Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 9th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 9th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, nisha tells kabir that she hates viraj,viraj hears this and feels bad , kabir says to nisha im sorry I didn’t meant to hurt u, nisha says its fine I will be back soon.suku and bunty thank kabir for saving them from viraj. Gayatri tells kaira that if viraj and nisha meet all plan is flop so do something go, make sure that they don’t meet gocreat some misunderstanding or anything just go and remember this isn’t just my need but also urs.
Kaira sees nisha and pretends talking on phone and says yes im staying with viraj at his palce and im so lucky to have him.aman gives dadi water, dadaji asks why are sitting like this,dadi says what im having medicines, dadaji asks where is my specs, aman says dadaji I will find it for u,dadaji by mistake drinks thandai.summit sees this and tells dolly, dolly asks tell me how are u here,sumit asks aren’t u happy and gets upset and leaves.

Rukhma virendra and ramesh due to bhang stop behaving like mad and start applying colors to vimla and laxmi and tease eachother,mohan enters quietly , virendra says mohan say happy holi and force him to drink bhang mohan drinks it joins them, vimla asks mohan where is roopan, mohan says oh plz don’t spoil the fun and call that vamp, rukhma tells that roopan is getting ready for kitty party.virendra says lets go stop roopan all three start singing,roopan comes and says mohan lets go come fast.umesh goes to roopan and keep her busy while ramesh goes to corridor and gets ready to throw colors on roopan but instead of roopan the color falls on dadaji.everybody gets shocked seeing this,dadaji looks up and sees its ramesh who threw colors and starts laughing as effect of bhang, ebryboday take a breath of relief,dadaji says start singing and dancing its holi.
Summit plays music and everybody start applying eachother colors, and dancing and celebrating with colors, roopan stands aside, ramesh sees dadaji seating in corner and goes to him and says babuji.
Here at association kabir starts dancing on balam pichkari song with kirti suku and bunty, nisha and viraj looking at eachother,kabir invites viraj to dance but viraj denise,kabir leaves him and goes to nisha and pulls her and starts dancing,viraj doesn’t like kabir holding nisha, nisha while dancing falls and viraj catches her, seeing this everybody stops dancing and look at them. Viraj and nisha memorise their first meet and the night when they danced together and soon the moment when nisha said she was arti and viraj leaves her.
Nisha says im sorry,viraj says not required and says I need some water my hands are dirty now needs to be washed, nisha feels bad and turns to kabir, kabir sees tears in nishas eyes nisha walks off, but kabir looks at viraj and goes behind nisha, gayatri asks kaira to go to viraj,kaira says viraj forget her common lets go dance,viraj says kaira plz leave me alone,kabir says nisha are u fine,nisha says guys relax im fine, kirti says nisha why didn’t u answer him,nisha says I had promised dadaji, and u guys go have fun,kabir says common nisha don’t break heart,viraj says some people have in it in them like a habbit u see,nisha says kabir come lets go dance. Kabir and nisha start dancing,viraj gets angry seeing that.

PRECAP: kabir says to viraj show ur richness to ur parents and not here,viraj says I can but looks like u don’t know whose blood is in u and hits kabir,kabir hits viraj back.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Nice episode …..nibir jodi is superb…

  2. Those who are niraj fan can answer why did viraj break nisha’s heart again again… is it what you guys call true love…. even if kabir gone out of show pls I don’t want to niraj to unite… its better for nisha to do arrange marriage than doing marriage wit viraj…

    1. may be viraj heard nisha that she hates her (he saw a flash back of this) nd got angry as for his erupting confused emotions towards her he cant decide wether to be angry or to love her as jealousy with kabirr playing its part or may be just infront of bua ji to make sure she does not hurt nisha anymore as there are chances he heard bua ji back then before the press conference as he was shown there behind bua ji may be he heard that and does not want bua ji to hurt nisha ………… rest only the directer knows

  3. yah kabir and nisha look awsome their the best its a playful couple viraj is just a classical geek

    1. Yah exactly i wish Kabir was my boyfriend

  4. hey friendss what is your reaction on the news of this show going off air in april and what do you expect from the ending…….. plz comment

  5. I am sorry that the show will be going of air….why? is due to viewership? I think it is one good show.

  6. That’s not fair …its the only show without bhahu drama all the actor are acting more than expectations why the are closing it. Please don’t to this NAUC fans we love this show

  7. Aneri confirmed that show is not going off air and it was just an rumour.

    1. reallyy thats good……

      1. but the news says that nauc will go off air this april n will be replaced by “manmarziyan” in which ahem sharma(karna from mahabharat) is playing d lead role….i don’t want nauc to go off air…this is the only serial which doesn’t have dat quintessential saas-bahu nonsense…n the channel says dat they r taking this show off air becoz of low TRPs….that’s pretty i found there r just so many ppl who luv thshow dearly…me too!!! 😀

  8. The episodwas good… No u r ending this serial.. C sathiya and rishta how they r dragging then y this show.. Its not fair..

