It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 3 ( Change color of love and revenge ) chapter 16

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Arnav take his luggage and was about to go out of room when laksh entered inside the room .
Arnav -YOU HERE ? Don’t you have to go for honeymoon with that wife of yours !
Laksh couldn’t help but his eyes turned moist – bhai i am sorry but please i don’t have choice.
Arnav – Whatever Laksh ! But you know after Swara i can’t help but feel betrayal feeling is stirred in thumbing organ which is left side of my chest and what you did ! Is just making it clear that you can’t trust anyone. I am going back Mumbai and you can come.if you want after bridal show.
Laksh saw Arnav Singh Raizada walking away from them FOREVER.
Laksh took his mobile and call .
On phone ….
Laksh commanded -Aman i want tight security near ASR ! one mistake and you are fired ! I want my brother to be safely reach MUMBAI!
Aman – yes Sir …sir woh..
Laksh – stop it Aman and spit it out !
Aman- Sir I got call from Dehradun , they have expelled ARAV SINGH RAIZADA from school and sending him back.
Laksh signed and thinking for a second – Bhai shouldn’t know about it and Send ARAV here from next flight of this evening I will take care of him.
Aman – yes sir!
Laksh disconnected the call and looked towards open door whispering- sorry bhai but I have to do this because now this time revenge will be over once for all and i can’t make yourself involved this time ! What happened ten years before with you is something I can’t forget but this time I have to keep you out from all this and MIRA need you in MUMBAI .and ARAV will be fine here with me I will take care of it snd now LAKSH SINGH RAIZADA you have to be there in that palace where all puzzles will be solved of past and some payback time too !
Ragini knock the door after sometimes as Laksh look at her can’t help but control himself from yelling at this woman whom he loathed from heart .
Laksh commanded- pack your bags we are going to SHEESHMAHAL.
As he was about to pass when her hand bracelet struck with his watch making them collided as she mutter “sorry” and started pulling out Laksh hold her wrist softly saying ” wait” as he touch her wrist their eyes struck to each other then slowly pulled out .
Ragini said – you should careful . colliding with me is not always good for you.

(Every second, every moment
Now I only think about you
How will these days pass without you
Now that’s my only question)
Laksh grabbed her waist making her eyes wide while he just whisper – well my sweet newly wife now i am only one who will collide with you in every way .
Leaving her perplexed he walk out without giving glace back of Shocked women .

“Maa why our palace is gold color we can paint it blue like our room?i don’t like it !! ”
“What you suggest my little doll?”
“Pink maa please lets make it of pink color!!”
“Hmm i like your idea shona but you know GOLD color have their own place . ”
“What do you mean maa?”
” you know years before India knew as Golden eagle and that time Golden Eagle were only few .and our palace is one Indian monument and many people just come to see this palace! You wanted to change the color which have our india historical piece?”
“Haww maa noway i can’t be bad girl !!i am sorry maa but i Will never do this and always respect our palace Golden palace !!!”
“Come here my good shona now time for bed and hot shot milk!!”

