Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 9th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 9th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, nisha says plz forget all this im going to no councilor n leaves, ramesh says who will bring her out of the pain god knows. Nisha is thinking abt viraj, cousins n rukhma come to nisha n tell her that dadaji has agreed for aman n now she will be here as poonam, rukhma offers cousins chocolate, cousin share the chocolate n enjoy, nisha says umesh wat are u thinking, umesh says im just thinking how will we handle this, dolly says even im little scared with all is happening I mean aman as cook, nisha says no worries we will protect aman, umesh says aman are u ok with all this, aman says im ok with it I have no problem, kirti says aman wat if family don’t accept u, aman says I atleast got a chance, nisha says guys we have to take dadi to our side. Cousins take dadi to have ice cream, dadi says why are we hear but first thing let me make it clear I cannt lie to ur dadaji so, umesh says dadi trust me I haven’t told dad abt aman , dadi says I trust u, umesh says aman is here for a chance n looking at aman may be they will accept her, dadi says that’s not easy, aman says dadi I know that but I just need a chance, i will try to please uncle n dadaji, umesh says dadi give us 30 days n in these 30 days if we don’t succeed we will never see eachother, dadi says I don’t know but im not liking it u coming to my place as a cook, umesh says dadi we cousins have decided to take care of it, dolly n kirti request dadi to agree for it, dadi says I don’t know whether it is right or wrong but don’t forget there are others as well in house but im at ur side. Cousins thank dadi.
Nisha goes to viraj, viraj looks at nisha n says nisha are u ok, nisha says yes sir, viraj says ok this file is very important file it contains all the details of lakshya academy n so make sure its safe n no one gets to know abt it n it’s a confidential file, nisha says ok sir I will take care of it, viraj says ok lets go for practice session, nisha says ok sir. After viraj n nisha leave, a shadow is seen into virajs cabin.
Sourabh gather cow shit in a plastic bag n puts it in priyankas bag. Priyanka comes n takes her bag n comes to the lobby, all look at priyanka n run away from her, priyanka says ekta I have applied the most expensive perfume why are all running away from me, ekta says ur smelling like cowshit.nisha looks at sourabh who is laughing, nisha asks him why is he laughing sourabh says just watch, priyanka puts hand in her bag n finds cow shit in her bag, gayatri comes n says priyanka wat all is this why is this cowshit in ur hand, viraj comes n gets angry n says finish all this nonsense n clean the mess.
Nisha makes arrangements for practice session while doing so she keeps the confidential file drawers keys on the table, nisha takes a cloth n starts cleaning the rifles, she picks one of them n aims at the target, nisha has flashes of wat priyanka said, her past wat shekhar said, wat viraj tell her wat her dad tells her, viraj looks at nisha smiles n walks away, priyanka comes n says nisha how dare u touch my riffle don’t u forget u are just an employee here.

Priyanka says to nisha n sourabh, are u two serious abt eachother or just friends with benefits.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. Thanks

  2. The precap is incomplete,nisha n priyanka have a fight!

  3. Thanks Tanaya…. Ur super fast..!
    Anyways not much in today episode but in precap… Poor Saurabh has tears in his eyes… Priyanka is not realising how much low she is stooping to..

    Any guesses whose shadow that could be

    I think Shekhar..:p

  4. Episode was superb. Pata nhi wo parchai kishki hogi ??? Ab kaun sa naya villan agaya ??? What abt sekhar guys.

  5. arez yaar it was good but not too good becoz there was no viraj nishu scene today.koi baath nayi.and i hope viraj is one who can make nishu free form her pain.thank for fast update.

  6. I think d shadow is of priyanka’s mom as she is always after viraj to end the academy!

    1. no it’s not hers bcos shadow was of a men or women with very short hairs i think it was shekar

  7. the shadow was of coach sheikh i think hope the file is not being stole

  8. Todays update? Its 9:30!!!!!

  9. Abhi tak update nhi kiya.plz update fast yaar.

  10. Wat happen yaar y update was too late til nw u all dnt update it its too bad time is 10.54pm

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