Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 3rd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 3rd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, shanti shoots and nisha hearing the sound gets scared, she tries calling back kabir but no one picks, nisha remembers the time she spent with kabir , jwala comes and says nishu bro I need ur help for school project, nisha says I have to save him by any means, and runs, dolly and aman at the entrance stop nisha, dolly says nisha what happened where are u going why are u scared, nisha says dolly di that bhabhiji shooted dad was there may be he is heard I have to go, aman says wait who where is uncle, nisha says kabir bhabhiji kidnapped kabir and asked for me and he didn’t tell so she shoot and now,dolly says stop nisha tell who is this bhabhiji and what kabir, nisha says that chandu small girl we saved her and bhabhiji killed kabir now, aman says who is kabir, nisha says I met him on trip and then during that trip we became chandus parents and then got married, kabir applied sindoor in my forehead. Aman and dolly get shocked, aman says nisha u too married, olly says u really got married,nisha says while saving chandu we joined a group of samuhik vivaha and then we got married I have to go dad is also there im going.
Dolly says nisha stop do u know where he is, nisha says no,dolly says then where will u go lets go in, aman says listen to him we will pray for it and everything will be fine we will find kabir and uncle,nisha hugs aman and starts crying, dolly says we should inform police.
Sham singh asks viraj is he fine,viraj says im fine u may leave now, viraj imagines nisha at his desk stumbling here and there and smiles looking at her, he imagines nisha mimicking him and smiles, viraj imagines nisha saying miss nisha im late I should leave now and nisha calling him sir and giving him coffee and saying sir im nisha plz don’t forget my name, viraj says I missed u a lot miss nisha, and kiara says viraj I missed u a lot as well and I know u very well and see I got coffee for u and I know it’s the forst thing u need, viraj says thanks,gayatri is watching them , gayatri says oh god looks like viraj still likes nisha.
Nisha dolly aman go home, and go to prayer room, nisha says dolly di u know there are some people who come to ur life make ur happy and then go away kabir is exactly the one , the whole trip he tried to make me happy and forget my break up, I know after all that I told u , u must be scared and plz leave me alone for sometime,dolly and aman leave. Nisha prays god plz save him and I know he is very irritating but he isn’t a bad person he is really nice he even helped me save chandu plz plz save him, nisha closes her eyes and from behind kabir comes , nisha gets up , kabir pinches her and says its real and not a dream how are u wify, nisha slabs kabir,kabir says what, nisha says u are alive, kabir says first tell me ur happy or sad, nisha says and the bullet where is it, ramesh comes and calls nisha, nisha hugs him and says where did u go dad, ramesh says im fine how are u, suku comes and hugs ramesh, and slowly everyone comes,nisha thanks aman.
Kabir sees virendra, laxmi comes and stands aside,dadaji comes and looks at ramesh, ramesh says this is kabir, virendra says ur that gun guy,kabir says trust me u all are really big family, kabir sees dadaji and sits quite, dadaji says take kabir to hall and help him with medication and leave, everyone leaves. Virendra says why are u following me,kabir says uncle right now u are following me, mohan says bhaiya he is injured ask all this later,virendra says he is very cunning and u have gun then how did u get beaten,kabir says come I will share the story with all of u.
Dadi goes to ramesh and says u are really here right and now come, ramesh looks at laxmi, dadi leaves ramesh to her and goes, nisha asks ramesh how did u get here, ramesh says come with me I will tell u,bunty comes and hugs ramesh and starts crying and says don’t ever go again dad,ramesh says I wont come.
Shanti shoots kabir but he dodges it and hides, police enter with ramesh but shanti switches of the light and points gun at ramesh, and asks everyone to leave, police says leave him, kabir Says I cant let her go , police keep their guns down , shanti ask them to stand at a side, kabir comes from behind and snatches gun from shanti and again points at her, police arrest shanti and her men, shanti says I will be free soon and u kabir will be finished now,kabir thanks ramesh and ramesh thanks back. Ramesh says u are very injured come along with me.bunty asks kabir bhaiya where is chandu now, nisha says chandu is safe now, kabir says bunty ur dad saved me, ramesh says are u saved me kabir and ur dad is lucky to have u as son. Dadi says u are fine that’s good, kabir looks at nisha, kabir says dadiji we did many things to save chandu but some things weren’t serious,dadaji comes and says saroj if stories are over get back to work.

Doctor says he will need sometime to recover,ramesh says he will stay here until he is fine, dadaji says so ramesh u will take decisions now.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Thanks tanaya, I was waiting for update, now will sleep.

