Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 4th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 4th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, sourabh says dadaji its by mom for laxmi aunty, dadaji says wat is it, sourabh says its pickle, dadaji says its ok,jwala comes n asks nisha how is she now, nisha says shes ok n wishes her luck for exam, ritesh asks rukhma is dadaji talking abt him, rukhma says no, ritesh says good n goes to nishas room n asks laxmi where is she, laxmi says look we are just thinking abt ur marriage n holding hands isn’t good, ritesh says im sorry aunty, laxmi says this shdnt happen again, ritesh says he will take care of it, nisha n sourabh see ritesh coming for her, sourabh says look these are workout plls eating this excites a person a lot, ritesh comes in n goes to nisha sourabh sits in one corner, ritesh says sorry to nisha for last night, nisha says its ok i know u didn’t do with wrong intention, ritesh says cool n see sourabh u got hypered without any reason n so i think i don’t have to say sorry, ritesh says so nisha wat did u feel abt me when i touched u, nisha says nice flowers ritesh let me make some coffr for u n leaves, ritesh says to sourabh last night it was ur fault but i forgive u, sourabh says thanku so much for forgiveness n abt last night u know wat ritesh u have to be little careful wat if someone sees u n slowly takes riteshs phone, nisha gives ritesh coffee n says i will say bye to mom n then talk to u, ritesh finishes the coffee n says i have to meet dadaji in shop, sourabh does something on riteshs phone n then gives him back.
Vimla asks laxmi did she think abt tmatching the janam patris of nisha n ritesh, vimla says one more thing u can consult a councillor, laxmi says nisha doesn’t need this, vimla says i know it was just a suggestion u don’t like it then leave it its fine.
Ritesh goes to shop n nisha n sourabh follow him, ritesh in excitement dashes to vijendra n all the jewellery falls down, dadaji asks nisha wat is she doing here, she says she is here to talk to dad, ritesh starts behaving very weird n funny bcoz of the pills, dadaji asks ritesh is he ok , ritesh says he is perfectly fine n feels like dancing , ritesh starts dancing on a phones ringtone, dadaji asks sourabh to take ritesh home, sourabh takes ritesh home, umesh asks nisha wats the matter, nisha says if u can bring ritesh at home u can surely find wats the matter, umesh says sorry, umesh gets a call n leaves the shop, nisha finds it weird. Sourabh says ritesh nisha called u to meet at terrace, ritesh says exciting i will surely come sourabh says but u have to follow some rules, ritesh agrees.
Nisha goes to see where is umesh n sees him with amanpreet his girlfriend, nisha says wow whose this umesh bhaiya, umesh says i know thiswould happen,amanpreet sees oh ur nisha n hugs her, amanpreet says ladoo(umesh) always talks abt u, nisha says nice good, amanpreet says come nisha we will have lassi oh no wait i will bring lassi for u, umesh says she is daughter of the caterer from dollys wedding, nisha says she is very pretty n suits u but i didn’t think u would take such big risk of loving a Punjabi girl, but im very happy for u, amanpreet brings lassi, amanpreet says nisha me n laddo are gonna open an restaurant together, nisha says oh i forgot go to shop or else dadaji will start searching u, nisha says ok i will take a leave as well.
Sourabh takes ritesh to nisha home, where ritesh starts behaving very funny, ritesh sees vimla n goes to her, vimla asks sourabh where is umesh he isn’t picking phone he must be in shop right.

Ritesh says aunty vimla umesh must be with that girl whom he always meet, vimla asks wat n which girl ritesh.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  2. good keep it up .take only intrsted aand realistic story for this seriel..please don’t boring us…now the track of story was good…we expect more than it

  3. I hate Ritesh….

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