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Hey friends… This is the second last chapter and the journey till this has been amazing. You people are the best readers any new writer could have got…
Anyway coming to the chapter. Please note that this is the second last chapter and not the last… So don’t assume things.
Secondly.. This chapter may seem overly real to you and you may find it boring or not worth reading.. But I have tried my best to make it ‘real’. Many of you wanted Shravan’s pov.. But right now my hands are full.. Like I have got my board exams coming.. Then there are other stories… But i will try my best to fulfil your wish…
Love you all.. You are free to say it in your comments if you don’t like the chapter… It would hurt… but it would be for my own good… But this story… I mean the second part.. Has been really satisfying for me…so i will have no regrets.. Enough of blabbering.. Here comes..


Plan begins.
If you think that I will propose him or something, then I am sorry to disappoint you. I will not.
I take out my laptop and start writing.

Hey Mr. Malhotra. I wonder if you recognise me?
Because my email Id gives you no hint about who I am. Does it? But its obvious, isn’t it? Very few people know that you have got an email id.

Frankly speaking, I don’t even think that you will read it. But someone taught me that letting out emotions is a good thing. So here I am!
You must be wondering that why I didn’t say all this to you face to face. Why wait for us to go separate ways? I have an answer for that. When I wanted to say things that might have mattered to you, I was too late and I don’t regret it. I am not talking about feelings and stuff. They are a different story altogether. If I started on that, I might never finish.

But I will still give it a try and express as much as possible. You know, you were really charming when I met you. You still are to some people but for me, you have become a different person altogether. I would hate it if you say that I play a part in this transformation. I never wanted to. I still want us to be back to the initial stage of our acquaintance. Its not that the relationship period was not good. It was a wonderful feeling. And I cherish it. But then you know, there are always complications in relationships and that’s why I hate them. There are compromises and the biggest one is that you have to sacrifice whatever previous bond you shared. I will not lie. I was really flattered by the attention I got from you. Really flattered. But that was initially. As we moved ahead, I realised that all this is a lot more serious than I expected. And then when you expect me to act like I am supposed to, I do not. Why? Because I am a fool and its not really my fault there. Default you know. So yeah, I knew I did wrong by keeping you waiting for over a year but I seriously didn’t have an option. I honestly didn’t. Its not like I left any. Let me be honest here and tell you the truth. I am not meant for feelings as strong as yours. They do something to me and I loose control over myself. Imagine what would have happened had you got any more close to me. I would have gone wild. I am saying this because it really does happen with me. We both were way too secretive. And that’s what created a wall. Another thing is that I know you didn’t trust me and who knows, you don’t even do now. This upset me badly. Trust is the basis. If that’s absent then forget about other things.

I am not here to give you a philosophical lecture but I am surely here to tell you a few things that I wanted to tell you. Some are really old things and some new. Some are observations and some are admissions. You play a part in all these. So yeah I will say them to you:
– You are really handsome.
– I love your hair. Its your most attractive feature. Please stop messing with it and read ahead.
– You are intelligent and aggressive. But I want you to be smart. Smart men are always more wanted than intelligent men.
– You walk really fast. Like really fast. Slow down a bit otherwise you would leave something behind.
– You always beat around while laughing. At least that’s what you did the last time I saw you laugh.
Your laugh will always be one of the most memorable image for me.
– You always want to be close to the person you are talking to and you use your hands a lot.
– You are a big foodie.
– I have never seen tears in your eyes and I would never want to. Your smile is lovely. It always reaches your eyes.
– There’s a typical expression you have for situations like when you are stumped, when you are speechless or when you know what the other person is saying is right and you are at fault. I will definitely miss that expression.
– You dance when you are extremely happy though you never danced even once in front of me. I would have found myself in splits had I seen you doing so.
– You are really moody.
– You have a flirtatious nature.
– You have changed me, both for good and bad causes.
– You have taught me endless things.
– I always wrote in my diary knowing that you will read it. Its like I was writing to you and not my diary.
– You have given me my hidden talent and passion. Oh I didn’t tell you, did I? I have become a writer. All thanks to you.

– I have never shed so many tears for anyone else. You shouldn’t be upset about this because people who can hurt you the most are always the one really close to your heart. And you are.
– I care for you and you matter to me.
– I am sorry. You can take that for whatever you feel, I did wrong.
– And its okay for whatever wrong you did.
Now some true, bitter, honest confessions.
– You are short tempered.
– You are insecure. Trust issues you know.
– you have made me hate the word ‘sorry’. I hate it.
– You have become a bit arrogant. I am not saying arrogance is a bad thing. Little bit of it is okay. But even arrogance has class you know.
– please value the people around you because I see you and I fear that one day you will loose everyone and I don’t want that to happen.

That’s its for now. Long list huh. These are things which I have always wanted to tell you. But I guess I was not brave enough and you were not interested enough. So yeah. Mr. Malhotra, you have always asked me about my crushes so today I am gonna tell you the truth. The reality is, there’s not one person on earth who can fulfil my requirement of being a perfect crush. My crushes only exist in fiction. I have always been the one to fall in love with the characters and I am afraid that if this goes on I wouldn’t be able to find myself any real man.

