Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 3rd January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 3rd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, virendra praises aman for cooking delicious food n says u make food tastier than rukhma, virendra sees aman upset n says what is it poonam even umesh use to make such faces when I use to scold him tell me what is it, aman says uncle I was missing my dad he is no more, virendra says ur like a daughter to me n u know ur such a good girl the family which will have u as daughter in law will be very lucky, vimla comes virendra says search girl same as poonam for our umesh.
Viraj goes to gangwal shop, dadaji welcomes him n says so ur here as well for nisha, viraj says not at all im here to take u along with me for an half n hour plz, mohan says dad if he is asking go I will take care of shop,dadaji says ok n goes with viraj along with ramesh.
Roopan says to vimla I didn’t tell dad abt dolly by mistake, vimla says why do u do it, roopann says I went to dad to tell him not to allow nisha, vimla says why but, roopan says if nisha goes to that training we will have no respect left in jain community, vimla says don’t trouble me, roopan says I will help u remove that aman out of this house, laxmi says what are u talking roopan, if we do so umesh will break down, roopan says if we allow this who will marry my daughters, laxmi says even I have a daughter but not at the cost of umesh life n says vimla aman n umesh have promised to tell dadaji the truth when virendra gets well n will go by whatever decision dadaji takes,roopan says oh so spoil others life for it n leaves angrily.
Shekhar training along with priyanka n her friends, n nisha helping them,gaytri comes n says to nisha oh why aren’t u doing shooting oh must be ur dadaji didn’t allow u but I do agree with him bcoz ur real talent is in being office assistant,nisha sees dadaji n ramesh get out of virajs car,dadaji says to viraj see viraj my decision is final nisha wont shoot, viraj says I respect ur decision from the time u have asked not to do shooting nisha hasn’t touched riffle but plz give nisha a chance see her shoot n then decide, dadaji says ok.
Nisha goes n takes dadajis blessings, viraj asks them to take a seat n goes to shekhar n says even nisha will practice along with these girls,nisha changes n joins practice session. Viraj sees shekhar injured n asks him is he ok,shekhar says ya all good.viraj gives riffle to nisha n says u want permission then this is ur chance n remember nothing stuff, all the best.
Nisha takes her position n so does priyanka, priyanka gets bulls eye, nishas turn, nisha shoots but doesn’t get close to bulls eye priyanka n her friends laugh at nisha.viraj goes to nisha n says relax nisha n focus u can do it n gives her one more chance, priyanka misses her chance n nisha gets close to bulls eye, ramesh gets excited n claps for nisha, next chance priyanka again performs poor but nisha gets bulls eye.
Shekhar declares nishas aim is far better than priyanka, priyanka gets angry n leaves, viraj goes to dadaji n says I brought u here to show the fire in nisha, it wasn’t all abt shooting but the fire nisha has the potential in her, dadaji says I should leave now, nisha comes,dadaji says u need to learn focus bcoz that’s what is needed in shooting n praises her skill.viraj says well done nisha n leaves with ramesh n dadaji.
Nisha lost in viraj thoughts n all the happy moments she spent with him.nisha sees herself on a date with viraj n having fun with him.viraj shakes nisha n says nisha where are u lost, viraj says in his mind I know u love me but…

Gayatri says to shekhar this nisha is a pain, shekhar says for me as well.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Feeling happy….tht viraj knws abt nisha’s feelings fr him……LOL……

  2. This serial is far better than any other serial . This is good that Viraj knows Nisha’s feelings . I think Viraj also like Nisha .

    1. of course he told aarti that he likes nisha.. and told his aunt that he is showing intrest in nisha

  3. yep atleast viraj knows tht nishu likes him

  4. Very happy to know and excited for upcoming episode luv u niraj

  5. what iam hearing that viraj knows of nishu its nice to hear it.nowdays the show makes me crazy about was really.and phir bhi y dont viraj saying about it.i hope even viraj has same feelings as nishu.and hope ki known one breaks nishu heart.looking forward.thanks for fast update.

  6. WOW………Viraj know that nisha loves him,i think he is not reacting because of his past……….

  7. But Wat can be his past…..maybe his past lover betrayed him as she cud be a weapon used by she kar to kill viraj or she cud have even been a real good woman who loved viraj but is no more alive now

  8. Ltest news says that viraj’s past love aarti will return in niraj’s life……..

  9. Ya even I saw dat…but she might be gud or even bad..A weapon of shekar

  10. omggggg… viruuu knowwwss nishhuuuu loveeeeeesssssss hiiiiimmmmmm. i am soooooo happpyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!
    what arthi sharthi… nyway.. niraj rockssss!!!!!!

