Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 31st January 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 31st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with , roopan says to vimla aman isn’t wearing the saree u gave but she is wearing a salwar kameez which is her mothers, dolly comes ,roopan says I told aman wear the saree vimla di gave all will like it,but she didn’t listen to me and now u tell her after all she is ur daughter in law, and let me tell u she is showing true colors,roopan leaves, dolly leaves as well.
Suku and sourabh arrange flowers in a pot and keep admiring it,mohan says u folls do u think artist of urself,ramesh says no mohan they are trying to steal our credit,but let me warn u too u wont do this.kirti comes and says guys don’t worry abt competition I will handle it all,suku says yes with ur broken leg,dadi comes and says kirti go rest stop wandering like a butterfily, and says oh this decoration looks so good.
Suku sourabh says ramesh uncle and mohan uncle did it,leelaa comes and says by the way it would look more beautiful if the bride was from our caste,dadi says no worries we wanted to do it this way,leela says but court marriage but if jain girl was there,dadi says aman is very nice girl and umesh is lucky to have her,leela says oh I meant its good.suku says kirti how will u dance,kirti says I will,nisha says u will kirti,sourabh says she will but when will u practice with viraj sir,suku sourabh and kirti look at nisha,nisha says I did it for aman bhabhi,suku says or may be for the one who stole ur heart,nisha says who,viraj comes with a loud drums and gifts,mohan welcomes him.
Viraj goes to dadaji and dadi and says sorry for loud music,dadaji says oh ur aloud for loud music after all u are the brides elder brother so have fun and enjoy it to the fullest,cousins start dancing to the music with mohan, viraj joins them, virendra asks ramesh to join them, ramesh tries to avoid it to ignore viraj,umesh says plz for the sake of all the rides I had on ur scooter, plz dance uncle,ramesh smiles and along with umesh joins them.
Dadaji says bacha party include others as well,sourabh takes roopan along with him and viraj takes nisha and laxmi to dance with him,dolly starts dancing but leela gives her a cold look, nisha seeing viraj dances is lost in thinking about the words viraj wrote in the letter and he loves arti.dadaji says very nice and gifts the musicians and says don’t leave without having food,viraj asks kirti how is her leg now kirti says its better,viraj says that’s good and guys are u ready for the finale,cousins say yes sir,viraj says u all are liars no one is ready for the finale,cousins say no sir we are ready,viraj smiles and says here is ur gift which will make u super ready,viraj gifts them team lakhys costumes for the finale performance.
Cousins love the gift,nisha thinks I cant cheat sir,suku says how will u dance kirti,kirti says I will do it ont worry,viraj gets a call and he says ya I booked the lounge decorate it the way I said,nisha hears this and says I cant do it anymore I have to tell him the truth and return the gift to him.the registrar comes,nisha looks at the parcel and says nisha is arti and packs it in her bag.
Dadaji calls umesh and says umesh this is not ur grandfather telling u but an experienced person telling u see u still have time if u are scared runaway see once u are married u have to stick to it,umesh gets confused nervous,seeing this dadaji starts laughing,dadaji hugs him.ramesh says see this humorous side is from dad, and where is nisha,laxmi says oh I will get her.roopan says to vimla, if aman doesn’t wear the saree of our mothers plz don’t feel bad bcoz she isn’t like us to adjust in all small things u know firstly she is from modern generation and secondly a punjabi.
Dolly gets aman and roopan is shocked to see her in her mothers saree but vimla is very happy, vimla says see roopan I told u aman wont do this,vimla takes aman along with her, dolly says roopan aunty u should have told me or aman instead of complaining to mom, I heard u talk to mom about the saree but anyways lets enjoy the wedding. Vimla takes aman to umesh and the registrar and says to her aman why didn’t u wear ur moms outfit, aman says no worries mom I will wear it later and if dad was here even he would ask me to wear this saree,vimla kisses her forehead.
Umesh and aman sign the forms,registrar says we need two witnesses from each side,from umeshs side virendra and vimla sign, from amans side viraj and ramesh sign,ramesh is hating virajs presence ,nisha realizes this. The registrar declares aman and umesh as husband and wife,both exchange rings and garlands.umesh puts sindoor in amns forehead and so does mangalsutra.dolly says its time for sweets umesh says yes and eat by himself,cousins says oh give it to aman bhabhi,cousins tease aman and umesh.dadaji says look at ur dadi she looks happier than the bride and groom. Cousin click eachothers pic with the newly married couple.kirti says one pic with viraj sir.
Sourabh asks nisha where is she lost,nisha says I cant wait till finale I have to tell him everything today itself. Kirti says im so excited just think suku if nisha and viraj sir get married anyways viraj sir has confessed his love to arti and arti is nisha. Ramesh listens to this and doesn’t like it.ramesh gets angry and asks laxmi where is nisha,laxmi says must be here somewhere what is the matter, ramesh says I heard kids saying viraj loves arti and so I have to stop nisha.

Nisha trying to go to viraj, ramesh stops her and says I know the truth what are u doing nisha see I cant let u go through the pain again so u wont go to the competition.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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