Not every love story is a fairy tale!!!!! – Intro

The doctor tries to pump breathe in me and bring me back to life but with every passing second I could feel my life slipping away from me. with every breathe her face came in front of my eyes, our first meeting, her smile, he beautiful green eyes. Ah!!! now i wont be able to see these again ever. I wanted to tell her many things but…..
With each passing second my eagerness to see her for the last was growing, growing and growing. I was remembering my roller coaster life since my birth till now when I am lying on my deathbed counting my last breathe. Suddenly I remembered that she must haven’t eaten anything since she would have seen me in this condition. She will fall ill and I wont be able to die peacefully. With extreme difficulty I removed my oxygen mask and said to doctor.
“Doctor….. Outside ICU my wife must be there……please tell……her to ………eat something………..or else………..she’ll fall sick………..”.
Only this much I could say before darkness consumed me.

HIIIIEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! friends I was a silent reader for a very long time but since this story came in my mind I thought to share it with you all. I am also a very big fan of Teja and especially Ragsan. This is my first ever post on TU. If u guys like it then please tell me through comments. This is a short intro to my story. Negative comments are also welcomed.

  1. Interesting. Post on swaragini page.

  2. Emotionl title

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