Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 29th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 29th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with , nisha finishes her performance, judges say the performance was good but had lot of flaws we expected a lot from u, you scored just a 7 out of 10,nisha thanks the judges but feels bad and is heart broken, backstage, suku and kirti says u did ur best don’t lose hope,jwala calls nisha and says I have picked ur parcel how did u perform, nisha says it was okay u come soon,viraj congratulates nisha on her performance, kirti shows nisha and suku the girl who locked her and see her take money from gayatri,priyanka presents her act for team dream,nisha goes to gayatri and says how could u do this just for a competition u have lowered ur levels,gayatri says I did nothing,kirti says don’t lie I saw u giving money to the girl who locked me. Gayatri says do u have proof no u don’t so just buzz off I need to see my daughters performance. Priyanka performs on baby doll song and performs very well,judges and audience give a great response while she is performing.gayatri says to nisha I think u should pack ur bags,suku says aunty wait for the results and I will pack ur bags,nisha sees a light exactly above priyankas head falling down and runs to her and pushes her and saves her, judges and audience get shocked,viraj runs on the stage and asks priyanka is she ok,priyanka says yes bro im fine,viraj says thanku nisha for saving priyankas life, gayatri rushes to priyanka and ask her is she fine,and takes along with her,suku says did u see aunty u tried to spoil our act and nisha saved ur daughter so u see who the real loser is and if u still don’t understand do go see urself in the mirror.

Viraj says nisha lets go come,the judges say on the behalf of organizers we are sorry for what happened and miss nisha we are thanku for saving priyanka from the accident and the teams who are selected for finals are team dream and desi rockers.nisha says to cousins atleast we gave it a try its fine,viraj says yes its right, judges say we aren’t finished yet today miss nisha has made a very good attempt and saved a fellow contestants and showed a true sportsmen spirit and for her bravery we have also selected lakshya academy.nisha viraj and cousins get very excited and happy,gayatri gets angry and leaves. Jwala reads on the parcel name arti and by mistake a note on the parcel falls and gaytri picks it up and reads it,jwala turns and sees gayatri reading the note,jwala snatches it from her and walks away.gayatri thinks who the hell is this arti and viraj loves her and what was jwala doing with the parcel what is this connection I have to find out. Leela goes to gangwals house,vimla welcomes her,leela says im here to take dolly with me how long will she stay here, vimla asks where is summit and his dad,leela says summit is in Bangalore and his dad is unwell, virendra says we would like if both where here,leela says its not a huge wedding u see and im open minded but summits dad doesn’t like this thought of intercast marriage,vimla calls dolly,dolly thinks its summit but sees leela,leela says im here to take u with me see this wedding isn’t big and I see ur dad is fine now u should look after summits dad as well he is unwell,dolly says I spoke to him yesterday but he said he was fine,leela says how could u ask me such questions,vimla says don’t feel bad leela lets go in,dadi says dolly don’t feel bad go get her luggage and ur cousins must be coming. Viraj ask priyanka is she ok and says I know we are competitors but remember I will be always there for u,priyanka says ok I have my friends waiting for me will talk to u later.virendra and moahn discussing abt wedding arrangements, umesh gathers all elders and says see this laptop,umesh shows them nisha dressed in lehnga and her performance,elders love to see nisha in Indian attire,dadaji asks what happned,umesh shows him the pic,dadaji says what is this our nisha. Priyanka says mom nisha saved me and I should thank her,gayatri says I think she did it by purpose and not an accident and ur very innocent priyanka, I think nisha got scared and so she did this,priyanka says so nisha did this,gayatri says yes she did but u don’t underestimate her and u know what I saw a card in jwalas hand for arti and viraj loves her and I think there is some connection between nisha and arti, and we have to find it.

PRECAP: Jwala reads virajs letter to arti and says nisha viraj sir loves you.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. any 1 dere???/////

  2. Hi…..SS…

  3. hi sis did u saw the today’s episode ,what happen…pls share the story

  4. OK sis…

  5. In today’s episode jwalu asks to nishu and her cousins that who is arti…and says that viraj loves artists…nishu become surprised by hearing that…jwala read that letter loudly and confirm that viraj loves arti…

  6. Nishu first become happy and says it means viraj sir loves meme….cousins become confused by hearing that and ask what does it mean…nishu says that she herself is who write e mails to viraj….cousins become happy hearing that…after sometime nishu says that viraj sir loves artists not nisha and he already rejected nisha and when he came to know that nisha is arti then he will reject artists also…

  7. Sorry it is not artists I mean arti

  8. Cousins also become tensed by heating that…next day dolly,kirti,and jwala make aman ready for her wedding.aman ask them about nisha and ask what will she wear today…

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