  2. The girl,who doesnt deserve to marry even a single time, is getting married twice,that brothers from same family.gud luk

  3. Gradually viraj ch also losing its charm.i am sure he also wil be one of circus.pls make it fast,and save my time frm watching ur weird show

  4. ishika rahman


  5. kabir n nisha cute pair

    nt viraj

  6. Thanks fr ur updates now kabir is in nisha’ s home it could be fun I like nishu:-)

  7. Good one

  8. Guys first your choice is viraj & now you want kabir nisha. Why. I always wants niraj only.

  9. because kabir and nisha look good togeter

  10. Hv u guys heard they r going to bring bak viraj for nisha pls hit dislike in every site nd save nishakabir jodi…
    pls don’t forget to dislike in there s a promo abt viraj returns for romance with nisha…mmpls hit dislike

    1. ashmitha kulatunga

      oh nooo not that ugly viraj again!!if their going to bring him again im nt gonnna watch this stupid serial!!nisha n khabir shld remain as the couple

    2. ashmitha kulatunga

      seriously the script writter has gone insane!!!why the hell he wants to bring back that ugly viraj again!!

  11. Viraj and nisha don’t look nice together……. they don’t look of the same age…..kabir is good for nisha

  12. kabir is perfect match for nisha…..not viraj

  13. hello shw indeed ……..hii everyone

  14. i like kabir sir n nisha mam as a good pair n viraj sir n kayara mam r gud

    1. Yeah,i also want 2 c kairaj

  15. I completely agree with it… kabir and nisha are good together. Not with viraj… they both look like big brother and little sis rather than a cute couple

  16. yeah kiran also also think that
    both r vry romentic couple

  17. Me too agree with u priya nisha and kabir looks so cute couple:-)

  18. guys, plz dislike that promo
    we don’t wanna see niraj anymore!! Kayraj and Nibir Rocks

    1. i dont know about nibir,but kayraj definitrly rockz

  19. amazing yarrrr….!!!!!updates are amazing….!!!!

  20. I love niraj alot.they are just amazing.aur aaj ke sbs segment dekhke i am sure that niraj will unite.kabir is so much irritating and his overacting is disguisting.

    1. really,kabir is both irritating and disguisting

  21. hope u read the 4th march median spoilers which states kabir will go after uniting niraj ………

  22. kabir and nisha looks so cute togethor
    i dont like viraj much

  23. i wish that kabir remain in the show

  24. Oh please kabir marry nishaaaaaaa

  25. i lik kabir tooo

  26. Niraj is the best.nauc is nothing without viraj.

    1. yeah.i totally agree with u

  27. I like kabir and nisha as couple….they luk nice and cute…they both are of same age group….no viraj track

  28. i like nisha and kabir..
    viraj doesn’t suits her. nisha and kabir both looks cute as couple.. baccha baccha face 😉

  29. still searching groom for our modern drowpathi. hardcore fans of dumbo

  30. only god knows what these kanisha fans see in kabir,neither handsome nor dynamic

  31. viraj should be with someone beautiful and dynamic one not with nisha.. nisha is okay with kabir.
    viraj looks old and u must see his drumming lol :p

    1. yeah,he is drumming like an expert.awesome

  32. there won’t ve comedy if kabir leaves huh

  33. Viraj is still the leading actor of nauc.and niraj will be forever and ever…

  34. Yeah mehak u r right.kabir is really like a joker in nauc…

  35. whatever viraj does it will be perfect.drumming like an expert.awesome.u r right.he should with a decent girl like kayra.already this is comedy with nishas weird attitude,with kabir entry it became chaolin movie

  36. expert lol… IMFAO…. viraj walks like robot.. he looks robotic with
    chinese eyes. he can be a bodygaurd standing
    straight… anyways diffrent people have diffrent view. if we say they are not gonna change.. well let it be viraj or kabir, we aren’t gonna lose anything. its just that we will move to other serial if its nt upto us.

    1. Its not robotic,aristocrat,he z from royal family,

  37. kabir’s character exits d show…i stop watching the show…i can’t bear viraj-nisha romance…plzz…they dint have any chemistry…nor will they ever have…they look more lyk brother-sister duo…

  38. If kabir leaves then how wil viraj get jelous!
    Kabisha shuld make viraj jelous!
    I want to see him jelous!

  39. lol for u.. royal family hahaha… even kabir is his brother, after meeting him, he too will be royal 😀
    and he will also play drums lol

  40. royal lol… even kabir is same and he too will start drumming after meeting his brother..

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