It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 3 ( Change color of love and revenge ) chapter 19

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Sanskar cutted the call feeling hurt again he should be used to now that’s why it hurts less but no he was kidding!!! It is hurting like hell her using “anything else” is just making him remember the dark past of his life which he can never forget.he quickly composed hinself hearding someone coming .as he turned to find Ria smiling .
Ria -Rockstar lets go everyone is waiting for you!!
Sanskar said smiling fakely – yeah lets go Ria I am damm hungry and don’t know what 3s and pari would be upto now when Samrat and Misha too joined them!
Ria laugh – i am sure having a pranks on my boyfriend!!
Sanskar chuckle- yeah your so called boyfriend Samrat dixit!!
As they both come to dining hall and sat with all of they all chat happily telling Sanskar,Samrat and Misha about their sports camp excitedly.But they all hiding disappointment of not having Hottie between them which Sanskar and Samrat easily noticed.

Swara took her car keys and was about to go when ASR stand infront of her making her to take a step back immediately.
Swara coldly -Door is there to knock Mr Raizada.
Arnav knew he have to be ASR because being her Nav bhai until now nothing give him except dissapointment .
ASR – I don’t think moving in my own palace i have to ask someone Mrs Maheshwari.
Swara didn’t react at his mentioned “MRS MAHESHWARI” and just said coldly – But i am women and being women i should prefer privacy and space if your blood have that manners to behave.
It was totally ruthless words which bruised his heart more ,she is questioning on thier Mother upbringing how could she!!!but he know she’s trying to provoked him.
ASR – Apologized Mrs Maheshwari but i am here to invite your husband for dinner which i am throwing because my Mira is finally back from the dark but i can’t see him here .
Swara coldly- I’ll remember it . and she was about to go when ASR finally said.
” This time I will surely killed your blo*dy husband Mrs Maheshwari and you can’t be saved him”as he stated and finished with hatred and revenge “you will not able to save him like a suitable wife.”
“With pleasure Mr Raizada and surely you should do this once for all .” there was nothing but emptiness in those words there was no attachment or even a concern just like it will never matter to her .and Swara left leaving Arnav behind beyond shocked.

Ragini sat in his bedroom or say their bedroom for a while .Laksh came out from washroom wearing just trouser and towel hanging around his neck .He didn’t bothered to look at her and walk in front of closet getting his shirt out .
“You look ravishing my dear husband” she commented boldly which made him chuckle.
Laksh while wearing his shirt – You should think something new to get me in talking terms.
Ragini couldn’t help but surprise -You still remembered interesting .
Laksh sat beside her wearing his socks – Well you were good downstairs but don’t for once forget that my will be on you .if you tried to double crossed me then it didn’t took me a second to destroyed you.

Before Laksh could even think Ragini pushed him on bed fell on top of him and took his lips in wild kiss making Laksh to kissed her back with the same wild intensity after satisfied .Ragini smirk whispering-“Lets not play with each other . I am here to save something which is most precious for me more then my own life . so for you this is enough to be know.”as she was about to pulled away but he grabbed and rolled her again making her underneath him and he again kissed hungrily and pulled out abruptly making her moan in frustration he chuckle-“you still delicious wild cat but you see if i saw you playing anything which can harmed my brother or Swara then i will not for.once thought to throw you somewhere you can ever identity yourself “and he wearing his shoes walk out while Ragini breathing hard ” soo much change. Interesting! ”
Laksh called Aman and angrily barked at him- why the hell i didn’t informed that bhai is cancelled his plans!
Aman- I am sorry Sir but it was his decision and he asked strictly not to informed you otherwise..

Laksh – Hell Aman and where is Arav?
Aman-Sir Arav is on his way to Sheeshmahal with his bodyguard’s.
Laksh -fine.
He disconnected the call and then he saw Arnav bhai coming from Servant quarter area.
Laksh – bhai you didn’t told me about Mira ?
Arnav who thinking about Swara words came back hearding Laksh calling him”bhai” which made him too damm happy after all this their relationship is again in tracked but he is still angry with his marriage decision.
Arnav snapped-I don’t need to inform you everything.
Laksh – I am sorry bhai about my marriage thing but please bhai it was something i have to do and beside i don’t want Ragini inbetween us .
ASR – You brought her !
Laksh -Sorry bhai but i can’t explain you.
ASR. – you know what Laksh you are too not less from Swara you too hurt me and broke my trust by marrying that women.
Laksh eyes turned moist but then he quietly said – bhai Arav is coming here as he again got expelled from school .
ASR just nodded and said -Inform Sanskar manager Samrat about invite for today dinner by me and reason you know.
He walk out leaving helpless Laksh.

