly- no Christian ,and you will never be .you are the one who helped me from coming out of broteral house and then you are one who message me about the location of Arav and pari .But i dont understand why you were helping me against Sujata Malik ?

Christian shrugging of said – just because you are not like Anastasia ;she left me because of my family background her love for me was nothing but pretence but you ,you are different sammie.after struggling in that hell you were still strong to overpower those days.i can never understand your struggle but i can understand feeling of betrayal.

Swara smile at his gratitude – I have arranged your flight for Australia .Safe journey and stay in touch Christian.

Chriastian smile back and shook hands with her but then he said something he wanted to say all those years ago – I like you in person Sammie and i will always their for you.for you as a friend but for me you as a love.
Swara couldnt say anything more ,Christian confession is enough to tell her .He always knew what he is gotten himself and she respect it.

Swara- I will .and goodbye Christian try to stay away from my thoughts.

Saying it Swara walkaway leaving smiling Christian.

“i wish it would have been easy Sammie but you are magic which no one can denied.i have too fallen hard but i will never come inbetween your happiness.i only can prey that you deserved every thing you wish for and mostly love.”thinking mentally Christian walk inside the Sujata Mom room.

Sujata look at Christian sad face and understand it well.

Christian- you know mom you are lucky to have daughter like her but it was your madness for shitty revenge you lost diamond .

Sujata wiped tears – i regret it.

Christian head snapped heard it.he knew this women past ten years and regret was something he never heard from her and now seeing her like this he dont even feel pity for her.

Christian- We have to go back now.if you regret then lets say your one life is too small for repentance ,but lets do what we are doing from past ten years saving helpless women from that hell.Sammie have areanged arranged her personal jet and we are leaving.

Sujata nodded and ask in vulnerable tone- Did she will hate me all her life ?

Christian – i just know she dont care anymore Mom.I will call Misha and Raina come out soon please.
Omkar Malik see both women who are asking for forgiveness.

Omkar Malik – I will forgive you but not now it will take time to heal wounds which you both have given in the name of love.

Raina look away in ashame ,she have betrayed one man whom she love all her life and he still dont being rude with them.while Anuradha Malik smile sadly at this man behavior ,he still respect her otherwise he wouldnt have give one second to heard their forgiveness.

Omkar Malik- What you two did if it just damaged me then i wouldnt have ever say anything to you both but it cause my four children to lose faith in family.they four are damaged beyond repairs and being their father i can see the pain which they are hiding.i will not say you have only destroyed my daughter Swara but you have shattered Sara,Arnav and Laksh in their own way.for that i can never forgive but i will try to forgive what you two did with me but it doesnt mean anyone of you have space in my or my children lifes anymore.

The decesion was made and both the women accepted.

As they both left the study room ,Omkar sit exhausted on chair still thinking his one mistake cause so much.he wished that beside Dushyant Bhaisaab he would have.been died.

What not he have saw in his life.this much betrayal.he still alive its just miracle.

“Can i come in ?”Omkar look at door to see Sara standing their with hesistate look.

Omkar nodded .

Sara – Dad i am sorry for hiding everthing related to Swara .

Omkar Malik- its ok Sara and i am sorry too not understand you or my any children.and anything from me can never give back your or anyone ten years.

“stop apolozing Dad !”Laksh came inside with frowning face .

Laksh -you were too cheated by everyone.

Omkar Malik -But isnt that my ignorance towards you four given those women chance to destroy my own blood.

Swara and Arnav who were too came their could see their father in pain and taking blame of everything.

Arnav -Dad whatever happened somewhere it was just because your goodness i can say that.You were good enough to let Those women who were your mother and wives to give respect and love it is their blindness they never saw anything beside is not your mistake.

Omkar Malik smile at his sons angry faces.

Swara – Dad it was fate and we all can never change it.

Omkar Malik look at her stunned his Swara have accepted it and not blaming anyone .she have golden heart thats why she is so pure .

Omkar Malik – I will try to convice myself but now tell me what you four have decided now ,going back to your lives or what ?

Sara -Dad we here to know your plans!

Omkar Malik smile sadly -My plan ,after all this happenings i have decided to go Delhi our party needs me beside Aadarsh is coming with me.

“What!!!” the four look shocked at the mention of Aadarsh.

Omkar Malik -Before you four started yelling listen to me he was too trapped by his father and Mrs Anuradha Malik so i.cant blame we all have done crimes but we have to forgive because no one is perfect.and Aadarsh have begged me to forgive him.Beside Sanskar was the one who made me understand.

Sara look stunned -Sanskar said it!

Omkar Malik -yes and i have still not saw Sanskar from morning where is he ?Swara you know ?

All look at Swara who have emotionless face.

