Nobody knows my heart like you – twinj ff – Episode 2

Nobody know my heart like you twinj FF episode -2

Episode started

At night

Twinkle taking out her dress from wardrobe while something fell down she looks at it

It’s twinj wedding invitation her eyes become teary looking at it…

( flash back starts

Twinj became good friend then fell in love kunj was from middle class family he has dreamt of becoming successful business man and wanted to complete MBA and working for it day and night but financially weak twinkle was helping him in everything and supporting him in everything

His heard work paid off he got good job and everything going smoothly they decided to get married… Marriage date to near

Twinj were very excited for there marriage..Twinkle had been to Mumbai for preparation of wedding she selected some wedding cards  and left to sarna mansion to show him everything

While gate was locked she was waiting for them to come and then there comes car and kunj and taniya comes out of the car

And she became hell shocked looking at the scenario there

Kunj and taniya in groom and bride attire and mangalsutr in her neck

She leaves the cards in shock and wishing it to be some nightmare but it’s reality

That day was very painful for them

End of flashbacks)

She took it in her hand sat on chair

She looked at it teary eyed…

Twinkle – i wanted to throw it but can’t…  It’s just piece of paper for some people because that wedding didn’t happened and it’s useless now.. But not for me …. Kyu pata hey kunj kyu ki at least idhar mere naam aur tere naam saath saath hey…. Kunj and twinkle aur idhar humara naam saath saath hey eh dhek kar muje kushi hoti hey and next moment I become sad thinking you are not with me now..

We were so happy together and so excited for our marriage.. We shopped everything like mads… And decided our future baby names too… But destiny planned other things for us.. And everything got destroyed in one day…and i lost everything that day… Lost my love my happiness and everything I just lost it…

Abh reh gaye sirf teri yaadein…  Inn yadho ko tho koyi nahi cheen sakta mujse

She opens her phone gallery and looks at there (twinj)  selfie and smiles.. Only you can bring smile on my face kunj..  I’ll never forget that time which I spent with you those are very special moments of my life.. She keeps it near to her and cried her heart out… I’m unlucky I lost everything I lost our love symbol too 😭😭😭 why baba ji snatching everything from me what I have done to get this much pain… Ok baba ji I’ll bear this pain and everything but please keep my kunj and my family safe… I want them to be happy always only this i want now nothing else give every pain and punishment to me but not to my kunj he should be happy always he is so good make his all wishes come true…

She sleeps there only cursing her fate…

Next scene

At Amritsar

Kunj tara Or yuvi in another beautiful mansion when papa daughter feel sad Or happy they come here to spend some time

At night

Kunj sleeping peacefully he turns in sleep and he puts hands on Tara but he didn’t find her he opens his eyes slowly and looks at Tara side bed and finds it empty

Kunj – Tara?  Where are you baby?  He checks in washroom and he doesn’t find her there too he heard some noise outside he got to know where is she and he went out of room

Yuvi and Tara watching cartoons and having Puffcorn

Tara looks at empty bowl of Puffcorn

Tara – my Puff corn  yuvi uncle you eat more

Yuvi – shh talk slowly  otherwise your papa will get up

Tara – I don’t know anything I want Puffcorn otherwise I’ll tell to my papa

Kunj – tara… Yuvi 😡 what you both doing at this time haa

Tara – papa she goes to him and hug his legs…

Kunj lift her up in his arms

Kunj – you both watching cartoons at this time… And Tara you made me sleep and came here to watch cartoons

Tara – hoo sorry I wasn’t getting sleep and you were not leaving me so I made you sleep

Kunj – aur thu  saale cartoon dektha hey

Yuvi – yes I like cartoons 😍😍 but your baby not leaving me to enjoy cartoons sometimes demand juice sometimes Puffcorn and now telling I eat everything

Tara – yes he eat more papa looks at my tiny hands mey thoda thoda kha rahi thi aur uncle ne sab kuch khaa liya… And you know what papa he only requests me to come and watch cartoon with him… I was telling that I can’t come papa will be scared he can’t sleep alone but he said he will get scared and he wants me to protect him

Kunj raised his one eye brow listening to what she said… Papa can’t sleep alone he will get scared

Yuvi – chal jhooti but your stomach is very big… You are big foodie like twinkle hena kunj

Kunj looked at yuvi and both becomes silent for sometimes

Kunj become sad thinking about her again

Tara – oh hoo who is this twinkle?

Kunj – she is angel 😍

Tara – I want to meet your angel.. Call her here

Kunj – I also want her but she is not here don’t know where she went leaving me here

Tara – will she love me

Kunj – yes she likes kids lot

Tara – then I’ll pray God to send her back to you… And you smile always ok dont be sad I can’t see you like this

Kunj – acha same to you… Always keep smiling don’t cry ok

Tara – papa we will stay here only na in this house I love it lot you call dadi also here

Yuvi – you will not call your mom?