    1. how did u forget balika vadhu!! XD

      1. though its not aired on this channel….still…it has had d longest running tym…it has beaten d record of “kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi” too!!!! 😛 n new concept serials like everest n nauc r being taken off air…n d worst of all…coz of low TRPs…how stupid is that….indian janta still luvs saas-bahu dramas… -_-

  9. kabir’s dance was awesome!
    kabir rocks the show!!

  10. Loveee kabirrrrrr… Want kabir and nisha to be united.. 😀

  11. yah ! i love kabir as he always stands for nisha and viraj i hate him u see he insulted nisha infront of everyone but kabir still saupported her and viraj is behaving like a mad person

  12. in todays episode nisha will be busy in her mobile and will accidentally fall…….when kabir sees that he will run towards her to help him and will accidentally fall over kaira …….. viraj will think that kabir has done this truely so he will begin a fight with kabir

  13. kabir’s dance is amazing ……………………………………………nibir rocks

  14. i love u kabir….

  15. so Viraj has shown his real class? cheap -_- Nibir Rockss

  16. I only appreciate viraj for his good height. but I still hate him a lot and from seeing this episode my hateness for him is also increased a lot. plz pray to god for long life of NAUC. I can keep a fast also for its long life bcoz nibir jodi is rocking yaarrrrrr.

  17. oh sorry kabir is also tall. i will only want my life partner like kabir.

  18. mujhe to future ye lag raga ki kabir ko bhi Nisha se pyaar ho jaayega Nisha ka pata nahi aur jab kabir ko pata chalega ki viraj uska big bro hai to vo shayad apne pyaar ko tyaag kar viraj aur Nisha ko milaane lagega. lekin mai nahi chahti ki aisa ho. Aisa ho jaaye ki Nisha ko viraj se bahut bahut ghradna,nafrat ho jaaye and fir nibir ek saath hamesha ke liye ho jaayen.

  19. I want to see niraj together. I m mising nisha and viraj’s cute talkings.

  20. I just loved this episode(9thmarch) leaving the falling incident of Nisha in viraj’s arms.

  21. Prabha Krishnan

    Anyway I like nibir jodi the most.. let them unite

  22. Pls niraj we want

    1. U knw frnds NUUC to cum to end on april i saw in fb

    2. aneri said that it is just an rumour.

  23. Niraj’s jodi rocksss…..

    1. never never niraj jodi will never rock the serial. there no match in between them. viraj :- akdu.
      Nisha and kabir are so cool.

      1. dont u have heard that ‘opposite poles attract’.so niraj rockz.

  24. Nauc is my favorite show……I like u nishu .she is so cute & kabir took;-)

  25. I like kabir and nisha together ….they are so lovely jodi:-)

  26. me tooooo.

  27. Hiya navya!!!!! I m also NAVYA 😛

  28. Plz don’t end the show.plz make nisha hate viraj.

  29. Guys chill,nauc is going nowhere.
    Aneri Vajani rejects rumours of the show ending

    Recently there was news going around that Star Plus’s popular youth based show Nisha Aur Uske Cousins would be going off air in the month of April.

    However, the latest news is that the lead actress of the show, Aneri Vajani, has refuted these rumours saying that the show is not going to end next month.

    The actress cleared that air about the show saying that the channel is very happy with the ratings of the show and has given a green signal to the makers to continue for a longer period.

    Aneri also said that she was disappointed with these negative rumours and said the show will bring forth a lot of new twists and turns in its storyline to keep the viewers entertained.

    1. if this news is true that this is not ending then i’ m so so so happy.and if nibir is the future then definitely this serial has a long life and a bright future.

  30. i like viraj and nisha pair very much but in between kabhir came confused but i have confermed viraj would nisha’s pair how awesome is it.

  31. ashmitha kulatunga

    bt i hate nisha when she refuses to like kabir!!

  32. yeah. I also thought this only.

  33. I love nibir kabir is so romantic and viraj is akkdu

  34. Thank god its going nowhere:-).

  35. There is a good news for nibir fans
    Nisha and Kabir to turns husband and wife legally

  36. And then?

  37. Oooooohhhhh wow! 😀 yaaaayhhh!!! Nibir…husband-wife legally!!!!!:* ab toh m super happy…n thank god nauc isn’t being taken off air. ..

    1. ashmitha kulatunga

      awww thats a grt news!!!im soo happy!!hope there will be more nibir scenes then

  38. Its not rumour ..really its going to end its replaced by manmariyan by karan in mahabatrath

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