Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 8th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 8th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, sourabh sees nisha scared n circled by priyanka n friends, n rushes to her, priyanka sees sourabh coming n acts as if she is cares abt nisha, sourabh says priyanka plz leave her alone n asks nisha is she ok, viraj n shehar walk to this mess, viraj looks at nisha crying n scared n realizes her pants are torn, he offers takes of his jacket, n ties it around nishas waist, nisha looks at viraj , sourabh takes nisha along with him, shekhar says enough girls start the practice, priyanka says I wish bhai had come little late, shekhar starts with the practice, viraj looks at nisha, nisha denise to have any water, sourabh says nisha do have some water , should I call a doctor but nisha doesn’t reply she is still in the past that’s hurting her a lot , viraj sees nisha all scared n uneasy he walks to shekhar n says I see miss nisha is little worried im not finding her behavior weird since ur trained in psychology I would like u to talk to her may be we can help her, shekhar says sure viraj n walks to nisha, shekhar sees nishas eyes close n breathing heavily, shekhar says miss nisha open ur eyes n look at me,don’t get scared u can trust me all that happened was an accident just let it go plz look at me, nisha opens her eyes n looks at shekhar, shekhar says thanku for trusting me, im here to help u n so lets take the trsut forward so are u ready, nisha nods her head, shekar says first take it easy n breathe normally, nisha does so, viraj seeing nisha getting normal smiles, shekhar says nisha come down, n how are u feeling, nisha says good, shekhar says nisha would u like to share with me what happened, nisha says no sir, shekhar says nisha im psychologist as well so whenever u feel like talking to me u can, viraj comes n says miss nisha u shd leave n take rest, sourabh offers nisha new uniform, n she walks with him, viraj says what is it shekhar, shekhar says couldn’t say exactly but something is haunting her n killing her but she didn’t tell wat so lets see n u stop caring so much or else u will need a counseling n let me begim with practice, viraj smiles n says ok. Nisha goes to viraj to return his jacket, viraj says are u ok miss disha, nisha says sir nisha, viraj says oh I thought ur her twin, bcoz miss nisha always smiles n u don’t, viraj takes his jacket n says thank god u returned it bcoz its my fav n I don’t share it with anyone, nisha smiles, viraj says good n offers her chocolate, n says this will help u n smiles. Rukhma says dadaji I fell on soap n then I fell down n then I thought how to do the work n then I thought of calling my friend poonam n she will help me from today, dadi says so where is poonam, rukhma oulls aman n says this is poonam n she will help me from today, dadi gets shocked looking at aman n so do dolly n kirti, dadaji says so u cook food, rukhma says she can only cook n other works I will do,dadaji says so saroj wat to do, dadi says ok lets give her a chance, dadaji says so rukhma lets allow her n later like u even u will be our family, dadaji says rukhma tell her all the rules n regulations, rukhma says yes dadaji n leaves. Nisha playing with ball to relieve stress, sourabh says see nisha till u tell me wat is it I wont leave so , nisha says plz sourabh leave im already irritated, nsourabh says nisha tell me wat is it, nisha says ok come let me tell u come n takes her out of room n closes the door from inside, sourabh says I knew u would do this see nisha im sorry even from priyankas side, nisha says sourabh plz leave, sourabh says ok, laxmi comes n says who is this priyanka, sourabh says no one, laxmi pulls his ears, sourabh says she is virajs sir cousin n she did something to nisha n her oants got torn, laxmi says n wat is viraj sir thing, sourabh says oh that I keeping teasing her that she likes him, laxmi says ok u go I will talk to her, laxmi asks nisha to open the door n asks nisha who these girls are n should she come to academy , nisha hugs her n says mom its fine I will manage, laxmi sees nisha mobile n says nisha u have message from viraj , nisha takes her mobile n reads it, viraj asks nisha is she fine, nisha texts yes sir, laxmi says n sourabh told me u like viraj, nisha says mom plz don’t listen to him n mom he is viraj singh rathore n I respect him n his my inspiration n he is the reason why aman is safe here n that doesn’t mean I like him n anyways which guy can like me im like a museum material n not a love material, laxmi saysno nisha, nisha says no mom plz I don’t want to talk abt it it kills me, ramesh comes n say why wont somebody not like u , ur the best my child, nisha says plz dad don’t start now I don’t want to talk, laxmi says nisha don’t run away from this talk abt it n u never behaved this way so just talk abt it n let it go, n if u don’t feel like talking to us talk to doctor, ramesh says we know wat u went through n I know that is wat is killing u but u have to be strong n fight with it or else it wont let u live a peaceful life.

PRECAP: viraj tells nisha this is an confidential file containing all the details of the academy n so make sure no one gets to know where is it.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Thanks fr d update

  2. wow viraj aur nisha u guys r superb.u guys really rocks the show.iam impressed.viraj i just like u the way ur.and nishu dont fall weak yaar.ur the best known can beat u.bus be storng.waiting for upcoming epidose of viraj and nishu.

  3. aww so sweet….Viraj just couldn’t see Nisha in that state. He gave her a chocolate ;)Made her smile, texted her whether she was fine and moreover was the first person who understood her pant was torn 🙂 All this in one epi….Lovely …want more of VirNi scenes…

  4. Now back to same old thing, hiding the truth, making up stories and creating drama instead of standing up for truth and facing the problems without lying.
    Make the show as a good teaching for new generation

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