Swara open her eyes still sitting inside the car in front of palace entrance. As her eyes reflect pain which gone like light speed.she don’t know but she was clutching her mobile which was vibrating as she look at the caller ID she disconnected the call and move out.
Swara stood at the edge entrance door of PALACE whispering-REVENGE BEGIN !
While Anuradha Malik smiling victoriously,RainaMalik sulking and Omkar Malik in anger .Sara give welcome smile .
Anuradha moved forward – welcome back Swara my princess.
Swara could see the ocean of hatred in that old women face but she was trying hard to mask .
Swara said coldly- My room Mrs Malik?
Aadarsh who came downstairs hearding the huzzle buzzle saw Swara standing .he just shook his head still those disgusting words ringing in his ears .
Sara said smiling-Swara your old room is cleaned and maintain.
But Swara still staring Anuradha Malik with her emotionless eyes making old women to step back with the unknown fear.
Anuradha Malik composing herself – like Sara said your old room is cleaned and you can come join for lunch in some time.
Swara tone turned coldest- Give the key of Servant quarter Room where Mrs Sujata Malik lived from past Twenty years of her shit marriage.
Omkar face turned pale hearding it ,while Anuradha Malik and Raina Malik couldn’t have words to say.
But Aadarsh And Sara are shocked hearding it .
Sara confused- What are you saying Swara sujata mom lived upstairs beside Dad room.
Swara didn’t say anything but Anuradha Malik is now frozen hearing this which she always maintain careful about keeping Sujata in Servant quarter without anybody knowledge then how come this chit of girl knew!!!?
Swara look at one servant and order -Bring key of old servant quarter.
Servant just silently moved out without even seeking any permission from his real owner.which made Aadarsh amused somewhat.
Swara walk slowly towards Omkar Malik glancing everyone .
Swara -you didn’t welcome me Mr.Malik.
Omkar Malik said angry tone – As soon as this one month will be over i will myself throw you outside of my palace.
Swara smirk-we will see Mr Malik , don’t think of me as your first wife shadowy because I am not!
Omkar throw the disgust look and left the place.
Aadarsh was seeing her in disbelief but keep silence.
Swara step forward towards Aadarsh but still maintaining the space and smirking-congratulations Mr Maheshwari but I thought you would be interested in marry me after all yesterday you were begging me right?and i made so good deal right .
Aadarsh clench his fist anger -don’t provoked me.Swara !!
Raina,Anuradha ,Sara hearding it give disbelief glare at Aadarsh !!
Swara smirking and whisper – what will you do ?huh!kill me like you did with Roshani Gupta who came for killing me by the great Durga Prasad Maheshwari and throw that body in Sara Malik ward room of Mental Asylum .

