Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 6th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 6th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, ramesh n laxmi tell dadji that nisha is lying n as always trying to save somebody, nisha says no im not lying this all is my fault, dadji says to nisha i give u time till tomorrow morning to tell me the truth, vijendra tells mohan on phone wat all took place, seeing nisha he scolds her saying couldn’t she wait till dollys wedding, nisha says she trying to fix dollys wedding n shes on his side n leaves, vimla asks dolly wat has happened n says she knows dolly is hiding something, vijendra says why are u scolding dolly this is all that brat shameless girl nishas fault, umesh says please stop nisha has done nothing , dolly asks him to keep quiet, umesh says its normal to be physical before marriage , umesh says no, vijendra says u know wat umesh when dadji was scolding nisha i was feeling proud abt my kids abt u n dolly that u didn’t do such thing, i agree umesh has a girlfriend but never said that if u don’t allow to marry her i wont marry at all, n dolly why are u crying u always have made me proud n never let me down, vijendra n vimla leave the room, umesh says all this happening with nisha is incorrect dolly n leaves.
Jwala asks kirti wat will happen now, kirti says wat else will happen now some more restrictions , jwala says ur so selfish don’t u care abt nisha, kirti says when she doesn’t why shd i , jwala asks by the way who was with nisha on terrace, kirti says must be her boyfriend, jwala says i so hate u kirti i know on terrace nisha wasn’t there instead it was dolly n summit, while roopan comes into room n asks kirti tell me jatin was just ur friend right, kiti says who jatin i don’t even remember , roopan asks have u kissed any guy , kirti says no n says jwala is awake don’t ask such questions in front of her,kirti says don’t worry mom i wont do anything that would embarrass my family, roopan wishes them goodnight n leaves, jwala says ur such a liar,roopan comes back n asks kirti has any one or have u kissed a guy on his checks, kirti says oh god mom plz, roopan says i just want to be ur friend, kirti says i don’t want a friend who do nagin dance on sangeets, roopan says goodnight n leaves, kirti says bcoz of dolly n nisha all are doubting me now shit.
Laxmi n suku waiting for ramesh ask where was he ramesh says was crying on my childrens fate wat else where is that idiot nisha, laxmi says in buntys room, ramesh goes n pulls nisha out of buntys room n scolds her saying do u think ur some kind of hero, nisha says i don’t want to talk ramesh says but i want to even in my young days i have done all these but u get nothing by this but instead ur name spoils i have faced all this n don’t want u to go through it why don’t u understand nisha, nisha says whatever it was me with my boyfriend on terrace, ramesh says i know n very sure it was not u on terrace, bunty comes running out of his room n says dad plz don’t scold nisha, nisha hugs bunty n says no one is scolding me, laxmi asks suku to take bunty out of this room, ramesh says nisha im scared for u i don’t want u to keep fighting for others n when its ur turn u stand alone,nisha says may be ur brothers may have left u alone but i trust my cousins n nisha leaves the room, ramesh says i have failed laxmi like all other thins i have failed in front of children as well, laxmi says remember when nisha was a kid she used to love her frocks but slowly she started hating all that, its her life let her deal it from her mistakes she will learn abt good n back, laxmi hugs ramesh suku enters n says chill guys, ramesh says to suku to always take care of nisha, suku says dad nisha will take care of everything.
Dolly messages nisha that she wants to talk to her, nisha goes n meet dolly, nisha sees roopan behind dolly n says i don’t want to listen to anything n plz don’t care for me,dolly says i wont leave without talking to u, nisha says i don’t need anybody’s sympathy plz, roopan asks dolly to go to bed.
Bunty asks suku is everyone scolding nisha bcoz of that guy, suku asks which guy, nisha comes n says bunty suku comeone lets go to bed , bunty says nisha i have decided when i grow old i will become ur bodyguard.
Dadi asks dadji is he still angry on nisha, dadji says im not even thinking abt her im thinking abt all the other kids, this generation is so shameless, dadi says don’t blame the generation even our generation was the same didn’t couples meet in fields on terraces, dadji says did u meet anyone like this, dadi says before marriage there was a guy used to come to my place n say im waiting for u in fields do come but i couldn’t have that guts, dadji laughs n says i knew u wouldn’t go, i know this generation has stepped forward but there shd be some rules, before marriage getting physical is not accepted after marriage whose gonna ask them,dadi says we have done our duty of making rules, dadji says whatever inform everybody this kind of shameless behaviour wouldn’t be permitted.

Dadaji asks nisha wat is the truth, nisha says i was with my boyfriend on terrace, dadji says in that case i would like to meet that guy.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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