Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 9th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 9th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, roopan says see dadi u were out for one day n see wat all happened, dadji says wat has happened, roopan says ask the culprit, laxmi says vimla im sorry, roopan says why are u sorry u already spoke abt vimla, laxmi says i didn’t speak abt vimla, vimla says its ok n leaves crying, roopan says see u have spoiled all the things laxmi still since im vimlas own sister i will talk to her, dadi says roopan all this ur doing isn’t good, roopan says see nisha this is bcoz of u n ur family n now im the one bad here.
Dadaji asks umesh where is suku, umesh says he is in workshop n his a bit scared, dadaji says he shd have been scared before hitting ritesh, ramesh says suku said sorry to ritesh n he didn’t do on purpose, dadaji says he shd have thought before doing it, n umesh from tomorrow suku will work from Udaipur n don’t book lavish things for him he will be going from economy cls n will stay in workshop only.
Kirti says to roopan that she didn’t to come between me n nisha, roopan says i did all this to bring u n ritesh together, kirti says oh plz riyesh isn’t interested in me stop all this, roopan leaves jwala comes n says if u aren’t interested in ritesh why are u behind him, kirti says im not i was just trying to repay from sukus side jwala says then wat about nisha, kirti says i agree i was overacting.
Laxmi calls ramesh n asks is suku really been sent to Udaipur, ramesh says yes, laxmi says to ramesh to talk to dadaji, ramesh says that wont help, mohan gets a call from roopan , mohan asks ramesh wat has happened roopan sounded low did laxmi tell anything to roopan, ramesh says is laxmi said something surely roopan must have said firat, mohan says ur right, vijendra comes in tensed, mohan asks wat wrong, vijendra says this ramesh kid suku he is crossing all limits, ramesh says vijendra before speaking plz learn wat actually happened n then oint out at my son, mohan gets a call from Ajmersaying that one neckpiece is missing, mohan asks vijendra, vijendra asks ramesh u packed it did u miss place it, ramesh says i don’t know abt it n leaves, mohan asks vijendra wat is wrong, vijendra says i lost the neckpiece n if i tell dadaji he will scold me im already dealing with dollys wedding expenses, mohan says we will talk to dadaji n sort out n we will talk to ramesh as well abt this he is already tensed.
Ramesh makes sukus arrangements in his friends house, dadaji asks ramesh why he did so, ramesh says suku is his son n he will do anything for his comfort, dadaji says wat abt his mistake, ramesh says he did so to save his sister n i don’t think this is wrong, dadaji gets angry n leaves.
Mohan n vijendra comes to ramesh n ask him did suku reach Udaipur safely, ramesh says yes but his health isn’t that good, mohan says he is young n will handle himself n ur decision of sending to ur frinds place is good, vijendra says im really tensed n don’t know wat to do, mohan says i would help but i myself have asked a 5 lakh loan, ramesh says have u seen our kids they all stand together whenever one does mistake, n sp we brothers will do the same, mohan says ramesh is right.
Dadi goes to nishas room n finds her crying, dadi goes to her n says how is my dearest nisha are u having a personal chat with the pillow even i used to do so bcoz i didn’t have anyone but u have ur dadi share ur feelings with me, nisha says all my cousins are angry with me n all others as well, dadi says ur upset with roopan right let time go n all the things will fall in their right place, remember when u were small ur aunty roopan use to save u from all ur mischiefs n so why will she do anything wrong for u, she is just lost in her love for her kids , but nisha u got to do a very important n hard work for me n that is to bring back ur family members back together, nisha says but its very difficult now, dadi says offcourse it is n so ur the one chosen for it,nisha says dad ii will surely work hard n bring our family members back together.


Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Why no precap???
    Now nisha aur uske cousins is getting boring ……… always fighting. ……. and nisha is an emotional fool. Story line should be changed:-D

    1. I don’t agree with you. …….. I like this show. It is getting bwtter day by day……….

  2. Precap will be showed everyday….you’ll come to know if you watch the show at primetime……

  3. 10 oct written update!
    Where is it?

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