Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 6th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 6th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, doctor tells umesh that his dad is now stable, nisha asks umesh wat did doctor say, umesh says she said dad is fine, nisha says bro why are u upset, umesh says court has given a date after 30 days n dad u know, nisha says I have to go to academy n don’t worry everything will be fine, nisha goes to rukhma n tells her something n says do wat I said. Dolly says to vimla dad is here bcoz of me, vimla says no dolly n I think u should go to delhi or else ur mother in law will be angry, dolly says let her be I will stay here till my dad gets well, vimla sees aman n says wat is she doing here, dolly says mom easy, aman says aunty plz listen to me umesh is not responsible for uncles health, vimla says u don’t have to tell me wat is right n wrong just go from here, aman

says I will never return back just forgive umesh n here is the bangle, umesh hears amans voice n goes there n says aman lets go from here n takes her away.
Nisha reaches the practice session, priyanka says so ur here to be scolded, nisha shouts why aren’t u running, shekhar says girls run faster , nisha sees them running in heels n says don’t wear heels n run u will fall, ekta falls down, shekhar says I hope u have learnt that its imp to be in uniform n so remove ur heels n run for 10 mins fast. Shekhar says so ur here nisha, nisha says sorry sir I got panicked bcoz of an emergency but talking to u I realized u were right sir thanku, shekhar says that’s good this will help u all ur life, priyanka says this nisha can charm anyone, sourabh says hi nisha so family was so relieved when they saw dr shreshta , nisha says ya that’s right, sourabh says that’s all bcoz of viry he is so good right, nisha says ya, n says sourabh stop that, sourabh says ok sorry just kidding see viru is here, viraj on phone get the investors any how I don’t care its very imp for academy.
Aman says to umesh we have to be apart that is what good for family, kirti n dolly come n say don’t talk this aman we all like u n we cousins will find a way , aman says dolly plz take this bangles n let me go, dolly says this bangle is our hope that ur ours aman, umesh says aman is right dolly we have to be away but aman that is just for few days till dad is unwell n I promise we will be together, aman says I know .
Sourabh says nisha go say thanku to sir n leaves, nisha walks to viraj n viraj walks to her, viraj says don’t say thanku n embaress me, hows ur uncle, nisha says he is good n thanku sir , viraj says I cant hear thanku, nisha goes very close to him, n then realizes when whistle blows that it was a dream, nisha shook’s her head n walks towards viraj, n says sir, viraj says im busy nisha cant u see, nisha says sir I was here to say sorry , viraj says sorry nisha I was a bit busy how is ur uncle, nisha says sir he is fine sir thanku n walks away, shekhar stops nisha n says I hope all the arrangements are done , nisha says yes sir n walks, viraj walks to shekar, shekhar says wat is it viraj u look disturbed, viraj says this nisha is so strange, n u see the funding is killing me, shekhar says don’t worry abt all that , take care of ur hand other things will be fine.
In hospital, aman says kirti I will handle, dolly says im not liking it for the first time we cousins have no plan, rukhma comes with fracture hand, dolly says rukhma wat is it how did this happen why is everything going all bad with us, dadi n dadaji come n dadi says dolly don’t loose hope everything will be fine just be strong, dadaji says rukhma so how did u arrange this fracture thing where did u fall, rukhma says dadaji its long story, dadaji says ok go ahead, rukhma starts the story from the time she was born.
Nisha working, priyanka says lets begin with our plans, anjali says nisha u look tensed wat is it, nisha says actually my uncle is unwell, mean while ekta unties nishas laces , priyanka says nisha plz give me towel, nisha while walking falls down , priyanka n others all start laughing over nisha, nisha seeing everyone laughing starts crying n suddenly has flashes of the painful childhood incident.

Sourabh sees nisha crying n uneasy says nisha shd I call a doctor, viraj looks at nisha n goes to shekhar n says shekhar ur trained in psychology n so plz check wats wrong with miss nisha im finding her behavior weird.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Tanaya i luv u yr

  2. wow it was going nice yaar.and nisha dont cry yaar.ur a strong girl.and thanks for fast update.

  3. waiting fr mondays episode.wht a acting of under a trauma when i see tht episode.

  4. Priyanka and Co. Are having a childish mentality. What kind of a stupid joke was that. Nishu went back to that dreadful painful!

    Nishu trousers were also torn badly which I can see in the precap that Viraj Jerkin has been tied up from around her waist. Now I understand why that Jerkin was on him in today’s episode.hope Viraj supports Nishu

  5. Come on nisha
    Ur d best

  6. zara zara zara khoya hasta hua ye roya pagal….. This song is From which movie or album?

  7. I have neighbor named anu she also lik nisha aur uske cousins

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