Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 6th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 6th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,jwala and rukhma slowly enter nishas room to keep a letter in nishas bag, before jwala could keep it nisha wakes up, she finds a letter in jwalas hand which reads nisha loves viraj,nisha gets angry n scolds jwala not to do so and ask them to leave,nisha tares the card and throws it and goes to get ready.laxmi comes with juice for nisha, laxmi says nisha u aren’t ready yet let me pack ur bag and puts the torn pieces in her bag by mistake,nisha takes the bag and leaves. Aman is busy bargaining with vendor,she says to him wait her I will get u money and keeps basket near him and goes,roopan goes to vendor and asks him to put eggs in the basket and goes back and says now aman when all will know u brought eggs u will be thrown out.jwala and dolly see this,aman takes basket in,jwala says dolly di we have to help aman. Nisha reaches academy,sourabh asks for treat,nisha says for what,sourabh says u are getting ur first salary,nisha gets excited and says im so nervous about the investors meet,sourabh says don’t worry be focused,sourabh offers coffee and says have this it will help u relax,gayatri calls sourabh.viraj asks nisha are u ready for it,nisha says yes sir,viraj asks her investor schedule file,sourabh comes and says sir gayatri mam needs it,viraj says ok bring it to me when she is done.

Dadaji smiles looking at dadi,dadi says don’t smile im saving ur contact shortcut,aman offers them tea,dadaji says poonam listen im very thankful to u for helping kirti and im very happy,aman gets a little scared, dadaji says don’t get scared u know even virendra liked ur work and I think u should join rukhma and stay with her in this house think about it,roopan comes n says poonam u got vegetables go get that basket I want to see.jwala and dolly are searching for basket but before they change the packet roopan comes with aman,roopan says take this basket out we will ask dadi what to cook,dolly says shit we need to rush. Roopan and aman go to dadi and ask what to cook,dadi says why are u in rush, roopan says that so I can get some free time,ok poonam show us vegetables,jwala and dolly come there,dolly pushes jwala,all go to jwala and dolly changes the packet,dadi sees dolly.aman removes all the vegetables,roopan asks what is in that packet,aman opens it,roopan is shocked to see brinjals in it and says that’s it,aman says yes,dadi says roopan cook carrot for us go.dadaji and dadi leave,jwala says what happened mom,did u loose something,roopan says be in limits jwala,jwala says u wont win mom we cousins will never let u succed.

Sourabh gives gayatri the file,(by mistake the nishas torn letter comes into the file), priyanka comes and asks gayatri to come with her for moral support,an employee takes the file to viraj.gayatri goes to viraj and says viraj I couldn’t check the file give it I will check,viraj says take a seat ur looking tensed I will check it myself and a thanku u always supported me and this academy and u know this investor meet needs to be a success,gayatri says I know it will I will handle everything,viraj says thanku for understanding me , I know since last few days we aren’t getting along well but I hope we forget those days,gayatri says offcourse not to worry and leaves. Viraj gets artis message, wishing him luck,arti says I have a surprise that will relies all ur stress its on ur way,viraj says oh u know my address, arti says I know everything except the fact why u named me arti,viraj replies since childhood I like this name so bye.viraj opens the file but sham singh calls him and so keeps it back. PRECAP: Nisha pulls the file from viraj and says sir its important,viraj shows the torn letter and says is this the important thing.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. Fabulous…. waitin for tmrw’s awsm niraj moment….♡♡♡

  2. Yaar…. Is my guess correct? Arti is none other than email wali female?

  3. Waiting fr tmrws episode
    Luv u niraj…….

  4. nice episode…

  5. Tat email wali female is nisha na

  6. Yes Riya! email wali female is actually Nisha but Viraj named her Aarti because he likes this name from childhood

  7. very nice episode………..

  8. par viru bhi to janta hai naa ki nisha use love kaarti hai………………phir vo use kyun datt raha hai…………………

  9. love you niraj…………..

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