Swara said quietly lied-He left for Venice ,his producers is creating problems for him.early in morning

Omkar Malik -Oh …well now Tell me you four dont have any objection .

Laksh -Dad just be careful and dont trust that Aadarsh .

Omkar Malik -I know son.and now.tell me what you four have planned.because Arnav have already sent me plans of palace soon it will turned into Hotel .

Sara – Dad not too much plan ,I am leaving for New jersey ,already i have told everyone here that job is good but Arnav is in reluctant!

Arnav snapped at her -Not in hell you are going to New jersey Sara for that coach job !you are going to helped dad .

Sara -but..

Laksh -Bhai is right Sara you always wanted to have career in political party then why are you backing off and you  always did this then what stopping you now ?

Sara look at Swara expectately but Swara just shrugged and added -you are good in politics and Dad need you Sara go for it we all are with you.

Sara whinned -Dad atleast you support me .

But her father was busy in doing phone call.

Omkar (on phone) – Mr Singh type new appointment letter in name of Sara Malik as chief leader of Surya party.and also fax it soon.

Cutting the call he look at his daughter whose jaw dropped .

Omkar Malik order -you are going to be the future of my party Miss Sara Malik dare think about any damm job.

Sara nodded helplessly -fine dad.

Hugging her dad Sara murmer “thank you”

Laksh cough making everyone to look at him.

Laksh -I have proposed Ragini for marriage and we both decided it as simple court marriage.

Arnav look at his brother amused -you are telling us or asking.

Laksh immediately -bhai i am asking !!!

Swara said to her father teasingly -Dad let him married to that Ragini otherwise he will turned into a hero who never got his herione and started drinking.

All laugh at while Laksh look away in embarassed.

Omkar Malik -fine as now i think too you and Ragini should marry.

Ragini -….. bhai we have finally decided to get marry.

Arjun who was gazing outside the window turned to his sister finally after hearding her and Laksh decesion.

Arjun teased  -this time its out from love or revenge Ragini?

Ragini bit her lower lip in blushed her brother is ready but she still replied shyly -Love.bhai.

Arjun hugged his sister -i am happy for you ladoo.atleast you got whom you love.

Ragini hugged him back,but then breaking hug she ask concernly- bhai last night what happened are you alright ?

Arjun smile vanished but he said -Yes i am fine Ragini lets go downstairs now.

Aarohi who was standing at doorway give assure look to Arjun who smile back thanking her for being his support.

Samrat saw Swara on call and he waited for her to finish.

Swara [on phone]- Mark my is decesion is final send those papers to Mr Maheshwari;if any formalities is left fax the papers ,my resignation is final.

Cutting the call Swara look at Samrat angry face .

Swara -what ?

Samrat said angrily -you are asking what !!by transferring the CEO post on my name and getting out from the company you have given your eight years is joke for you.

Swara said carelessly -i need break from all this and beside you are the one who have supported me all this years you are CCO but now getting promoted is good thing so stop sulking.

Samrat snapped – And that means you are not coming back to Venice !

Swara lied – no its just i have wanted to need some break from my busy life and i am tired now. I have talked to Mark he have made sure everthing goes according to your order.

Samrat – its just for sometime right and did Sanskar know it ?

Swara nodded and said – Samrat last night what i said or did years before you were too affected by it and i am sorry for not acknowledging your feeling for me but you know i respect but i never wanted you to lose my friend in this love thats why i became ignorant for it i am sorry i can never give you same feeling as you have for me.

Samrat put his finger on her lips making her shut and said – what you did or ever do you are still best thing which happened in my life .and yes yesterday knowing you have feelings for Arjun it broken my heart and somewhere i am really angry with you and having fear ,but its fear is not having as mine But not going to see you know only by seeing i was satisfied but now this is only thing is getting snatched by me thats it.

Swara eyes turned moist as she stepped forward and hugged him tightly ,she knew how it pain not get someone whom is everything to you.and Samrat is another men after Sanskar whom she trust more then anything.

Swara – take care Samrat .

Samrat smile sadly -so i was right you are not coming back.

Swara signed and kissing his cheek she whisper – you are best man any girl want.

And she walk away while Samrat wipe his tears whispering -“so this meant good bye Swara ”

He felt someone behind him as he turned to find Misha their with moist eyes.

Misha hesistatly – i am sorry i just not here for eardropped .i came here to give message of Sanskar boss to you but..

Samrat confusingly-alright Misha and beside i can see you are still here not going back to Australia ?

Misha – no Sanskar sir have ask me to join back my job and come back to Venice with you .you are coming right ?

Samrat – if you have heard me and Swara then for sure i am coming .

Misha nodded but then ask -Will you forgive me ?

Samrat – one day i will.because like you i have too done so much mistake in my equal -equal.

Misha forward her hand -friends again?

