NiVay – Let It Begin (Chapter 1)

Hey Guys,

I am new here and a hugee fan of Barun. Because the show is so heavy an dramatic, I felt like writing a light- hearted FF on Advay and Chandni. I’ll continue if you guys like it :).

“Kill Tanya today” I made a mental note as I parked my car.
Tanya, my best friend, and for the time being the person I hate, manipulated me into this Tinder crap last night. In my defence I was too engrossed in my wine to take notice of what she was blabbering while toying around with my phone, that’s basically mind-control. So, now I have to pay for indulging in my wine and meet this guy.
God, I hope he’s not a creep.
I had decided on the venue, a cosy little café, which is my absolute favourite hangout place. I scanned the room searching for the guy. It was hard not to spot him considering that he was enthusiastically waving in my direction. I gave him a smile as I made my way towards the table. Well, at least he chose a good spot to sit.
We exchanged greetings and settled on our table.

Rohit a.k.a Mr Blabbermouth sitting in front of me, had seemed to have a lot of potential. He was an investment banker, which means he was intellectual and strategic. And he had said that he liked to travel, go to movies and try different cuisines. All of which fell into the “plus” column. However, what Mr Blabbermouth had failed to mention was that he liked to talk about these things in excruciating and mind – numbing details.
Not that I’m judgmental, I understand some guys get nervous on first dates and they talk a lot to compensate for that nervousness. But Mr Blabbermouth here wasn’t nervous so much as full of himself – and that is a big put off.
I realised I was not paying attention to him when I was startled by his laugh. So, not only has this guy been going on about his amazingly perfect life, but he also thinks he is extremely funny. He did not even realise that I was yawning. I actually yawned on his face and he still doesn’t get it. I made one last attempt to show my zero interest in his talks, by deliberately looking at my watch. Guess what, he still didn’t pick up the hint. Just as I was about to tell him off, his phone rang.

“I have to take this call” he said and walked out without even waiting for me to respond.
I sighed as I fished my phone out of my bag and texted Tanya.
“I’m going to kill you”
“That bad?” she texted back
“He just talks too much”
“Isn’t talking a good thing?” she texted trying to put a positive spin on the whole situation
“I know about his trip to Dubai in 2011. He enjoyed the kebabs there”
“Ouch! That’s too much talking” she texted
“Any who, he’s coming back. I’ll call you later” I texted as I noticed him coming back to our table
“Alright” she replied
“So, I have to leave. Can I call you tomorrow?” he said in way that clearly indicated he tried to make himself seem important.
“Umm, I don’t think it’ll work out. I’m sorry” I said

He seemed as though he was offended, he was expecting a rejection at all. It was a good thing that we didn’t have to share phone numbers on this app; otherwise I suppose I would have to change my number altogether to get rid of him.
“Whatever” he said and scoffed off.
I couldn’t help but laugh as he walked off. It had been a year since my breakup with my cheating pig of an ex-boyfriend, which is also the same amount of time since I moved back to Mumbai. I should have seen the signs, actually I did see the signs, but like every fool in love I decided to ignore them anyway. Stupid Chandni.
My promotion and moving back to Mumbai came at the right time. It gave me a chance to get a fresh start. Besides it was a huge career opportunity. Immediately after my MBA, I got a job at a leading investment bank sticking with them for 6 years paid off, they set up a division in Mumbai and wanted me the head it, I am the youngest Director in the history of this company. I guess my professional skills are not that bad.
I guess I should start using the same instincts and judgement for my love life too, maybe then it wouldn’t be such a disaster.

Now, that the horrible date was over, all I had to do was wait for my sister Shikha. She wanted to introduce to someone. Given the way she had been asking me about it, it has got to be her boyfriend.
“You should try the coffee here, at least that’s good”
A deep voice with a rough grip, cut through my trail of thoughts, I looked up to see who it was and I wasn’t disappointed. My eyes were pleased to see this beautiful stranger smiling at me.
I pulled out my phone to check on some e-mails, till the time my little brother arrived with his girlfriend for dinner. Rajveer is very secretive about his relationships, this is the first time he’s making me meet his girlfriend, which means that she is very special to him. He avoided telling anything to our extremely traditional mom, who would start the wedding preparations if Rajveer tell her just Shikha’s name.
Mom has been hoping for both of us to settle down. However, she had given up on me to settle down in life, so she had pinned all her hopes on Rajveer. And because she was our mom, of course she knew something was fishy with Rajveer and that meant I was instructed to give her a full report after our meet tonight.
Suddenly I heard a funny laugh and scanned the room to see the source. Ah, it’s that good-looking girl’s date. Their date was a crash and burn since the time that dude opened his mouth to talk and he hasn’t stopped ever since. I wondered if he even stopped to breathe or not.

As a guy who hasn’t had problems in meeting women, I know for a fact the women like confident men and there is a very thin line between confidence and being-full-of-oneself, which the dude seemed to miss. I saw him walk out to attend a call and I shifted my focus back to the girl who was texting someone.
For some reason I couldn’t take my eyes off of her and then she smiled. She had the most contagious smile, so much so that I didn’t realise I was smiling just looking at her. I saw the dude come back to the table say something, probably asking to meet again. Now Ms Smile had to make a decision, whether to relent be nice and agree to meet again or give him her number and never message back.
I saw her share her head in a “no”. Damn, this girl can speak her mind, instead of keeping the guy hanging; she point blank told him the fact. He however did not expect rejection and scoffed away muttering something.
I turned to take a good look at her again. As soon as he left she chuckled to herself, crossed one leg over the other and got comfortable in her chair. Since my job has me studying behavioural patterns & body language for a living, I decided to study her.

She had chocolate brown tinge in her long layered hair, everything about her was stylish and put together from her red blouse tucked neatly in her gray pencil skirt that accentuated her well-toned body paired with classic heels. My analysis tells me she’s in her late 20’s and worked in the corporate sector, given her attire and body language.
In other words she is smart, attractive and single. And I didn’t want this lady to end her day with such a goof in her mind.
“You should try the coffee here, at least that’s good” I said as I approached her table.
She looked at me and those eyes. Those big brown eyes had me lost in them.

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