(We’re coming back to the race
Yeah I’m coming back to the race
Tell me if you’re ready
Can you take the pace
Twist gonna turn gonna make you see
Ain’t nobody gonna play good like me
Undercover cold like ice … yeah!
You know, you gonna loose
When you throw the dice
Just gonna chew and make you see
Make you see, make you see
Ain’t nobody gonna run a race like me)
Aadarsh face turned pale with shocked while his whole body rooted at spot.
Swara smirking wickedly- This time rules of Game would be mine . And sacrificed would be of king not queen in chess of life Maheshwari.
Swara took the key and turned to go but stopped giving last glance towards smiling Sara and then left.
Khushi who was coming back buying new tab saw Arnavji going somewhere keeping his luggage in bag.
Khushi confused -Arnavji you are too going palace?
Arnav give her angry glare and said in no nonsense tone – not your Khushi kumari Gupta!
Khushi just shrugged off and said flirting way – Arnavji please don’t start with anger and tell me where are you going because if you are going palace then i too wanted to come and if you are going Mumbai then too i will come .
Arnav look surprise – Khushi are you flirting with ASR.
Khushi smile and come near – if i say yes ?
Arnav smile slightly – Younare too courageous Khushi but well you need to know something.
Khushi turned serious -what ?
Arnav said guilty – I was acting with you trying to charm you .that was all lie.
Khushi thought ” These brothers and sister don’t have anything other then making people totally confused on their personality!!!oh god ji !!!where i am struck !”
Khushi with crocodile tears – Arnavji what are you saying?!!! I thought you …fine Arnavji but can’t we become friends if you don’t mind.
Arnav nodded smiling and said-after all the happening somewhere i am happy that someone is here who can be honest , sure khushi . well now i have to catch flight for Mumbai but if you need anything Laksh is here .
Khushi smile but felt hurted inside then step forward and hug him making him stunned , he wrapped his arms around her .
Khushi stepping back -goodbye Arnavji.
Arnav nodded and moves inside and zoomed off while Khushi felt.wet on her cheeks as she touched her cheeks she stumbled back .she is crying for this Laadgoverner !!! What the hell is happened to you Khushi !! If he is going then you don’t have to cry !! Why the hell my heart is beating so furiously dhak dhak dhak!!stop it!!! But i am so upset if laadgoverner is leaving me alone !it makes no difference to me.yes !! Humey koi farq padta (make no not at all difference!!)
She walk inside holding the tab why she is so upset !! She should be happy now she don’t have to act infront of that Laadgovernor and she too got hold of secretes of Sanskar and very soon she will out of this place ! but why she wanted to heard Arnavji scolding that angry glare !!!!
She need tea . yes strong tea that will help her but it would be brown ,in her mind there was flashes of chocolatey brown anger flaring eyes . why there is so pain ! Why he never smile from his eyes .she don’t like those sadness in his eyes.
Stop !!!!!!
She is going crazy !!!!
“Yes you are crazy!” Khushi look up to find Arjun sir standing infront of her smiling looking handsome, his eyes are light black but not those brown eyes which shows too much pain and sadness .
Khushi signed and sat on couch with her thumbing heart and confused mind.
Arjun wanted to laugh at this crazy girl !her eyes are filled with tears and her hands trembling while her eyes are moving again and again towards door !! Not bad here we have spicy love story in between all this revenge !
Arjun sat beside her and handed her cup of coffee which Arnav forget to drink his special sugarless black coffee .
Khushi took it silently still lost in her world sipping it !well she forget that she is sugar queen and here she is sipping sugarless coffee then commented- ” its so good Arjun sir !thank you”
And Arjun burst in Laughter can’t hold a bit !!!
Khushi look startled at his laughing face well she never saw him laughing so freely it made her genuinely happy but that laadgoverner never laugh !!!!
Aarohi who was going towards kitchen stopped hearding Arjun laughing. Her heart skip a beat and her own lips curled into smile .lost staring his face as she walk towards him in daze and bent give wipe the corner of his eyes which started teary .
Arjun look stunned at her action but he can’t able to say anything seeing the look of her face .it made him just to kiss the hell out of her and … he in sense what he is thinking!!!!
Khushi cough making both of them come back to sense well she don’t want their romantic track infront of her.
Aarohi stammering- Khushi…i am making lunch for us come soon.
And she walk while Arjun smile at her nervous condition.
Khushi ask – why are you laughing at me ?
Arjun shook his head and said – You wanted to come palace with me !
Khushi couldn’t believe her luck as she sequel-REALLY !!!!
Arjun nod and said – pack your bags and yeah tell Aarohi too i don’t think i can leave you two here .by yourself.and next time if you become theif then be careful.
Arjun walk away leaving Khushi jaw dropped to the floor !!!!
Then khushi open the tab connecting pendrive as she open everything there was nothing but lastly she open Sanskar mails.
“Oh god these mails are fifteen old did he never clean his mail box ? But they are not sent! All mails should be sent to SAMRAT DIXIT but nothing ,he just write email and saved !”
Well they all are not Arnavji whoEvery time maintain his mails!!
KHUSHI FOUND Emails of Sanskar Maheshwari which never gone to SAMRAT DIXIT.
Samrat look again and again his watch !!!where the hell that WITCH is !!surely kissing that pilot !!!
“Monkey looking smart !” Came a voice of Misha Raichand which made Samrat to turned and glare at her .
Samrat – your flight had been landed one hour before where were you witch!!
Misha shrugged off ” lets go we are getting late monkey !!”
Samrat walkwith her still sulking at her and cursing Sanskar for sending him here !!!
Misha – where are we going?
Samrat – first i will drop you to Gomti sadan where we are living then i am going to the project site.
Misha – blah blah !! drop me where heartless monster is living!
Samrat look surprise- what ? But why ! I mean Swara didn’t need you and you are here to follow Sanskar order !
Misha – drop me to heartless monster place and please stop with your lectures of nice employed which i am not !
Samrat – fine!
Sanskar stopped his car infront of “MEENA BAZAR” he recalled the evening when that servant RAMUSINGH was taking his last breath in hospital he gone there to kill that swine and know the people name who make that scandal but he died before it. He don’t even tell HER that he didn’t kill that swine but she said so simply and somewhere her voice make him happy . if finishing those f**kerrs can make her out of the shell then he will do it ! He have waited past eight years and now he will do whatever cause him to finished that bastard.
Swara runaway from her wedding before ten years Samrat.
Sanskar one fault made Sujata aunty die in fire blast Khushi.
ASR mira is getting back her consciousness.

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