Samrat remember Swara when first time he forward his hands towards her years before for this friendship.

Samrat shook his hand with her – friends !

They both share smile because somewhere their situation is so alike.

Mira shut off the face time ,she have finally talked with Arav who is genuinly happy after talking with her.her son is like his father .and he understand the situation which is good for her.she have promised him to meet every time whenever their will be chance.and he accepted it beside Ria is nice and very calm girl who is taking care of Arav well and pari is totally dramebaaz .Sameer and Sanju are prankster and seeing her son so much happy and lively with his siblings is felt nice.

Mira look at the envelope in her hand.she have to decide her future being in coma past eight has taken everything from her.but now this chance can bring something.And she have to move on now.



She cant belive that yesterday only she have met this men who is all ready to help her for her job and he seems nice.

“you ok?”Mira look behind hearding Sara concern voice.

Mira -yeah i am fine is just i have thought something ..i will tell you later you speak whats up ?

Sara said seriously – Mira this news is very much important for you ,look Laksh and Ragini have decided to marry and i dont want any problem from you.beside you are my friend so first i need to know you are ok with it ?

Mira smile brightly and lied -yeah i am fine and its good news Sara they are finally taking this step and…beside i have too decided something.

Sara smile in relief – What ?

Mira – i have decided to go Australia ,i have got job and i know it would be great change for me.

Sara frown -Australia ?job ?when this happened Mira ?

Mira show her envelope and Sara reading it hugged Mira .

Sara -congrats !!
Mira -thanks and please dont tell anyone .

Sara -but..
Mira -no please dont Sara !i dont want everyone to worry for me because of my joining in Christian Raichand company.

Sara -ok fine but you will be in touch with me and talk to me !

Mira smile and hugged her -thank you !!!

“and you were not going to tell me too !”they both heard Aadarsh looking at them with angry face !

Mira shocked-bhai no its just..

Aadarsh smile and said -its ok Mira but talk to me whenever you need me ok ?

Mira just towards him and hugged him tightly .they both have done many things wrong and they know the regret they always carry.

Aadarsh whisper – have safe journey Miru.
Mira let her tears stopped knowing her brother will not like it in anyway.- i promise bhai and you too be happy.

Sara just stepped back but stopped by tug on her hand and seeing Aadarsh hand holding her who is not seeing her made her feel quite happy like it felt.right and.she.didnt.say anything.

Khushi smile seeing them ,it felt nice to get everything back in place like before.she felt cold breeze and she knew he is here before she heard his.

“you are having nice choice in saree Miss Gupta !”Arnav said smiling making the women turned who wrapped in beautiful yellow saree and left her hair which is reaching her waist ,she is gorgeous .

Khushi try to go but stopped by him who next second pinned her on wall making her gasped.

ASR – i dont like when someone ignore me specially you Khushi !

Khushi try to push him but  his hold is more stronger after tiring herself she stopped figding.

Khushi said angrily looking straight in his deep brown eyes which were showing everything she knew- leave me Arnavji !

Arnav didnt bother to listen and ask angrily – Why are you ignoring me dammit ?

Khushi hissed -you are hurting me !

Arnav lose his grip and but didnt step away.

Khushi knew he is adamant .

Khushi – Arnavji please why are you being so worked on my ignorance beside why it affecting you?

Arnav bang his fist on wall making her starlted – stop acting Khushi you know why its affect me !

Khushi replied back angrily – No i dont beside i dont care about it anymore.because whatever happened it meant nothing to me Mr Raizada.

Arnav look at her hurt .

Arnav said calmly – Khushi please …why are behaving like now everything is right. What happened between us and now we can marry each other right ?

Khushi chuckle dryly -Mr Raizada if your family and your sister is now alright it doesnt mean everything is alright.And for crying out loud please stay away from me .whatever happened between us is just was act and you should know better .now i have my future ,my career i cant waste my time by being trophy wife of yours.beside what was between us ?

Arnav taken aback not believing what this women is saying.he felt something breaking in pieces in him and its paining like hell.

Khushi turning her back let her tears fall but she said abruptly -whatever happened it was act of revenge and now i am free so please stay away Mr meant nothing to me and never will be.

She didnt heard she turned to find Arnav is already gone she fall on her knees feeling herself broken as she whisper -“i am sorry Arnavji but we are not meant to be”

She sobbed hard but then her eyes went on ring box which was thrown and she know what it meant which made her sobbed hard.

