Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 2nd December 2014 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 2nd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, nisha rushes to the washroom, nisha remembers virajs words which says when scared just close ur eyes do deep breathing n say nothing stuff nisha does so, this reminds nisha of viraj n his smiling face, nisha smiles , nisha memorises the time when viraj touched her while guiding how to fire with the gun n starts crying again, she removes the paper where viraj had written he is normal, nisha says im sorry sir this isn’t ur fault but I don’t understand what happens when someone comes close to me, the door is knocked nisha opens it ekta n anjali say wat were u doing so long , nisha says my wish where is priyanka, ekta says go find out, nisha says tell this answer to viraj sir, ekta says oh shit he will be attending the practice, nisha says go find out.

Sourabh calls nisha, but nisha doesn’t listen to it n walks off, viraj comes n says any problem gaurav, sourabh says sir its sourabh, viraj says nisha is ur childhood friend right, sourabh says yes sir did she do any mistake, viraj says no not at all just inform gayatri aunty that I m going for a meeting.
Vimla prays to lord to take care of her kids, she sees umesh n asks him where is he going, umesh says to court to get aman n mine wedding date, vimla says how could u umesh, umesh says plz mom try n understand, vimla says just remember if u marry aman forget u ever had a mom, umesh says mom sorry today I cant listen to u I will not take a step back n leaves, vimla calls ramesh, suku n kirti see vimla tensed n ask her wat is it, vimla starts crying n says stop umesh, suku says kirti be with her n I will go see umesh.

Nisha cleaning a guns sourabh comes n asks what is it why are u so upset, nisha says sorry sourabh not now I will go n find priyanka she is missing, sourabh says ok. Nisha sees priyanka n says so ur here lets go for practice, priyanka says how dare u tell me what to do, nisha says viraj sir has given me orders to take u to the practice, priyanka says don’t u forget ur talking to priyanka chauhan, gayatri sees this n asks wat is happening here, priyanka says im going to concert but this girl, gayatri says nisha u mere assistant cant control my daughter, nisha says sorry but its my duty to see priyanka is attending shooting practice n nothing else at this time.
Umesh is stopped by suku n kirti , suku says how did u take such big decision by urself, umesh says sorry suku I had no time to discuss, kirti says is that all u have to say, umesh says sorry kirti but now I think this is the only solution, suku says don’t u worry we are here to support u tell wat is it, umesh smiles n then talks to Mr Gupta he says it will take atleast one month for the date, suku says let me handle it he talks to gupta, gupta says ok come tomorrow.
Gayatri says I will fire u nisha, nisha says viraj sir gave me job n I will follow wat he says n no one else, sourabh says sorry mam, n takes nisha to a side n says nisha she is virajs sirs sister how could u talk to her like this, priyanka says look at ur boyfriend he is so sensible n u down market n so come ekta anjali lets leave n not to worry about this girl. Nisha gets angry n throws coffee on priyanka, priyanka gets angry abt to hit nisha, priyankas hand is holded by a guy, priyanka turns n says oh shekhar sir its u, shekhar says wat was the matter u had to hit this girl, looks like u remember nothing off wat I taught u, priyanka says no sir I remember everything, viraj comes n says oh so good to see u shekhar, gayatri says u didn’t change shekhar , shekhar says u too aunty, shekhar says priyanka u as always angry but lack of focus, viraj says why wats the matter priyanka, shekhar says let this girl say n points at nisha, viraj says miss nisha wat is it, nisha explains viraj wat happened.

Priyanka says to nisha lot of grls come here inspired by my brother, n now u know so better keep ur stupid plans with u.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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