Tara – no baba no I’ll not give her address of this house too.. She hates me

Kunj – you should not say like this baby

Tara – but she don’t love me na papa.. She says she don’t want me and telling me that she will send me away from here she said she will sent me to hostel.. Please papa don’t send me away from you I love you I can’t stay without you hugging him tightly

Yuvi – arey no one will send you away from your papa… Ok

Kunj – yes my baby I said you na I’ll not send you anywhere then why you are so sacred when your papa is here

Tara – promise

Kunj – promise

Tara – pinky promise

Kunj – yes pinky promise

Yuvi – abh rath  bhar  yehi  karegey  kya

Kunj – let’s sleep

Yuvi – haa

Tara – no papa I’m hungry I want to eat something make something for me giving cute smiles so he can’t deny…

Yuvi – I’m going to sleep bye

Kunj – oh stop come and help me in cooking my baby is hungry

Yuvi – arey  yaar muje  nindh  aa rahi hey

Kunj – ok then khana  khaney key liye  bhi math ayiyo

Yuvi – Arey why I’ll come to eat na… After you finish cooking just call me I’ll come and eat.. Ithne  pyar sey  thu  banah raha hey tho mana  kyu  karunga

Kunj – acha tho help bhi khariye  pyar sey  bhula  raha  hun

Yuvi – huh ok

Kunj made tara baby to sit on kitchen slab

They were apron

Tara – I’ll help you both give me some work

Yuvi – no.. No he screamed… Baby you sit quietly that’s big help for us.. Last time tho you did very big help to me by putting chilly powder in halwa

Tara – haa it’s different taste

Kunj started to cut veggies

Yuvi cutting onions and crying tara wiping his face

Kunj prepared pasta and soup

They kept them on dining table tara to helping kunj

Tara – feed me now papa opening her mouth

Kunj smile at her and make her to eat it and tara too make him eat

Yuvi – nazar  na  lagey thum  dono  ko acting like applying kajal to them while Tara giggles

While current gone suddenly

Tara got scared because its dark and she is scared of it

Papa screamed Tara being scared and started to cry

Kunj – shhh bacha Dont cry and don’t be scared see your papa is here only

Yuvi on mobile flash light Tara immediately hugs kunj and breathing heavily

Kunj calms her down and make her to drink water

After some time she becomes calm..  Kunj lighten candle

Kunj – chalo candle light dinner with my baby

Tara smiles at him and kiss on his cheeks

After sometime Tara yawns looking at kunj

Kuvi takes her to room and make her sleep within no time she sleeps

Yuvi – she is scared of darkness

Kunj – yes from first only she scared of darkness and sometimes ago when she was 2 and half year baby her great mom taniya locked her in dark store room for entire day and from that day she is scared so much

Yuvi – why she do like this man she is her mom right I never saw her loving this kid.. Care karna tho door ache sey bath bhi  nahi  karthi…

Kunj – I don’t know why she is like this.. I thought at least she will love this kid but no ma’am ko apni padi hey.. I just hate that b*t*h she just spoiled my life…. Ruined everything because of her twinkle is away from me..

Yuvi – you still love her like before

Kunj – what kind of question is this yuvi I love only her yes I still love her and I love her more and more now but see she left me I said her to be with me and I’ll make everything right but she left me

Yuvi – what if she moved on?

Kunj – no I think no she didn’t moved on.. She can’t forget me like I can’t forget her and she still loves me like I do…she is also missing me like I miss her each and everyday…  May be she also plastered smile on her face like me to show world we are happy

Yuvi – where they went?

Kunj – don’t know yar where she went that day..  They left city itself..  I searched everywhere but didnt got any clue.. I’m just praying baba  ji  to send her back to my life again

Yuvi – but taniya

Kunj – please yar  don’t  take her name

They too sleep

Kunj blabbering in sleep where are you twinkle please come back to me

At morning

Kunj and Tara goes back to home

They get freshen up

Kunj making Tara ready for school he gets some call and he get busy in some office work

Kunj – baby go to dadi she will make you ready ok im bit busy

Tara – ok papa

Usha busy in kitchen tells her to wait

Taniya wake up just now

Taniya – arey  saasu  maa can’t you give me bed coffee

Usha – I’ll give you beta she gave her while she taste it and make faces and throws it on floor

Usha cleaning it

Kunj coming there taniya see it

She lifts Tara while she becomes scared

Taniya – good morning Tara  in sweet voice looking at kunj

Tara smile good morning mumma she too hugs her back while taniya making faces

Taniya – eww oil Chi.. Who applied oil to your hair

Tara – dadi

Taniya – see this all are eww  dirty things you should not apply it

Tara – no maa I’ll get long and strong hair

Taniya – shut up just listen to me

Kunj comes there and look at them

Surprised looking at Tara and taniya together and taniya talking to her nicely

Taniya – I’ll make you ready ok… She makes her ready making faces and smiling looking at kunj while he understood her

Taniya – you know kunj  i did all work today

Kunj – okay….

Taniya – tell na looking at usha

Usha – yes she did every work today now come beta have breakfast

Taniya was above to sit beside kunj

Kunj – wait..

Taniya – what?