Arjun walk in garden feeling quite exhausted by today.finally Sujata Malik have left with Christian Raichand,Raina Malik and Anuradha Malik for Australia. Ragini and Laksh decided to marry today only so they all went for register office in afternoon and all marriage procedures went well after that they got married in temple as small affair and they have left for their long awaited honeymoon.Samrat and Misha left for Mumbai so that taking Ria and Pari they leave to Venice.Sanju and Sameer are excited and upset not going back venice but like Sanskar have made them understand.Omkar uncle too left with Sara and Adarsh for delhi beside Mira too join them.Khushi has joined Aarohi for going back to Mumbai as they left one hour before for flight.He have promised Aarohi to soon let her know his decesion on their relationship.Arnav have gotten urgent call from Aman so he have to left for his london branch after the marriage only.and now only he ,Roshani and Swara are left .

“what are you thinking ?”he stopped walking hearding Swara voice.

Arjun look at her and said -nothing.

Swara handed him coffee and sat on swing in palace garden-care to join me .

Arjun smile and sat beside her.seeing her sipping her coffee.

Arjun -I am feeling guilty .
Swara – i know.
Arjun- and this guilt is eating me .
Swara -forget it.
Arjun -huh ?what your confession or the sacrifises you.did ?
Swara -you wanted to be free from that one thing marry Arohi.
Arjun – and say again your so called line “live happily with her !by again not looking for you !”
Swara – Arjun their is no love for you in me.
Arjun- What now it meant because i.know you dont love me anymore .
Swara – yes and Sanskar too know it.beside if i have to again ruined my life for you i will not hesitate.
Arjun -i know.
Swara -Will you do me a favour my bestie ?
Arjun -You dont have to ask.for favour just tell me !
Swara – tell everyone i have gone to London for SR branch.
Arjun – and this is plain lie .Now what are you thinking Swara?
Swara -This is once favour do for me beside i need some time for me.i am mess and this is last thing i wanted for my self
Arjun – then where are you really going ?
Swara – i will be in contact with go your flight would be here Roshani’s fever is good now.take her with you.
Arjun – You are making me emotional blackmail !
Swara laugh -finally it worked.i should leave.
After three years….

“Sanky !! Sanky !!! Woahhhh!!!”
“our rockstar!!!!”
“you are awesome “”””!!!!!!!
“he is the best !!!!””””

Sanskar Maheshwari open his eyes seeing the millions of his fans hooting for ,clicking his photos ,giving flying kisses.He is on roll.

“Hellooo Mumbaiii people !!!!! How are you !!!I think Excited!!! Then what are we waiting for Lets Rockkkkk itttttttt!!!!!”shouting smilingly he  heard his fans shouting for him.

He give signal to his band..and turned to look at the crowd his eyes are not finding anyone anymore like they did three years they know nothing is left to find.
” Who knows how long I’ve been awake now?
The shadows on my wall don’t sleep
They keep calling me, beckoning
Who knows what’s right? The lines keep getting thinner
My age has never made me wise
But I keep pushing on and on and on and on
There’s nothing left to say now, oh, oh [x2]
I’m giving up, giving up, hey, hey, giving up now [x2]
Below my soul, I feel an engine
Collapsing as it sees the pain
If I could only shut it out
I’ve come too far to see the end now
Even if my way is wrong
But I keep pushing on and on and on and on
There’s nothing left to say now, oh, oh [x2]
I’m giving up, giving up, hey, hey, giving up now [x2]
I keep falling, I keep falling down
I keep falling, I keep falling down
I keep falling, I keep falling down
I keep falling, I keep falling down
If you could only save me
I’m drowning in the waters of my soul
There’s nothing left to say now, oh, oh [x2]
I’m giving up, giving up, hey, hey, giving up now [x2]
Where do we go from here?
I threw some rocks up at your window
I broke some rocks right up your window
Timber timber, we’re falling down
Let the forest hear us out
Boom, badoom badoom, oh oh [x2]
Why can’t I see what’s right in front of me
We fall, we fall apart [x4]””””

He finished only to hear a big applaund for him ,he knew his consert is hit.

“i wish i never met you ….again Swara”he whisper looking at the crowd ,who is mad for his one glance and here he was mad for one women who never cared for him.He have thought three years before to get himself and her a break but what she did runaway from his life.and never contacted.betraying him again in worst way possible.

he walk to back stage where Misha is standing with big smile as she hugged him hard -you rock it boss again!!!

Sanskar smile hugging her back.

Sanskar -Careful Misha otherwise your husband will kill me for letting you work in this condition.

Misha look down at her six month baby.bumb .

Misha whinned childleshly -Oh please boss that monkey still is not came back from his foolish bussiness trip !

Sanskar laughingly -on which yoh have send him forcely.Wow Misha you are great.

Misha pouting sadly – yes Boss its my mistake but still he should have been came soon.i am still angry with that monkey !

Sanskar chuckle and hugged her sidely -now lets go you have forgotten dinner party at my Aadarsh bhai place !

Misha squeled happily -oh its going to be fun ,it had been long time we met each other.

Sanskar -yeah..


Precap – A beauty of love…..

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