It was not my fault (IKRS) Episode 6

The episode starts with Vipav leaving the room and going out in anger. In the morning, Raj gets up and his head pains badly. He thinks when did I come here yesterday I was there in the party and where is Dhaani. He goes out. Dhaani gets up and remembers yesterday night, she says no I will not go Viplav, I will not beg him, when it was not my fault! Now I will not plead him! Saying so she leaves. Raj comes and asks her where was she? Dhaani says I don’t want to talk to you and leaves, he holds her hand she turns he leaves her and she slaps him! Raj asks tell me what happened. One man comes from behind and says I will tell you what happened yesterday night. Raj turns and says Rahul you? Rahul says yes, Dhaani is confused and asks are you both twins? Rahul says yes, we are twin brothers and what happened yesterday night was done by me not him.. Dhaani asks what? Fb: Rahul says yes yesterday in the party I mixed sleeping pills in his drink and I put him in the room… And whatever happened I did.

Raj asks but what happened? Dhaani tells that is not important, important is why did you do this? Raj says because he wants to put my character down, because he is jealous of me as I was good in studies whereas he was not and our parents always criticised him and he always waits for a chance to criticise me. Rahul says I followed him till here and did that cheap thing. I did very wrong with you because of a stupid reason, I am so sorry and he kneels down. Dhaani says its ok at least you realised your mistake. Rahul hugs Raj and says I am sorry bhaiya, he forgives him on Dhaani’s assistance.

Rahul says ok so I am l am leaving. He leaves. Raj says so lets go after three hours we have to leave, Dhaani smiles and says yes lets go. Dhaani and Raj share some jokes and they both laugh. Viplav hears everything and fumes in anger and leaves from there. After some time Viplav finds out Dhaani’s room and knocks the door. Dhaani opens it and is shocked to see him. She asks why have you come here? Viplav asks what is your problem ha? Dhaani asks what is your problem you came here.. Viplav holds her and pins her to the wall. Dhaani says leave me please its hurting me. Viplav says its hurting me also Dhaani. Why did you do that? Dhaani says I don’t want any discussion about it just leave my room, he says no tell me who is Raj to you? Dhaani asks what? Viplav asks is he your boyfriend? Dhaani asks I said get out I don’t want to talk to you! Dhaani says I will call the security now… Viplav says they can do nothing to me as I am your husband! Dhaani asks really? You consider me your wife she pushes him and drags him out and shuts the door, she cries. Viplav is more angry now and goes to his room.

Viplav breaks all the things in his room. And thinks what is happening with me? I hate her then why I am attracted towards her? Dhaani packs her bag and all the lawyers are ready to leave. They are on the way to airport. Dhaani sits with Raj and they chit chat whereas Viplav feels jealous. He turns red in anger… Later Dhaani gets down of the bus to have fresh air as the bus’s tire was punctured, she walks inside and it’s a jungle. Raj goes ahead in a car as his flight time was earlier. Viplav also gets down to see her as she did not come from long time.. He searches for her he screams Dhaani where are you? Viplav searches for her, its evening and the sun starts setting, he finally finds her near a tree with injured leg. He runs towards her and hugs her and asks what happened how did you reach here? She separates herself and does not reply. Viplav asks look at me Dhaani its evening I am searching you since when reply me!! Dhaani says I did not ask you to search me. Viplav pulls her hand she comes very close to Viplav, he says don’t show your attitude. Dhaani says shut up and leave me…

Everyone searches for them along with the forest team…
The episode ends!

Precap: No precap 😉

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  1. Lovely episode Maria. Keep it up??

    1. Thanks butterfly 🙂

  2. keep going Maria…eager to know Ab kya hoga ???

    1. Thanks Sujie 🙂

  3. varsha(philo)

    wow amazing maria i was imagining when viplav was jealous thank for accepting my request anyways amazing

    1. Thank you varsha 🙂

  4. ??????wow maria amazing.. ?✌????

    1. Thank you so much lakshmi 🙂 ???

  5. your episodes are really so good. loving the storyline. viplav coming closer to dhaani while she tries go get farther from him. but haan you gave us more suspense and nervousness not leaving precaps xD anyways keep it up yaar. waiting for next part 😀

    1. Thank you so much shruthy keep commenting 🙂

  6. Fatarajo(KRPKAB, EDKV n Dehleez fan)

    Maria first of all I love the pic of ur ff and then I also love ur writing really u r very talented I m in love with ur ff and also the title is soooo nice 🙂 and I just read the last 2 episodes together

    1. I also love the cover pic? , thank you so much keep reading 🙂

  7. Maria superb episode
    and i would say with each new ff you have improved a lot… Well done
    Keep going.. And making us happy with amazing episodes

    1. Thank you so much arshi di, and we say Na practice makes man perfect.. But I am not perfect just practicing…

  8. Maria dear kya khòob likhti ho bada suspense deti ho ☺ phir se likho likhti raho acha lagta hai ? vidhani ke sang ka sapna sacha lagta hai ?

  9. kya tarif ki hai, apne to hamara dil khush hi kar diya…


    2. Maria(Mishalian?)

      Shukriya apne hame to bohot Khush kar diya 🙂 🙂

  10. Very nice Maria. Always u r giving suspense in the precap. want to know their past… what happened between them before ?

    1. Maria(Mishalian?)

      Thanks Porkodi 🙂

  11. Maria!! ? I knew it! I knew it! Someway, after reading the first two episodes I was kinda sure that they are spouse! And look I was right! HAHA! ? Also expecting a really powerful twist regarding to Kanak’s death. ?

    Gradually, your story is making me more anxious! ?

    1. Maria(Mishalian?)

      Thank you so much appi, and you knew it, very good?? keep reading, yes kanak’s death is also a powerful twist, just wait and read!!

  12. hey maria dear you starts third ff, oh god you are in rocket speed, very good, no words to say very good and keep it up your good work, i can’t follow all ff, because its really lot, and i can’t visit this page frequently ( because no balance in my mobile lol its empty from my girl is a liar ) so i can’t comment daily, but i will try to come and comment daily okay…..

    1. Maria(Mishalian?)

      Thank you so much kaviya di, OK try and comment everyday will wait for your comments 🙂

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