Living room…
Sanskar – Sameer and Sanju i don’t want any pranks here and you all will always go out with guards .promise!
All five prankster promise with sulking look but Sanskar paid no heeds.
Misha – Well we can have tour of this city tommorow what’s say!!
“Yippeew!!!!!” Came shouts of excited Ria,Pari and 3S.
Samrat who was instructing guards stopped when he saw Swara audi stopping infront of Mansion .as he can’t believed she is here .
Samrat said to guards – you all understand now leave please.
Gaurds moved out while seeing Swara everyone in living room went silent.
Swara glance at them then went to kitchen without saying anything. All look at each other .as she come out few minutes holding lunch plate which Samrat made and sat silently on dining area .
Sanskar silently said to misha -Misha bring the new contract file of album ,I am in study room.and he left without even glancing at her which is nothing but a gesture which told everyone that this what they can expected from them.
Misha smile slightly trying to mood lightly everyone- Oh god i forget that file i kept in your room monkey!!!come and give me!!
Samrat to carry on- you witch always forget everything!! Come!!
This was a try which made all five of them to smile as Misha and Samrat left knowing well these kids wanted to be with their hottie.

All five of them silently sat in dining area.
Swara look up at them said calmly- Tell me about your Sports camp .
Ria first one to say excitedly- it was great Hottie!!and you i won each bike racing and even swimming too!!oh those boys sulking look was worth of it !!and..
Sameer interrupted- but Hottie you know one of boy tried to kiss this Rat !!but Suraj bro one punch and all black!!woahh!!!

Swara look at Suraj who signed that he would have broken their head but our bodyguard’s taken care of those bastard!!
Pari said melodramatic way – but Hottie those boys were cute !!Haww one was having dimple like SRK!!!
Sameer and Sanju together-Shut up pari!!
Swara said calmly- and what about you Sanju ?
Sanju grinning said – You know hottie i just played pranks no no ….we 3S played pranks on those boys gang by mixing hitching powder on their shorts!
Sameer – yes and hottie those powder effects shows whem they went in water !!what a scene!!!
Suraj signed telling that they were dancing in water and thats why this Ria won swimming competition.
This made everyone laugh while Swara just smile and face calmed.
Sameer nudged Sanju who nodded this was noticed by Swara.
Swara -Tell me what’s now in both of your mind?
Sanju and Sameer said together- Sorry Hottie we both called you Heartless behind your back.
Swara smile vanished at a second and then she said quietly- It didn’t matter. You all should be careful and tried not to be away from your guards.
Pari said frustrated- Hottie !! Rockstar already told the same few minutes before.not again other my mind would start spinning.

Swara silently went inside the kitchen and washing her hand she was about to go when Pari stood before her holding her ears saying cutely- sorry for defying hottie but you see SRK swear it slipped of my tongue.
Swara bent in front of her cupping her face gently she said – its okay Pari and yeah sometimes we all get frustrated so its normal .
Sanju said – yes if you stop being frustrating then we will doubt that something happened to you!
Sameer -yaa then we all have inject you from big injection!!
“Nooooo you can’t do this to me!!” Screamed Pari melodrama self .all laugh except Swara while swara cupped her face gently and stood up.

Sanju and Sameer together- Shut up pari!!
By then Samrat ,Sanskar and Misha already came back heard everything but didn’t comment.
Samrat said to Swara – You didn’t have your Lunch right and now its evening. You even didn’t took your breakfast!! Is some fasting occasions!!
Swara ignored it and said coldly- do you got invites?
Samrat nodded and said -Laksh asked Sanskar and me to be there in Sheeshmahal but what about Kids ?we can’t leave them so i thought not to go.
Sanskar interrupted-Samrat which type of invites!
Samrat signed told about it by finishing Sanskar was shocked hearding Mira is finally alright and back to normal!!! His happiness no bound .
While Ria ask – Who is Mira Kapoor and Laksh?
Swara look at all kids and said to Samrat – Explain to them and reach palace with their luggage and bodyguard they are living their only.

Misha and Samrat was confused at her decision while Sanskar who was still trying to stop his tears ,finally his sister is back,his Mira is back!!he can’t help but thank god thousands look at swara and next he was hugging her tightly saying -Finally she is back you heard it .I am so happy!!!! God i waited so much .You would have told me !!!I am sooo much happy!!!! Mira is back!!!woah man!!!Swara its miracle!!! Really miracle !!!! Swara you know what i just wanted to run to my Mira and hold her in my embraced like anything. And ..
He stopped realizing what he just did he look down at her face which was nothing but no emotions .he step backed immediately regretting like hell .
But more shocked and froze were Samrat,Misha,Ria,Suraj,Sameer,Sanju,Pari they never ever saw this side of Sanskar .He even taking Swara name was enough for them to be shocked but this is beyond anything!!What waa that this is not Sanskar whom they saw all eight years and this is not at all Rockstar !!!who was this that just hugged Swara,hottie,heartless monster like life depended on her.

