Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 3rd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 3rd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, viraj says priyanka do u have to say something on it, priyanka says but this girl threw coffee on me, viraj says nisha was doing my work , viraj says so shekhar u got it why I called u, shekhar says I do n now onwards its my duty to handle priyanka, viraj says miss nisha good job, n sourabh get shekhars cabin ready, shekhar says miss nisha ur very creative.
Ramesh sees virendra in pain n says u look very tired u take a leave today, virendra says no that’s not possible mohan is also on leave so let me come, ramesh says ok but take care, vimla says even I think u shd stay home, virendra says no look at umesh even he is missing im going to shop n leaves, vimla starts crying n tells ramesh where is umesh, ramesh says what ok I will talk to umesh u relax n leaves.
Priyanka goes to nisha n says u spoilt my dress is so costly do u know it, nisha says I don’t but surely it isn’t costly than wat ur opportunity ur getting in this academy, priyanka says better stop telling abt me to bro, nisha says see priyanka I have no issues with u plz try understand im just doing my job n so don’t get personal, anjali pushes nisha n she falls down, priyanka starts laughing n says u know I know why ur here so that my bro falls for u but let me tell u his taste isn’t u look at u down market, ekta says ya look at her god knows how sourabh accepted her, priyanka says keep in mind this hasn’t ended n leaves, nisha feels bad n is in tears she picks up the files.
Viraj n shekhar discussing abt a gun, shekhar says this is the latest one, viraj says yes it is the best of all for my academy, shekhar says this best gun shd be in best shooters hand n its u, viraj says I haven’t got over the pain yet so lets not talk abt it, shekhar says forget abt the last two years tragedy u still are a champion come lets give it a try show me the viraj who was the best, viraj says this isn’t the right time, shekhar says it is n im sure u will prove me right, shekhar keeps glass on his head n says now shoot the glass, viraj says this isn’t funny, shekhar says I know it just shoot , viraj wears his glasses n lifts the gun , takes his stance n aims at the glass, shekhar says come on its not ur first time just shoot , viraj shoots the glass, shekhar stars laughing, viraj says wats so funny, shekhar says nothing, viraj says thanks for having faith in me, shekhar says n this faith is wat will reach ur academy to the best, so do u have any person who matches ur standard, viraj says not yet but I know the person is here near me just don’t know who is it.
Nisha upset abt the office issue, sourabh says chill forget it n move on, nisha says tell me wat kind of girls u like do u like me have u ever thought of making me girlfriend, sourabh says are u mad wats wrong with u , nisha says tell did u ever liked a girl, sourabh says yes the one in college, nisha says im I not like a girl, sourabh says ever girl has her own quality ur beautiful in ur own way, rukhma says yes nisha is beautiful by heart , sourabh says exactly, nisha says ok .
Umesh goes to aman n tells her that he has applied in court for marriage, n hugs her, aman says but without family acceptance how will we marry eachother, ramesh comes n says aman is right umesh, why didn’t u tell me abt this, wats wrong with u , how will u guys be happy when ur family isn’t happy, umesh hugs ramesh n starts crying n says I don’t know wat to do then, ramesh says umesh listen to me just go n tell ur father the truth may be then u will be out of ur guilt n find a way.

Nisha is upset on being called a down market n says is just looks wat matters will never a boy fall for me.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Thanks

  2. oh ho nisha ur superb as ur.we just love u as u like now yaar.alwawys be like this.ur a storng gril.thank for update.

  3. Thank u

  4. Nisha, just wait and see Viraj will fall for you, dear

  5. Luv u Nisha & viraj!!!

  6. I am just loving the way the story is progressing.Nisha couldn’t get over the incident that happened with her which is why she gets disturbed when Viraj comes close to her but it’s not that she is running away from the thought of getting into relationship or finding her true companion. Only Viraj will be the person who will make her feel comfortable and get her out of that dreadful thing that disturbs her everything….waiting for those sweet moments
    I for a sec thought that Viraj will support his sister but Viraj my ROCKSTAR…… Muaaaah!! U proved me wrong
    VirNi rocksss!!

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