  11. If she really returns sns if she turns out to b a good woman then …omg….can’t imagine

  12. Its great viru knows nishu luvs him gud.

  13. i love this episode
    i love episode with viraj and nisha , i love this episode because viraj know that nisha have feeling for him omg i can believe it ,but something is very fishi viraj sayy i know you love me BUT. i want to know what is BUT.
    i really want to watch the next episode.

  14. Wonderful! I did guess that Viraj knew what feelings Nisha is having for him. All that matters now is why did he say “lekin”.
    I think he is in love with Email wali female….. He is having a past but do you all remember he said to Priyanka once that that was not love….so

    And the dream sequence was just completely beautiful. Love you Niraj….

  15. Awesome , viraj knows dat nisha luvs him!!!
    Can’t wait

  16. the last part is one of the best of nisha and viraj……I totally loved the episode

  17. Guys vote for nisha aur uske cousins as the best youth tv series

  18. i think you are right ! JANAKI

  19. Hi ppl…..latest buzz is dat….virajs love story to start soon in the show. ..but unfortunately it’s with another gal named aarthi…..u can watch d latest abp interview video in you tube…..where taher tells abt dis…really bad…

  20. D interview was like they r gonna introduce a new character…dats….aarthi..

  21. jo bhi ho guyz bohot achha episode tha ………..i love it ………….. aur waise bhi aarti ho yaa nisha ……….. pyar to viru ko ek hi se hona hai kyonki aarti to hamari nishu hi hai …………………….

  22. and ilove this line that viru says in his mind that i know you love me but ……………musheje na ye “but” kuch samajh me nahi aaya ………………mai kal ke liye bohot jayda exicted huuuuuuuuuuuu……………………..yaar i cann’t waiting for tomorrow’s episode ………………….

  23. mai bohot happy huuuuu ki atleast viru ko ahssas to huaa ki nishu ussase pyar karti …………………………and love you niraj………………

  24. This is very boring serial

  25. This serial is nonsence

  26. Cheap serial. ..hate it

  27. Hate that nisha nd all her cousins except suketu all r cheap nd boring character the boring nd hating character is NISHA

  28. Cheap serial of sp

  29. red agar tumhe iss serial ko dekhna me koi interest nahi hai to mat dekho …………kam se kam iss ki insult to mat karo …………………many people are watching this serial ……………….soo please mind your language okkkkkkkkkk……………………….

  30. There is a request that,yeh serial kisi ko bhi zabardasti dekhne ki zaroorat nahi hai….jise yeh serial pasand hai woh yeh serial dekho …..agar kisi ko pasand nahi hai toh please….math dekho….

  31. Guys…..nisha and her cousins to dress up like animals in a common place….and instigate shekar to find his true self…and nd nisha will xpos shekar to viraj it seems….g8 nisha. …let’s see if it really works out….and niraj rocks…..They r really nice 2gether and complete each other….hope no one interferes as there r many strong rumours abt it….

  32. And even if a real 3rd character enters as virajs lover at last viraj will fall only 4 nisha as she is only d female lead….lol

  33. literally saw the last part 15 times

    1. hello frnds new here…can anybody say me who is aarti????

      1. welcome mans ………………………….and.aarti naam ki jo ladki hai vo hamari nisha hi hai….kyonki vahi hai jo email vaali female ke naam se viraj ko mail bhejti hai ….aur viraj hi usko email wali female ke naam se na bulakar use ek naya naam dena chahta tha jo hai – aarti……………………………….

  34. What?!?….. New character Arthi…. C’mon cvs this is not done….. Where the hell was this gf all the while? If Viraj was committed then he should be remembering the girl often or Atleast that’s how they should show…. Achanak se story main ye twist doesn’t make any sense….

  35. Mr./ms. Red if you aren’t interested in this show dont read the updates . no one forcing you and stop irritating people like this.

  36. hate aarthi. :-I 🙁 luv for nishu 😀 & virru. 🙂 😉

  37. hey guys im new here

  38. welcome lovely …….and good n8……………

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