No body uttered a word .Sanskar was totally repenting what he just did ! He lost his control of years just by mentioned of his sister and he know he love his sister very much but hugging swara even shouting her name was never in his mind .
Swara said icely -CONGRATULATION Mr Maheshwari for your SISTER return.
And she walk out leaving shattered Sanskar Maheshwari who saw something in those eyes which he thought it was vanished but still there was same emotion for him…NOTHING.
Samrat was pinching hard what just happened and wide smile onhis face same with everyone faces !!! A hope which never left all of them returned back that there would be no divorce and it can be possible that Sanskar and Swara could be together.
But no one know that Sanskar just finished his even a one percent of getting back Swara by this act because now he lost his even very knowing stranger which he made her in these eight years by trying hard and now she will act ….

Mira was standing alone near the garden crying at the ignorance of Arjun,the revenge game of Arnav and seeing nothing at from Swara.
“Please don’t stress so much Miraji!’said Khushi .
While Mira looked at her wiping her tears – no its just i saw everyone so many days.
Khushi smile – don’t lie Miraji ,you are not someone who can hide your like all the others.
Mira eyes again turned teary – I know they all change everything is changed just by one decision.
Khushi – Which decision Miraji ? Please tell me by telling your pain can light your heart Miraji.
Mira hesitant- no ..i ..just..
Khushi – Miraji please don’t stopped i can see the pains and the wounds on each faces.and being with from past one week just make me realized how much they all are hurted by the past and if i know what happened years before i can just help them mending their relationship.
Mira didn’t why but she trusted this girl – thank you ..i don’t know your name ..
Khushi smile brightly- Khushi Gupta.

Mira – Khushi you are good and very sweet . i know from my heart that i can trust was all started ten years before.. Swara and Sara marriage got fixed with Aadarsh bhai and Sanskar bhai and that time I was with Arnav and Laksh in London for one year exchange program .I was ex girlfriend of laksh or say not at all the girlfriend, he was in love with Ragini from childhood but due to his ego he never told her and same with he asked me to pretend his girlfriend i agreed and i was his girl for twelve year but when we were coming back from London he ask me to break up .i felt shattered and i didn’t ask more from him because somewhere i know it would come soon but i truly tried to get his love everything but nothing happened. I silently broke up with Laksh not asking any reason. That time Arnav and I were started coming close but it was just mere attraction ,i know i was too shattered so Arnav was the one who held me and that one crash between two brothers.

I was hospitalized due to weakness and getting in depression. Laksh tried to talk to me but Arnav didn’t allowed him close to me then Laksh left for India alone.Arnav was so angry so he didn’t stopped Laksh.Arnav started taking care of me and somewhere we came so much close that we cross all boundaries of friendship. It was mistake we both regretted and tried to forget and move on.We both came back to Lucknow and the awkward was between us.I got to know that Ragini and Laksh were in relationship and Sanskar bhai was nowhere to be seen.When I ask Aadarsh bhai he told me that Sanskar bhai gone to Mumbai ,i didn’t understand except elders we all got to know that Sanskar and Ragini were in relationship then what made him broke up.I tried to talk to Ragini but she just shoved me off saying that it was mutual decision. Laksh didn’t tried to talk to me even the crash between Arnav and Laksh was easily seen by everyone but no one interfere.

Khushi was truly masking her expression because her heart was crying out loud hearding Arnavji spending night with someone but then she know it was ten years before.

Khushi ask – Swara didn’t tried to mend everything between Arnavji and Laksh Sir?
Mira – Swara was behaving totally different it was just not she . Swara stopped being her chirpy self and didn’t laugh too much .Sujata aunty was totally exhausted asking same thing with Swara that what’s the problem but she just shrugged off.Laksh was too into Ragini that he didn’t bothered ,Me and Arnav were trying to correct everything between us even Arnav ask me to be his girlfriend but i didn’t wanted pity so i refused.That time Arjun returned from Ahmadabad he was studying his lawyer degree their . Arjun got hold of everything and he tried to ask Swara but Swara just kept refusing that nothing is wrong even she slapped Arjun infront of everyone .We all were shocked at her behavior and something was off with Sara too she was behaving like child and some more days she suddenly lost her mental balance we don’t how that happened but immediately she admitted to mental asylum.

Sujata auntie requested to stop this wedding for few years but Anuradha dadi refused it.And wedding function started taking place .but every function turned into engagement ceremony Sanskar bhai finally came back but something was off with him.He was being aloof and never tried to talk to anyone just me and Aadarsh bhai and DP uncle. He didn’t ask about Sara .I saw Arjun at corner seeing Swara exchanging rings with Aadarsh bhai.i walk to him and started talking he was sweet and he didn’t bothered my blabbering. Arjun and I started getting along well .Arnav was getting again his usual temper while Laksh didn’t make any efforts in marriage retuals just Sangeet function Swara shouted at Arnav on some point even Sujata auntie was startled at her behavior.