Kunj – maa you too sit with us taniya will serve today.

Taniya – what?

Kunj – why taniya you don’t want to do my work

Taniya – arey no ill do na.. She fakes smile and serves him

Kunj – don’t serve only me

She serves to everyone she too sits

Taniya – kunj when you will buy that new car for me

Kunj – oh for car you are doing this all

Taniya – whatever ….. I don’t know anything I want that

Kunj – no I can’t buy that now I’m not in plan to buy anything now got it..

Taniya – kunj😡😡

Usha – kunj give her name beta

Kunj – maa please don’t support her in everything

Taniya throws her plate kunj gets angry on her

Kunj – taniya behave 😡😡😡 how dare you to throw food do you know it’s value

Taniya – I don’t care

Kunj – clean it now 😡

Taniya – no I’m not going to do it

Usha – I’ll do it later leave it

Usha giving coffee to kunj

Taniya to push usha deliberately hot coffee falls on kunj hand he screamed in pain.. It burns his hand and it became red

Usha – kunj🙁😭

Tara – papa 😭😭 what happened to you

Taniya – arey can’t you see and give him correctly see you burned his hand

Usha was crying she applied ointment to his hand

Kunj – Arey I’m okay maa dont cry…

Usha – dardh ho raha hoga na pattar

Kunj – dardh tho kab sey ho raha hey maa… Muje tho dardh hey dardh milta hey jeevan mey.. Dardh sehna sikh liya hey mene..

Ye dardh key saamne pointing to his heart ye dardh kuch bhi nahi hey

Usha doesn’t say anything

Kunj takes Tara with him and drop her to school and then he goes to office

Next scene

Taniya goes to her mom house

Mahila serving juice to everyone she smirks looking at her

She takes glass of juice and tastes it and acts like coughing

And throws glass aside

While her mom and brother gives her water and ask what happened

Taniya – shourya your wife put chilly powder in my juice coughing

Mahi – no no I didn’t scared

Taniya – what do you mean by no haa I’m telling lie you want to say this mumma 😭😭 bhayya

While her mother kamini looks at mahi angrily and shourya slaps her hard across face while she started to cry

Kamini  – now clean this and tell your brother to be in his limits otherwise we will become worse to you

Mahi – you people are already worst

They slap her again


Kamini – don’t talk much ok

Mahi  cries

Mahi – all happened because of me and my stupidity to love this idiot he ruined my life and also my brother life.. My kunj bhaiya life got spoiled by me.. I can’t forgive myself for this please god help me and please don’t hurt my family… Because of me he is bearing this all you kill me only it’s solution for every problem.. There is nothing left in my life now

Saying this she cried lot

Next scene.

Aditi – twinkle pack your luggage

Twinkle – why?

Aditi – we are going back to Amritsar 😎

Twinkle – what?  Why?

Aditi – arey we have to work on some project and company is there in Amritsar

Twinkle – I don’t want to come

Aditi – you are coming babes you don’t have other option and this time I’ll find good guy for you

Twinkle – for what?

Aditi – for your marriage dude I want to see you settled.

Twinkle -no I dont want to get married.. I’ll search good boy for you and tumhari shadi karvaungi vo bhi full grand

Aditi – jab thak  teri  shadi  nahi  hothi  mey  shadi  nahi  karne wali

Twinkle – please don’t say like this.. I’m happy like this only

Aditi – but I’m not happy dude to see you like this always lost in past now don’t say you forgotten everything and moved on in life you can fool others but not me got it.. And we are going to Amritsar it’s final.. When he can move on you can also move on.. And you have to  face everything there you can’t keep running from everything… You haven’t done any mistake to get this punishment.. Enjoy you life be happy

Twinkle started to say something but aditi showed her hands to stop her

Precap – twinkle and aditi comes to Amritsar.. Tara missing…Kunj finding Tara everywhere but not getting where she went..

To be continued…

(Hi friends sorry for late update was busy in some work.. How is the episode share your views.. Thank you for everyone who liked and commented on last story.. Hope you like it.. Forgive me if any mistake no proof reading)

Happy Maha  shivratri to all

– love you all 😍😘






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  1. Amazing shot…
    I think tara is twinj daughter …that’s why taniya don’t luv her & she is using her …just for kunj…
    Waiting for twinj …face off..
    Post next soon…
    Other ff also…
    Keep smiling always..
    Happy mahashivratri to u too…

  2. Very excited for the next episode 🙂
    This episode was amazing ….
    Pls post soon 🙂
    And pls post my love my life too soon…

  3. Tq. Awesome episode. Now kinda getting a thought that Tara might be Twinkle & Kunj’s daughter but don’t know for sure. Eagerly waiting for the next episode. Pls post next episode ASAP.

  4. SSK

    Amazing episode dear and after reading this am quiet sure that Tara is Twinkle and Kunj’s daughter.
    I would love to read all of your FF’s am really missing your FF’s.
    Hope you will post them as well. 🙂

  5. Ramya

    Awesome amazing
    Waiting for Twinj meet.
    And is tara is baby of Twinj??

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