Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 2nd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 2nd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, dadaji asks mohan what all is this, mohan says babuji the workers customers and everyone wants to talk to u, dadaji says stop all this open the shop and begin with the work, this shop has never remained closed, nisha says ur right dadaji and this will never happen if u open the shutter and start working like before I mean everyone wants that, dadaji says nisha I don’t want to talk to u,nisha says me too im just saying what others are saying I atleast have this right, dadaji says oh after doing all the nonsense past days ur here for ur rights I wont listen to u,nisha says even I wont listen to u after all im ur grand daughter, dadaji says u are but ur rameshs daughter after all,nisha says yes I am but why are u punishing others bcoz of ur anger on dad, virendra uncle what is his fault and mohan uncle doesn’t even know what happened that day and all ur friends who work with u they aren’t at fault this is not the real u, all these people want the real gangwal, nisha gives dadaji his weigh balance, dadaji says ur using my tricks on me, nisha says what to do all ur tricks always work and are so right, see dadaji these small gems are all we and this diamond is u and we stones cant do without diamond we need u dadaji ur blessings ur teachings ur shelter we all make mistakes, ur son has gone and instead of showing him right path u took retirement, we need u dadaji we really do plz come back.

Kabir is with shanti and her men, shanti says u have no idea who I am and what I can do, I have no patience tell me where is that girl tell me where did u leave her,kabir says I wont tell,shantis men hit kabir, kabir denise to tell and is beaten.
Dadaji walks to the shutter and opens it, and enters the shop and says show me all the work be quick common, virendra says nisha u have proved ur self once again im proud of u.dadaji takes his seat and says get me tea, nisha enters with the balace and keeps it in its place,dadaji calls her and says clean my specs, nisha cleans it and gives it,dadaji says nisha see mistakes can be corrected but sometimes mistakes cant be forgiven and I think I can never forgive u, the truth is ur very stubburn like me,nisha says I learn from my mistake and I will keep asking for forgiveness may be one day we will be back together and here are the papers take it back, mohan and virendra look at it and smile,suku and umesh give files to dadaji. Dadaji sees a customer and says oh I was waiting for u and I promise now no one will ever be disappointed by me or my shop.
Kabir says why are u hitting me,shanti says tell me abt that nisha,kabir starts laughing and says u want to know abt nisha, let me tell u I will tell nothing abt her, kabir gets beaten again. Sham singh is in virajs cabin, gayatri comes and says so good to hear viraj will be back,sham singh says me too,gayatri says I hope he doesn’t change his mind n I hope viraj had his family do u know sham singh what had happened why did vasundra left viraj, sham singh says I don’t know, gayatri says I always think that viraj should have his own family like a brother, viraj enters ,gayatri says oh look viraj ur cabin is clean,viraj says whose brother where u talking abt aunty, gayatri says abt sham singhs brother so that I can appoint him to my friends palace like a care taker u see, and viraj ur looking very nice and its so good to see u and bye now.
Dadi says to nisha I knew u will come back and bring everyone back together and im proud of u and always remember ur dadi is always with u,nisha hugs dadi and says dadi I missed u a lot , I was feeling very homesick and now im little relaxed, dadi says u know what ur mav favourite do u know why, bcoz I see ur dadajis reflection in u, and I know u will do as ur dadaji did and feel relaxed seeing u., and I also know ramesh will come back,nisha says I will always keep this family together and dadji will never retire, and see when dad comes back all will be fine,dadi says god bless u.
Nisha gets a call from ramesh ,ramesh says nisha give kabirs number quick, nisha gives it and asks what happened, ramesh says some goons have kidnapped him,nisha says what which who,ramesh says not now I will talk to u later bye. Ramesh gives the number to police and go along with them. Nisha calls kabir but he doesn’t answer, shanti calls nisha but kabir kicks shanti and phone falls down,nisha hears shantis voice, kabir is beaten again and nisha hears all this,kabir says I will tell nothing,shanti points gun ,kabir says kill me I will tell nothing abt nisha,shanti shoots.

Dolly and aman see nisha running and ask her what happened , nisha says I met him and then all u know we became chandus parents and then kabir put sindoor in my forehead and we got married.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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