Then like this Swara behavior became more distant and aloof ,she slapped, even shout,and spoke in venom even in one of dinner gathering she taunted Ragini and Arjun as servant and Arnav trying to snatching her shares and Sara shares from property she called Arnav and Laksh both to be taking whole property on their name and denanded her shares .that was not enough she told everyone about Sanskar real identity being gangster which made everyone shocked out of bit.i saw Sanskar bhai face he was looking Swara in total disbelief. No body said anything to Sanskar bhai but in all these made Arjun to take decision he finally said he is leaving this palace and there Omkar uncle give him few shares from Malik property and palace but I know Arjun he will never make use of it.but that was get more worst Arjun ask Ragini to come with him and she shouted at him saying she will not with that who just illegitimate child of her father.and don’t which type woman have given birth to him.that was end of Arjun trying to be brother of Ragini he slapped her hard and declared she is nothing to him from now on.Arjun have ask me to come with him I nodded happily but that’s was the last moment of mine happiness ,suddenly I was fainted and when I woke up I saw shocked faces of every one it was Arjun who told me that I was pregnant and i become numb and then I saw Arnav who understand it quickly and fimly step forward declaring that this baby was his.

Sujata auntie slapped Arnav while Sanskar bhai and Aadarsh bhai angrily left the room and Anuradha dadi take a decision of my and Arnav marriage. Arjun just said me that why i played with his heart he left the palace totally broken and shattered. But i was numb.being pregnant was not at all blessing for but it was curse which made me to be away from Arjun.Mine Arjun.After that my all happiness vanished in air .it was haldi when I got stomach pain it was unbearable .Arnav was totally worried and restless and everyone same.but what doctor told shook everyone that someone was giving me abortion pills . Arnav ,Sanskar bhai And Aadarsh bhai beated the cook and Laksh too enquired with everyone when Gardener Ramusingh told that he saw yesterday Swara mixing something in my food .and when Arnav confronted Swara she confessed yes and said that by getting heir of Malik family he wanted all property on his child name and shock everyone that how could Swara can go so low .

Arnav had enough so he finally said that he will leave this after the marriage forever and he don’t want any property. He had slapped Swara and said that from now she is nothing for him and Laksh just give a disgust look towards Swara and left .i tried to talk to Swara and cried hard in my lap all family members were totally in so much hatred towards Swara by this act even i too wanted to hate her but she is the same girl who was first person who make me after my parents death.i ask Swara what’s wrong why she is doing all this but Swaea replied made me shocked she said that she don’t know what’s happening to her.Aadarsh bhai said that he can’t make fun of their families so this marriage will be happening and when marriage day occur that was stormy night .Sujata auntie ,me and Swara was gone to temple two hours before marriage as a ritual and when I and Sujata aunty done the prayer Swara was not anywhere !!We were totally panicked and thats when Sanskar bhai came ,he too started finding Swara but we just found a note on which returned that she will never marry that Aadarsh and wanted something else from her life. Sanskar bhai took Sujata aunty numb body in car she was shocked beyond anything and i was too shock.

As he drove away we soon realized that car break was failed and Sujata aunty and Sanskar bhai told me to jump out ,they pushed me and i fall and smashed by stone. I was nine month pregnant ,i just wanted my baby to be safe some how but i saw Sanskar was pushed out by Sujata aunty from car and then car was in air blasted .Sanskar bhai was totally shocked but when he saw me screaming he quickly took me to the hospital somehow then i was literally saved by doctors but my baby was …..dead……then after seven days we got news of Swara being dead in bus accident her passport and driving license were found.All held responsible for Sujata aunty deadth on Sanskar bhai. Arnav left the palace next day and asked me to come with him.i silently gone with him and Laksh was too with us.Ragini broke up with laksh saying if he didn’t took malik property share she will leave and that’s what happened. Laksh was devastated by all this and Arnav was so aloof.and time passed after one year we three became somewhat normal and then started again that blo*dy love triangle i fell for Arnav and laksh for me.And Arnav himself ask me not to expect something then what Laksh begged for a chance and i was too a human so i agreed but there was no marriage. We were in live in relationship and i again got pregnant after two years with laksh child and give birth to baby boy.but that happiness for sometimes before eight years i gone to coma because of car accident and now i am here .

Khushi head was spinning like hell!!!what the hell was this !!!it was the real root of revenge but in all there was still mystery what happened with Swara,Sanskar and Sara?
Mira wiped her tears and when she turned there was standing the whole group.

Precap – previous.

Here you got the real glimpse of past.!!

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