So Mr. Malhotra why do you think that I have taken so much pain to wait for our graduation and do this. Just an email? Its because it is almost everything that was ever inside me about you and us. Hey hey please don’t think I am trying to hold you back or you know make you feel guilty because that isn’t the truth. We both are equally guilty and we both have done mistakes. Mistakes far greater than we have ever done. But we have even done beautiful things together, shared moments and created a box of memories. And today I write to you to remind you there won’t be a ‘me’ again in your life and there won’t be a ‘you’ in mine either but we can always relive what we created, what we enjoyed and what we dreamt. I can never ask you to forget me and neither can you because we have chosen each other as a part of our lives. So always remember me and more importantly, remember me as a girl who trusted you and cared for you. And still does.

I have written so much but I am still trying to recollect anything which I have missed. I won’t get another chance.
I guess that’s all.
So Mr. Malhotra all I want to say is, stay happy.
Take care of yourself. If possible take in mind whatever I have said above because its for your own good. Stay blessed. Stay charming. Stay handsome. And what else…umm… I guess find yourself a nice girlfriend. Because choices matter and I don’t want you to regret your choices because regretting will not get back what you have lost. So….
Choose wisely.

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  1. Ariana

    Sorry!!! Lol I feel like I’m being Shravo n making you hate the word sorry. I had always been commenting lately n alas I couldn’t even comment on the last chap. I just read that. Honestly, I won’t lie telling I was hell busy. Nah I wasn’t. Yah had workloads but not like those extreme pressure before exams. I was just taking a break from this technology life thingy n being exploring the city.
    Anyways enough of my shits which is literal unnecessary, Coming to the prev chap, I actually do regret for not even opening this site n reading that wonderful chap. Gosh, that was amazing!!!! I feel sooooooooooooo guilty for breaking my small record for always commenting on ur ff 🙁
    But I can’t change it now so let’s come to reality out of emotional grieves, which is the beauty of this chapter.
    I had been blinded by the charm of your words. That’s like a potion to me. I had been missing such works for so long. Lately, i had been reading too much of advanced craps that I almost forgot the sweetness of ‘teen’ stories. You, as a writer, are heavily talented and now I’m making bubbles repeating the same word again and again but I could never thank you enough. Every time I run away from all these common teen dramas of love stories, your magical chapters prove how wrong I can be. It just pulls me back and holds me long in the web of your skills. I can never stop admiring you. Like NEVER!!! I hope you know you have a very long way to go. Your talent, hard work, and inner instinct will carry you faaaaarrrrrrrrrr in the bright shades of life. And I can see a shadow every time you post something. I get addicted to it. I know it’s super hard to be realistic and hold a reader’s interest for looonnggg when readers are more into romance but you never fail. Not only me but bunches of TU users are driven towards ur work because of its uniqueness and I would never stop appreciating you for that. You are a magic. Stay charmed and keep spreading your potion everywhere because everyone deserves a bit of u.
    loads of love and best wishes
    ik all those words were hell cheesy but sometimes all you need is a little bit of cheese XD jk!! I’m terrible at letting out my feelings so deal with this. Don’t worry u won’t find me bugging around after nxt chap. I’ll set you free tho I’ll keep waiting for ur works on wattpad
    -your crazy fan

    1. WeirdSister

      Oh my god Supergirl..
      So many chessy lines.. But I love cheese you know?! XD
      You always manage to bring a smile on my face..
      And you should not be sorry about being late.. Because I am always there to break your record..
      Thank you so so much for all the sweetness you always shower on me..
      Love you loads and loads and loads..

  2. Beas

    Marvellous and it was really a ‘real’ picture ? Post soon if you can ✉?

    1. WeirdSister

      Thanks beas…
      The last chapter will take time..
      Sorry to keep you waiting
      Love ya..!

  3. hey…..
    this episode was just amazing. its so nice..
    each and every line or sentence is lovely.
    I open this site in morning. but I don’t have time to read this. so I thought to read this latter.
    trust me it is one of the best which I read in tu…
    its very real and just grate one.
    I am in love with your writing skills.
    please post next epi soon…
    loads of love…
    take care dear…

    1. WeirdSister

      Thanks a lot reema..
      The last chapter would take time.. A bit..
      Love u loads..
      You too take care..

  4. _Rida

    Guess what! I opened this site after quite long time and got an amazing chap of ur ff and unfortunetly second last 🙁 if u write any new story do let me know i would love to explore it out….
    And for the chappy it was superb u know there is some charm in ur words that make even simple things BEAUTIFUL i love this one.. do post last epi asap….

    Take care

    1. WeirdSister

      Thanks a lot rida..
      I would be writing on wattpad from may..
      Do give your id…if you have one..
      Love you loads..
      Last chapter needs a bit of time..
      Will try to post soon..

  5. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hey niyati!!! Yar it was damn awesome … like really AWEESOME .. nd u know what u hv made me crazy abt u nd ur writings … i hv become ur biggest fan .. seriously girl .. u r INCREDIBLE .. nd sorry for nt commenting on previous chap .. i was lil busy .. so plz forgive me ..
    Take care ..

