Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 8th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 8th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, mohan asks kirti if shez got a boyfriend in a very confused n very hesitatingly, kirti says i guess ur disturbed by nishas terrace act, but till now i have done so many things did u ever heard about it, mohan says wat are u saying, kirti says i mean i have never ever let u down till now n will never in future so chill, mohan says thanku.
In kitchen roopan brings the terrace topic dadi says i have lot of experience n so i know which grand child of mine is of wat nature, i understand todays generation is bit fast but there is a control line which parents have to teach their children n i hope u three will do so, at the breakfast table looking at nisha vijendra says i cant have food here bring it to my room, mohan says me too, nisha says u all have ur breakfast here i will leave while dadaji calls nisha, all the cousins n elders follow nisha to dadaji, nisha says dadaji i wont change my words it was me n my boyfriend upstairs, dadji asks ramesh wat nisha is doing is it correct, ramesh says no its not but i trust nisha more than i trust myself n i know this act of hers is foolishness, dadji says see nisha yesterdays act is not accepted at all n i will surely find the true culprit, nisha says wat find im accepting my fault, dadji says this stubbornness u have is in ur genes n that to mine n this act of urs is giving a bad message to culprit,n by doing such things others will go ahead but u will stand here alone n i don’t want that, umesh steps forward n says dadaji yesterday it was me n my boyfriend yesterday n not nisha, dadji says wat, umesh says i mean me n my girlfriend, suku says no they both are lying it was me, dolly says no it was me, kirti says no no it was me, jwala says it could be me also, bunty says no it was me n my girlfriend i had called her, nisha says dadaji don’t know abt future but today my cousins are with me, dadaji says nisha last time wats the truth, nisha says it was me n thats the truth, dadaji says in that case i would like to meet the shameless guy n don’t worry i will do nothing to him instead will ask him to marry u n ask him to be here by 4 pm at mahamandap pooja, vijendra says how can u do this its dollys wedding tomorrow, dadaji says u have one daughter n i have 6 grand daughters, dadaji asks mohan n ramesh to help vijendra in arrangements n leaves since he gets a call, vimla n roopan says to laxmi all be fine come lets go, mohan says to ramesh lets check with arrangements, guests start arriving for dollys mahamandap pooja, cousins are worried abt the 4 pm deadline, dolly says think guys from where will we bring nishas boyfriend, mean while dadajis voice comes n all runaway, ramesh asks suku to wait n ask him to return the 40000 cash bcoz dadaji has denied permission to give u bike, suku says wat, ramesh says i hope u haven’t spent them bcoz i had saved it for dollys mahamandal, suku says don’t worry i have the money, ramesh says good give that money to ur mom roopan hears all this conversation. Laxmi forces nisha to have breakfast, n says have it u will need power to find a boyfriend before 4, n also u need lot ofguts to stand for someone, nisha says i cant handle it mom plz scold, laxmi smiles n says u always try finding some kind of solution by fighting for others when will u fight for urself, laxmi hugs nisha n says do wat u feel is right im with u.
Vimla calls ramesh n nisha, vimla says nisha thanku for last night,bcoz i had seen last night summit running away from terrace, n says ramesh ur nisha saved my dollys marriage , nisha says i have lots of work n runaway, ramesh sees roopan coming n changes the topic, laxmi calls ramesh n asks for money ramesh says its with suku he will give u n i told u i trust my daughter shez made me proud again. Suku is searching for his bike keys, suku calls his friend a request him to take back his bike n return money, his friend denies to do so.

Laxmi says to ramesh that suku hasn’t given her money yet. Suku finds his bike damaged.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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