    1. WeirdSister

      Hey Fatima..
      Thanks a lot..and its okay…
      Love you loads..
      Stay blessed..

  6. Nikita

    I know this is stupid but im still asking, did she send this to Shravan?
    Anyways, this was amazing. You penned it down beautifully. The emotions were perfect. You know whats the best part of your ff? Even though im very small, but I can say that it’s realistic. I mean we can connect to it in many phases. It’s not that I’ve been through it, but I can assune that it’s very normal if anyone goes through this. Its not dramatic, its to the point where we can see that it can happen. I love your writings so much yaar..!
    The 2nd last chapter ! This journey had been amazing. Im sorry if I could not comment on some parts, but I can guarantee you one thing, I read them, with 100% concentration. . Hope to see more works, and waiting for the last part!
    Love you!

    1. WeirdSister

      Hey Nikki..
      Thanks a lot..a
      Nd I am glad you could relate to the story..
      And no its not stupid to ask a question..
      Better to clear doubts than form wrong perceptions..
      No she hasn’t sent it yet..just written it..
      Love you too…

  7. Hats off to u !! Chap was excellent. The way u portrayed sumo’s feelings through the email was too good. Its time for shravan’s reaction
    I know your ff will have a different ending that’s why I love u sooo much.

    1. WeirdSister

      Thanks a lot deotima..
      Love you too sweety..
      Take care..
      Stay blessed..

  8. I commented on your chapter the same day when you posted but it’s not here now
    I don’t remind exactly what I wrote, as it was a long comment. So yeah, I’m sorry for that.
    I just want to let you know that, girl you’re amazing. I love love love your writings. You’re an awesome writer. Loved the way you portray all the feelings, emotions and thoughts.
    I love you and your writings. Second last chapter? Woah! I get mixed feelings about this whenever i think it’s going to end. I’m really excited to read the last part but on second thoughts I’m, well, kind of sad that you’re ending this mind blowing story so soon. It was an amazing journey till now. Every time you made me speechless; and your replies, always, had been a delight to read. This started sounding like a farewell speech now. So please be back with more ff/os as I love to read your writings.
    I better get back to study now, just thought to check if you’ve uploaded the last chapter which I’ve missed to read. Thankfully you didn’t. (thankfully, because I opened this site now after such a longggggg time as I’m way too much busy in studies)
    Take care of yourself sweetie. Much love ??
    P.S kinda in hurry so ignore any mistakes in this (hehe) *winks*
    Bye. ?

    1. WeirdSister

      Hey zainab…
      Frankly speaking..I was waiting for your comment..and when i read it.. There was a wide smile on my face..
      Thanks a lot for the appreciation..
      It really motivates me to do better..
      The last chapter will still take time..
      Love you loads..
      Hope your studies are going well..

  9. Rukhsar

    Oops….sorry sorry sorry i know i m very late….but what to do was busy with the exams since last week….got free today so first thing i did was to read ur chap….but still didn’t get time to comment so got more late….ok baba no more bak bak…..lets get back to our mission MISSION COMMENT….. actually today i m a bit angry on u….i write so well and still u say that it is boring….trust me if u say it one more time then i will not talk to u…..this was by far the best epi that i enjoyed reading alot…..its not that i don’t enjoy reading ur ff….its in a sense like it had a slight element of fun….ok ok i know i m weird…..everyone will find it sad or emotional and for me this is funny but what to do i m like this only…..seriously…..acha let me tell u what i found so funny is that the way sumo wad praising him sooo much i mean if she had to say that she could say it infront of him na what was the need to hide emotions but then came the best part that finally she realized that she should let out her emotions……and then the bestest part that sumo said at last CHOOSE WISELY…….exactly we should choose wisely that is the only point where if we go wrong our whole life be messed up….so for now i think i talked too much so gotta go
    Take care
    Love u ❤
    Bye ?????

    1. WeirdSister

      Thank you so so much naina..
      Hope your exams went well…
      Yeah.. For me too..there was an element of fun.. I enjoyed writing this part..
      M glad that you enjoyed reading it..
      Love you too..
      You too take care..

      1. Rukhsar

        My exams went well….now good luck for ur exams

    2. WeirdSister

      Thanks a lot..
      Love ya..!

  10. Ruchi

    Hey Niyati aka W.S
    Sorrryyyyyyy again m late..
    How r u dear??
    Wow.. It was splended..
    How u manage to portray each nd every emotion so beautifully..
    Whenever i read ff on Tu i feel y the hell m even writing such a useless ff..
    Telling someone ur feeling like this was amazing.. m now curious to know whether Shravan will ever read her mail or not…
    but after reading this m very sad….
    Bcoz this is 2nd last epi.. i wanted to read it more….
    Post next epi soon
    take care..
    Love you!!!

    1. WeirdSister

      Thanks a lot ruchi..
      No need to be sorry…
      Your ff is not useless….
      And I am waiting for an update by your side..
      Will try to post soon..
      Love you too..

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